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Just for the record, this is what has stolen me away for the past month:

Those are my beautiful Mainz boys, Lewis and André, who are talented and tiny and perfect and the hugest BFFs. *sighs and chinhands* (Lewis is the one that's allergic to clothes <333) Sadly they're BOTH leaving my team next year, and they're not even going to the same place, so that's a little bit heartbreaking. But I love them, and I love them for bringing such a perfect year to my team, and I will continue to love them wherever their paths may take them.

I just wanted to share their cute little bromance with you. You're welcome. :D

Life is mildly crazy right now. I went from being only in charge of my own self to being responsible for training two new students in the lab! *flails hands* The high schooler is doing great - I've had her a couple weeks and she's really caught on fast, she's a sharp cookie. She also just graduated so technically not a high schooler, but still never worked in a lab! I'm very impressed. The other one is weirdly more tough; even though he's an MD-PhD student who knows his shit, I'm teaching him something he's never done and I've only done two YEARS ago, so we're kind of the blind leading the blind, oops. Also my boss isn't around right now and it's tough to figure out exactly what he wants when he's not, you know, here. So that's an adventure. Luckily he's a good humored dude with a sharp tongue and we spend half our time cracking up, so I think we'll at least have fun while we're mucking about.

Josh came over last night (Sunday) even though he had had a long tiring weekend with his family - I told him he didn't have to and he told me not to be silly. :3 We just cuddled and watched Serenity (his first time!!!) and it was amazing. \o/ That movie still makes me gasp and cry, it is my favorite in the whole wide 'verse. He really enjoyed it too, I am happy to report. :D Even though I sent him home at a reasonable hour I didn't get much sleep and was basically a zombie today, oops, and since he's a princess who needs 8 hours of beauty sleep he probably was worse off. But you know what? 100% worth it. And I may or may not be seeing him again tomorrow. (Can't stay away, omg.)

As for the OTHER man in my life - my daddy, hee - we just made plans to go out for a daddy-daughter dinner on Thursday! \o/ I'm treating him for Father's Day of course, and since it's Restaurant Week I get to REALLY treat him, yay. I don't know if I ever mentioned it here but my dad moved here last fall to live with his brother (lost job, lost house... yet he's happier than he's been in a long time) and it's amazing to have him around all the time. I love my daddy ever so!

Err that's it! Just trying to get back into this regular posting nonsense. And also trying to get back into the rhythm of flist reading! It feels really good to dip my toes back into your lives again! I'm really looking forward to rejoining this community, as much as I can. ♥
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So busy busy times, but the weekend went on to be just as delightful for the rest of it! Greta and Gold Motel were truly truly delightful, and I had such an amazing time with the Chicago crowd. I'll maybe post a recap and some pictures and videos, but since it's Christmas and there's a lot of family stuff going on, well. Who knows when I'll have time! I've been spending most of my free time rewatching Band of Brothers in Crazy Hi Def and flailsqueaking over Nixters and Speirs and Lip and Doc Roe and Buck and um. I love them a little bit, okay?

My dad and brother and sister arrived from Connecticut yesterday, yaaaay. :D We all hung out at my uncle's last night, which was lots of fun, then my sister spent the night with me at my place and we watched (500) Days of Summer. Now we're chilling out and planning on going for brunch and shopping, woo, girls' day! Last night my brother expressed an interest in staying with me for a night so we could "catch up", and this was my face: o.O Maybe he's actually growing up? Wacky. (He's a freshman in college.)

Happy Christmas Eve, all! I hope you are having lovely days with family and food and suchlike. <33

Goin' my way?
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Hi flist! Hi!

I am so ridiculously behind on LJ, because it has been one nonstop weekend! My dad and my sis were here the whole time so I've been doing this and that with them, and basically had no time to keep up with the internets. In the short bits I've caught, I've seen 1) SPN fangirls being crazy, 2) Misha being a darling dork who slashes J2 FOR us, and 3) Gerard being really beautiful in a totally random JPop video. What else have I missed?

Quick recap! On Saturday morning we had the Intercollegiate Student Chemists Conference here at my college, and I gave a presentation in the biochemistry division. It was actually sort of a competition, and I ended up winning first place in my division! Against only 6 other people, but still, that was pretty awesome. :) Then I had a looong dress rehearsal for choir. After that, it was in the 70s and sunny (!) so me and my dad and sis wanted to enjoy the sun. We spotted a baseball game going on near my school, and found that it was my college's baseball and softball teams playing games right next to each other! So we hung out for a few hours in the sun and it was really lovely. The girls were losing 2-0, but then they had an amazing inning in which they scored 6 runs and my friend Jess hit a home run! It was so great and a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Then we went to dinner at a local creperie and UNF UNF it was soooooo delicious. Peach mango strawberry smoothie and chicken caesar crepe and brown sugar/butter crepe, om nom nommm.

Then today, I sang in my choir's big semester performance, and it was kind of a big deal: The choir invasion! )

It was a really amazing experience, and a great note to finish my time with the choir. We have *the* most incredible director - he seems to live and breathe music, and the way he coaxes it out of us is so beautiful. And he's just a really sweet, caring guy. It's been a blast singing with him for the past four years. It's definitely something I'm going to miss about college!

