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I love My Chemical Romance rather more than breathing.

This has always (well, for the past, er, 7 years?) been true, but it has come rushing back full force recently. Does anyone remember this? In which I spent weeks tracking down live performance videos, ripping the audio, and compiling a live album of some of their best performances? Well I did that, because I was crazy about them. I was also crazy about Winchesters, Panic! babies, Stargate Atlantis, you name it, and I still carry an abiding fondness for all those things, but the only thing that's lodged itself in my bones is those wacky boys from Jersey. When I listen to their music, I feel like I don't need any other music. Ever. I could listen to them forever and be content.

Why am I sharing this? I dunno. Mostly because it's been bursting out of my chest and there might still be one or two people around here that understand. This is where my love for MCR grew and expanded until it made me feel fit to burst.

The new songs are amazing. Boy Division just roars out of the gate. IF ALL MY ENEMIES THREW A PARTY WOULD YOU LIGHT THE CANDLES WOULD YOU DRINK THE WINE WHILE WATCHING TELEVISION. And so on! It's the most breathless, thrilling song. And tonight there were TWO MORE! Gun. is FANTASTIC. Ambulance is all Queen-y and also excellent. Ahh.

I have also been taken anew by Ray Toro's guitar. On my last road trip I listened past Gerard (very difficult to do) for all the intricacies of Ray's (and Frank's!) magic. That's the real secret sauce. None of this would exist without Gerard, but none of it would sound the same without those guitars. Hot damn.

I flew to another country to see these guys (Ireland to England, but still). I met Gerard Way on the street and I didn't lose my shit. I took my dad to see them in Detroit and he fucking loved it. I drive 12 hours from Michigan to Connecticut and spend half the time blasting these assholes. I love them, I breathe them.

My favorite tunes (well, besides all of them) in pretty much no particular order because it's like choosing between my children:

Thank You for the Venom
You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us in Prison
Save Yourself and I'll Hold Them Back
Headfirst For Halos
Give Em Hell, Kid
Heaven Help Us
Party Poison
Vampire Money
I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
Vampires Will Never Hurt You
....AND ALL THE REST OF THEM. You can see Black Parade is by far my least favorite - I feel like they overproduced a lot of their raw energy out of it. But I still love it more than most music out there so it's all good.

Anyway. I love them. I hope they make another fabulous album in between raising their fabulous babies and hit the road at least one more time so I can bask in their greatness.

(To) The End
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So one of my New Year's resolutions is to try to reconnect with LJ. I'll probably fail miserably, but I genuinely miss both the community and the amazing record of my life LJ was for such a long time, so I'd really like to get back into the swing of it. Twitter is a serious hindrance, and I have a whole other social life there, but I'm going to try my hardest. If you DO have Twitter though, please do follow me - I'm exsequar there too and always reachable. :) It's not at all about soccer/football anymore, I made a separate account, so if you're worried about that, please don't be! I'd love to talk to you. ♥

Starting small, I'm just going to make a Life post about my week and stuff! So on Tuesday I completed a reasonably large hurdle of my PhD program - the second year seminar. It's kind of a warm up for our candidacy exams but felt pretty huge on its own. Basically I had to make a 20 minute presentation on my research, presenting to people outside of my lab for the first time. This meant that I had to very clearly introduce the material for people unfamiliar with my field, present and justify my hypothesis, and present what data I have that supports that hypothesis before, as well as providing a coherent plan for my research moving forwards. I also felt I had to be very very comfortable with the literature because I could get ANY questions afterward. What this basically meant was that I spent 4 days with my family for Christmas, then immediately began spending 10-12 hours in lab every day, reading papers and putting together my presentation, as well as getting that last crucial piece of data. I bought a lot of frozen food and essentially lived in my lab. But it paid off, because my presentation went great! My actual slides ended up really pretty - including a model I built from scratch using Adobe Illustrator because all the old ones my lab uses are so ugly - and my labmates and boss helped me construct a clear, coherent narrative so it felt fluent and comfortable. Then I got a really great set of questions and was able to easily answer them all, with bonus references to the literature because I had spent all that time reading! I got lots of positive feedback afterward, and my dad even got to see it and was very proud. I'm so relieved to have it done, but I'm also really proud of how well it went. It was the first time I felt maybe I could really do this thing - that is, be a grownup. Not necessarily a scientist, but a grownup. It's a step in the right direction. ;)

I then spent the rest of this week turning that presentation into a poster to give at a conference this weekend in Chicago! It's a very busy week, yes it is. It's the same conference that I went to last year and I really enjoyed it then, so I'm happy to be going again, I look forward to it. I also get to meet up with some darling fangirls tomorrow night so I'm excited. :D After all of this whirlwind, then it's just back to the normal grindstone of lab research. Doing all of this work on making my project clear to others has made it clearer to ME too though, so I hope that I'll feel a bit more confident in my research as I move forwards.

