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This is PERFECT because I get to see OUR BOYS, THE BAND OF MY HEART. Omfg I will probably cry.

It is NOT perfect because 1) my usual concert buddy already has another concert that night and she absolutely cannot cancel, and 2) I hoped to bring my sister to it but she won't be out here for Christmas in time. :(( So I might be going by myself, and pits terrify me, so I might go for a seat idk but but but REGARDLESS I WILL BE IN THE SAME ROOM AS THEIR FACES PLAYING THEIR MUSIC AND OMFGGGGG so happy I could burst. :')))))))

ONLY TWO WEEKS UNTIL THAT ALBUM GETS INTO MY GRABBYHANDS. EEEEEE. I have actually avoided listening to the two latest "leaks", and most of the concert recordings, because I want to experience the songs as part of an ALBUM first. When I download that shit, I will lie down on my bed, put on my enormous headphones, close my eyes, and lose myself in the world of the Killjoys. I can't wait, omg. :')
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This is my 2,501st post! Yay! *throws confetti* My my, I've certainly had a lot to say, haven't I? Not recently as much, sadly, but LJ has been such a hugely important part of my life for the last 6 years or so. I'm so glad I found it and all of you. ♥

Life things! My daddy has now moved to Ann Arbor and it's so wonderful to have him around. He's moved into his brother's house because he couldn't afford to keep his house in Connecticut anymore. It's unfortunate, and he's sad he had to leave my sister (who's in high school and living with my mom), but he's always loved Ann Arbor and so much more of his family (his two siblings, his nieces and nephews, me!) are here and I think it's going to ultimately make him happier. He already got a good offer on his house back in CT and the inspection process is underway, so fingers crossed that that all goes smoothly! An offer this soon was definitely not expected in this economy, so I hope so much it works out. I recruited some friends to help him move furniture in and stuff, so that was fun, and since then we've just been hanging out now and then, and it's really, really nice. My daddy is my favorite person in the whole world, so having him around is like having a best friend nearby again (something I've felt sorely lacking ever since Francisco moved away). Yesterday we went for a wonderful walk/hike through the UMich arboretum - it was the most perfect fall day, 60s and sunny, and we had a lovely time. Then he made his delicious stew for dinner and ohhh I have missed my daddy's home cooking! It was a really great day.

Another great thing about yesterday is I finally got my bike!! My dad brought my old high school bike out with him and so now I finally have it, so I bought a helmet and a lock and lights and I am all ready to go! I hopped on it for a quick spin yesterday and it felt so right - I didn't realize how much I had missed it! Biking is so much more fun than running to me - I love speed! I'm going to be biking to and from work from now on (almost 1 mile each way) and tonight I took it out for a little while. I came back sweaty and noodle legged but it was so great, I really loved it. Hopefully I can make that a regular part of my life. :D

Moar life thoughts and such. )

So that's my life right now! I figured it was time for an update of some sort.

How are you? ♥
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Things that sucked about fußball/futbol/football this weekend:
  • Bayern tied. Again. With Köln. Again. 0-0. Again. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE SCORELESS DRAWS??!??! *pulls out hair* The Bayern season is beyond fucking frustrating right now. Lowest goals scored in the WHOLE LEAGUE, but also very few conceded, because every match is just this push and pull and NO ONE CAN PUT THE BALL IN. We have Müller! And Klose! And Kroos! And Ribéry! These are WORLD class goal scorers, yet they keep coming up empty. We have one of the highest shooting rates in the whole league, yet we've scored TWO goals in FOUR matches. Pathetic. This better be like last season where we just take a while to find our rhythm, but this time there's no Robben to swoop in and save the day - at least not for a while. Sigh.
  • Arsenal tied in a brutal way, losing Fabrégas to injury, Song to suspension, and missing a penalty kick. The equalizer was scored in the last minutes. It was awful. Poor Gunners. Now let's just hope Cesc isn't out too long.
  • Liverpool lost to ManUtd in a rip roaring clash of rivals. Berbatov slammed home a hat trick, which is good news for my CL fantasy team (potentially - come on Berba!) but wasn't so nice for Liverpool. Stevie tried his best, putting in a brace from set pieces, but it wasn't enough. Nando mostly fell over and missed easy chances. That boy is breaking my heart. :'(
  • Back in Germany, both Stefan Kießling (who's usually on the German NT) and Patrick Helmes got injured for Leverkeusen today. After the loss of Ballack, this is the last thing they need. Also I'm just fond of both of them and it makes me sad. :(
  • MESSI got injured in a real nasty tackle. The pictures of his ankle post-ligament dislocation are nauseating. D: It's little Messi! I don't love Barça, but he is a lovely young man and didn't deserve that very low-brow tackle at all.
  • Bremen lost to Mainz! o.O

Good things that happened:
  • Real Madrid won. They didn't play well, but somehow they won. Yay?
  • Schalke lost yet again.
  • Basti and Poldi were reunited in the sweetest way imaginable oh my goodness. Beaming hugs and too much touching and lkjsdfls I love them. There was nothing after the game because Poldi was happy about the draw while Bayern was frustrated and angry, so that makes me sad. But they're obviously still such adorable bffs. ♥

Now if you look at all that in the aggregate, basically it sucked to be a fußball fan this weekend. For some reason the injury gods are pissed off and smiting people left and right. I really wish they would stop. But I am glad that somehow Bayern remains entirely intact - a glimmer of light on a very dismal start to the season.

IN OTHER NEWS, I'm really glad I have some other things to keep me happy, like oh say, THE KILLJOYS! Band of my heaaaart. I can't count the number of times I've watched/listened to that video. This is for all you rock n rollers, you crash queens and motorbabies! Sdflskjflk. In all seriousness, I think this is the most genius AND pleasing promotional move by the band. By giving us a video, they give us a taste of the feel for the new album, and where they are as a group of people, and also a bunch of tasty new visuals to work over, manipulate and adopt to our little hearts' contents. And at the same time, we get a massively tasty snippet of a new song, enough to tell us that it's AWESOME, but not enough that when the song itself comes out it will already feel old. I love how TEASING it is, but still incredibly generous in content. It's basically BRILLIANT and I love this fucking band so much I can't even. *____*

Today I went to the Renaissance Faire with my cousins! For once it was PERFECT weather (partly cloudy and upper 60s/lower 70s - exquisite) and we just had a fantastic time. It's a big, fancy one, so lots of things to see and do and buy. I saw glass blowing and a birds of prey show (I LOVE Peregrine falcons) and all kinds of other neat things, including my faaaavorite comedy/sword fighting troupe which I've probably seen ten times now. :D

