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Time for a melancholy late night post.

This week has absolutely vanished. What am I doing with my time? I don't know. I've been fighting tooth and nail with this publication I'm trying to write for weeks (well, months) now. I had a period in January where I was super productive, then I skidded to a halt for various reasons and had a hard time getting over the activation barrier. I think I finally did it today though, just in time for my boss's return tomorrow. Phew.

Science is frustrating the shit out of me. Most days I hate it.

I got an email from my undergrad chemistry department's secretary. She wants a current photo of me to post on a bulletin board next to an essay I wrote for the department when I was a senior in college. The essay is titled "A Mile in Shoes that Don't Fit" and it's about how by doing research I realized that I... didn't want to do research.

A couple months later, I let other people change my mind. Now I'm at grad school.

So she wants my photo to put up my essay which might as well be titled "Anne is a Hypocrite." Excellent.

I wish I had listened to my instincts.

Tonight was a Very Bad No Good night. First I learned that Ryan J is leaving Empires. What the fuck. That means I likely saw his last show with them a couple weeks ago. I mean, I'm grateful to have had that, but RYAN!! :'((( I love Ryan so very much and the band won't be the same without him. I still remember my first Empires show in Baltimore, ages upon ages ago, when he cut his finger and showed us the blood, and shot nerf darts at Sean, and happily signed the print of Howl's cover that I had printed. He's such a joy to be around, always smiling, always kind and warm. And oh how he wails on those drums. I will miss him so very, very much. Bye Ryan J. :(

Then I learned of the very tragic suicide of a young man, a fellow football fan, whom I did not know but who was friends with friends of mine. I read his Twitter and his thoughtful, aching Tumblr posts. I couldn't help but notice how often the word death came up in the last couple weeks. I didn't know him but I saw a lovely, kind soul, a soul in so much pain, and I am inexpressibly sad that he could not find help. He was clearly loved and he will be missed. I am sorry that I never knew him. RIP James.

I rounded off this spectacular evening by watching the film Third Star, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch. He plays a young man dying of cancer who goes on one last trip with his friends. It is a lovely, tragic film, aching and fragmented and messy and it's about how sometimes you just don't have time to have a neat ending. So of course I ended that sobbing my eyeballs out.

Yeah. It's been a night. Off to bed with me.
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Firstly: thank you to everyone for saying hi on my last post! Yay! hi! Glad to know there's still people around these here parts. :)

I had a most marvelous weekend! I went to Chicago for the first time in ages and there were Shenanigans.

I stayed with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] rhombal and [livejournal.com profile] musictoyourlips, who have the cutest little apartment now. I hadn't seen them in way too long! I arrived on Friday night and we lounged about chatting and looking at sexy footballers, as you do. Then we got (maybe) 3 hours sleep and woke up at some obscene hour of the morning prior to 6 AM in order to go to the pub and watch the Arsenal! The pub was much quieter than last time I went (which was the last day of the season and a massive, dramatic battle against relegation). We had coffee, coffee, and more coffee, watched a dash of West Ham vs Millwall (red card to West Ham's captain, shocker!), and then it was time for the Gunners! Arsenal were facing cellar dwellers but also bogey team Blackburn, so we were nervous, but in the end Arsenal romped to a thoroughly delightful 7-1 victory, including a ROBIN VAN PERFECT HAT TRICK and the Ox's first two league goals and a delicious Arteta goal and, as the cherry on the sundae, a Thierry Henry goal, served up on a platter by RVP. It was simply, utterly marvelous. And I didn't even miss any goals while I was in the bathroom or anything! Amazing! It's like they put on a show just for me. Thank you, boys. ♥ I was also keeping a close eye on Twitter because my other boys in red and white (Mainz) were playing co-league leaders Schalke, and I was very nervous. We SCORED and went into half-time 1 up, but Schalke came out much stronger and equalized. But we dug in our heels and held on for the draw, which gave us an important point and knocked Schalke off the top of the table! Woo! All in all, a delightful morning of football.

At this stage it was not even noon and I had already had more caffeine AND alcohol than is advisable (really just a large cider but pre-noon that is plenty). We went back to their apartment and crashed for much, much needed naps.

Then [livejournal.com profile] rhombal and I went to see EMPIRES and THE HUSH SOUND!!! Eeeee! This was the reason I chose this weekend to visit Chicago and oh it was so much fun! We drove to the Bottom Lounge (randomest venue ever) and had dinner with [livejournal.com profile] angel726 and two of her friends. We said hi to Sean van Vleet out in the bar, who remains the sweetest, and I (worryingly) identified Nick Scimeca from way across the room. Oh dear. We also spotted Ryan J (who has cut his hair - I must confess I miss the floppy) but he was hanging out with Scimeca, so I didn't get a Ryan J hug. :( We found THE WHOLE INTERNET, including [livejournal.com profile] candidlily and [livejournal.com profile] xsnarkasaurus, yay! Then we watched the first opening band, who were a bit cacophonous but had a couple nice songs, and were mostly entertaining because the singer reminded me of Gerard Way (sassiness, mostly) and, physically, Cesc Fabregas. What. We got a nice space up near the stage (dear fangirls who waited hours in the cold for this show: you are ridiculous) and then it was Empires time!!! I've seen them so many times but it's always a blast. SVV has become such a great and confident frontman. Spit the Dark and Damn Things Over remain my favorites live. The new music is sounding great too!