While I'm sharing photos, I thought I'd post some really gorgeous ones I've had sitting about for a while. These are mostly from my flight back from San Francisco. It was a beautiful, sunny, clear day, so I had the most beautiful views of the Rockies and a lot of lush grassland. There are also a few pictures from around campus on the beautiful days we've had recently. I hope you like them!

The beauty of spring )

Well that's it for now! I should do some laundry and try to get caught up on LJ. Mostly I want to read SPN fic (I know right?!) and/or watch old SPN eps and/or old FNL. I'm on a nostalgia kick.

Which! Speaking of! Me and my sister watched Hunted, Playthings, and Nightshifter this weekend. ♥____♥ Season two, you are forever first in my heart!! "We're not workin for the mandroid!!" <333333
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Note: I have not yet watched the Atlantis finale. It's downloading right now, so no spoilers please!

I am rather unsettled because I nearly got in an accident today :( It's snowing a LOT, and I was on the highway going literally 20 MPH and trying not to so much as blink. This guy moves over in front of me and I'm forced to use my brakes, and my whole car skids sideways. WTF. I had to wrestle with the wheel to correct it, and I did, but it was terrifying. My car was literally turned totally perpendicular to the road. I was really lucky because if someone was next to me, I would totally have hit them, and if the other drivers were going at any speed at all it would have been bad. But I was okay. I called my dad and immediately started sobbing (I had managed not to cry yet) but he talked me down and gave me some pointers. I drove the rest of the way without taking a breath, it felt like. But I got home in one piece, thankfully. I am still a little shaken.

I feel like an idiot, because the reason I was on the road was to go pick up my fixed laptop. I was at my Mom's house and about to take my siblings to my Dad's for the week, but I got a call just then from Apple saying it was ready, and the Apple store's a lot closer to my mom's than my dad's, and let's face it, I wanted my computer back. The snow was still really light, and I thought I'd get back with no problem. But I95 was HORRIBLE, right at the time I was driving on it, so that was a pretty shitty plan :( Oops. My dad had to come pick us up because I simply could not drive any more. And it's still snowing, supposed to keep going all through the night.

On the bright side, I have my laptop back! It looks like a brand new computer - they replaced the top casing, the hinges, and the whole keyboard and surface. It's beautiful and the screen actually stays up and I love it \o/

I didn't see Atlantis last night because I was out seeing Milk with my mom. Wow. What a powerful movie. I cried in the car all the way home, and couldn't stop thinking about it. All of the performances are just wonderful. I think my favorite was Emile Hirsch, actually - he was so darling. The story is so potent and necessary for this moment in time. I hope that it will have an impact, because it's really painful to watch a movie about all the struggles that have already been fought, the victories won, only to realize that they were but temporary and we are sliding back into the gulf. I anxiously await the day when Christian/Mormon fundamentalism's star wanes, when we get to stop listening to this hate disguised as religion tripe. It will be a battle, but I know we can do it.

Aaaanyway. Yesterday I went back to my high school for the first time in a long time, and got to see all of my teachers. It was just wonderful. I talked to practically everyone. It's always a great ego boost to go back there, haha. This time Dr. Melmed (who is this huge chemist who decided to teach high school - I wish I had appreciated him more while I had him) told me that he and Mr. Galanopoulos, who taught me when I was 14 (!), had been talking and both of them chose me as a student who had affected their lives the most. I mean, what do you say to that??? And every time I go back I hear something like that. It's really sweet. I love those people.

P.S. All Merlin fans need to read [livejournal.com profile] astolat's Onfindan. It's glorious and beautiful and epic and moving. Arthur and Merlin's first steps toward King Arthur and his trusted advisor Merlin. Really something else!
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Wow, I am just bowled over by the birthday wishes! Thanks everyone!!

I treated myself to a bottle of Bushmills Irish whiskey (rather anticlimactic - for one thing, I've bought alcohol approximately a bazillion times, and for another SHE DIDN'T CARD ME) and I'm now drinking it on the rocks. Oh GOD it's good. All smooth and rich with just a bit of burn and mmmmmmmmmmm. Yeah, I'm a whiskey girl.

I wanted a six pack of Corona, but apparently in PA liquor stores can only sell wine and spirits? Beer is sold elsewhere! I was most miffed. I'm going to have to hunt down a good beer store because homg I miss beer like CRAZY. There was Guinness on tap at the Empires show but I couldn't have any ;_;

My current state of intoxication (which is pleasantly fuzzy and will only degenerate) means that I won't finish teh Empires post tonight. Sorry! In short - LOVE. But you will get long tomorrow. I promise.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm Bushmills.

Oh yeah and I talked to my daddy for like an HOUR. Do you know how much I love my Daddy? THIIIIIIS MUCH. I asked him if he still had a copy of the song he wrote for me when I was born, and he sang me some of the melody! "She's a miiiiracle girl!" UGH DADDY. He's my favorite, you guys.

