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posted by [personal profile] exsequar at 08:10pm on 19/10/2015 under , ,
Wincon was a bit inconveniently timed for one reason - the card marking for my high school kids ended on Friday, and my grades need to be in tomorrow at 1! Whee. You may have seen me hunched over a pile of papers at Wincon panels - grading algebra 2 exams. Yeah my life is so exciting. I still listened and participated in the panels but got a whole lot of grading done, so yay! I just finished those up and now I get to enter the grades, as well as try to figure out if I've missed anything for any kids. Teaching is at least 50% preparing for the next day or doing paperwork, 50% actually teaching. Yet we only get paid (also lol, "paid") for the teaching hours. Go figure.

I think my kids did well though, much better than last year, so that's reward in itself. :)

To update my current life situation, I earned my masters in teaching in 2013, and now I'm in my second year of teaching in Michigan. I teach algebra 2 and chemistry, which is pretty challenging (I wish I was only teaching one!) but I enjoy both. I have amazing colleagues and a great administration and awesome kids, so I am very very lucky. I will be talking about it a lot I'm sure since my brain is teaching 24/7... sorry about that in advance.

Fandom-wise, I caught up with Nashville while I was grading. That show is like SOAP OPERA TO THE MAX these days. Seriously, what HAVEN'T these characters gone through?! All at once right now the storylines include a mother dying (after she gave part of her liver to her brother who was dying of cancer), daughters forgiving their imprisoned father, a spiraling drug addiction and estranged couple, a gay country star, and wow so much more I can't even summarize. It's a hot hot mess. But I keep watching. Everyone needs some trashy melodrama in their life right? Come yell at me if you happen to watch this mess too, haha.

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posted by [identity profile] sinnerforhire.livejournal.com at 12:25am on 20/10/2015
I have been watching Nashville from day 1 and I was having a great time explaining all the relationships and backstory to [livejournal.com profile] acidquill as we watched it Wednesday night. Deacon could give Dean Winchester a run for his money in the self-loathing department, and dear God, Juliette is a hot mess. When that doctor gave her the injection I said to Sam, "So, apparently it's getting all Michael Jackson up in this bitch." I really, really hate this baby storyline.

But I just can't stop watching it.
posted by [identity profile] exsequar.livejournal.com at 01:50am on 20/10/2015
Oh man, I bet that was super fun! There's... so much ridiculous backstory. I can't believe we're coming full circle to Scarlett and Gunnar. I hate Gunnar. And the baby is crazy. I kind of hate that they got Juliette to a good place and then she's backslid so horribly. I like her a lot when she's being a fragile but good human, but not when she's just an unmitigated disaster of self-sabotage.

I have no idea why I can't stop. Soaps are generally not my thing! I guess there's enough good music and pretty people to keep me around. (I LOVE THE STELLA SISTERS! Who made me cry a ton in the last episode.)

Did we meet at Wincon? Can you remind me how? Or what are your other usernames? I don't have this one written down in my handy dandy notes! Thanks for coming over and friending me, I'm so excited to be back on LJ! :)
posted by [identity profile] sinnerforhire.livejournal.com at 04:19pm on 20/10/2015
I do not remember how we met but I assume it was in the fandom lounge. I only have one username, this one, and my real name is Amanda. I am short with purple glasses and I wore Supernatural shirts all weekend. I was on the ghost tour in the typewriter hoodie.


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