Right now I am almost literally falling asleep as I type so I shall hit the hay. Goodnight motorbabies! <3333
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THOSE MY CHEMICAL ROMANTICS ARE AT IT AGAIN!!!! I'm really kind of overwhelmed by how much I LOVE this, and how it's completely new and wacky and different and yet still so THOROUGHLY them. This band has changed so, so much since they made Black Parade, and I love that they've landed on this sound that stays true to their roots while blazing ahead into ridiculous, wonderful POST-APOCALYPTIC COMIC BOOK LAND. Did you see their hair?!???? The clothes??? The ray guns and the GRANT MORRISON and the dude in the roller skates and the helmets and the Mikey Way cheekbones?? EVERYTHING IS AMAZING. And the song bit is getting stuck in my head! I NEED THIS ALBUM LIKE OXYGEN. DO IN FACT NEEDS. Come to meeeeeeee musical geniuses of my heaaaaart! Ugh ♥

In OTHER news (I know nothing could possibly be that important!) this week has sort of... vanished without me noticing? I'm at a weird point in my research, one I don't particularly love, but I'm also no longer in crisis mode, so that's nice. (*ruthlessly squashes remaining qualms*) I've been trying to write a paper for my boss - a "research plan" for the next 12 months - and having a reeeeally hard time with it. Hopefully I'll be able to make serious progress tomorrow.

One VERY exciting thing that happened this week is that I FINALLY GOT A SMART PHONE!!! I know I am so behind the curve, but I had this adorable little LG flip phone with Verizon that was solid and functional and reliable and pretty much did everything I needed a PHONE to do. However, when the iPhone 4 came out, I was like ".....oooh. Do want." And started thinking about what my life would be like with a smart phone. Since then there have been more and more occasions where I've been like DAMMIT WHY DO I NOT HAVE A SMART PHONE (the worst of which was getting stupidly lost in Chicago on my way to Stargate Creation Con with [livejournal.com profile] musictoyourlips, sigh sigh), and so I finally decided to get one. But I did NOT get the iPhone 4, for various reasons, the biggest being not wanting to switch to AT&T. Instead I got... the DROID INCREDIBLE. And, you know, it is pretty incredible! I'm still learning how to use it, but I'm discovering new features every day, and overcoming frustrations, and pretttty much I love it. I also got this fucking sweet case for it, all red and black and sexay. His name is Bastian, of course! :D

So YAY for finally joining the 21st century, lolol. If anyone has the Incredible or Android in general and has any tips/warnings/apps I should download, please do speak up!

Still completely obsessed with fußball, nothing's changed there! Bayern has been frustrating but I still love them to pieces. The scoreless draw with Werder last week was beyond annoying - we should have played so much better than that. Lucky to come away with a draw, honestly. Then the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE started!!! I have a fantasy team in a league run by friends, and I was so excited to get the ball rolling. I took a couple serious knocks to my fantasy team - found out Drogba is suspended so had to transfer him, and then Berbatov wasn't even on the BENCH for ManUtd (a massive mistake, as they ended up 0-0 against the RANGERS, thanks a lot FERGUSON) but my defense did beautifully (thank you Bayern and Real bbs!) and all in all it was such a fun time to follow all the games on my beyootiful new phone! :D Bayern looked so much better against Roma, at least in the second half, and finally, on an exquisite, jaw dropping goal by our very own Thomas Müller, we broke through and ended with a deserved 2-0 victory. Yay Bayern! \o/ TOMORROW we play against KÖLN, aka Lukas Podolski's team. I hope it won't be super frustrating with Köln just sitting back on their heels. I hope instead it will be exciting and goal-filled and Lukas and Basti will make out hug at some point. Hey, a girl can dream! :D

Tonight was the dedication of a brand new soccer stadium here at UMich, so my roomie and I went to the inaugural men's soccer game! (There was a women's game earlier, but we couldn't make it. We're disappointed because it was a 5-0 trouncing by our girls! Go Michigan!) The game was 0-0 but the experience was so worth it. It was weird being among undergrads and community members and kids and all kinds of different ages, not just grad students! Some undergrads seriously make me want to punch them in the face, but over all it was a really cool experience. Reasonably good energy from the crowd, team is pretty decent, and it was awesome to see soccer up close and personal after watching it on my laptop for these past months. We'll definitely be going back to more games - especially since it's free for students! Go Wolverines!

This weekend I plan to 1) watch soccer, 2) write my paper, and 3) go to the Renaissance Faire with my cousins! Yay!

How are you, my darlings? Have you recovered consciousness after the shock of new MCR amazingness???
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Today I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at the outlets with my roomies! I didn't plan on buying much (lol) but came away with this ridiculous haul:
  • Shirt from Banana Republic ($11)
  • Henley from Old Navy ($12)
  • Deep purple peacoat from Anne Klein ($99 down from $280, oh my god)
  • Two pairs of jeans from Aeropostale that actually FIT ($42 on a buy-one-get-one-free deal)
  • Three bras from Bali ($45)
  • Five bags of cookies from Pepperidge Farms ($10)

SO BASICALLY I WOULD CALL THAT A WIN. The purple peacoat in particular I am soooooo excited about - it's mid thigh length, with this beautiful tiered collar and a belt and UGH I LOVE IT. :') I was sort of idly wanting a new peacoat because mine is all tattered, but when I put this one on I just fell in love. And how can you argue with that price?

Besides being an entirely successful shopping spree, it was just a lovely day with my girls! The weather was SO BEYOND PERFECT, mid 60s with cotton ball clouds and sunshine, and I loved it to pieces. My roomies were chilly but it was just ideal for me. :) And speaking of roomies, I have two new ones! Our two public health roomies moved out, leaving me, Emily and Nichole, so we chose new roomies over the summer and I must say that once again we hit the jackpot. Alex is starting law school with the intent of working in international conflict resolution. She just finished a masters program in BRUSSELS and once spent a semester in Ireland, omg! AND SHE LOVES ALL THINGS JOSS WHEDON, I MEAN WHAT, HOW IS SHE SO PERFECT. HER FAVORITE CHARACTER IS FAITH!!!! She's beautiful and funny and smart and giggly and assertive and I might have a little girlcrush, LOL. But I really love hanging out with her. And Kortni just graduated from UM and is now working in the UM hospital as a research assistant for a neuropsych prof. She's tall and funny and a little absurdist sometimes - she spent our walk home from drinks tonight PRETENDING TO BE A PTERODACTYL, ahahahaha, Emily and I almost broke something laughing. So obviously she's super fun to have around. :D Basically it's an awesome mix of personalities again and I'm so happy! I love having a fun house of roommates, but also my own awesome room so I can retreat whenever I need to.