Also super exciting is THE BUNDESLIGA STARTS BACK UP TOMORROW!!!!! *giddy wriggling* That's the German football league for the majority of you out there who are totally lost. :P It's been on hiatus since before Christmas and I have been DYING of boredom. I mean, it was good timing because I wouldn't have been half as focused on my work if it hadn't been on break, but now it's coming BACK and I couldn't be more excited. :DDD I get my beautiful baby Lewis and my badass Basti and hopefully both Mainz and Bayern kicking ass and taking names. I can't help it, I love Mainz, sorry to my Bayern girls out there. At this point I just want both of them to do really well. It's kind of inevitable that Bayern will end up in at least second, so I don't feel bad for rooting for Mainz to do the best they very can. At this point I would like to register a prediction for the end of the season, and we'll see how far off I am: Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich, Bayer Leverkusen, Schalke 05, Mainz. That would put Mainz in the Europa League next year, which would be a fantastic achievement for my little baby club. ♥ (And little Lewis has been hinting that he'd like to stay in Mainz for another year... oh please please pleeeease let it happen, football gods!)

In hilarious fandom-sports related news (yes that was a totally valid segue), Johnny Weir is coming to my Borders for a book signing. Lol. Lololol. I'm tempted to go just for the lolz but I should really be at work at that time, so I probably won't. Oh Johnny. Maybe I'll feel the force of his sparkling from my lab.

Speaking of sparkling, OMG THIS T-SHIRT. Dear My Chemical Cupcakes, ILU. (Danger Days is still, like, the best album ever. Well, after Three Cheers. But OMG SO GOOD.)

Last night I saw I Love You Phillip Morris!! I've been wanting to see this ever since I heard it was being made like three years ago. EWAN MCGREGOR!!!!! Ugh, he was so precious and wonderful, all blonde and earnest and Texan and sweet and I WANTED TO PUT HIM IN MY POCKET. I mean, Jim Carrey was great too, and it was a really good film, funny and weird and poignant and tragic. I enjoyed it a whole lot. But mostly EWAN!!! I now want to watch every single film he's done again. Yes even The Pillow Book. Ewannnnnnn. I miss him. *draws pink sparkly hearts*

I should probably pack for Chicago.... so I'll leave you with that. It felt really good to write an LJ post again, I'm not gonna lie, so hopefully I'll start being able to keep it up. Tell me what's up with you, darlings!
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Thanks to soccer, no weekend is ever boring anymore! It gives life an odd sense of urgency and electricity all the time. I know I can't keep up this level of emotional investment forever (especially not when I have to focus on my PhD...) but for now, it's tons of fun, especially as my personal life isn't exactly thrilling.

First came the usual whirlwind of Saturday Bundesliga matches - 6 games ALL AT ONCE. This Saturday, there were TWENTY-SIX GOALS in said six matches - I love this league! The match I was invested in, Mainz-Gladbach, was a thriller with the teams taking turns scoring goals and Mainz emerging victorious in the last minutes with a scoreline of 3-2. Mainz's Sami Allagui was a revelation, scoring two miraculous goals as a sub, and Lewis Holtby continued to be the perfect human being. (I'm legit in love with him, it's a little scary, haha.) André got a beautiful goal as well. It was a REALLY REALLY exciting game and probably my favorite of the Bundesliga season so far! I was so happy to see my Mainz bbs return to winning ways after a full month of Bundesliga misery, and their celebrations were as youthful and full of joy as ever. The most adorable bit was when Lewis ran over to the barrier and HIS MOM HAULED HIM UP FOR A CONGRATULATORY KISS. sdlkfsjldfkjs I think my heart exploded a little with joy. :')

Sadly, in contrast, Bayern produced a disappointing draw with Bayer Leverkusen. I only caught the first 20 minutes, during which Bayern's only goal was scored and my Basti was a total hero ♥, but I hear in the second half it went rather downhill, and the final score was 1-1. Really not helping your title defense, honeys. Le sigh. (I have entered a state of emotional self-preservation, wherein losses or draws are no longer crushing, but instead causes for shrugs and sighs, while wins are the pleasant surprises. I'm more functional that way.) Most notable things about this match: Basti shaved off all his hair and looks like a different person, he wore a jersey with the sponsor logo printed upside down for half the match, AND he groped Thomas Müller in the crotch TWICE during a goal celebration. AHAHAHA OKAY BASTI. Never a dull moment with my boy. ♥

But the BEST part of my soccer weekend was seeing a match in person!! My Michigan boys, as you might recall, got into the NCAA tournament by WINNING the Big Ten title, so they hosted a second round game and of course I went to it! My daddy and my roomie came too and we had such a great time. It was overcast but not too cold, perfect soccer-viewing weather. We were playing University of Central Florida, so of course they didn't even own long sleeved jerseys and were all in gloves, awww. It was a super duper thrilling and anxiety-attack inducing match, the WHOLE TIME! UCF is ridiculously good at defense, while Michigan is very strong on offense, so it was a never ending clash of these two powers. The numbers tell the story - Michigan had 31 shots and 13 shots on goal, while UCF only had something like 5 shots in the whole game. Nevertheless, UCF scored first, very early on, and it took until halfway through the second half for Michigan to equalize, on the most gorgeous assist and finish at the top of the box that I had a perfect view for. The stadium EXPLODED, it was such an amazing feeling! Then we finished regulation with a 1-1 tie and had to go into sudden death overtime, and after only four minutes Michigan WON!!!!! I screamed and jumped and it was just generally the most fantastic feeling in the whole world! I think I understand why people are sports fans now. :D It was so wonderful to be in a stadium filled to bursting, watching a team I adore do what it's best at. Now Michigan moves on to the NCAA third round to face 7th seeded South Carolina, a daunting matchup to say the least! I really really hope they win and move onto the Elite Eight! *crosses fingers*