THEN IT WAS HUSHIES TIME! EEEE. I had only seen them twice before, way back in... I don't know, 2009? AGES. So this was an absolute treat! They seemed to be having a lot of FUN performing together again. Bob and Greta are kind of hilarious in how different they are - Bob's wicked and suggestive and irreverent, where Greta is wholesome and sweet and tries to crack dirty jokes but then takes them back immediately, and I want to give her a hug. Darren and Chris have both grown their hair long, to very different effect. Darren looks like Tomrad from behind, but I like it on him even better - I want to play with it. Chris..... looks like an effeminate Jesus. I don't even know. But they blew my face off! \o/ The setlist was lovely, voted on by the fans and balanced between the three albums. So much stuff off So Sudden! I was a bit sad they didn't play my two favorites (Dark Congregation and Hurricane) but a gorgeous rendition of The Artist more than made up for it. Molasses, Honey, Wine Red... so wonderful. I really do love them as a band, though I'd have to say Gold Motel edges them out a bit for me (which explains why Greta's songs are my favorite Hushies ones). It was a fun, breathless experience that brought me back to the heyday of my bandom love, when every show was an Occasion (now, every show is fun, but mostly seeing bands I've seen loads of times before). I have lovely pictures and videos but my memory card reader is not cooperating right now and I can't be arsed to go get the cable, so I'll have to share them later.

Sunday (today) was deliciously lazy - [livejournal.com profile] musictoyourlips made breakfast and we watched the first half of Chelsea-United (barf), then muted that in favor of Sherlock - Hound of Baskervilles and Reichenbach Fall, which [livejournal.com profile] rhombal hadn't seen yet! *rolls around* Love love love loooove.

Then I had to leave and it was sad. :( Tomorrow is Monday morning. I protest.

So this post doesn't end on a downer, I want to say that if you like Sherlock and have Tumblr, my Tumblr has become basically a shrine to Sherlock and all things Benedict Cumberbatch. \o/ I'm exsequar over there too. I will leave you with his perfection:

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HELLO LIVEJOURNAL. It has been a while, hasn't it? I'm awfully sorry... again. My life might become more conducive to updating in the near future (more on that in a moment) so I'm going to TRY. Once again. I cannot promise anything. But here, at least, is a snapshot!

In the past week my life has changed at rather lightning pace, so there's a lot of current things to talk about. But first, a rundown of the last... oh dear, six months!

Last I left you, I had given my second year seminar. I then went to a conference in Chicago and presented a poster, which went really well! For the next four months, I worked my ass off on my preliminary exam. That consists of writing a thesis research proposal in grant format, then orally defending it to my thesis committee. I basically made myself sick with stress, and in the event the exam was chill and smooth and my professors basically didn't push anything too hard. So that was a huge relief! And as a result, I am officially a PhD candidate (as opposed to a pre-candidate) \o/!

So fast forward to May and June, when I've been much more of a person! I finally got to go back to Chicago to see [livejournal.com profile] rhombal and [livejournal.com profile] musictoyourlips! :D And [livejournal.com profile] contrariangie was visiting too! We went to see Empires (BEST <333 they're so amazing to see IN Chicago) with Jon Walker opening, lolol. He's kind of terrible, but very earnest. We went to the Globe Pub to watch the last day of the Premier League, I saw a Robin van Perfect goal and ate Roxanne's Arsenal cupcakes, had a lovely chat with a lovely Scottish man and met an Irish boy, and got introduced to an amazing German black lager (!) called Köstritzer (yummm) by a Manchester United fan (booo). We mainlined the entirety of Downton Abbey and HOMG IT IS AMAZING AND CUTE IRISH CHAUFFEUR AND SEXY EARLY FEMINIST COME TO MEEEE. Also Dan Stevens. :D Then I had to leave :((( And I miss their faces :((((((


In OTHER news, soccer/football is still my life, it is ridic. Mainz were badasses at the end and QUALIFIED FOR EUROPA YAY. Lewis Holtby remains my future husband. Germany are a bit "what is this fuckery?" sometimes but I still love all their faces. And I got to see both the US women's AND men's national teams live recently! The women beat Japan in a friendly, and the men beat Canada in the Gold Cup group stage (last night!). That was so much fun. The crowds here leave much to be desired, but both games were reasonably high-action and oh man, seeing Abby Wambach and Clint Dempsey score in person was something else.