I just watched the S1 episode of Battlestar Galactica, Flesh and Blood, where Kara interrogates Leoben. Starbuck + Callum Keith Rennie = HOMG. I was vibrating. He's so fucking GOOD and so fucking hot and nnrrrgh. And now I'm going to watch more Due South and he's going to be a cynical sarcastic ridiculous cop and i'm gonna laugh and laugh.

TOM CONRAD. The end. Yes I took that picture.

ETA: OH YEAH. I just found out that We The Kings is playing in my town NEXT WEDNESDAY! :O I went to the website for my local venue and THERE THEY WERE! $10 for a walking-distance show! Sweeeeet. I'm now giving their album a listen and they're funnn! YAY MUSICS.
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*squeaky noises* Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are doing another movie together!!! I ACTUALLY just made squeaky noises because HOMG, you know? *flaps hands* Titanic was the first thing that I ever remember my fannish personality emerging for. Ugh, my heart will go on and on for Jack and Rose. I still cry when I watch it, stfu. They're gonna be in a movie called Revolutionary Road, which EW.com describes as "a decidedly unsentimental portrait of a marriage." Mmmmm, juicy! They're both so ridiculously talented, I can't waaaait.

Other movies I MUST see: Burn After Reading (the new Coen brothers film with BRAD AND GEORGE homg), Rachel Getting Married (whispers about Anne Hathaway heading for Oscardom? I am so there!), and of course the new Bond and Harry Potter. Yay movies!

Today in a short list of bulletpoints, because saying "in other news" gets tiresome fast:
  • We have water in our hallway, AGAIN. The carpet is soaked halfway across, and it looks like it's coming from our neighbors again. Last time their toilet flooded. And they're not home to ask. Blah, here come the carpet cleaners with their hoses and the large fan they leave here for a few days >.<
  • My chemistry went pretty well!
  • I talked to my daddy on the phone. Always lovely, except today he revealed that he has a cancerous growth on his forehead O.O I swear I felt my heart plummet into my stomach, or something. It was not pleasant. But apparently the doctor wasn't alarmed, and he's just going to have minor surgery to have it removed. His mother had the same thing and she was fine. Still, not the most wonderful of news D: Daaaaddy.
  • I am about to make an awesome dinner for myself. Om nom.

The end.

ETA: HOW DID I NOT KNOW THE USED HAD AN ENTIRE ALBUM OF B-SIDES???? Asdlksdjlfsd must. own. NOW. Does anyone have it?? I might actually resort to buying it! :O THANKS [livejournal.com profile] clayeer!!! *ROCKS OUT NOMG*
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Monday mornings aren't supposed to be unexpectedly nice, but I'm not going to complain! This morning, I was sitting at my computer in the lab, back to the door, and suddenly someone's hand landed on my head and kind of rubbed my hair a little bit. I started, assumed it was my friend Ryan from downstairs, turned to say hi and did a hilarious double take, because it was DAVE!! Dave is my lab coworker from last summer, and it turns out he was just passing through for the afternoon and came into the lab to do some researching through our online resources. It was such a wonderful surprise!! He graduated so he's not around anymore, and I MISS him something fierce. Some of you might remember that I had a massive crush on him last year, and while I'm over it, he still makes me super happy just by being around. He teases me a lot and we're just super comfortable together. It was so lovely to just chat with him for a couple hours (I totally didn't do any work in that time.... oops!). I asked him about his new job as a lab tech at Dupont, which he got straight out of college, and he told me that he's making $56,000 a year, PLUS benefits. Holy crap!! On top of that, he was OVERqualified for the job. This is so encouraging for me, since I'm planning on getting a similar job right out of college to save up for grad school.

So that was a nice start to my week! \o/

Let's see, what else is goin down. I talked to my daddy for an hour on the phone today. I asked him if my tattoo could definitely be my bday present, and he said yes. I then went on to explain my tattoo philosophy to him (which is, ahem, stolen from Frank Iero, because it is that awesome - in short, it's that each tattoo represents who you were at some stage in your life, and if you give them enough consideration that they ARE true to who you are in that moment in time, you can never get tired of them because you don't (shouldn't) get tired of yourself). He seemed reassured and impressed that I give the whole thing so much thought. I think it still weirds him out a little that I'm getting tattoos, and talking about them like this is just the start. He said that he was actually surprised I was brave enough for the pain, and I laughed and said that Mom said that too. And he said that that's probably because I was such a WUSS when I was little, sobbing over the tiniest of boo boos, so he and my Mom both associate that with me still. Even though it's not really true at all anymore. I thought that was really sweet and cute. Somehow we got on the topic of how my daddy raised me and I got to tell him how much I love and appreciate him and his approach to my upbringing, which was very much to let me do what I wanted to do, while just giving me guidance by example in terms of ideals and morals. I am very grateful for my parents in that respect especially - I ALWAYS felt free to be exactly who I wanted to be.


Talking about The Incredible Hulk made me want to see it agaaaaain. Like, ASAP. Ungh so good. I'll just have to make do with Fight Club... my life, so hard!

Hay you guys, fangirls are awesome (or embarrassing? no, mostly awesome) and MADE DAVID HEWLETT SAY "I LOVE YOU TOO JOHN SHEPPARD." NO REALLY. Eeeeeeeeeee!