Peeektures! Lewis and Basti and Michigan celebratory crowdsurfing! )

In non-soccer news (gasp!), DANGER DAYS CAME OUT TODAY!!!!! *does a happy dance* The iTunes LP is AWESOME, rich and creative and enormous. I love this band so much. :') But the best part is that I finally gave the album to my dad (who loves Three Cheers but really doesn't like Black Parade) since he's coming to see them with me in December, and he emailed me specifically to say HE LOVES IT! IT'S KICKING HIS ASS!! I am so happy and proud, oh my goodness. Now I'm looking forward to the show even MORE, because I know my dad will love the experience too. :DD And I also have tickets to see them in Cleveland in April with [livejournal.com profile] angel726! AHHHH I AM SO EXCITED AND I LOVE THIS BAND SO MUCH. I've literally listened to nothing except this album for the past five days, lmao. Ugh so many hearts! ♥_____♥ My favorite song has become Save Yourself, it's just so gorgeous. But I love the WHOLE ALBUM. *happy sigh*

That's all for now! Toodles!
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I just lay down on my bed, put on my sound-canceling headphones, closed my eyes, and experienced Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.

Holy fucking shit )

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This is PERFECT because I get to see OUR BOYS, THE BAND OF MY HEART. Omfg I will probably cry.

It is NOT perfect because 1) my usual concert buddy already has another concert that night and she absolutely cannot cancel, and 2) I hoped to bring my sister to it but she won't be out here for Christmas in time. :(( So I might be going by myself, and pits terrify me, so I might go for a seat idk but but but REGARDLESS I WILL BE IN THE SAME ROOM AS THEIR FACES PLAYING THEIR MUSIC AND OMFGGGGG so happy I could burst. :')))))))

ONLY TWO WEEKS UNTIL THAT ALBUM GETS INTO MY GRABBYHANDS. EEEEEE. I have actually avoided listening to the two latest "leaks", and most of the concert recordings, because I want to experience the songs as part of an ALBUM first. When I download that shit, I will lie down on my bed, put on my enormous headphones, close my eyes, and lose myself in the world of the Killjoys. I can't wait, omg. :')
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Things that sucked about fußball/futbol/football this weekend:
  • Bayern tied. Again. With Köln. Again. 0-0. Again. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE SCORELESS DRAWS??!??! *pulls out hair* The Bayern season is beyond fucking frustrating right now. Lowest goals scored in the WHOLE LEAGUE, but also very few conceded, because every match is just this push and pull and NO ONE CAN PUT THE BALL IN. We have Müller! And Klose! And Kroos! And Ribéry! These are WORLD class goal scorers, yet they keep coming up empty. We have one of the highest shooting rates in the whole league, yet we've scored TWO goals in FOUR matches. Pathetic. This better be like last season where we just take a while to find our rhythm, but this time there's no Robben to swoop in and save the day - at least not for a while. Sigh.
  • Arsenal tied in a brutal way, losing Fabrégas to injury, Song to suspension, and missing a penalty kick. The equalizer was scored in the last minutes. It was awful. Poor Gunners. Now let's just hope Cesc isn't out too long.
  • Liverpool lost to ManUtd in a rip roaring clash of rivals. Berbatov slammed home a hat trick, which is good news for my CL fantasy team (potentially - come on Berba!) but wasn't so nice for Liverpool. Stevie tried his best, putting in a brace from set pieces, but it wasn't enough. Nando mostly fell over and missed easy chances. That boy is breaking my heart. :'(
  • Back in Germany, both Stefan Kießling (who's usually on the German NT) and Patrick Helmes got injured for Leverkeusen today. After the loss of Ballack, this is the last thing they need. Also I'm just fond of both of them and it makes me sad. :(
  • MESSI got injured in a real nasty tackle. The pictures of his ankle post-ligament dislocation are nauseating. D: It's little Messi! I don't love Barça, but he is a lovely young man and didn't deserve that very low-brow tackle at all.
  • Bremen lost to Mainz! o.O

Good things that happened:
  • Real Madrid won. They didn't play well, but somehow they won. Yay?
  • Schalke lost yet again.
  • Basti and Poldi were reunited in the sweetest way imaginable oh my goodness. Beaming hugs and too much touching and lkjsdfls I love them. There was nothing after the game because Poldi was happy about the draw while Bayern was frustrated and angry, so that makes me sad. But they're obviously still such adorable bffs. ♥

Now if you look at all that in the aggregate, basically it sucked to be a fußball fan this weekend. For some reason the injury gods are pissed off and smiting people left and right. I really wish they would stop. But I am glad that somehow Bayern remains entirely intact - a glimmer of light on a very dismal start to the season.