Just this week, I found out that I'm doing an internship at a local biotechnology company for the next three months! :O I start on June 20th and I will actually have a normal human schedule (i.e. 9 to 5) and no weekends and I'm sort of embarrassingly excited about that. My boss is a bit annoyed that I have to leave (this is a requirement for my funding) but he's trying to make the best of it, and I'm selfishly relieved. Oops. But it should be a good experience in a lot of ways and I am definitely looking forward to it.

In much more exciting recent news, I have finally met a boy! :3 Usually I'll babble about some crush on here and it never comes to anything, but no really, I MET a BOY. His name is Josh! We met on OK Cupid, had our first date last Monday, and we have already had three more dates and he's spent the night in my bed. And I do mean spent the night, ahem. It's faster than I'm used to, but I'm completely comfortable and happy and relaxed which is a very very good thing, and a bit surprising. He's sexy (oh so sexy) AND nerdy - I didn't know that existed in real life! He goes to the gym a loooot so his biceps and everything else are TO DIE FOR, but he's also getting his PhD in nuclear engineering and is frighteningly intelligent. In a very good way. For some reason he appears to be very attracted to me, so basically this week has been a giddy delight. He's sweet but sarcastic, kind, naughty, brilliant, impulsive -all of these great qualities all swirled together. I've never met anyone like him, really, and right now I am just along for the ride and having a blast. Basically I am hoping for a super fun summer with him and not really thinking about beyond that. We are going to see Thor tomorrow night! :D

So that's about it! Candidacy, Chicago, internship, BOY. I hope that with 1) a 9 to 5 job and 2) no regular football, I will have more time to post, but I cannot promise anything. Tell me what is most important in your lives, please! There is a LOT of LJ to catch up on, and I basically have no hope of doing so. As always, you can find me on twitter with this name too!

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Today is an AMAZING DAY for music. \o/

First up, we have the official release of Empires' BANG. Buy the deluxe version (FOUR WHOLE DOLLARS), because it has one extra song (Animal, which is beautiful), along with the two new tracks that weren't released before (Hello Lover, which I heard live and is fanfuckingtastic, and Voodooized, which gets me right where I live), AND a whole set of gorgeous photos by Tom and a lovely video shot by Ryan that follows them around some shows and gets some commentary on the making of this album. In short, I love them, and you should too. ♥

Secondly, CHRISTIAN KANE's EP came out yesterday!!! Totally unexpected and extremely happy making. I have been waiting for a new Kane album for LITERALLY THREE YEARS, and it's everything I could have hoped for! Rockin and catchy and just full of so much life. Kane is the only country band I've ever liked enough to really listen to, but Christian really has something special. I want to roll around in his voice forever. One of the songs is about an awesome girl who picks HIM up in a bar by buying him a whiskey! It's sexy and so much fun! Also still around is THE HOUSE RULES, which is still just as awesome as it was a few years ago.

I am truly delighted by both of these occurrances. Even if you haven't given Empires a try, I highly recommend checking out BANG (you can pay only $2 for the full not-deluxe album!) because it's head and shoulders their best work to date, and just a really really solid and interesting rock album. I am so proud of them. ♥

\o/ MUSIC! \o/
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So last night I got to see EMPIRES! \o/ At Frankie's in Toledo! As recounted in last night's post, I had a hell of a time driving there and back in the snowpocalypse, but in the end, I saw EMPIRES, so it was worth it. \o/

The set was phenomenal. Set list: I Want Blood, "Intruder", Damn Thing's Over, Midnight Land, Hello Lover, Spit the Dark, and Bang. The song labeled "Intruder" on the set list may have a logner name - it's one of the ones coming out on Tuesday, and it is AWESOME. \o/ They were super on and high energy even though they all have colds. NB: Sean would like us all to know that he actually gets sick LAST - it's just that everyone knows he's sick because he's the singer. He was hilariously and adorably emphatic about this point before the show. <333

Rewinding: So I arrived at roughly 8 and hung out with [livejournal.com profile] angel726 in a convenient room next to the bar/stage room which had the merch table and various Empires boys coming in and out. I said hi to them, and Ryan was all "Hey, you look familiar" and I was like "Well, yes, I have been to three shows before :P". Whatever whatever we'll get on first name basis after I stalk them across the midwest for a year! :D Ryan was charming and lovely as ever. We also talked with Sean briefly, and Tom too. I told Tom that I was the one who tried to set up a show in Ann Arbor, sorry I couldn't, and he smiled and gave me a side armed hug and said it was okay, awww. He was in a really sweet, social mood, it was lovely!

Jennifer and I wandered in to catch a couple songs from the first opener - they were decent, nothing to write home about. We spent the second opener hanging out in the other room because they sounded awful. Then it was EMPIRES TIME WOOOO! As mentioned above, they were amazing. There was giggling and shenaniganating, obviously, because it's Empires. <3 At one point during set up, Ryan came up behind Sean and started nuzzling his shoulder, and Sean tried to dance away so Ryan snagged him with arms around his waist and hugged and nuzzled some more. AHAHA THEM <333333333

As I'm sure most of you know, Al has left the band, so they had a fill-in bassist named Bob. He was very good! I met him after the show and he was sweet - very hipstery yet friendly, which fits in nicely with the theme. Ryan and Sean seem to like him a lot and think he's an awesome bassist, so I'm glad that they were able to find him.