Hey, look at me, doing a daily update! I'm going to try to get back into the swing of this because it was SO nice to have LJ comments in my inbox again. I promise it won't be all fussball all the time. *g*

In work related news, I have been.... really stressed out and in a bad place recently. Nothing seems to work at all anymore, and I have a research plan to write from my boss and I'm having a hard time with it, and I read some things in the literature that make me seriously doubt my hypothesis, and I've been seriously doubting whether I even want to be a scientist, and etc etc etc. I honestly think that coming for my PhD was kind of the easy way out of an otherwise grueling job search, but I've never been able to envision myself as a bench scientist or a professor in the long term. I'm not sure what I DO see myself as though, is the problem. I've been looking at all kinds of alternative types of employment, but in the meantime, I've still got 4 years of research to do. I really hope I can find the heart to see me through it. I'm sure I'll feel a bit better once SOME experiments start going well again.

...that's it! I should probably go to sleep!
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Helloooooo Livejournal! Remember me? Long time no see! I think this might be the longest I've gone without posting to LJ um..... ever. Two whole weeks! :( I'm very sorry, but I have been terribly busy and hardly able to even keep up with my job, much less blogging! But I've got a little time to breathe now for the first time in ages, so I'm going to do a long overdue concert report post!

As a side note, I really do miss being regularly involved in LJ. I'm still on several communities (particularly football related right now) but it's just not the same as interacting with my lovely flist. I haven't even caught up on my flist reading in ages, so if something big happened to you, or even if just life happened and you want to talk about it, please do drop me a note! I'd love to hear about it. ♥

Something Corporate and Paramore! )

And my video! I love the audio on my camera, gosh. :)

Other things that happened in August that I need to post about: California and Chicago! Where I met DAVID HEWLETT AND JOE FLANIGAN! :)))) But I'm just going to post this before it languishes in a tab for another 2 days. I seriously suck. My research is going badly right now, and football is the only thing keeping me happy, so... I've been distracted. Alas. Til next time! ♥
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I come bearing pictures of meeeee! I went to the SALON to get my hair dyed for the very first time, and I am rather pleased. It ended up similar to what I had a few months ago, but it's obviously better quality. Also behind the cut is my awesome birthday present - a Bastian jersey! :DD

Come on in to see my FACE! )

Science has been frustrating lately... or more accurately, I've been frustrating MYSELF with a lack of drive and creativity. IDK what's wrong with me, but SOMETHING is. Meh. Well, I'm running away again - off to California to see my American girls from my year in Dublin! We're spending the weekend in Monterey and I'm prettttty excited. :D Hooray for running away from your problems! Then the weekend after THAT is Chicago with mah [livejournal.com profile] musictoyourlips for a Stargate Creation Con with DAVID HEWLETT AND JOE FLANIGAN AND MICHAEL SHANKS OMGGGG. :DDD So that's pretty cool. Last hurrah before the semester begins! \o/ (We won't talk about that big research plan I have to have written for my boss before classes start.... nosireee.)
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As posted by [livejournal.com profile] crediniaeth, a meme!

- Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal.
- Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
- Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on.

You get three guesses as to what my wallpaper is of. First two don't count. )

I really have been able to think of nothing but football (soccer...) recently. I honestly thought that after the World Cup I would sigh sadly and go back to my normal, football-less life, BUT NO. Bastian Schweinsteiger put his beautiful, strong hands around my heart and refused to let go. Honestly, I'm not complaining! *____*

Yesterday, Bayern München had its first game of the season with anything resembling its A-team! And it was the SUPERCUP! I watched it using a variety of crappy, pixellated feeds with German, Spanish, fuzzy English or no commentaries, AND IT WAS SO FUN! I figured I should document my first experience with a Bayern match, so come on behind the cut if you care at ALL! Bayern lifts its first hardware of the season! )

So in conclusion, YAY BAYERN!!!!!! It was certainly an excellent way to begin my time as a Bayern fan! \o/ I'm already very fond of the entire team, and I can tell this is going to be so much fun. I'm really really excited about the Bayern-Real Madrid (!!!) game next Friday - hoping for my boys to get some revenge against the Spain dudes. (Yes - I'm still bitter. Especially since it was BOTH the Euro and the WC, grr.) It would do my heart so much good to see Bastian triumph over Sergio Ramos and co. (Sorry, Spain girls. We know where my loyalties lie!)

So an awesome side benefit of this whole new footie obsession is that I've reconnected with an old, dear friend of mine, [livejournal.com profile] novafairy! She was one of my FIRST LJ friends, way back in 2005 in the Queer as Folk fandom! It's not that we've ever fully gotten out of touch, but we've both been very busy girls and didn't really have a fandom in common. But she's German and a huge Bayern fan, so this is a really great thing that we now share! I love you Steffi! <333 We're already discussing plans for me to go over and visit, tentatively for September 2011 during which there will be Bundesliga, international, and all other kinds of fun games! She lives near Munich so we could even go watch Bayern train, and I could possibly tell Bastian how much his American fan loves him. *g* Of course it would also just be marvelous to finally meet her, but we could have SO much fun with the football. Whee!

Oh man I can't believe I just wasted an hour making this post. I spent all of today in my lab, doing one experiment but also trying to put together my presentation of my research for tomorrow morning. I was woefully unsuccessful in the latter goal, and still have quite a bit to do, including going back into lab to do the last step of my experiment. Yes, it's 11 PM. *facepalm* Sometimes my procrastination astounds me.

OH ONE MORE THING! Last night, I went out drinking with friends for the first time in a MONTH - much needed, let me tell you. This included a neat whiskey from a local distillery, nnngh it was so good, but also made me very drunk very fast. :P Anyway, while we were out and having a blast, I saw a guy in a - wait for it - BASTIAN SCHWEINSTEIGER NATIONAL TEAM AWAY 2010 JERSEY. Oh my GOD. If you asked me what my favorite jersey in the entire world is, THAT WOULD BE EXACTLY IT. What are the odds?? Especially since they're not selling the away jerseys in America yet! He had to order it from Europe or a replica from Asia (like I did!). Now THAT'S dedication. I totally would have stalked him down and told him how awesome he was, but when I found him he was on a date with a girl and I didn't want to interrupt. It was still super awesome though. As was the rest of the night, including when we went to a German bar and drank a boot and sat at a table decorated with a panel on the wall that said München! Hee!