IN OTHER NEWS, I'm really glad I have some other things to keep me happy, like oh say, THE KILLJOYS! Band of my heaaaart. I can't count the number of times I've watched/listened to that video. This is for all you rock n rollers, you crash queens and motorbabies! Sdflskjflk. In all seriousness, I think this is the most genius AND pleasing promotional move by the band. By giving us a video, they give us a taste of the feel for the new album, and where they are as a group of people, and also a bunch of tasty new visuals to work over, manipulate and adopt to our little hearts' contents. And at the same time, we get a massively tasty snippet of a new song, enough to tell us that it's AWESOME, but not enough that when the song itself comes out it will already feel old. I love how TEASING it is, but still incredibly generous in content. It's basically BRILLIANT and I love this fucking band so much I can't even. *____*

Today I went to the Renaissance Faire with my cousins! For once it was PERFECT weather (partly cloudy and upper 60s/lower 70s - exquisite) and we just had a fantastic time. It's a big, fancy one, so lots of things to see and do and buy. I saw glass blowing and a birds of prey show (I LOVE Peregrine falcons) and all kinds of other neat things, including my faaaavorite comedy/sword fighting troupe which I've probably seen ten times now. :D

Right now I am almost literally falling asleep as I type so I shall hit the hay. Goodnight motorbabies! <3333
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THOSE MY CHEMICAL ROMANTICS ARE AT IT AGAIN!!!! I'm really kind of overwhelmed by how much I LOVE this, and how it's completely new and wacky and different and yet still so THOROUGHLY them. This band has changed so, so much since they made Black Parade, and I love that they've landed on this sound that stays true to their roots while blazing ahead into ridiculous, wonderful POST-APOCALYPTIC COMIC BOOK LAND. Did you see their hair?!???? The clothes??? The ray guns and the GRANT MORRISON and the dude in the roller skates and the helmets and the Mikey Way cheekbones?? EVERYTHING IS AMAZING. And the song bit is getting stuck in my head! I NEED THIS ALBUM LIKE OXYGEN. DO IN FACT NEEDS. Come to meeeeeeee musical geniuses of my heaaaaart! Ugh ♥

In OTHER news (I know nothing could possibly be that important!) this week has sort of... vanished without me noticing? I'm at a weird point in my research, one I don't particularly love, but I'm also no longer in crisis mode, so that's nice. (*ruthlessly squashes remaining qualms*) I've been trying to write a paper for my boss - a "research plan" for the next 12 months - and having a reeeeally hard time with it. Hopefully I'll be able to make serious progress tomorrow.

One VERY exciting thing that happened this week is that I FINALLY GOT A SMART PHONE!!! I know I am so behind the curve, but I had this adorable little LG flip phone with Verizon that was solid and functional and reliable and pretty much did everything I needed a PHONE to do. However, when the iPhone 4 came out, I was like ".....oooh. Do want." And started thinking about what my life would be like with a smart phone. Since then there have been more and more occasions where I've been like DAMMIT WHY DO I NOT HAVE A SMART PHONE (the worst of which was getting stupidly lost in Chicago on my way to Stargate Creation Con with [livejournal.com profile] musictoyourlips, sigh sigh), and so I finally decided to get one. But I did NOT get the iPhone 4, for various reasons, the biggest being not wanting to switch to AT&T. Instead I got... the DROID INCREDIBLE. And, you know, it is pretty incredible! I'm still learning how to use it, but I'm discovering new features every day, and overcoming frustrations, and pretttty much I love it. I also got this fucking sweet case for it, all red and black and sexay. His name is Bastian, of course! :D

So YAY for finally joining the 21st century, lolol. If anyone has the Incredible or Android in general and has any tips/warnings/apps I should download, please do speak up!

Still completely obsessed with fußball, nothing's changed there! Bayern has been frustrating but I still love them to pieces. The scoreless draw with Werder last week was beyond annoying - we should have played so much better than that. Lucky to come away with a draw, honestly. Then the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE started!!! I have a fantasy team in a league run by friends, and I was so excited to get the ball rolling. I took a couple serious knocks to my fantasy team - found out Drogba is suspended so had to transfer him, and then Berbatov wasn't even on the BENCH for ManUtd (a massive mistake, as they ended up 0-0 against the RANGERS, thanks a lot FERGUSON) but my defense did beautifully (thank you Bayern and Real bbs!) and all in all it was such a fun time to follow all the games on my beyootiful new phone! :D Bayern looked so much better against Roma, at least in the second half, and finally, on an exquisite, jaw dropping goal by our very own Thomas Müller, we broke through and ended with a deserved 2-0 victory. Yay Bayern! \o/ TOMORROW we play against KÖLN, aka Lukas Podolski's team. I hope it won't be super frustrating with Köln just sitting back on their heels. I hope instead it will be exciting and goal-filled and Lukas and Basti will make out hug at some point. Hey, a girl can dream! :D

Tonight was the dedication of a brand new soccer stadium here at UMich, so my roomie and I went to the inaugural men's soccer game! (There was a women's game earlier, but we couldn't make it. We're disappointed because it was a 5-0 trouncing by our girls! Go Michigan!) The game was 0-0 but the experience was so worth it. It was weird being among undergrads and community members and kids and all kinds of different ages, not just grad students! Some undergrads seriously make me want to punch them in the face, but over all it was a really cool experience. Reasonably good energy from the crowd, team is pretty decent, and it was awesome to see soccer up close and personal after watching it on my laptop for these past months. We'll definitely be going back to more games - especially since it's free for students! Go Wolverines!

This weekend I plan to 1) watch soccer, 2) write my paper, and 3) go to the Renaissance Faire with my cousins! Yay!

How are you, my darlings? Have you recovered consciousness after the shock of new MCR amazingness???
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I just got yelled at by Brian Schechter! Now I know how Frank felt for all those years...

(He linked a picture of a magazine saying that Friday Night Lights is starting this week.)

Also, this happened.