Photos! )

Afterwards, we lurked until we got an opening to chat to someone. We ended up talking to Ryan for aaaages - he's completely my favorite! He's so accessible and friendly and funny and blunt and, well, hot, obviously. ;) Let's see, what did we talk about... I asked him whose idea it was to release the new music in two song bits, and he said it was originally Tom's thoughtbunny - the band's thinking behind it is to return to the classics like Rolling Stone, who used to release music like every month, because they want to stay in constant touch with the fanbase, keep giving something and staying connected in a really positive way. I thought that was super duper sweet, aw. He also said that the band is really close to setting up a West coast tour! Like, NEXT MONTH! God knows if that will actually happen, but have hope, West coasters! We rambled on about a lot of things, really.

At one point the Lincoln Hall show (in Chicago) came up, and I asked when exactly it is - Ryan said next Friday, and I was like "Oh! When we're seeing Mark Rose". And he raised his eyebrows and was all "Oh! I see how it is. You've made your decision then." and acting all offended, heeee. He decided that he was going to get his revenge on Mark, so he decided to give me a message to pass on. He looked around for something to write on and picked up an empty water bottle and wrote a sad smiley face on it =(, then a message "Go to Mark Rose" (which is either a message to me, or an address for the bottle's destination - I have no idea) and on the other side "I'll get you Mark ~Ryan" Ahahaa what is his FACE. So I have been instructed to deliver that next Friday! I can't wait. :D I Tweeted a photo of the bottle and this sparked a mini-Twitter war, heeee.

Oh boys. <3333

Photos of the bottle of awesome )

Finally, I've got some great videos! Bang, Intruder (?), and Hello Lover. Hello Lover is particularly a PHENOMENAL song - it doesn't sound like anything they've done before. Super groovy! I was so close that some of these videos point UP at Sean's chin sometimes. And the audio's pretty great for standing right under the speakers. Enjoy!

YAY EMPIRES! When do I get to see them again? :D
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That was definitely the stupidest thing I have ever done for a band, but hey, I have to return the failbots' fail in kind sometimes. :P

The weather channel said "snow flurries" for Toledo, 1 inch accumulation. AHAHAHAHAHA. It was snowing hard, with strong winds, most of the drive down there AND during the show AND on the way home. Flurries my ASS. On the way down I got stuck in a inching traffic jam for fully an hour - a semi had gone completely off the road, turned 180 degrees, smashed up its front entirely and split open the trailer part. It was pretty dramatic and terrifying. The roads were just - terrible. Nothing was being done except a little sand.

The way back was both worse and better - the roads were in much worse condition (probably 3 inches of snow built up), but there was almost no one on the road so I could just concentrate and drive straight. So that was fine if exhausting and slow.

HOWEVER, all of my efforts were nearly dashed by two (probably drunk) assholes, two minutes from my house, who did a SKIDDING 360 TURN RIGHT BEHIND ME AT A RED LIGHT. These guys missed me by maybe three feet. WHAT THE FUCK. Then they peeled out, tires squealing, and pulled up next to me at the light. They were cracking up. OH MY GOD YOU SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO EXIST. HATE STABBITY HATE. >>>>:(


Now I am EXHAUSTED, but happy because Empires is always, always worth it. <3333 Especially when you manage to start a war between Ryan Luciani and Mark Rose becuase you're going to the latter's show instead of the former's. OOOOOH. Ryan even wrote a THREATENING NOTE for me to pass on to Mark, ahahaha. What are these boys?! <333

More complete report tomorrow. Suffice to say they were amazing, I love RyanJ's face, and I am so relieved to be home safe.

And yes, I am listening to very old school Backstreet Boys.

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I love being a fan of a band so tiny that when you fling a Tweet at the guitarist, he actually replies half an hour later! He's only got 331 followers! He's tiny and precious and I heart him a LOT. This is Jason Nott of Drive A, by the way. I seriously can't wait to see them live when they open for The Used. I'm going to be that crazy person who loves the opening band and sings her heart out when no one else knows what the hell is going on. :D But seriously, I LOVE THIS FUCKING ALBUM. I've played it >40 times in the last month! Ridiculous.

I am addicted to Twitter by the way. It's kind of a problem. But also a lot of fun!

My life has really leveled out, socially. I had that exciting honeymoon period where everyone was new! And shiny! And lovely! And now it's fallen out to the people that I'm actually going to stay friends with, and they're cool, but lack the shine of New Friends. You know? The boy situation has also cooled dramatically - I need a method to meet new ones, WITHOUT my roommates in tow, because I like them but wow are they awkward in social situations. A couple of them, anyway. Sigh.

