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Hi LJ!

A quick wander through my memories in search of McShep fic (hey, I was feeling nostalgic) brought me on one of my old posts where I mused about SGA fanon vs. canon, first discovered Tom McRae, and reported that my study abroad to Dublin would be cheaper for my family than staying in the US. It flashed me back real hard, to a much simpler time, when I was younger, more innocent, more introverted, but also connected to a beautiful web of people through this... place. Livejournal. And LJ, I miss you. I know you're fading, have been for ages, but I will not let you go until they pry you out of my cold dead hands.

I don't just miss the community. I miss the record of my life. I miss that every moment of my feelings was recorded here. I've tried keeping private journals but it just isn't the same. Pretty much impossible to keep up the same way, really, for me anyway.

In any case, have a kamikaze update!

1) I'm not actually moving to San Francisco! This is just a side effect of a bigger life choice, which was originally to leave with my masters, but became taking a shorter PhD and pursuing a career in high school science teaching! It's scary, it's big, but it feels right. I say that now - ask me again when I've actually been in charge of a classroom. In any case, research is certainly NOT where I should be, and teaching fits my temperament in lots of ways. I luckily have my boss's full support, and will hopefully defend in April. APRIL. Holy shit, so soon. No idea if I'll even be living here next year. I have a blank slate for the very first time in my whole life (it's always been "which degree do I pursue next?"). Scary, oh so scary.

2) Boy. There is a boy! His name is Jeff, and he is wonderful. Closing in on four months, which officially makes this my longest relationship, and also my "realest". We met mid-July and were dating two weeks later. :) He's got a masters in statistics and is working at a local company. He's 23 and adorable and this is us:

Yes, we were Sheldon and Amy for Halloween. :)

3) Migraines. I've always been prone to headaches, but a little over a month ago I got one that lasted a week and was sharper than usual. A neurologist eventually told me I had a status migraine and after flinging triptans and two courses of steroids at it, it finally broke (after nearly a month with only intermittent relief). I'm now on a chronic preventative medication for the foreseeable future. I had a brain MRI and that was clean though so it's nothing terrifying. Just annoying. I'm glad I have a drug that seems to be working to stave them off. It was quite an ordeal for a while there though.

4) Television! I have been watching so much TV lately, and loving all of it. Right now I'm keeping up with fully 7 shows:

  • Castle
  • Haven
  • Nashville
  • Homeland
  • Vampire Diaries
  • Supernatural
  • Go On

  • I am loving all of them. I binged on Homeland season 1 right as season 2 started and now I am just riveted. I'm very impressed with how they've kept things tense and high stakes while constantly shifting the basic tenets of the show. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are, of course, spectacular, but so is the whole cast. It was quite a jolt to go from Brody to Dick Winters when I watched Band of Brothers recently! Castle is also impressing me thoroughly, having undergone a large paradigm shift, at least for a procedural drama, and done so with grace and humor and humanity. Haven is much more tense and dark this season, but I am loving it too. Especially DUUUUUUUKE! Duke <3 Love of my life. Vampire Diaries is a bit hit or miss right now (also a fundamental change there!) but the Salvatores continue to be fucked up and wonderful, and Caroline is my queen. Nashville is a little soapy but I'm totally hooked - I'm a sucker for characters I know expressing themselves through music (cough, Glee) but in this case it's not lots of karaoke, it's beautiful original songs that are all country in the most traditional sense - melancholy and regretful and gorgeous. Hayden Panettiere can *sing*! Damn girl! Also Connie Britton is my spirit animal. <333 Go On is my nugget of off-kilter happiness every week in the absence of Community (and I love Matthew Perry. I just do). I'm a bit behind on Supernatural but that's making me clutch my heart on a regular basis so it's back to what the show does best - brotherly angst! Oh Winchesters. You will forever occupy a corner of my heart.

    So THAT was Anne's Feelings About TV in a nutshell! My boyfriend isn't much of a TV head (he watches Breaking Bad and South Park and that's about it) so he occasionally tolerates a little babbling but doesn't understand any of it, which is fine. I do miss having conversations about these things though. :(

    Ummm so yeah! Things! Happening! A mixed bag but overall I'm doing pretty well. I still don't feel anything approaching a real adult but I'm trying to make steps to get there so we shall see. To Be Continued, I guess, probably a long time in the future.

    Talk to me! Who's still out there? Anybody? Bueller?
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    ext_17092: heart shaped flames (Default)
    posted by [identity profile] gestaltrose.livejournal.com at 06:59am on 13/11/2012
    What kind of meds do they have you on for the migraines? My daughter was on a low dose of Verapamil for her migraines. She stopped the meds because she was trying to get into the Navy but that didn't pan out so now she is living in Ohio and I miss her a lot.

    You and your boy look cute together. Being a grown up is hard work. *loves*
    posted by [identity profile] exsequar.livejournal.com at 06:00am on 24/11/2012
    Oh look at me, make a sad nostalgic post at LJ and then fail to reply to comments. Good job, me!

    I'm taking Elavil (amitriptyline) which is also an anti-depressant but has been found to have migraine prevention properties. *shrug* We'll see if it works. I'm sorry you're not near your daughter right now. :(

    Thank you dear :)
    feuervogel: photo of the statue of Victory and her chariot on the Brandenburg Gate (Default)
    posted by [personal profile] feuervogel at 01:35pm on 13/11/2012
    I'm still here :D I've been posting about some potential life changes, including applying to grad school (ikr?) for German Studies.
    posted by [identity profile] asimplechord.livejournal.com at 02:41pm on 13/11/2012
    Big life changes! Congratulations on making that decision and good luck with your defense preparations. :)
    posted by [identity profile] zippitgood.livejournal.com at 11:43pm on 15/11/2012
    I'm still here.

    Big life changes but sounds like the right ones for you. :)

    Good luck with everything. Sounds like you're already enjoying life to the fullest.
    posted by [identity profile] benvolio-daemon.livejournal.com at 02:25am on 16/11/2012
    "It flashed me back real hard, to a much simpler time, when I was younger, more innocent, more introverted, but also connected to a beautiful web of people through this... place." Oh man, this EXACTLY. I have a great life and an awesome boyfriend and things are overall pretty awesome, but I freaking miss the giddy wonderful feeling of having a whole second life here. I thought maybe I just came back during a lull, but LJ really does seem to be fading. :(

    At least there are a few of us left! I'm woefully behind on TV shows, but once I get caught up on SPN I will be all ready to fall in love with the Winchesters again.

    Your new direction in teaching sounds exciting, and DAMN, your bf is a fox! ^^ Love the Halloween outfits. :D
    posted by [identity profile] why-me-why-not.livejournal.com at 08:49am on 16/11/2012

    headaches suck, esp migraines. glad the drugs seem to be working!
    posted by [identity profile] amnisias.livejournal.com at 02:56pm on 17/11/2012
    Great minds think watch TV alike - I'm watching 7 of the 7 shows you listed.


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