And please note that Mark's happened 7 minutes AFTER Nick's. Wut. I have NO idea if it was orchestrated - I can't imagine why these two people would know each other, but hey, stranger things have happened. Like JANE ESPENSON AND CHEEKS (aka Brad, Glambert's ex-love-of-his-life) BEING BFFS. Seriously, they CHAT on Twitter and it is SO CUTE, I don't even know what to do with them.

Gahh. Twitter, thank you for existing. ♥
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Eeee, I can has a PUPPY! Thank you so much, [livejournal.com profile] oxoniensis!! It was my pleasure to be a ridiculous enabler, I'm only glad it worked. ;) ♥

It is Friday! This is Yay! I've had an... interesting week in lab. Science is going semi-okay, though it seems like I NEVER EVER get results that are consistent with each other. NEVER. IN THREE MONTHS. Ughhh what human cells I HATE you. I'm very very ready to be done with these stupid cells and moving on to working with JAAAASON YAY.

I got that group project turned in! THANK FUCK. We also have to give a presentation but it's not graded so what the fuck ever. That asshole did NONE WORK, and the final product had NONE of his work in it, but whatever, that's his problem! Me and the hot dude who did the other bulk of the work might talk to the prof about it, idk. WHATEVER IT'S DONE YAY.

I realized when I was buying my Dublin plane tickets that I had no idea where my passport is. /o\ I noticed when I moved into this apartment that I didn't appear to have it with me. Most likely it's buried in all the shit in my room at my dad's house. But he doesn't seem to be inclined to dig through it, so I just applied for another. Ah well, what's an extra $100 here and there? (Kind of true, for the first time in my life - YAY FOR HAVING A SALARY!) Especially because I'M GOING BACK TO DUBLIN YAY.

TELEVISION. I have thoughts!

Doctor Who - OH MY GOODNESS SO MUCH LOVE. Eleven is charming and delightful and zany and endearing and wide-eyed and sweet and lovely. I want to take him home and feed him fish and custard! And I watched the Confidential and Matt Smith is just a lovely, lovely guy. It's a shame he has such a profoundly bland name, but he is DARLING. He can stay. I enjoyed Amy as well, but for now I kind of preferred young Amy, haha. She has spunk though and the structure of her introduction gives them some really interesting character stuff to work with. I'm VERY excited for this season! :DD

Bones - >:( Big spoilers. )

Justified - I've only watched the first two episodes but I really like it! People (*cough[livejournal.com profile] rhombalcough*) have been flailing about this, largely because of Jacob Pitts, who's really mostly a minor character, but is also Hoosier in The Pacific, and obviously worth stalking, but what was I saying? Oh yes! Justified! I find it to be a really unique show so far, with its own flavor. I am not familiar with the Western genre at all, but apparently it is borrowing a lot of those tropes? Anyway, I love the mix of drama and wry humor it has, and how it feels just very grounded and human. I'll be very intrigued to see where it goes.

Southland - I've finally arrived! Geez, took me long enough, am I right? I've only made it through four episodes, but oh, Lydia. I love her. She's such a fierce voice in a world that only occasionally listens, but she never stops yelling. She's amazing. And so broken, personally. I just really love her and thought she carried the fourth episode amazingly, despite the lack of Cooper and Ben. :)

In other news, I'm PRETTY FOND of those Chemical Romantics! *chinhaaands* Today Mikey wished Gee happy birthday in the SWEETEST way on Twitter, ugh, he LOVES HIS BIG BRO SO MUUUCH. ♥____♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU GINORMOUS JERSEY DORK. ILU. NOW GIMME AN ALBUM. ;) The Nylon interview was also great. I love that he and Lyn-Z got all nervous about seeing each other again! THEN THEY GOT MARRIED! They are so MFEO, ugh. And these are REAL PEOPLE! Gives me just a little bit of hope. :) And Mikey talking about JERSEY SHORE! Ahahaha. "You try to explain Jersey and they don't believe you, but now - see?" Ohhhh WAYS.

For some reason my wrist is killing me, so Imma stop typing. Night loves. ♥
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I've been floating on a cloud of YAY I'M IN JASON'S LAB YAY YAY YAY! Unfortunately, my current reality isn't quite that awesome and consists of fucking up experiments and a really really shitty group project that I honestly don't know how well we're going to do on. Ugh. So thank god he said yes or else I would be an utter wreck right now. I'm just clinging to it - I'm IN JASON'S LAB! Officially! He even sent out an email today about new lab photos and I was on the email! :DDDDDD

Today has not been a decent Saturday of any kind. I woke up, ate breakfast, went to lab from 2 to 8 PM, ugh, came home, went to grocery store, and worked on aforementioned group project, in the process stressing myself out so badly that I chewed on my fingernails until they all ache and it actually hurts to type. WONDERFUL. Now it's 1:30 AM and I'm exhausted but trying to get through Doctor Who without falling asleep because OMG IT'S AMAAAZING!!!