This week is going to be SO AWESOME. Tomorrow: EMPIRES!!!!!!! Today they were on Kent University's radio station, being adorable giggly boys, and they answered a couple questions that I IMed in, haha. Sean and Max (and Tom?) did Spit the Dark and I Want Blood and they sounded amazing. I can't wait to see them again, yay! And then Friday, THE ACADEMY IS!!!!!! Bill Beckett, YER FACE! I can't waaaait. Both of these shows are with [livejournal.com profile] angel726, which is super awesome because she's my girl. ♥ Then Saturday night it's Grizzly Bear, but at least that's here in town. It's gonna be a musicky week! It's also hopefully going to be a sciencey week, since I started some experiments today that should yield exciting results over the next few days. :D (Or discouraging results? We'll see!)

I'm totally hiding in my room, which is kind of shitty but. Whatever. I don't feel like being social.
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Eeeee, Empires + fangirls was amazing! I had such an awesome time. Those failbots really pulled it out and played a fabulous set that was half new material. It sounds FANTASTIC and I seriously can't wait for the album. I'm going to upload a full video of a new song soon, but if you're curious I know [livejournal.com profile] candidlily has a lot of great ones as usual and will be posting some in the near future. I'm super stoked about my videos from my new camera - the audio is INCREDIBLE (clearer than when I was actually there!) and I was actually UNDER Sean Van Vleet, sometimes filming up at his chin. Hee.

They were total sweethearts, as usual, and Sean AND Max remembered my face, WHAT. I saw them a year ago! In Baltimore! Crazy. But yeah, chatted and got sweaty hugs from all of them and I just can't get over their precious faces. They seem to be a little bit more used to the semi-fame thing now, but they're still the down to earth darlings they always were. &theirfaces;

OH AND! Mark Rose was there! And I chatted with him for a while! He is still most handsome and charming. I wish I'd gotten to see him in Lansing, damn responsibilities. Some day! And Nick Scimeca was there, as well as De'Mar. There was ass slapping and Nick stole Sean away from us and it was basically shenanigans. OH CHICAGO.

I will say much more later, but right now I feel like I've been run over by a bus, instead of riding in one for 5 hours. I slept four hours last night, I didn't eat anything substantial until half an hour ago (it's 3 PM), and yesterday was filled with walking and walking and more walking and then standing and standing and more standing and I'm very very exhausted. Of course, I need to go into the lab to run my presentation by a coworker, then I have to pack and get ready to go to a retreat tomorrow, leaving at SEVEN AM, ugh. Wow. This week is just kind of insane, as I also move into my apartment on Sunday. BUT! It's all awesome things, so it's all good!

Just wanted to post an update, because wow, away from the internet for A WHOLE DAY. Gives me the jitters. ;)
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Chicago! Empires! Wednesday! YAY!!!!

So people who are going - what's the plan? [livejournal.com profile] angel726 and I will be arriving in Chicago on Megabus at 12:40 PM, so we have all the afternoon to frolic. Is anyone going to be around already? Want to hook up, do something fun? I've never been to Chicago, so I'd love to see a bit of it if possible!

I can't WAIT eeee! Although I am enough of a nerd to miss the lab time (I'm in a mildly crazy portion of my project), I'm sure I'll forget all about that, because EMPIRES!!!!! :D And FANGIRLS! I love fangirltiems, it's been waaaay too long! ♥
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Hahaha, you guys. MY LIFE.

This morning I had my first encounter with lab safety equipment! I was working with a tube of DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide, a pretty common solvent, not that dangerous) - it slipped out of my hand, hit the bench, and launched its contents STRAIGHT INTO MY EYE. O.o I made a loud startled noise, flailed around going "what do I do?" and Ashley raced to the rescue! She turned on the eyewash and pushed me to the sink, where I had to direct a strong flow of cold water directly at my eye for at least 5 minutes. In the process, a lot of water left the sink and made acquaintance with the floor, and at the same time I got half of my shirt and jeans entirely soaked. FUN! Ashley and Andrea and Jason (my prof) were hovering around, mopping up the water on the floor, asking if I was okay, telling me to hold my eye open. It was unfun but also hilarious because ahaha I am such a spazzy loser. (In my old lab, when I was a spazzy loser, it meant a broken piece of glassware. Now it means taking an eye shower! Sweet!) A casualty of this drama was my watch, for some bizarre reason - during the craziness, somehow the little knob that you change the time with came off, and the watch stopped. FABULOUS. I just bought it two weeks ago. :(

So I had to walk 10 minutes to my car to grab some clothes (luckily, I'm leaving work to go visit my cousins, so I drove to work today and have a bag packed for the weekend with extra clothes! total silver lining). On the way back from that, I crashed REALLY HARD from the adrenaline high. I mean, it suddenly felt like I was walking through molasses. So I got back to my lab, changed (during which I discovered I JUST STARTED MY PERIOD. My life!!! Thank god for Midol), and immediately put back a cup of coffee. Result: I am now energized and vibrating from caffeine high! I feel like a rollercoaster. Oh man.