OKAY I'm going to go be productive now! I am such a failboat. I really did want to document this though. While I love Twitter and the immediacy of it, I hate that it is not recorded in any permanent way, so while I have to force myself to make LJ posts, I really want to do it to have an ongoing record of my life still. I am sorry that I've been so MIA - I'm unbelievably behind on my flist. :( Tell me if something astounding happened in your lives? ♥
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Reasons why I should move to Dublin, Seattle, Canada, or the Arctic Circle:
  • I hate heat. I hate even mild heat. When it gets over 80, I am grumpy. Over 90, and I hate everything.
  • I don't like direct sunlight. It often gives me a headache. I strategically structure my walk to work so as to optimize the amount of shade I walk through. Lying in the sun to tan is anathema to me.
  • I burn/freckle rather than tan. Though the burn can turn into a light tan - hence my ridiculous farmer's tan/trucker's tan combo.
  • I hate wearing warm weather clothing. I don't like anything that reveals any more than my calves and arms up to mid-bicep (so capris and t-shirt). I feel uncomfortable and self-conscious with any more skin showing.
  • I HATE BUGS. All the bugs that come out to play during the summer seriously gross me out.
  • I dislike sweating! (From heat - from working out I don't mind.) I hate the tacky feeling of my skin after the sweat dries.
  • I looooove hoodies and long pants and snuggly sweatshirts and scarves and every kind of WARM clothing.
  • I also love hot tea and hot cappuccinos, om nom.

SO BASICALLY I HATE SUMMER, is what I'm trying to say. And this is summer in the midwest or northeast! Can you imagine me trying to live anywhere further south?! I'd DIE and/or move into my air conditioned lab. The only things I like about the summer are thunderstorms (when I'm NOT driving in them) and flip flops. That's it. Otherwise, GIMME FALL OR WINTER OR EARLY SPRING RIGHT NOW KTHX.

I really do genuinely want to move somewhere where it's frequently overcast and drizzly. Call me crazy but it totally suits me.

Only four years to go in Michigan... :P

This post is brought to you by procrastination.
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This was my weekend:

Friday - drove from Michigan to Connecticut with my sister. 13 hours. Lots of music and silly car games and trying not to fall asleep.

Saturday - Got my car emissions tested as required by Connecticut (where it is registered). Passed! Hung out with my daddy and sister. Hung out with my mom, step-dad, and brother. Fought with my brother, who is a selfish douchebag. I would rant about him but it's not really productive. Watched RockNRolla, Guy Ritchie's ridiculous film starring Gerard Butler but actually starring Tom Hardy in my heart. Unf. Also the guy who played Archie was amazing. But seriously, ridiculous film.

Sunday - DROVE BACK TO MICHIGAN. Yes. That was indeed 1500 miles (and $140 in gas and tolls) in three days. Holy moly. Drive went smoothly except for when I stopped for lunch I noticed one tire was very flat, so I checked it and found that it had only 10 pounds of pressure when it should have 30. o.O Um, scary! So I filled it and called my daddy, and he said that sometimes that happens - I had driven over a curb really hard accidentally yesterday, so sometimes that can just knock the tire loose and cause temporary pressure loss. I checked it again a few miles later, and then again later, and it was fine, so I guess that's all it was, phew! That was scary though. There were also a lot of assholes on the road, and my middle finger and horn got quite the workout. Oy. They should require a test to drive these things! ....oh wait. :P

So there goes another weekend down the drain. This summer has been SO hectic and all over the place. I seriously haven't felt like I've been in Ann Arbor for more than a week at a time, and my research is really suffering. I honestly feel terrible and wish it wasn't this way, but everything I've done has been unavoidable for one reason or another. And I'm not even done yet - I'm going to California in three weeks, Chicago the week after, then Chicago again in October. I'm also going to three concerts in the next two weeks. Why am I so childish and irresponsible? I feel like I totally don't have the dedication or focus I need to be a successful PhD student. It's not that I don't want to do my work - I really do. But I also haven't learned to say no to fun things that I can do now that I have the financial means, and a boss who is really way too lenient with me.

/self-loathing. Aaaanyway.

I have a music rec! The fabulous [livejournal.com profile] novembersmith gave me a rec in my last post that has really sunk its teeth into me, and I wanted to pass it on. It's this band called Spinnerette, which is the solo project of Brody Dalle, who used to be in punk band The Distillers. Her sound is grungey and fast and raunchy and SO AWESOME. It was great driving music. Check it out!

OH AND TODAY WAS BASTIAN SCHWEINSTEIGER'S BIRTHDAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB!!!! I love him more than words can express omg. *__*

The wee ones love him toooo!! Get down with yo bad self Bastiano! <3333

Also also, today the Germany U-20 women's football team WON THEIR WORLD CUP!! Super fantastico! :D On home soil, no less! They sealed it with a 2-0 victory over Nigeria. Wooo! The German youth programs are so, so awesome. :D (Now it's time for that to translate into THE World Cup victory... right? Right?)

And now I'm going to collapse into bed in order to face a new week. Gah.

How are you, LJ? ♥
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A brief update because I feel like I neglect my LJ far too much these days!

Basically to sum up, everything from my last post is still pretty awesome. Indoor soccer was great again, except for how I managed to INJURE myself, god-fucking-dammit. I pulled my quad in high school and I managed to aggravate that old injury pretty badly tonight. :( I really hope the pain will pass quickly, because I don't want to be hampered for next week. I guess this is what I get for not treating my body right for several years. Oops! But the game was much more even this time, we won 2-0, and the guys and gals on my team continue to be really lovely. Iker!goalie is still super hot and super competent, so that is definitely not a bad thing. :D

Science is awesome with a side of terrifying - so many new things to do! Will I be up to it?! Eep. But it's exciting too. :)

And Matt is... Matt is kinda super awesome. I'm really enjoying this thing we've got going so far. Sunday, we went to see Inception (!!!!!!!!! TOM HARDY, PLZ DO ME. OR DO J GORDON-LEVITT. He was JANOVEC in BoB, you guys! <33333) and then back to his place where we just hung out, listened to The Postal Service on vinyl, and exchanged backrubs. I'm super comfortable with him - everything is at this really lovely place of affectionate physical intimacy that's really just cuddly and sweet, so I don't feel pressured or scared like I did with Dave. Basically the speed is lovely and I'm really enjoying it. Today, I went to visit him at the cafe after I left lab, which basically meant hanging out with my laptop, getting a free mug of AMAZING HOLY CRAP coffee (Intelligentsia's Summer Solstice - UNF. I didn't need sugar OR cream!), chatting with the German owner of the coffee shop, and meeting several of Matt's friends. Oh and flirting with Matt outrageously of course. :) It just felt like such a lovely, comfortable, domestic scene and I enjoyed it tremendously.