Tomorrow should be nice though - brunch in Detroit with one branch of my family, then back to Ann Arbor for dinner with another branch! Good times and good food. :D

Although that means no time to work on STUPID PROJECT ARGH. The only good thing about this project is that the one other person in the group actually doing work is this insanely pretty guy. I mean, he would not be out of place on television for us to swoon over. The other day he came to class having not shaved and he had the most exquisite stubble, like Ron Liv's 5 o'clock shadow, and I was captivated. It was kind of a problem. He also has these super blue eyes with long black lashes and a smile to die for... unf. Unfortunately, he's kind of not really my type at all, being from Connecticut and you can TELL. Like, he should be a lawyer with the way he talks sometimes. Gah, I don't know. He sure is purty to look at. And we commiserate about how awful our group is, so that's fun. :P

Random question: how do we feel about the new Youtube layout? Overall I feel it's quite functional, but why did they get rid of the starred rating system? Also, there's no way to tell how many comments there are on a video. They're strange changes that I don't quite get! Overall it does look more streamlined though.

I've been reading a lot of my old entries about just before Dublin and then during. That encompasses my slide into bandom, which is hilarious to watch - did you know at one point I genuinely, honestly thought Gerard and Brendon were gay? LOL. Oh, naive little self. I also thought Frank was the lead guitarist of MCR, gasp! Sacrilege. And it's weird to read myself squealing about Ryan when I really don't like him anymore. Anyway, the beginning of Dublin stuff is even more interesting, to see how different I was. It's very pronounced, actually. Which I knew, but it's awesome to have LJ as a concrete record of that. I hope I keep my LJ archives for my whole life, it's such a potent piece of personal history.

And I need some advice - does anyone have any ideas on the best way to get from either NYC or Philly to Cleveland without a car? I've checked plane, bus, and train, and everything either has wacky layovers (ATLANTA?!) or detours or just takes bloody forever, and it just seems so STUPID. Fucking American public transportation. Or the lack thereof. So any thoughts as to ways I could work that out so it isn't soul-crushingly horrible?

Finally, in Twitter Continues To Be Awesome, Brian Schechter responded to my Twitter-stalking for once. And I just - ahahaha, what.

Love him! He's such a dork. I totally get why he and the MCR boys got along like gangbusters. ♥

Augh so tired. Happy Easter, to all who celebrate! I hope you have lovely days.
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On the other hand... you know, I appreciate our boys' constant need to reinvent themselves, and stay on top of their game, but shit, can't they keep us a bit more in the loop in terms of actually witnessing the evolution? I'm sure what they wrote before isn't *bad* - they were so excited about it! I was so excited about it! All the magazines were so excited about it! If we don't get to hear those thrashy quick Gerard-penned bits after all, I'm going to cry. BLACK DRAGON FIGHTING SOCIETY, YOU GUYS.

On the other other hand, Frank taking photos is SO cute, omg. &Fraaaank; I love that they're selling them, but only 200 of each? There's no *way* I'm going to know about one quick enough to buy it. Le sigh! But I love the idea, and I love that FRANK has become MCR's Tom Conrad, hahahaha. <333

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YES!!!1!11! I ran into GERARD WAY and LYNZ WAY on the street in Dublin! This story seriously never gets old. (Apologies to everyone who's heard it before - which is most of you!) I had just FLOWN to London to see both of their bands play, had the best night of my life watching that, and then I was back in Dublin, walking back to my apartment a couple days later, and BAM, there they were! I crossed a street WITHOUT LOOKING to get to them (seriously, my brain was not functioning!) and said "Excuse me, Gerard Way?" He turned around and said "Yes?" and I said "Hi, I was at your show in London last night!" and he said "Rock on!" and held his hand out to shake mine. LSDKJFSLKDJF GERARDDD YOUR FACE. There followed an at least 5-minute conversation (things are blurry!) in which they noticed I was American and I bonded with LynZ over being from Connecticut. They also asked about things a tourist could do because they were wondering where they should go (!!!!), so I rambled at them forever about Grafton and O'Connell streets. IT WAS AMAZING and still makes me happy to talk about/think about. Sometimes when things are rough, I tell myself, "Self, YOU MET GERARD WAY. Everything is fine!"

Ahem. So, basically, the number one person on my Want To Meet list, and I got 5 minutes of his undivided attention, WITH his lovely wife! Ahhhhhh. I feel like life used up its good karma giving me that one, haha. But I am fine with that! :D
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I suppose this meme has a title, maybe 30 Days of Meme, but idk what it actually is. Regardless, you've all seen this around, yadda yadda bandwagon jumping whatever. :)

Day 01 → Your favorite song
Day 02 → Your favorite movie
Day 03 → Your favorite television program
Day 04 → Your favorite book
Day 05 → Your favorite quote
Day 06 → Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 07 → A photo that makes you happy
Day 08 → A photo that makes you angry/sad
Day 09 → A photo you took
Day 10 → A photo of you taken over ten years ago
Day 11 → A photo of you taken recently
Day 12 → Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 13 → A fictional book
Day 14 → A non-fictional book
Day 15 → A fanfic
Day 16 → A song that makes you cry (or nearly)
Day 17 → An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)
Day 18 → Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 19 → A talent of yours
Day 20 → A hobby of yours
Day 21 → A recipe
Day 22 → A website
Day 23 → A YouTube video
Day 24 → Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 25 → Your day, in great detail
Day 26 → Your week, in great detail
Day 27 → This month, in great detail
Day 28 → This year, in great detail
Day 29 → Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30 → Whatever tickles your fancy

Hmm. Favorite song. I think... I think I'm going to have to go with Extraordinary by Mandy Moore. There's something about the quiet assertion of pride and hope and joy in this song that really speaks to me. The instrumentation is light and spirited and layered and has something new to discover on every listen, while Mandy's voice is slightly throaty and elegant and mature. The lyrics are whimsical yet comprehensible, and I can really relate to the sense of loneliness that one consciously transmutes into confidence. I have the chorus as a ringtone on my phone, and whenever I know I'm going to need a little encouragement to get out of bed, I set it to sing "And now I'm ready to be extraordinary." It works wonders. ♥