Science was fine for the rest of the day. (So far... it's only 2 PM!) Then I went and had a conversation with Jason wherein I asked him if I could stay with his lab for the fall. He said yes, definitely yes, he'd love to have me! Yay!!!! And then I somewhat nervously asked him if I could go to the Empires concert in Chicago on Wednesday the 26th. He immediately said of course, that he totally doesn't worry about that stuff so long as people keep their science moving forward. I was so relieved and happy. Talking with him is always so pleasant! I think he's an amazing guy and I feel super lucky to have found this lab. (And he's going to become a dad REALLY SOON! His wife's due date is tomorrow! She works in the lab across the hall and she's a total sweetheart, and TOTALLY PREGNANT. I'm so excited for them!) (Monica, every time I talk about Jason I imagine you must be seething with jealousy. It's a hilarious mental image. Clearly you should just come to Michigan! *nudges*)

A few minutes ago, he walked up to me at my desk and said mock-seriously "I have to ask who you're going to see in Chicago - it's important to my decision whether to let you go or not." Heee. So I explained to him who Empires are - he was intrigued, and I told him where he could get their music! He seems like he's a big music guy which is SO COOL, since pretty much the main reason I'll ever be skipping out for weekends is to see bands play! Nice to know that he'll understand. :D

So basically my day has gone from OMG WHAT THE HELL TRAUMA to hee isn't this place nice and YAY EMPIRES! (Jennifer I'm definitely coming!!! Buying my Megabus tickets now! :D) I really really do love it here in this lab - I'm grateful to get a chance to stay a while longer, and really hopeful that this will be where I end up ultimately. I can definitely see myself spending 5 years here, with these people, with this PI, learning every day and producing something interesting and valuable.

(My eye is fine by the way! :D)

Oh and in an hour there's a free ice cream social! YAY.

In conclusion: hahaha, my life. ♥
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This Saturday, I drove to Baltimore to see Empires play at the Ottobar. It was wonderful, and I fell promptly in love with this little band of failboats who refuse to take our money and arrive late when they're the first band on the bill and chat with me about James Joyce and give me sweaty birthday hugs and shoot plastic darts at each other and get really excited at a printed version of their own photo and make stuffed hamsters talk to us and play drums in socks and.

Okay, consider that your preview. Let's back up a little bit! I was the very first person to arrive. I parked pretty much in front of the venue and chilled out, eating a poptart for lunch, while I waited for [livejournal.com profile] summertea to arrive. I saw a group of girls who were clearly fangirls, and did the whole awkward "Are you here for Empires?" "Yep." "LJ?" "Yep!" thing, and we were immediately fast friends! *waves to the new folks* Some of them recognized my username, which was baffling to me. Hee. Then [livejournal.com profile] summertea arrived and we went to Ruby Tuesdays to meet up with more of the internet and have a quick snack.

Then we came back to the venue, met MORE of the internet, and got in line to enter the venue. Suddenly, a big black SUV pulls up with a UHaul trailer, and surprise, Sean Van Vleet is at the wheel! With other bandboys in the passenger seats! We waved hi and they pulled behind the venue to start unloading like fiends because they were - gasp! - late! I'm a little bit in love already.

(Warning! About 70 pictures behind the cuts, decent sized. Feel free to take them and use them for graphics or picspams or whatever, no need to credit! I'd appreciate if you let me know though :) )

Chapter 1: Empires set )
Pictures! )
Chapter 2: Meeting Sean and Tom and Ryan and Al and Max )
Pictures! )
Chapter 3: More chillin with Empires and Mark Rose's set )
Pictures! )
Chapter 4: Oh the Story!'s set, with pictures )
Chapter 5: Hanging with bandboys outside the venue, and goodbyes. )
Pictures! )

Thus ends the tale of my incredible day hanging out with Empires. They are such genuine, gracious, friendly, talented, funny, sweet guys, it was absolutely a privilege and a pleasure to get to meet them and see them play. I only hope I get to repeat the experience soon!
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Wow, I am just bowled over by the birthday wishes! Thanks everyone!!

I treated myself to a bottle of Bushmills Irish whiskey (rather anticlimactic - for one thing, I've bought alcohol approximately a bazillion times, and for another SHE DIDN'T CARD ME) and I'm now drinking it on the rocks. Oh GOD it's good. All smooth and rich with just a bit of burn and mmmmmmmmmmm. Yeah, I'm a whiskey girl.

I wanted a six pack of Corona, but apparently in PA liquor stores can only sell wine and spirits? Beer is sold elsewhere! I was most miffed. I'm going to have to hunt down a good beer store because homg I miss beer like CRAZY. There was Guinness on tap at the Empires show but I couldn't have any ;_;

My current state of intoxication (which is pleasantly fuzzy and will only degenerate) means that I won't finish teh Empires post tonight. Sorry! In short - LOVE. But you will get long tomorrow. I promise.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm Bushmills.