This weekend - WARPED! The weekend after - DC with all of my American girls from Dublin!!! ALL OF THEM! Emmy (Cary's sister) accidentally let slip that EMILY IS COMING TOO! So it's a complete reunion and I am SO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED I CAN'T EVEN. I knew that this would be perfect timing, because as predicted I am so over this America thing and sinking into a funk of need-Dublin-NOW, so seeing them will really help to stop that downward spiral. They UNDERSTAND my PAIN.

Well, this was a random post! I'm going to go be productive now.

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I made a Wordle of the latest page of my journal!

Dublin is, of course, the hugest, followed by Kate, Dara, and Niall, along with "boys" due to my tagging system. It's kind of hilarious how exactly that reflects my number one loves of the moment. I miss Dublin so much. Me and my girls (Kate, Emily, Cary, and Megan) from Dublin have set up a group blog called The Ex-Ex-Pats wherein we post about our lives so we can all keep up with each other and support each other through the process of withdrawal which only we truly understand. I love them all and I think it's a brilliant idea.

I had a really good day today. My dad is a teacher, so he gets a lot of presents from his (very well-off) students, and we took advantage of them today. He had 200 dollars worth of Borders gift certificates, so I got to go on a book shopping spree, whee! I bought the first two novels of Raymond Feist's series, which I've always wanted to read, an Ursula K Le Guin, a little book of Sudoku, a pretty journal, and an autobiography by Sean Wilsey, an author who visited my school a couple years ago. So exciting! :D Then after that we took his 100 dollar gift certificate to this AMAAAAAZING Chinese restaurant where I had the most fantastic meal. And the very kind waiter started out by asking me if I wanted wine :D I got a lovely Chinese beer and was most pleased.

I also got a haircut! It's bouncy and short and summery and I heart it to death.

Tomorrow I face the daunting task of going through all my stuff, and then driving down to Lancaster by myself! Yikes!
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Can we talk about how fucking adorable those Darlings at the Disco are? Because seriously. Zack Hall, please be my minder. ILU. And your infinite patience. Can we also talk about how watching Spencer Smith flail about on the floor trying to pretend he was swimming was the hottest thing ever, UNTIL five seconds later, when Brendon Urie did a standing backflip to Elton John? YEAH I DONT KNOW EITHER. <333333333 However, the Ladder vs. Windshield one is my FAVORITE, because, well, 1) ZACK. ILU. Solving the mystery! "We can tell CSI NOT to come. Unless they want to." 2) Zack hugging all of Hush Sound hello, UGH MY HEART! Darren is so miniscule next to him! And Greta is just engulfed! Daaaaarlings! 3) BRENDON URIE hugging all of the Hushies hello!!! The way he ruffles Chris's hair is THE MOST PRECIOUSEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN, OKAY. <3333333333333333 Heeeeee! And 4) GRETA. "We've just been shot at!" and Brendon, "FOR REAL??" Ahahahaha. Lovelovelovelove. The shenanigans those children must be getting up to on this tour! Moar backstage footage plz!

My sister got to go to the HCT show last night in Connecticut with my dad. She had SUCH a great time. It sounds like it was an awesome show. And my dad really enjoyed it! He said they're fantastic performers with a great sound, and he loves the three of our boys harmonizing, and yay. They were in the pit (i could have sworn there were no seating tickets on sale when I got the presale tickets! Is that because GA is considered better? I'm sure my dad would have appreciated sitting down >.<) and had a great view. I wish I could have been there with them! Ah well, it will happen at some point, me and my sis will totally become concert buddies (love you, Mere! <3) when Panic returns to the states and MCR stops rolling in their wedded bliss :P

Next let's talk about how EXCITED I am for the new X-Files movie. LKSDFLSDKJF. It's going to be amaaaaaazing, you guys. Mulder and Scully are 100% the original OTP of my heart, and I cannot express the glee it gives me to have new canon coming. YAY YAY YAY. The viral promo thingies are FANTASTIC (see them over at [livejournal.com profile] xfiles) but I can't seem to get the trailer to work for me! WANTS *grabbyhands*

I called my mommy to wish her Happy Mother's Day tonight. She was most pleased by the edible flower arrangement (read: shaped fruit, some of it chocolate covered, nom nom nom) that I sent over, so yay. We had a nice long chat, it's nice to have grown out of the at-war-with-mom teenage phase! (Unlike my rooommate, who cannot talk to her mom for 5 seconds without getting in a fight >.<) At the end she handed the phone to my brother and I ended up talking to him for half an hour. I forget how fond I am of him sometimes! He's 17 and clearly can be quite the pain in the ass, but as I've taken the stick out of my ass, and he's matured a bit, we're much more able to have real conversations. He's so funny and smart, when he's not an asshole we get along great. My mom told me the story about how he completely out of the blue won the position of vice president in his high school's student council, haha! He tied for second in the first round of voting, then they had to write speeches, and his speech was so awesome that he won! I'm not super surprised, because he's extremely eloquent, charismatic, and a great writer, but still, how cool. Now... he just has to pass junior year. Which is actually quite up in the air :-/ His teachers RAVE about how brilliant he is, how he leads class discussions and has the brightest mind, but... he doesn't do his work. Oh Pete. He's so frustrating, but such a great kid. I'm sure he'll come out on top eventually.