That represents one kind of music I like (understated and uplifted by a beautiful vocal performance, usually female, that I can sing to), so to represent my other great love (crunchy thrashy guitar-driven rock'n'roll) my other favorite song is Thank You For the Venom by My Chemical Romance. I'm sure you're all shocked. To be honest, I would really put the entirety of Three Cheers here, but it asked for songs! Venom is just this incredible piece of high-energy shred-your-face-off rock that I could never, ever tire of. (According to Last.FM, I've listened to it 202 times - the only song to break 200 other than MCR's Desolation Row, hee. And 9 of my top 15 tracks EVER are from Three Cheers; 14 are MCR. Obsessed? Me? Nah.) It has this incredible riff and solo (Toro <33333) and from the first measure it picks you up and never puts you down until the last note, at which point you're disheveled and slightly debauched. I also love the message of defiance and the rejection of the culture of "emo" which they find damaging ("give me a better cause to lead"). It's just a dirty, in your face piece of rock and roll, and I love it beyond all reason!

And good night. ♥
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If you're a Buffy fan, I highly recommend you follow [livejournal.com profile] dailybtvs. The comm runner is currently on a S2 kick and it's just a marvelous burst of nostalgia every day. They were so YOUNG and DARLING. <3333

I've got the songs from last night's Glee, if anyone wants them! (Well, the ones I wanted to purchase - aka, not Finn's songs, sorry). I'm a little bummed that the show didn't exploit the concept a little more (say, by having Puck and Mercedes sing together, UM DEAD BY AWESOME UNFFF) but there's lots of Lea and Matthew showing off their pipes. There's also the last song from Wheels in there.


I popped by the Fox website for Glee by accident (trying to get to the IMDB page) and I spotted a blurb on the side that said "Lea, Cory, and Mercedes talk about Glee..." and I was like UM WHAT?! DO YOU MEAN AMBER????? JFC! Metric fuckton of fail there, Fox! *facepalm*

I hear there's a show about, idk, demon hunting on tonight, or something? (I'M SO EXCITED!!!!)

I've been slowly working my way through Freaks & Geeks, and I saw the episode Looks and Books last night. IT WAS SO GOOD!!! Probably my favorite one so far. I love the crises of confidence that both Lindsay and Sam go through, and I love their mini-journeys to find who they really should be - which is exactly who they were at the beginning of the episode, just confident and content with it. Lindsay's reunion with the burnouts was so sweet. While Nick is an adorable bumbler and I heart him, I think Daniel is my favorite - he just has these moments of exquisite vulnerability, and you can really see the genius of James Franco percolating within that rebellious, devil-may-care exterior. He's amazing.

I really like Kris Allen's album! It's charming, easy listening, and I'm fond. But I CAN'T WAIT to have my hands on Adam's album so I can listen to it over and over. IT'S SO SPARKLY. I AM DAZZLED.

But do you know what I'm REALLY stoked for?! THOSE CHEMICAL ROMANTICS! OMGGGGG. The AP cover is hilarious - they all look like they've got Merlin eyes, or something, it's super creepy. But THEY'RE ON A MAGAZINE COVER! OUR BOYS ARE BAAAAAACK! *flails and wriggles* Yaaaaaaay. :DDDD
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I don't even know what to DOOOO with them omg. ♥______♥

I am so unspeakably pumped for this album. It's going to replace EVERYTHING ELSE on my listening rotation, I CAN TELL. A bouncy romp about assholes who throw bottles of piss at Reading! WITH "ALL-GIRL GANG VOCALS" WHAT. PLEASE tell me that's Lyn-Z and Alicia and Jamia etc. SO MUCH WIN. And and "a thumping great ode" and "a glorious runaway teen riot" and a song called TRANS AM and a song called SAVE YOURSELF, I'LL HOLD THEM BACK and if that's not about the zombiepocalypse, I'll eat my hat.

They're so earnest still but in totally different ways now. OH, IT'S FILTHY IS IT, MR. WAY? WELL I AM TOTALLY DOWN WITH THAT.

How much do I love that the front photo is Gee with an inset of Mikey? SIGH WAYS.

My overinvestment in this band is a liiittle ridiculous. When this album arrives I will lock myself in my room, bury myself in my massive headphones, and just float on the awesome. I CAN'T WAIT.

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Some variation of the plague has caught me. Woe. :( Just in time for two tests and a concert, yaye! >:(

I just... wanted to share my misery. idk. It's not the flu, I don't have a fever and I'm still quite functional. But my head feels swollen and gross and my throat hurts persistently and it all just sucks. It would suck less if I could curl up under my new comforter and watch Buffy while drinking tea, but I feel constantly compelled to study, since I have TWO TESTS in the next three days. WHAT. Hate. :(

Castle was win and love and awesome, AS USUAL. Maybe not the most hilarious, but always compelling. I love the whole team soooo much. Only complaint: needs moar Ryan&Esposito bein boyfriends. ♥

I made my first microarray today! And it didn't look all that great. But it didn't fail completely either, so I'm going to change some steps and weeee'll see!