Oh yeah and I talked to my daddy for like an HOUR. Do you know how much I love my Daddy? THIIIIIIS MUCH. I asked him if he still had a copy of the song he wrote for me when I was born, and he sang me some of the melody! "She's a miiiiracle girl!" UGH DADDY. He's my favorite, you guys.

I just watched the S1 episode of Battlestar Galactica, Flesh and Blood, where Kara interrogates Leoben. Starbuck + Callum Keith Rennie = HOMG. I was vibrating. He's so fucking GOOD and so fucking hot and nnrrrgh. And now I'm going to watch more Due South and he's going to be a cynical sarcastic ridiculous cop and i'm gonna laugh and laugh.

TOM CONRAD. The end. Yes I took that picture.

ETA: OH YEAH. I just found out that We The Kings is playing in my town NEXT WEDNESDAY! :O I went to the website for my local venue and THERE THEY WERE! $10 for a walking-distance show! Sweeeeet. I'm now giving their album a listen and they're funnn! YAY MUSICS.
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So hai, it's my natal day! I'm TWENTY-ONE! :O I know, I'm shocked. And I'm hitting the liquor store right after work. \o/ Sadly, I am not hitting a bar or anything more fun, because I am completely and utterly alone in this godforsaken town, BUT! Saturday was deeply, deeply awesome (nothing will ever top birthday hugs from Sean Van Vleet, NOTHING) and I had my bestests with me afterwards, so yay. I also get a second celebration next week when I toddle up to CT (after seeing HUSHIES in Philly!!!!) and hang with the fam. I miss my daddy.

Thank you so much to everyone who's given me birthday wishes! You've brought me many smiles during a slow day at work, ILU.

A long report and lots of pretty pictures of the Empires show are forthcoming! I'm being very verbose so it's kind of taking a while. >.<

MEANWHILE, I finished Due South season 3!!! Bwee! Ack RayK and Fraser how so awesome? [livejournal.com profile] clayeer recommended Speranza's fic to me, so I am now inhaling! Siiiiigh boys in love. Nom nom. Is season 4 awesome too? Do I have goodies to look forward to? :)

Now I'm going to leave work early (because my reaction didn't proceed as planned, let's not talk about it) and call Dara! Hopefully he won't be busy like the last 20 times I've tried to call him, sigh.

Much love, darlings <3
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Maaaaaybe one of the best days of my life?

I was going to make a nice detailed post about how awesome Empires was, and how sweet and generous and great at hugging Sean Van Vleet is, or, you know, other fun things, but now I'm DRUNK because my BEST FRIENDS threw me a birthday party and there was tequila shots and rum&pineapplejuice and woodchucks and LION KING. Sooo less than coherent.

I schmoozed with ALL of empires. They are beautiful and sweet and so fucking grateful for us. I got all of their signatures on the cover of Howl, and a tshirt, and so much adorable. I can't even.

In conclusion, RyanJ. (yes, he does have a bloody gash on his finger)

Moar details and pictures laaater :D :D
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I has a quick question about concert etiquette, and I figured I'd ask the experts.

Tomorrow is the first real small club show I'll have ever gone to. (EMPIRES YAAAAY!!!!) My only other concert experiences have been: a big amphitheater with assigned seats (Fall Out Boy's HCT), a MASSIVE arena again with seats (MCR), and Warped. A couple other small shows but none where I even thought about waiting in line or getting barrier.

SO! My question is this. I've seen a lot of you bitch about people in pits who have handbags. Well - how do you avoid having a handbag? I need to have on me my keys, my wallet, phone, and ipod, plus for this particular show i have pictures that I'd like the Empires boys to sign that I don't want to get bent. Sooo.. how do you NOT have a bag? I am puzzled. Help!

Also, any other general tips would be awesome. Attire, how shows run... I am just clueless. I feel like this one will be pretty low key (it's at two in the afternoon (no not nine)) but I also need to be prepared for HUSHIES!!!!!!! twice next week.

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I'm sleepy.

My flatmate/bestie's birthday was this weekend, and his grandparents got him a 32" flat screen TV. Homg it's beautiful. We just bought cords and adapters so we can play shit from our laptops on it and omgggg you guys. GERARD'S SO BIG I JUST WANT TO LICK HIM.

...that sounded very dirty. OM NOM NOM GERARD. :D

I called the insurance company today and they're mailing me a replacement phone tomorrow \o/ However, since I'm a failboat, I thought that the fact that it requires a signature for delivery meant I had to have it sent home and make sure someone's there. I didn't think to mail it to the school mail room, where they could sign for it. *facepalm* I r dumb. Rob's being very nice and staying home for the morning (his work is all on computers anyway) and I'll cover the afternoon if it isn't here yet. NEW PHONE YAY.