This is still on time in the states, so HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to all the lovely moms on my flist! Off the top of my head, [livejournal.com profile] keepaofthecheez, [livejournal.com profile] deirdre_c, [livejournal.com profile] adellyna, and I'm probably forgetting someone or not aware, but um. Yes! You are all lovely ladies and I admire you so much for what you do! I hope you all had fantastic days :)

That's all for now. The hardcore week of studying has begun, so while I'm probably getting my laptop back in the next couple days, I'm still going to be relatively MIA. Love you all! <3
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I'm listening to the forty minute thingy where MCR (minus Bob) talk about The Black Parade song by song, and I am just completely chin-in-hands, hearts in my eyes, head over heels in love with their genius. Good god.


I watched all the stuff that aired on Fuse yesterday, and OH. PANIC CHILDREN. I ADORE YOU SO. My favorite part of the making of NITA is Jon talking about Spencer's blue room with a silly British accent. And Ryan thoroughly enjoying being pampered in the hair and makeup trailer. They are all just so darling <3 Then the thingy about Pretty Odd is just marvelous. The cabin footage! I hope there's more where that came from on the DVD, because wow does some of it look cracked out. I love Jon and Spencer up on the roof, obviously, and Bden and Ryro wearing the same glasses, and Bden doing Folkin' Around (not my favorite song, but oh he looks good doing it), and Spencer being a bit of a wildman, and Ryan burning his guitar in a fit of rockstar pique, then being all shamefaced about it later, and baaaasically everything <333333

I hope you all had a very nice Easter. I spent it being kinda lazy, then going out for Chinese food with the daddy and sisterthing, then hitting up the sci fi room for some Guitar Hero (I found out you can buy The Used's Pretty Handsome Awkward for Guitar Hero III but didn't have the credits, WOE!) with my sister, then a crepe place for a nutella-and-pecan crepe for dessert. A nice, chilled out day, with absolutely no regard for the holiday except eating a nummy Cadbury egg. Whoops? :) I also exchanged texts with Niall for hours, that was so much fun. I miss all my girls and boys!
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I am back after my two day absence! You probably missed me HORRIBLY, didn't you? Crying in your tea, all of you. Well, now I am back, so you can cut that out! *beams*

...what's that? You didn't even notice I was gone? Something to do with some pretty odd music? And some pretty odd boys who made it? Well, I suppose I can forgive you ;)

I was busy seeing this:

Two days of rolling green hills, lots of sheeps and ponies, then suddenly looming crags of harsh limestone which plunged directly into a blue-green sea. All this with the sun beaming down, clouds flitting about and occasionally spitting on us a little (and, on one memorable occasion, delivering a 2 minute blast of driving rain and swirling flakes of snow, only to reveal the sun literally minutes later) and a biting cold wind. It was pretty fucking Irish, and it was wonderful. The sisterthing, Daddy and I found a gorgeous B&B directly on the coast just outside the little village of Ballyvaughn, owned and run by - wait for it - Annette and JOE FLANAGAN. (I can't tell you how much I giggled when my dad told me that. Someone write that AU, stat! :D) We basically drove around the wilds for two days, our only major touristy activity being going to Bunratty Castle, which was gorgeous. I seriously felt like I was in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. Our little rental car is positively coated with mud (tiny, TINY roads! meep) and basically it was one grand adventure. We had a wonderful time. I have over 300 pictures from that trip and our drive down into the Wicklow Mountains to see Glendalough Abbey, and I want to select some and make a picture post, but who knows if I'll actually do that. So here, have my favorite shot from Glendalough:

Precious babbling brook tumbling through the Irish countryside in a vast valley, with the ruins of Glendalough Abbey in the distance and a very strange mountain looming up to the left - it looked like the African savannah! So cool.

I'm rather in love with my beautiful little country. I'm so glad I really got to explore it before I leave. (I DUN WANNA GO! *sniff*)

Meanwhile, Panic at the Disco is daaaarling, Pretty. Odd. is growing on me (thank god), I still haven't gotten a shipping confirmation email from FBR for the Deluxe Edition (fuck you very much), and Torchwood is prettttty much made of win.

How are you my loves?
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So tonight I got all gussied up (who SAYS that? Apparently I do!) and went to see the DIT Symphonic Orchestra perform at the National Concert Hall, because Niall (yes, THE Niall) plays oboe in it! The performance was called A Night Of American Music, and they played a bunch of John Williams (Empire Strikes Back! Superman! it was AWESOME!), then whole sets from Porgy and Bess and West Side Story, complete with singers, and it was really cool because it was beautiful orchestral music but I also knew some of it, so I was kept entertained. I also may have watched Niall a bit more than was strictly necessary. He's so adorable you guys, what the hell. He even had at least two solo-ish moments, at least where his oboe was the most prominent instrument, and he was so good, I was so proud of him :D He seemed really pleased that Sinead and Louise and I came to see his show. And I met his parents afterwards! It was a really lovely night.