Fun story - a couple of Matt's friends had just walked in, and Matt called across the room to ask me what kind of coffee I wanted. I flirtatiously said "Why don't YOU decide for me?" A few minutes later, Matt introduced me to his friends, and the girl said "Ohhhhhh! I WONDERED why you were being so flirtatious! That makes more sense now!" And I just laughed and laughed, but I was also delighted because the fact that she recognized my name meant that he's been talking about me, which is rather :DDDDD. Hee!

Also, the other day he described himself as a "radical feminist", which is A++++++ in my book. It's hard enough to find a guy who will understand feminism, let alone one who IS a feminist. And he's not a poser - he's studied this shit and he really believes it. I said something like "I'm sorry I need to shave!" and he just shrugged and said "Why? I don't care. That's your choice." And I was like sdlkfjlskdf awww! I got big hearts in my eyes! ♥

My #ger girls on Twitter continue to brighten my life, as does Die Mannschaft itself. Today a video came to light which was a MONTAGE OF GERMAN FOOTBALLERS HUGGING that had AIRED ON GERMAN TELEVISION. Ahhhh I love Europe. ♥ Oh and I caved and ordered Die Spieler! COME TO ME, 200 GLOSSY PAGES OF MY BOOOYS.

I also spent this Saturday with my cousins and my sister at a Renaissance Faire! Always an amazing time. We saw REAL JOUSTING, as in, huge ass horses and genuine lances. It was a father against son joust, and the son (19 years old and adorable) got brutally unhorsed. Took quite the fall in 150 lbs of armor! He got back on the horse though, which was very impressive. That was a fantastic sight! And my favorite Ren Faire act, the Rogue Blades, was there, YAY! I've seen them probably 6 or 7 times now. :D They're a comedy-sword fighting troupe, and they've had the same skit for years upon years, but I always always love them. This year, they spontaneously added a fun twist where it became a Star Wars adlib on top of the usual plot, so they pretended their swords were light sabers, made sound effects, and called the short one Yoda. It was phenomenal. <3333

How are you, darlings? I'm ashamed to say I'm falling more and more chronically behind on my flist. :( I miss you!
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Yesterday was pretttttty fantastic, and I'm going to tell you why!
  1. I woke up epically, ridiculously sore. Like, difficult to lift myself out of bed sore. That's not the fantastic part! The fantastic part is that I'm sore because of indoor soccer and every time I think of that it makes me smile. :D
  2. SCIENCE!!!!1!!!1!11 Science totally WORKED for me yesterday, and I got this awesome amazing result that will guide my project into truly exciting directions. I am such a nerd but this was SO happy-making. I've been feeling a little blah on the science front lately so this was a highly welcome kick in the pants. It also means I get to start doing new and exciting experiment types, which is great cause I was bored of what I was doing before! YAY SCIENCE! I had a great brainstorming session with Jason (my boss) and we have sooo many ideas. *twirls!*
  3. DIE NATIONALMANNSCHAFT! In the past few days, this amazing book has come to light called Die Spieler which is literally 200 enormous glossy pages of photographs of MY BOYS dressed up as old 40s crime drama film characters. SERIOUSLY. THERE ARE HATS AND SUITS AND OLD MERCEDES AND PIANOS AND CAKES AND PILLOW FIGHTS AND POOLS! STRIPPING IN POOLS! Um. They might have deviated from the crime theme a little bit in favor of NAKED WET FOOTBALLERS, but I am seriously not complaining. Unffffffff. One bit that should be delightful to any girl with a beating heart is the following clip, in which Mario says "Wow wow wowwww!" about Basti and Basti declares that "This is fashion!" Yes in English!

    The only thing that sucks is that I WANT THAT BOOK SO BADLY but it is $55 with shipping from Germany. :((( I may cave yet...
  4. Relatedly, all of my girls at [livejournal.com profile] loewsmiserables! (The fan community for the German national team.) Even though the World Cup is over, the fandom rages on with so much life and laughter and delight! I have made three posts there with over 100 comments of giddy glee and gifs and awesomeness. I love that place and I love our boys. <3333 It's really cool to feel so involved in a fandom - it's been a while!
  5. Also relatedly, my #Ger girls on Twitter! I posted on Loews asking if people wanted a Twitter support group during the World Cup about 3 weeks ago, and what resulted was this super awesome group of girls with whom I have exchanged literally THOUSANDS of Tweets. It's been a blast. I love you guys. ♥
  6. And the best for last... I went on a date last night! :D

So I already told the story about how a barista at my favorite coffee shop offered me his number but I ended up giving mine his later and blah complicated silliness! Well, we have been on two (~three?) dates since then! :D He (Matt) called me last week and asked if I wanted to go to dinner and a movie, and so we did, and it was quite nice. We saw Winter's Bone, the Sundance festival winner - a very stark and gorgeous film, I highly recommend it. Then we got dinner and drinks and capped off the night with a stroll by the river where we hung out on a bench at 2 AM! It was quite a lovely date, but I must admit that I wasn't feeling a zing - there were a couple things about him that rubbed me the wrong way, so I was having my doubts. But then yesterday he texted me and asked if I wanted to go out for dinner, and of course I wanted to give him a second chance so I said sure, and suggested this noodle bar next to his coffee shop that he loooves but that I hadn't been to yet. So I go to the restaurant and he's not there - turns out he locked his keys in his car, WITH THE CAR RUNNING, and is waiting for AAA. *facepalm* Lolz. He was only a couple blocks away so I walked there, laughed at him, and we hung out on the grass for a while waiting for the AAA dude. It was a beautiful summer evening so I didn't really mind! Then we went to dinner, and then to my house for a bit where I gave him my Empires and Gold Motel CDs because he's totally into little indie bands and I want him to LOOOVE them, and also my Dollhouse DVDs, aaaand everything was lovely! I think we were both a lot more relaxed this time and everything was just sweet and fun and he really makes me laugh a lot. I'm definitely, definitely fond and will be seeing more of him!