You know that experiment that I've been agonizing about? Well I think I FINALLY fixed the problem. Or rather, Dr. Van Arman did. He was my orgo professor in sophomore year, and if you've been around that long you may remember that I LOVED him. When we had our poster session last week, I explained our problem to him, and he said "Oh why don't you try X or Y?" I ran the idea past MY professor and he kinda went "Huh. I really like that!" *facepalm* My professor is not exceedingly bright. Between us we quite lack imagination, and since I lack the knowledge/experience besides, it leads to some dead ends. Thank god for Van Arman! \o/ So that's a huge relief. Another reaction I ran today also had the best column separation I have EVER seen, and a great (84%) yield. So it was a good chemistry day! \o/

I also made an important decision. I have this grant money (up to $3000) that comes with the scholarship I have here. I could do two things with it: use it to do a project somewhere besides here, or apply it to my research/thesis project here. I was thinking about using it to go to Dublin in December and work in a lab there for 3 or 4 weeks. Clearly the motivation for that was not the project itself, which I felt was somewhat dishonest. So for various reasons, i think I've decided to use the money for my research with Dr. Fenlon. We could really really use it, as the compound that forms the basis of my research costs $1,800 for 10 grams. Yeah. Also, that means I can use the time in December to go visit extended family in Ohio and Michigan whom I haven't seen in over a year in some cases.

My Hush Sound ticket arrived from my dad for Philly! YAY!

Speaking of concerts, I'm trying to figure out this Empires nonsense. The easiest show for me would be the Saturday show in Baltimore, but their MySpace says 6 PM while the venue website says 2 PM, with a fancy flier and another band booked at 8 PM. So I'm thinking the 2 PM is correct, which is fine since it's a Saturday and easier to travel back afterwards. I doubt I'll have to buy tickets ahead of time - I mean, matinee show of an unsigned band? Yeah. I'm excited!!!

Also, the Cobras presale is tomorrow. There are several dates that are in geographical proximity, but only the Philly one is really feasible in terms of date. However, that's right in the thick of the semester and I think I'm going to be SUPER busy this year. As I just saw the Cobras, and they're not my favorite (musically!), I think I'm going to say no to this one. For now. I have to draw a line somewhere!

Also also, people keep talking about the Cab tour, but I haven't actually seen any info on it anywhere. What's it called? I'm just curious, because someone referenced it being a faily name (WHO IS SURPRISED?) but didn't actually say what it was. I don't think I'll go, as, uh, I'm seeing them twice as a consequence of The HUSHIESSSS, and I don't like the album.

I got my paycheck today (the second half of my summer stipend) and, in total, they took out EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS in taxes. Taxes I will just get back because I'm not going to make enough to need to be taxed! Fucking government. I could really use that money right now.

Uh, I don't want to end this post on a down note. Ergo, FRANK.

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It always feels really good to contribute something to fandom! People seem to really like the rips I did of TBPID at Maxwells, yay!

I am still feeling very sick, only it's a new kind of sick! I'm all congested and achey and tired. UGH. And I STILL have that scary, violent cough. It's less frequent, but when I cough, it feels like it's forcing its way out of my throat, and more often than not it renders me incapable of speech and fighting for breath. It's fucking scary. Earlier, I was having a coughing fit, and from the other room Rob called "Are you dying?" and when I stopped coughing I couldn't breathe and thus couldn't answer, so he came out looking all concerned. Oops :-/ IDEK, you guys.

But oh yeah, ROB'S HERE!!! :D :D Rob is one of my two bestests here at college, who are also my roommates this year, and Rob just got back from New Zealand and moved in! YAY! It's really nice to have him around and not be alone in the apartment.

Work is still going slowly, but I'm choosing not to focus on that and rather on the AMAZING plans I have for the next month and a half. Let me share them with you.

  • Jul 10-13: Shore Leave Convention in Baltimore. In which I will meet HEWLETTS!!!! and Jewel Staite and Mark Sheppard and other awesome folks, and I will also have a [livejournal.com profile] hebrew_hernia and a [livejournal.com profile] unamaga and MOAR FANGIRLS! Ugh so excited.
  • Jul 19?: Jersey Shore. This one isn't definite, but Rob lives on the Jersey shore and we might go out for the weekend. Also in the cards is DARK KNIGHT IN IMAX!!! Eeeee.
  • Jul 27: Warped!!! in Scranton, PA. COBRAS! TAI! GCH! MOAR! [livejournal.com profile] enoughoflove!!! YAY.
  • Jul 31-Aug 3: Washington DC with Kate (roommate from Dublin) for Cary's birthday! Megan's coming too! YAY!!!
  • Aug 15: EMPIRES at MAXWELLS in HOBOKEN!. Empires!!!!! I'm so excited to see them, though a little bummed they're not coming to my town. But. MAXWELLS! Where the MCR darlings played! Ugh so excited. Fun fact: my daddy played gigs there when he was younger!
  • Aug 18: My 21st birthday!
  • Aug 22: The Hush Sound in Philly!
  • Aug 23: The Hush Sound in Hartford! With my little sister and my best friend Michelle! HUSHIES YAYE.

WHEW! I'm not sure how all this awesome is happening to me, BUT I AM PSYCHED. *waves hands of glee*
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