Random bits from the night: a senator of Ireland, David Norris, was sitting in the same row as us! He said excuse me to us as he went in to his seats, Sinead was very excited, haha. Apparently he is gay, vocally in favor of gay marriage, and just a lovely fun man. So that was nifty! \o/

Also, there was a piano soloist who was fucking talented but who was, hi, BRENDON. I mean. He looked about 18, and was a bit twitchy and spazzy. He had a red vest and bowtie on under his tux, and I think they had to hunt him down when it was time for his song because there was an awkwardly long pause beforehand, and he had long shaggy hair that got in his eyes, and he OWNED that piano. So yes. Because all things come back to bandom \o/

I'm really really really fond of Niall. If that wasn't clear.

Moving on!

[livejournal.com profile] crystal_lily!! I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!! Bweeeeee BOOSH! And RUSSELL! And a beautiful letter in your beautiful handwriting! YAYE! *twirls you* Thank you so much, sweetiepie! It totally made my day <33333

I paused in writing this post to call my dad, and, like, I know I say this all the time, but I love my dad so much. I had refrained from calling him for a while because he was super sick with the flu (he was in bed for TWELVE DAYS *boggles*) but he's finally feeling almost better so I wasn't as worried about tiring him out. And I swear I need my weekly doses of my daddy like I need oxygen, or sunshine. He just lifts my spirits, even if they don't need lifting. We talked about how even though I might be dreading leaving this place, it's pretty dumb to worry about losing something awesome WHILE I am experiencing said awesomeness. We also talked about what it will be like for me to go home, and how it will probably be different than I'm expecting, because *I* am so different. And I really, really am. When I went home in December, we spent Christmas dinner with my godparents, and my dad told me that they remarked to him, astonished, about how superconfident I had become. And I really hadn't thought about it in that way, but it's true - I am so much more sure of myself, more pleased and comfortable with who I am, and much more easy with interacting with people. It feels wonderful. We also talked about his upcoming visit (SQUEE! Two weeks!!!) and how ridiculously excited we both are, and all the amazing things we're going to do, and YOU GUYS I GET MY DADDY AND MY LITTLE SIS :D:D:D I get to show them my beautiful city, and my beautiful country, and basically have this experience none of us will forget. Yaaaaaay.

There are a bunch of other random things I could talk about, but I am exhausted and I think I have rambled on plenty. Goodnight, my lovelies! <3
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Hai, now for something completely different - moar tattoo talk! *beams*

Firstly, I'd like advice on the healing process - I've seen all KINDS of conflicting recommendations online. My place told me to keep the tattoo covered with a cling film (saran wrap) bandage for the first three days. Other instructions have said not to cover it at all. The cling film is obnoxious, so can I skip that? Advice plz!

Secondly, has Gerard drawn any of Frankie's tattoos???? This was just an idle dream of mine, but then [livejournal.com profile] sofiaviolet said she'd seen mention that he HAD, and now I want details! Does anyone know?? Halp! They're already killing me with the OTPness by being the sparrows on Frank's tummy, but Gee being the artist behind some of Frank's work would just killl me completely dead, bwee. I love them ridiculous amounts.

Thirdly, I called my daddy tonight, and I told him I got my tattoo. His reaction was basically "Oooh!" Do I even need to tell you that I love my dad anymore? Well, I don't care - I love my dad :D

Fourthly, some glorious LOTMS caps! Some involving tattoos, most just involving cuteness. I do have plans in the future for some large LOTMS spam, because there's so many random moments of adorableness that I've never seen caps floating around for, but it is almost 3 AM. Therefore this is not that night.

Instead, have half-nakie Frankie, bouncy Mikey, and clappy Bob and Ray, and snuggly MCR! )

SIGH SIGH. Goodnight <333
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My dad once played a show with his band at Maxwell's in Hoboken, the place where MCR had their super tiny awesome show earlier this year. Also, he said that he's been to pretty much every venue in north Jersey, i.e. everywhere the boys must have played in the early days.


(I'm such a spammer. Um. SORRY!)
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In one of the magazines I picked up at Borders, Gerard was asked to give five words to describe his bandmates. His answer was: passionate, fun, sweet, nerdy and talented. *sigh of love*

I drove through the birthplace of MCR today - Belleville, NJ. It's so... Jersey, completely typical of working-class Americana. It was a little surreal and a lot cool :)

I'm home! I made dinner with my daddy, and ate said delicious dinner, and am happy. Made the fam listen to MCR's live compilation from LOTMS in the car on the way home, and I think my dad really liked it. \o/

[livejournal.com profile] neverneverfic said something about last.fm that made me curious - when she made her account, it retroactively counted everything she'd played in her media player. I guess that's a new feature, because it didn't do that when I made my account. So to test that out, I started a new account and it was like, want us to count your history? And I was like, ooh, yes plz! The result is pretty nifty. On my old account, which has been counting plays since April, the top five looks like this:

MCR: 2,168
Panic!: 1,599
TAI...: 1,196
FOB: 1,086
Tom McRae: 603
TOTAL: 12,243

Now, on my brand new account, which includes all plays since last September, which is when I got this computer, the top five six look like this (including The Used, because I am amused that a band I downloaded two weeks ago is number six on my year+ list):