Now I can tell you a lot of the reasons he's awesome, since this appears to be continuing. So he's a super experienced barista at my favorite coffee shop, which = free coffee and also he's a coffee nerd, which I find AWESOME. He got his degree in "general studies" at UMich after transferring from a couple places, and that included mostly English but also Womens Studies (!!!!) and a bunch of other random stuff. He's from a tiny town in upstate Michigan. He loves Firefly and Arrested Development and knows way too much about way too many indie bands (though he's not TOO pretentious about it). He's good friends with most of the people in the local music scene. He rooted for Germany in the World Cup (mostly because his boss is German, but still!). He smokes quite a bit of pot but is smart about it, haha. He wants to get his MFA in POETRY. I just. How is he real! I looove that he's a nerd so we speak the same language, but he's a totally different KIND of nerd than I'm used to. It's extremely refreshing to spend time with someone who isn't a scientist!

SOOOOO that's my life right now, in a rather long winded nutshell! Soccer = awesome, science = awesome, fangirls = awesome, German fussballers = awesome, and new boy = awesome.

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I joined a local indoor soccer league! And we had our first game last night! \o/

As SOME of you may have noticed, I caught a bit of the soccer bug during this here World Cup. :) It has always been far and away my favorite sport, both to play and watch, but this World Cup was a really exciting kick in the pants and revived my interest in a very real way. I played soccer in high school - varsity for four years - and it's one of my favorite parts of my childhood. I haven't played since then though (five years) and I miss it a lot. So I got the idea to join a league, and I'm so glad I did!

I was really nervous because it's co-ed and my team is mostly dudes. I also had no idea what skill level the league would be at, even though it's called "recreational". Well, as it turned out, I was on a team at a similar level as me - had played in high school but not much since then. But we were up against people who obviously play competitively on a regular basis - they were so good, holy crap. (One guy reminded me strongly of Connor from Angel - with the lanky and the haircut and the MOVING FREAKILY FAST.) So it was a pretty intense and fast-paced game, which I don't think any of us expected. We lost 8-0, haha. I still had a lot of fun though, and WOW was it good to get my foot on a soccer ball again! I even loved putting on shinguards and soccer socks and indoor soccer shoes - so many memories just came rushing back, and it was amazing feeling.

The main problem was that I am so out of shape. I'm terrible at exercising for the hell of it and have only been in shape when I participated in organized team sports. As a result, I was huffing and puffing within 10 minutes, dripping sweat and actually a little dizzy. It was not so awesome. :((( One problem was that our team had only 3 girls and the rule is that 2 girls need to be on the field at all times for fairness' sake, so we actually ended up working harder! I did get to play defense though, which is my faaaaavorite position (one of the many many reasons Philipp Lahm is my VERY FAVORITE). I didn't play as well as I would have liked, mostly because I was so out of gas and just could not go everywhere I wanted to, but I was pleased to find that I still had a pretty good instinct for the game, and a decent touch on the ball. By the end of the game I had gotten more of a sense for things and was even making good passes. My roommate Emily came to cheer me on (♥) and one guy on my team got injured so he was next to her on the bleachers; she said he was grumbling about how our team was playing, but that about me he said "She just needs to loosen up." That made me smile, because he saw potential in me! In my first game in 5 years! Yay!

One awesome thing about playing co-ed is that you get to play with hot dudes. :D Case in point: our goalie looked like IKER CASILLAS (Spain's goalie). Not as devastatingly attractive, of course, but still very cute. He even played amazingly even though he'd never played in goal before - he's the only reason the score wasn't 15-0! AND we had a midfielder who looked like ARNE FRIEDRICH, my daaaarling, so I was very charmed by that as well. They were for the most part nice dudes, if a little dismissive of the gals, but a couple of them were really sweet and I think it'll be a fun team to play on. A bunch of them already know each other so it's a little hard to break into that, but I think I might be able to. We'll see! We have one game a week for 8 weeks. Should be a good time.

OH AND WE PLAYED WITH A JABULANI! Hee! I don't think we got it up to 40 mph, so I didn't see the beach ball effect, but I was so pleased to be playing with one. :D

Another funny thing about all this is that when I went shopping for soccer gear, all I could buy was Adidas! I mean, I've always been an Adidas fan - in high school my socks, shinguards, and cleats were almost always Adidas just because I think the three stripes is such an elegant design, and they're good quality - but this time I was like "My Germany bbs looked so good in it, must have!" *facepalm foreverrr* I can't believe branding worked on me, oh my god. /o\

SPEAKING OF GERMANY CLOTHING, I bought myself a Lahm away (black) World Cup jersey!! *happy dances* Number 16 baby! I hilariously bought it as a replica from some random person in Thailand on eBay, so it was only $6 plus $21 shipping, which is kiiind of awesome. They had a lot of good reviews on similar jerseys so I'm hopeful that it'll look fantastic! I CAN'T WAIT to represent my bb captain! \o/

The worst consequence of launching back into things is that my back hurts like a MOTHERFUCKER. I permanently damaged my back in high school when I tried to dead lift a stupid amount of weight (the chiropractor x-rayed me and one of my vertebrae isn't properly in line anymore /o\) so I've had chronic lower back issues for years. Even just sitting still for an extended period of time is uncomfortable - at the movies I have to continually shift my angle because my back starts to hurt. :( So you can imagine that doing a twisty, physical activity for the first time in a long time might have done a number on my back. Aaand it did. I have felt like an old lady today. D: You know how you have to lift boxes with your knees, not your back? Well I have to lift my OWN weight with my knees now, hahahasob. It's not cool at all. The rest of me is a more pleasant ache, a lot less than I expected actually. But I might have to look into a chiropractor if I want to continue playing soccer.

There was one really nice guy named Andre that I liked a lot. He said he plays with another group and that it's NEVER this intense! I actually ran into him today at lunch because he has a class near my work, and he invited me to come to practices with his league, because they're just fun and lowkey. I think that sounds fantastic and will probably take him up on it! Good times, good times.

All in all, I'm really really glad I did it! Something about playing soccer just feels right. I hope now that I've taken the plunge, this will be something I genuinely take up as a hobby. This could very well motivate me to get in shape again, and perhaps eventually I could really play on a team again. Fingers crossed!

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I love this team sfm.

HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! (Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] n720!)

That love is definitely trumping my melancholy and disappointment. This is a team of awesome boys who love each other, and that's not changed by this loss. Sure, they wanted the World Cup (who doesn't??), but in four years, all but 2 of them (Klose and ARNE :(((() will be still able to play for the Cup again.

