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Firstly: thank you to everyone for saying hi on my last post! Yay! hi! Glad to know there's still people around these here parts. :)

I had a most marvelous weekend! I went to Chicago for the first time in ages and there were Shenanigans.

I stayed with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] rhombal and [livejournal.com profile] musictoyourlips, who have the cutest little apartment now. I hadn't seen them in way too long! I arrived on Friday night and we lounged about chatting and looking at sexy footballers, as you do. Then we got (maybe) 3 hours sleep and woke up at some obscene hour of the morning prior to 6 AM in order to go to the pub and watch the Arsenal! The pub was much quieter than last time I went (which was the last day of the season and a massive, dramatic battle against relegation). We had coffee, coffee, and more coffee, watched a dash of West Ham vs Millwall (red card to West Ham's captain, shocker!), and then it was time for the Gunners! Arsenal were facing cellar dwellers but also bogey team Blackburn, so we were nervous, but in the end Arsenal romped to a thoroughly delightful 7-1 victory, including a ROBIN VAN PERFECT HAT TRICK and the Ox's first two league goals and a delicious Arteta goal and, as the cherry on the sundae, a Thierry Henry goal, served up on a platter by RVP. It was simply, utterly marvelous. And I didn't even miss any goals while I was in the bathroom or anything! Amazing! It's like they put on a show just for me. Thank you, boys. ♥ I was also keeping a close eye on Twitter because my other boys in red and white (Mainz) were playing co-league leaders Schalke, and I was very nervous. We SCORED and went into half-time 1 up, but Schalke came out much stronger and equalized. But we dug in our heels and held on for the draw, which gave us an important point and knocked Schalke off the top of the table! Woo! All in all, a delightful morning of football.

At this stage it was not even noon and I had already had more caffeine AND alcohol than is advisable (really just a large cider but pre-noon that is plenty). We went back to their apartment and crashed for much, much needed naps.

Then [livejournal.com profile] rhombal and I went to see EMPIRES and THE HUSH SOUND!!! Eeeee! This was the reason I chose this weekend to visit Chicago and oh it was so much fun! We drove to the Bottom Lounge (randomest venue ever) and had dinner with [livejournal.com profile] angel726 and two of her friends. We said hi to Sean van Vleet out in the bar, who remains the sweetest, and I (worryingly) identified Nick Scimeca from way across the room. Oh dear. We also spotted Ryan J (who has cut his hair - I must confess I miss the floppy) but he was hanging out with Scimeca, so I didn't get a Ryan J hug. :( We found THE WHOLE INTERNET, including [livejournal.com profile] candidlily and [livejournal.com profile] xsnarkasaurus, yay! Then we watched the first opening band, who were a bit cacophonous but had a couple nice songs, and were mostly entertaining because the singer reminded me of Gerard Way (sassiness, mostly) and, physically, Cesc Fabregas. What. We got a nice space up near the stage (dear fangirls who waited hours in the cold for this show: you are ridiculous) and then it was Empires time!!! I've seen them so many times but it's always a blast. SVV has become such a great and confident frontman. Spit the Dark and Damn Things Over remain my favorites live. The new music is sounding great too!

THEN IT WAS HUSHIES TIME! EEEE. I had only seen them twice before, way back in... I don't know, 2009? AGES. So this was an absolute treat! They seemed to be having a lot of FUN performing together again. Bob and Greta are kind of hilarious in how different they are - Bob's wicked and suggestive and irreverent, where Greta is wholesome and sweet and tries to crack dirty jokes but then takes them back immediately, and I want to give her a hug. Darren and Chris have both grown their hair long, to very different effect. Darren looks like Tomrad from behind, but I like it on him even better - I want to play with it. Chris..... looks like an effeminate Jesus. I don't even know. But they blew my face off! \o/ The setlist was lovely, voted on by the fans and balanced between the three albums. So much stuff off So Sudden! I was a bit sad they didn't play my two favorites (Dark Congregation and Hurricane) but a gorgeous rendition of The Artist more than made up for it. Molasses, Honey, Wine Red... so wonderful. I really do love them as a band, though I'd have to say Gold Motel edges them out a bit for me (which explains why Greta's songs are my favorite Hushies ones). It was a fun, breathless experience that brought me back to the heyday of my bandom love, when every show was an Occasion (now, every show is fun, but mostly seeing bands I've seen loads of times before). I have lovely pictures and videos but my memory card reader is not cooperating right now and I can't be arsed to go get the cable, so I'll have to share them later.

Sunday (today) was deliciously lazy - [livejournal.com profile] musictoyourlips made breakfast and we watched the first half of Chelsea-United (barf), then muted that in favor of Sherlock - Hound of Baskervilles and Reichenbach Fall, which [livejournal.com profile] rhombal hadn't seen yet! *rolls around* Love love love loooove.

Then I had to leave and it was sad. :( Tomorrow is Monday morning. I protest.

So this post doesn't end on a downer, I want to say that if you like Sherlock and have Tumblr, my Tumblr has become basically a shrine to Sherlock and all things Benedict Cumberbatch. \o/ I'm exsequar over there too. I will leave you with his perfection:

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I just went to see We The Kings at my local venue and they were adorable! I'm not sure their adorableness was worth going by myself and waiting through three semi-decent opening bands standing in the very hot balcony, but they were still adorable and I made it so there's no point whingeing :) They're a lot of fun live, and Travis seems like an absolute sweetheart. He told a story about how 2 days ago Hunter jumped off a bridge (?!? he did not clarify why!) and landed on a kayaker. Um. Hunter ended up with a huge gash that required nine stitches, but they did not elaborate on the condition of the kayaker! Oh how faily, silly boys. Speaking of Hunter, HIS HAIR WAS SHORT. Either he cut it and I wasn't aware, or he had to get it cut to have the stitches put in D: Very depressing, as I found him extremely attractive with the long hair. His brother Drew was like a ninja on bass, quietly doing his thing, it was pretty awesome. And I'm a big fan of Travis's hair you guys - it goes all over the place!