MCR: 3,243
FOB: 2,299
Panic!: 1,798
TAI...: 1,519
Bush: 874
The Used: 763
TOTAL: 29,092

Crazy! Apparently I listened to MCR a thousand times between December 06 (when I got TBP) and April! And I knew FOB was disastrously underrepresented. Oh, this also takes into account all my iPod plays, which last.fm often fails to scrobble. Last.fm is addictive, you guys. ♥

In other news, have Gee introducing the lead singer of The Bled - Frank takes off the guy's shirt for him, and then the guy hugs Gerard and kisses him on the cheek. !!!! *fans self*

OH HAI Panic! website was just updated!!! 01:01:08!!!!!
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So I mentioned to my dad on the phone that I was kind of dreading Christmas break, because it's gonna be about 2-3 weeks with nothing to do. I know myself, I'll go stir crazy. There's no one here that's all that important to me, no one that I'd want to spend this special time of year with.

So my dad immediately opened up Expedia and offered to fly me home for Christmas.

I think the fact that I started crying, and am having a hard time stopping, is probably a really really big sign that I should take him up on it.

It's not that expensive, not if I fly out pretty early, like a week before Christmas itself. Then I'd fly back the 26th, and fly to Cardiff the 27th to begin my trek across the UK.

He told me to think about it for a couple days, but I really don't think I can possibly say no. I miss my daddy.

I hadn't even allowed myself to consider this as a possibility, so I wasn't sad that I wasn't going home, merely resigned. That's because we had looked at flights much closer to Christmas, which are twice as expensive, and we just couldn't swing that. But now that it's a possibility I suddenly feel the need to be home with my family like an ache in my stomach, and hey I'm crying again.

Yeah. I'm going home for Christmas.
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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] foxxcub!! I hope you have an absolutely lovely birthday filled with lots of adorable band boys making out for your pleasure :D

Guys, I'M REALLY EXCITED. I'm making plans to go on a fun voyage across the UK during Christmas break!! I'm going to see [livejournal.com profile] the5thmarauder in Cardiff, [livejournal.com profile] immorallily and [livejournal.com profile] unamaga in Oxford, and [livejournal.com profile] theaeblackthorn in Brighton. YOU KNOW YOU'RE JEALOUS! *beams* I've already bought my first plane ticket, so it's really happening! Bwee! I spent last night working out planes and trains and whatnot, and the total price comes to only about 130 pounds, which is like 260 dollars, and I don't have to pay for accommodation since I have awesome friends, and hurrah! It's gonna be so much fun, eeee. I'm going from Thurs Dec 27th to Sun Jan 6th, getting back just in time for classes! Yaye.

Also last night, my daddy bought HIS plane tickets for him and my sister to come visit me in March! HURRAH! They're coming over ON St. Patrick's Day, which I didn't realize until he'd already booked the tickets, whoops. But he's coming in early morning, so it shouldn't be too bad yet, and he'll get a heck of an introduction to Dublin! *laughs* I'm a little worried about my sister (she's 13), but we can just hole her up in my apartment, and it might just be a bit too intense for all of us, so we could all hide if necessary, haha.

So. Yay for trips and visiting people and huzzah!

I've been listening to Pencey Prep (Frank Iero's old band) a bit lately, they're pretty fun. Mostly I think Frankie's voice is adorable, hee. I uploaded their stuff for [livejournal.com profile] pau494, so I'll pass it on! Pencey Prep. Enjoy!

I have a committee dinner with Sci Fi Soc in a couple hours, which should be fun. Plus, free food yaye, haha. I'm totally ordering a beer with dinner - how novel! :D
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Subtitle: I May Be Eating Ramen For The Next Seven Months, But At Least I'm Seeing (3/5)MCR Tomorrow!

So, I didn't find my garda card, but I went to get it replaced and I was told I'd have to get in the queue, which would take a good four hours or so (I had two hours) so I mildly panicked. I went to another window and I was like "CRISIS SITUATION!" and the very kind guy was like "Okay, go to window 12 and they'll look after you right away!" and then they printed it within 10 minutes and stole 100 Euro from me and in conclusion, I may be dangerously approaching Broke Student but I have a Garda card.


Then, the only thing that has gone TRULY right is that I received my new iPod in the mail today from my daddy! \o/ I wasn't even going to come home before i went to the airport, but I did and IT WAS THERE. It's beautiful and shiny and black and filled with all my bandom music plus a few other albums, and I am so happy, you guys.

Now, I'm so exhausted my head feels like it might explode (even though I got ~6.5 hours of sleep last night!) and I went on another crying jag this morning (to this guy in my European Societies class who's here as an adult student - he's about 40-45, gruff and sarcastic and kind and he just let me cry and calmed me down. I needed that so much) and I can't quite comprehend that I have about 5 hours of traveling ahead of me, but. I think things should work out.

I'm trying so hard not to think "Oh, now MCR's going to cancel!" or "I'm going to miss one of my train connections!" or "I'm going to lose something ELSE!" because I'll drive myself insane.