I am not leaving them in the meantime! Last WC I was like "aw, too bad, moving on", but now they have set up shop in my heart and aren't going anywhere. What this means is that I will be following the Bundesliga next season! \o/ My favorites (Basti and Lahm) are on the same club team (Bayern Munich), so that's pretty much decided for me. *g* Hellooo to all my new Germany football fan friends here on LJ! It's gonna be an ongoing #ger party, woo!

I guess this is a bit of a heads up to my flist that I'll still be talking about their stupid faces. Instead of figure skating, I picked football. *hands* It really has been something of a personal renaissance - I have always loved this sport, but this WC reminded me just how much, to the extent that I'm joining an indoor "soccer" league starting next week! Yay! I haven't played soccer in over 5 years, but this WC has made me simply itch to have a soccer ball at my feet again. I can't wait to make that happen - even if I suck horribly, it's a rec league, so it should still be good fun. :)

Next up: learn German so I can understand my boys... :P

(I realize I still owe a NYC/American Idiot recap post! I WILL make it, because I want to remember that awesome awesome weekend, and I have great photos to share with you. I've just been so busy!)
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There's four hours left until the Epic Clash begins.

Germany vs Spain. Two beloved teams, one World Cup semifinal.

Oh man.

I've been hoping for a Germany-Spain semi since the Group of 16 was settled. Now that we're here, I couldn't be more nervous and excited. I have many friends who are Spain girls, and I really can't blame them - Spain is a team of sweethearts, pretty faces, and lots of talent. In any other game, I would (and did!) root for them happily.

But now they're up against Die Mannschaft, and there is no question where my loyalties lie. I first became enchanted with this team of upstarts in 2006, when I managed to catch a handful of their games in the World Cup. I was a casual viewer, rooting for whoever I thought was playing the nicest football - I liked Germany and France, for goodness sake. But Germany's the team that stayed in my heart. Even though I didn't follow them in the Bundesliga or the Euro 2008, I still remembered tiny Philipp Lahm, the fast and deadly defender/attacker of my heart. I remembered Poldi and Schweini and their adorable antics. I remembered Mom and Dad (Frings and Ballack) and how all the little ones looked up to them. I remembered Klose and his awesome flips.

So when we geared up for this World Cup, I knew exactly where my heart belonged. I started reacquainting myself with names and faces, orienting myself to the fact that Micha was no longer around and introducing myself to the new generation - Mueller, Oezil, Khedira, Neuer, Badstuber, Boateng. I became fond very quickly. I eagerly found a perfect place to watch the Germany-Australia game, and could not stop the screams of glee as each goal found the back of the net - 1, 2, 3, 4. Four goals! In an opening round of lackluster games and low goal counts, Germany dazzled the world, and suddenly everyone was touting my boys as favorites for the Cup. I was elated.

Fast forward through a mildly rocky campaign (but only mildly - even playing with 10 men and Klose on the bench, Germany stood their ground admirably against Serbia and really should have scored), and Die Mannschaft has completely dazzled everyone again. With two more four-goal thrashings, against much more formidable opponents, these boys have truly shown everyone what they are made of. They have redefined teamgeist with flair and heart. Even the numbers show how much the entire team is involved - goals and assists by at least half of the team, and even our center back, the beloved Friedrich, coming up to pop in a goal off of Schweinsteiger's dazzling run. We have new faces wowing the world; we have "old" faces maturing into leaders, on and off the pitch. (Though on this team, age 25 counts as old!) The whole team has gelled in a way that not even the team itself expected. This is even more impressive considering what the run up to the tournament looked like for these boys - they lost their goalkeeper to a shocking and tragic suicide, and they lost their captain and other players to injury. But each blow only seemed to make them stronger. Jogi Loew, a lovely case of continuity for the team in that he was their assistant coach in 2006, has shown real intelligence and instinct in putting together this team, placing his trust in players whose self-confidence was waning (Klose, Podolski) and bringing up boatloads of new talent. His contribution cannot be understated.

In conclusion, I love this team. So many people, once neutral, love this team. How can you not? Their play has been intelligent, fun, cooperative, clean, and downright astonishing.

While I'm here, a link: Schweinsteiger: Spain are the World's Best. A phenomenal interview with my personal favorite, Bastian Schweinsteiger (just saying his name gives me a thrill!), in which he demonstrates maturity, class, humility, and sweetness. I love him so much.

And one more: A letter from Die Mannschaft to the fans. Their sweetness and gratitude makes my heart swell ten sizes. They are so proud to be representing their country, and I love them for it!

If Die Mannschaft keeps up its incredible form and teamgeist, I have every confidence that they can win today. But I know that no matter what it's going to be an epic clash between two teams that respect each other highly. Good luck to both, and may the best team win!

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posted by [personal profile] exsequar at 04:03pm on 06/07/2010 under , , , , , ,

I do not feel well right now. I had a headache yesterday but I wrote it off to two nights in a row of 4 hours sleep. Last night, I slept over 7 hours, but I still had the headache when I woke up. The headache has persisted throughout the day and is only getting worse, and is now accompanied by mild nausea. Also, being in the sun makes it a lot worse. I don't feel tired, just shitty. A significant number of Advils hasn't seemed to do anything. :-/ I've never had a migraine before, but this seems to resemble that - can anyone who's had them comment on the likelihood? I'm not incapacitated, but I am considering going home early because I'm just not functioning well. (And to answer the common question: no I'm not noticing light or noise sensitivity. Yet?)

In much, much better news, I took my sister to Lab (my favorite cafe in Ann Arbor - it serves Intelligentsia coffee, is owned by an adorable German dude, and has super cute baristas) for frozen yogurt, and one of the aforementioned baristas hit on me! :D I've met him a couple times before and he was cute and sweet (and makes fantastic iced raspberry mochas, om nom nom), and this time we got into a pretty lengthy conversation and it was really fun! He recognized my Threadless t-shirt, and made a joke that involved a 20-side die, hee. I told him me and my sister were gonna go watch some of the game (Netherlands-Uruguay) so when we were about to leave, he offered to give me his number so I could tell him where we were watching (!!!!). But I (being a total idiot) said oh we won't be watching long, I have to go back to lab, so I didn't get his number. :( But I said I would definitely be watching Germany-Spain! (like a total idiot AGAIN - I don't want to subject him to my squeals of BASTI!!! and LAHM!!!, d'oh) And he said he'll be working at a diff restaurant, but they have a TV so I could come by? :D? So I agreed to that, lolol. What is my life? I think my plan is that I'll go there for the first half, keep the verbal capslocking to a minimum, and then go home to watch the second half with my sister. Because omggg I need to be able to FREAK OUT appropriately, haha.