I get to have lunch with Dave tomorrow! Now that the air is cleared between us, I am missing him all the time again. Need moar snuggles. Snuggles might be limited what with me having the plague though. :(

Today in fandom, RAY TORO WAS ADORABLE OMG. The song titles! The sheer glee! They are SO IN LOVE with this record, and I CAN'T WAIT TO BE IN LOVE WITH IT TOO. Eeeee! *GIMMEHANDS*

This is a totally pointless post. I will leave you with this, because it left my head pounding after I dared to laugh at it.

Why are the misspellings STILL HILARIOUS?!? Ahahahaha.
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His face, you guys. HIS FACE. All shaved and adorable and brow-scrunchy. Complete with farting earth. What a wonderful thing to wake up to. :D

Good morning flist! It is grey and dreary outside, but never fear! It is to be a good day. ♥
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The current soundtrack of my life: Morningwood's Morningwood, Cobra Starship's Hot Mess, The Used's Artwork, and My Chemical Romance's Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.

One of these things is not like the others! I got the first three albums less than two months ago; I got Three Cheers two years ago. And yet! I never skip a Three Cheers track when it comes up. I still smile like an idiot and dance in my seat (or my lab) when Venom revs up. Or Prison. Or Give Em Hell. Or Deathwish, Helena, Hang Em, Not Okay. ANY OF THEM. This playlist makes every day sparkly, but that album is in my blood. It's really quite astonishing.

I think I might actually pass out when the new album arrives. *GRABBYHANDS*

I've been thinking a lot about buying a car. I've been reading reviews of the Camaro. They're largely raves, but the impression I'm left with is that it's very much a plaything, and the opposite of practical. The backseat is barely functional; the trunk can't even fit golf clubs. It's got a blind spot the size of Texas, and a windshield the size of a mail slot. All the reviews handwave this in favor of the throaty powerful V6 on the base model, the tight handling, the perfectly smooth rear suspension, and of COURSE the gorgeous styling. And while I think all of that would be fun as hell, I also would like to be able to see out of my car when I drive it! I'm considering as an option the 2010 Mustang. I've always considered the Mustang to be a more boring entry in the muscle class, but the newest model does have undeniably retro and somewhat sleek styling, and it's much more practical while still fun to drive. Also still cheap! Well, ish. I'd probably have to spring for the GT (V8) because by all accounts the V6 is pathetic. (Which is one of the best things about the Camaro, the great V6 - damn your hyper sexy and impractical styling!) So, not THAT cheap. And... it really is a lot more boring looking than the Camaro, which I currently have as my desktop in shiny midnight blue. WANT! :(

SIGH I DON'T KNOW. This is frustrating. Why does the perfect sexy and fun yet affordable, practical and safe American car not exist?!? :( I know I want a fun car, and I know I'm sick of my station wagon (though the fuel efficiency is pretty great...), but it's just kind of frustrating. Rar.

Maybe I'll wait and see what the 2011 Charger and Camaro bring... or consider getting a used foreign car, like the Nissan 370Z. Or the Mazda RX-8, Dom's sexy ride in the first FATF.

Sorry, wow. Car ramble! 95% of you have scrolled on. Sorry! I fail at being a girl. Ha.

I got actual RESULTS in the lab today!!!! Like, I found out something no one knew before! Isn't that exciting?! I'll get more results this week and then I'll actually have something to present in my talk at the end of the month! Yaye!

I'm going to put this post out of it's misery! Tomorrow will hopefully be fun, despite the forecast rain rain and more rain. I'm going out to lunch with a few girls I've met here, just as a fun way to break up the day on my bday, and maybe dinner with my family. Hopefully it'll be nice! I hope you all have a good Tuesday. ♥
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I survived Cedar Point! And all I got was this lousy sunburn. :)

It was tons of fun! Incredibly hot and sweaty and tiring, but super fun. We hit almost every coaster, except the dinky ones and one insane one and one that was closed, and we hit the best one (Raptor) twice. That was right by the entrance, so we walked in and got right in line - for an hour. In 90 degree humid sunshine. Yum! It was an awesome ride though, and we revisited it at 9 PM when we were on our way out, waited about 15 minutes and had a blast. What a great way to cap the experience. But I am almost dead with exhaustion. Left the house at 8:45 AM, returned at midnight. I barely had energy to take a shower, but it was so, so necessary. *YAAAAAWN* I really liked the group that I went with though, so that made the day really wonderful.

Now of course I skimmed a bit of my flist, because it is an addiction, and I must say that pictures like this make the world go round. SIIIIIIIIIIIGH. &WAYS;

I turn 22 in about exactly 24 hours! :) There's actually a list online of all the free things you can get in Ann Arbor for your bday - you better believe I'm hitting those up!

Now, Advil and SLEEP.
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Before I go to bed, I MUST SHARE THIS. You should definitely go to Youtube and watch it in HQ, because it's GREAT quality.

AHHHHHHH. Desolation Row filmed from RIGHT IN FRONT OF FRANK!!! Frank is just as insane as he always was, omg. His little scrunchy yelling/singing face! And his fingers on a guitar basically give me a musicgasm, jesus fuck. O____O I also love how because the camera is right in front of Frank's speakers, it basically sounds like an instrumental version with the rhythm guitar turned way up. I KIND OF LOVE IT.

Eeeeeeeeeeeee THEM. ♥____♥


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