Their set was short but fab. Check Yes Juliet, of course, and they opened with Skyway Avenue, which is my personal favorite. They also played Secret Valentine and Whoa, and probably at least 2 more but I don't remember which. Whoa is really fun with a whole room singing along. It was very very crowded, much more than I anticipated - so many teenies! I was just lucky it wasn't sold out.

One of the opening bands was called Kingsfoil. Their singer had floppy bleache blonde hair and was quite attractive and funny, but he was the most faily dancer I've ever SEEN. It was lolarious. It mostly amounted to sitting back on his heels and moving his butt from side to side. Hilarity.

While I'm talking about concerts, I might as well ramble about HUSHIES!!!! Of all the bands I could have seen twice, I'm really really glad it was them, because wowwww I adore them ridiculous amounts.

The first night, I was not working on very much sleep, and I'd had a miserable drive, so for the openers I was headachey and impatient and didn't get much out of them. However, the next day, I paid attention and I ADORED Morning Light. I find the two singers thing to be adorable, and the keyboardist/guitarist/singer guy (whose name, I believe, is Harrison) with floppy blonde hair was the cutest thing I've ever seen. I really enjoyed their set a lot. Does anyone have their album? [livejournal.com profile] candidlily perhaps? I'd love to hear it.

And then Steel Train was just so much fun. That's pretty much what I got out of it. I loved when they all sang together, and I loved how members of Morning Light kept coming on stage. The singer of ML came on once and slapped the guitarist on the ass, shared a mic with him for a while, and then blew him a kiss before he went off stage. It was precious. The lead singer of ST is spastic and reminds me a lot of one Bden Urie. Overall they were totally win too.

Thennnn Cab babies. Okay, they're very good live, and I really like a couple of their songs. But Cash irritates the hell out of me (WE KNOW YOUR BASS SAYS CFOB.COM, STOP FLIPPING IT OVER), and when Singer says things like "Has anyone heard of us?" just to get screams, well. Meh. I had a lot of fun watching Marshall flip his hair about though, and try and fail to make sexy faces. I also enjoy Ian a lot a lot. However, I don't understand how ANYONE finds Johnson attractive. He looks all sleazy and greasy. Yuck. ANYWAY. Singer sang "A Whole New World" when a girl in the audience asked on Friday, and he also started us up with a snippet of 'NSync. I have video of the Aladdin bit later in the post. Oh Singer. I do like his voice.

THEN HUSHIES!!!!!! They're just... so fabulous, you guys. We got a great spot about five back from barrier way on Greta's side of the stage, so we were super close to her and we were either in a draft or air conditioning, which was awesome. I was very pleased, especially as there was no one behind us, so no pushing or contact at all! \o/ Greta is... incandescent in person. She absolutely glows. She had her hair down to start and then kept putting it up because it got too hot. She apparently took that lesson to heart because the next day she came on stage with it up in pretty french braids. I was glad I got to see it down because it's beautiful. And Bob - okay, Bob is thoroughly attractive to me now. I never saw the appeal before but he's got a lot of presence and he's a great performer and I am enamored! On Saturday I was more in the middle and could see Chris better, and hot DAMN he is pretty. I lovelovelove the scruff on him and hope he doesn't lose it. Ditto Bob. And DARREN!!!! He wore a basketball jersey both nights, and is just the most ridiculous, happy, wonderful boy ever. I heart him a lot a lot.

They opened with the beautiful piano and Greta bit from the beginning of Goodbye Blues (video below), then went right into Love You Much Better. I love that song! They played pretty much all of my favorites except A Dark Congregation. Hurricane is goooorgeous live (also video below), and Molasses is a rollicking good time. They also played Honey, Medicine Man, As You Cry, Not Your Concern, We Intertwined, Wine Red, Sweet Tangerine, Don't Wake Me Up, and Momentum, not in anything resembling that order (though Momentum was the encore). As for special things, there was lots of fun shenanigans - they played their Back to the USSR cover, which is awesome, and We Believe In (Barack Obama) which is SO much fun live. Darren rapping is a thing of joy and beauty, as is Greta frolicking with a tambourine. They closed with a cover of Tom Petty's "Last Dance with Mary Jane," for which many members of the other bands came up and sang verses, including Ian, who also played harmonica and keyboard! Geez, Ian! Multitalented much? He's amazing. On Saturday, Harrison (aforementioned cute blonde from Morning Light) came up and played keyboard with them some, which I enjoyed muchly. There was a lot of shenaniganating and preciousness and I had THE BEST TIME EVER EVER! My little sister LOVED the show so much, and I was really glad. I'm afraid I've gotten her addicted to concerts at a very young age, whoops! And Michelle totally fell in love with the Hushies, so yay! \o/

Now for a few pictures and videos :) I sadly don't have any pictures or videos from Saturday when I had a much better view of Darren and Chris, because my battery died :( :( Oops. Oh well.

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Yay concerts! Next up - Reggie and the Full Effect, haha. Without Leathermouth, sadly! Oh Frank, why do you abandon me?
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