Still - yay boy! He's adorable and I'm very open to this idea. :D

You might have noticed other news in that paragraph - my sister's here! I picked her up from our cousins in Ohio yesterday and now she's with me for three days, then I'm going to take her to our other cousins in Lansing! She's spending a month up here bouncing between our different relatives, lucky girl. It's good to see her. :) We spent last night rewatching Ger-Arg and watching videos of Germans being adorable. I heart my sister!

Now to try to make it through the rest of my day without keeling over. Ow my head. D:

PS I AM SO NERVOUS ABOUT GERMANY-SPAIN I COULD DIIIIIIE. I thought that was why I was nauseous, lolol. I have been obsessing about my boys non-stop, even to the point where I started a Twitter!party with fellow Germany girls from [livejournal.com profile] loewsmiserables, and we've been having a blast ever since! I love themmmm, gah. Please do me proud tomorrow, boys. ♥
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I am currently in New York City having the TIME OF MY LIFE with fangirls. I met STARK SANDS and he has the most sweet, earnest face everrrr. I saw AMERICAN IDIOT and it blew my miiiiind.

But this morning's focus is this: DEUTSCHLAND DEUTSCHLAND DEUTSCHLAND.

I'm very nervous, worried, anxious, hopeful.

I hope Basti will be able to play, but even if he doesn't I just hope we play the beautiful game I know we're capable of.

Good luck, boys. We're pulling for you! ♥
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I have been the worst updater EVER recently, I'm sorry! I've been swamped with lab and spending every goddamn second possible with Francisco. I spent last night at his place and said goodbye to him this morning. You better believe there were absolute floods of tears. I think I hugged and kissed him 20 times before I could bring myself to go. It was terrible. He made me smile though because when I said I would miss his stupid t-shirts (he has such ridiculous and adorable ones, like teenage mutant ninja turtles) he got an idea and gave me his GIRAFFE HAT as something to remember him by, because he wouldn't need it in Florida. I LOVE that hat on him, so it is the sweetest gift ever. I will cherish it.

So that was really hard. We've been texting all day though which has made things a little easier. I know we'll stay very much in touch, but it's going to be hard for a while. I still hate that he has to leave and think it's completely unfair, but I do hope that he makes a new life there that he can love. Otherwise it's only that much worse.

The reason I was the one doing the leaving was that I was setting off for NEW YORK CITY BABY! Wooooo! I got picked up by [livejournal.com profile] rhombal and [livejournal.com profile] musictoyourlips and we road tripped! It was awesomesauce! \o/ So now we are staying at the lovely house of one [livejournal.com profile] wordsalone, along with [livejournal.com profile] strikesoftly, in the suburbs of NYC. Tomorrow we're going to spend the day in the city, my bestest best friend Michelle will join us along with a bunch of other lovely folks, and then we will see AMERICAN IDIOT!!!!!!!!! Stark Sands! Tony Vincent! SO MUCH DELIGHT I cannot waaait lksjdfs.

In other news, FOOTBALL PLAYERS ARE UNBEARABLY HOT. We spent the evening at [livejournal.com profile] wordsalone's ogling various footie players, particularly one Fernando Torres (DAT ASS), the rest of the Spanish squad, and the German squad as well (my bbs!!!). There was a lot of squealing and laughing and awwwwing and oooohing. We appreciate Nando's penchant for unclothedness. :D

Right now football is totally stressing me out though because BASTI SCHWEINSTEIGER MIGHT NOT PLAY ON SUNDAY! DDDDDD: He hurt his hamstring in the game against Ghana and it doesn't look to be good for my bb. D: He has been so fucking key to our entire performance so far, providing much needed stability and maturity to the very center of the lineup (he's playing center midfield since Ballack was injured). We haven't been playing at our best anyway, so it's terrifying to think how we might perform without him. The only consolation that England has looked WORSE, and we will have Klose back, so MAAAYBE we still have a chance? I HAVE FAITH. COME ON MANNSCHAFT!!!

Another bright side is that Rosie's giddy glee has completely infected me with Espana fever, so I'm very happy to root for them as well. The game against Portugal's gonna be tough though! COME ON ESPANA!! (And Nando's ass.)

The German NT will always be first in my heart though, and I'm so worried for them. :(((( I'm scared that all the pretty new icons I made will be irrelevant in a couple days...


Good times. ♥
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Eeeee! *jumps up and down*

I just got an email telling me I've been awarded the Cellular Biotechnology Training Grant that I applied for a few weeks ago! :DDDDD Yaaaaay! I totally didn't expect this. It's quite competitive, with only a handful of spots for all the grad students here at Michigan, and I got one! It covers full tuition and most of my stipend for at least 2 years and most likely 3.

This is such a huge relief. I feel suddenly like Jason made the right decision when he chose me for his lab, and I'm so glad that I have relieved a big financial burden from his shoulders! It also means that I don't have to write any more grant applications, YAY. \o/ And it's an awesome thing to put on my CV - the money for this comes directly from the NIH, which is obviously quite prestigious.

Oh I am so happy!!! *giddy twirls*
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Today, let's have a linkspam! Things that delight me and/or are awesome:

And not a link, but something that definitely delights me: I've decided to buy an iPhone 4!! :D I think, anyway. The new one is just SO gorgeous, I couldn't help but be seduced! /o\ I don't even have a smart phone yet - I've still got an old school flip phone, not even a qwerty keyboard. And I do love my phone, but I think it's time for me to get on board the smartphone revolution. I'm on Verizon, so I could be smarter and just get a Droid, but... I really really want an iPhone! /o\ I'm a total Machead, and always will be I think, so it only makes sense. DID I MENTION HOW GORGEOUS IT IS?! I have staaars in my eyyyyes, gah. Having to switch to AT&T sucks, yes, and it will be much more expensive every month, and probably push back my hope of buying a new car, BUT. iPhone! *hands* Also, I'll be able to video call Francisco, because he'll be getting an iPhone 4 as well, and ngl that will be amazing. (He's in Chicago visiting family right now and I miss him already.) A side effect of me making this decision has been that I WANT MY IPHONE *NOW*. I'm all antsy and keep looking at all the gorgeous pictures and stuff! WAAAANTS.

Hi flist. How are you? ♥
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