I want to say thank you to all of you who have put up with my disaster drama over the past few days and encouraged me and left kind comments. It really helps to know that there are people out there who sympathize and are thinking of me. I haven't answered all the comments for reasons that I hope are obvious, but I am very very thankful. And anyone who's listened to me freak out on AIM, well, you get a gold star. You guys rock. *hugs tight*

So I'll probably poke my head in and let you all know I'm alive at some point, but other than that it'll be radio silence from me for three days. Take care, my loves ♥
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Hahahahaha. Hahaha. Haha. I just spent $100 on My Chemical Romance tickets. Hahaha. This is me laughing so I don't cry.

Okay, let's ignore the money. Let's focus on the fact that they're THE BEST FUCKING SEATS IN THE HOUSE.

See that blue block near the bottom with the number "101"? See how it's right next to the stage? See how it's right next to Frankie's side of the stage?

YEAH. YEAH. IT'S LIKE THAT. THEY'LL BE RIGHT THERE. So close I could LICK them. OH MY GOD. I'M SO EXCITED I'M KIND OF VIBRATING. I'm almost more stressed about the expense and how my parents are going to react, but, I'm sure that will pass, and you know in a lifetime what's a hundred dollars (plus bus plus train plus plane, rinse and repeat, um.) compared to the memory of this experience? The next time I get the chance to see My Chem will most likely be a couple years from now, and the chances that I will still be freakishly passionate about them? Um, zero. Right now, I listen to them on repeat 24/7 (or, well, I did when I had an iPod!) and now I get to see them in the flesh. They're gonna BLOW MY FACE OFF. Or rather, OUR FACES OFF, because I am going with the fantaaaastic [livejournal.com profile] erode and we're going to have THE BEST TIME EVER.

*rocks back and forth* I'm okay I'm okay I'm (not) okay. :D


(ETA: Fuck. Fucking fuck in a fuck fuck. So here I thought my plane ticket would be nice and cheap, on the order of 10 Euro round trip. I click through to checkout and...... there's 60 Euro worth of taxes.


WHAT THE FUCK. I'm trying really hard not to cry. And I can't back out now. Obviously. Um um um my parents are going to MURDER. ME.)

ETA2! I just talked to my daddy, because I knew he would talk me down. I thought he'd be more disappointed than he was, but he was mostly ruefully amused, and affectionate. He said that he had no room to talk, being quite the wild child back in his college days, and that he just asks for some subsequent frugality from me. In conclusion? MY DAD IS THE BEST EVER. And no you can't have him :D So I feel much much better and can start SQUEALING MY BRAINS OUT because HI HI MCR FRANKIE AND GEE AND MIKEYWAY AND RAY AND MAYBE BOB. AMAAAAAAAAZING. (You wanna know the best part about the conversation with my Daddy? HE'S AN MCR FAN. YUP. COOLEST DAD EVER. He absolutely loves Three Cheers, because Ray is a guitar GENIUS, so my dad was like "What side of the stage are you on? Are you on the guitarist's side?" and I was like HAHA DADDY ILU.)

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So it finally happened. I had the threatening nervous breakdown. I started sobbing and immediately had to call my dad. He was eventually able to talk me down, and by the end I was even laughing a bit, and oh wow I don't know what I would do without my dad, but. I don't feel much better because none of my problems/obligations went away by crying about them.

The straw that broke the Anne's back was the realization that my organic chemistry notes were in the bag that got stolen. Now, what's the big deal, you say? Well. That was an entire year's worth of blood sweat and tears distilled down into 30-odd beautiful, concise, informative pages that I was going to use incessantly for the entirety of the rest of my academic career. My own personal cliffnotes to organic chemistry, if you will. It took me hours upon hours upon ridiculous hours to compile that.

It's gone.

That loss is so much more personal than a phone, or a library book, or 40 Euro.

*deep breaths* I will live. I will live.

I did tell my dad about Colin. His reaction? "That's cool." HAHAHA I LOVE MY DAD. I had to like, poke him and ask if he wanted to interrogate me about the boy, and he was like "...um, no?" so I had to volunteer information! Heeee. Oh daddy. He said that he trusts my judgement of people and that he can't protect me against broken hearts, so there's no real reason for him to worry about me. Did I mention I love my dad? Because honestly. No really.

Another amusing part of the conversation was when he casually said that I didn't really have to buy a new cell phone, did I? And my reaction was ....O.O! WHAT?? Ahaha. On a college campus (especially one with ten times as many people as I'm used to) it's practically necessary to find people you want to find. Especially when I live off campus and can't just wander to peoples' (cough, Colin's) rooms. Silly, silly daddy. And what's even funnier is that the first time I told him about my bag getting stolen, one of his first reactions was "Oh, I'll work on buying you a new iPod right away!" *laughs* His priorities are so amusing! Music >>> social interaction, CLEARLY. *g* So yeah, as soon as the Apple Ireland store starts working again, I'm gonna be hookin myself up with another iPod \o/ Probably refurbished, but whatever, I WANTS.

So um. Lab reports got some work done on them but I ran into a bit of a brick wall on the really hard one. The other one is just tedious and annoying. I. Hate. Physical. Chemistry. Too bad it's my life for the next 9 months.
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