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I had a truly wonderful Thanksgiving. Drove with my dad and sis and uncle up to see our beloved cousins who all live in a tiny town an hour away. Our Thanksgivings are marvelously low key AND delicious, a wonderful combination IMO. Almost everyone is a wonderful cook and the food is simple yet scrumptious, while the company is even better. We stayed for hours drinking and chatting (and debating about ISIS and gun laws, though that wasn't terrible - we all come from the same place of compassion on all those issues, we just have somewhat different perspectives.) My amazing cousin Meg and I spent a while talking about books and audiobooks which was delightful. I convinced her she MUUUUUST read The Martian, as she enjoys 1) books and 2) science, so you know, SHE SHOULD READ THE MARTIAN. I can't wait for her reaction. She also showed us her new location for her incredible small business dyeing gorgeous yarn (Twisted Fiber Arts, look it up fiber people!). Unfortunately it wasn't a good reason for a new location - her last place was destroyed due to a fire in the restaurant next door, so it's been a rough restart. The new place is basically a huge metal shed.... that used to be a porn studio. YUP. But it's actually an awesome open space and they've really made it their own. She's so fuckin awesome. I hope to be half as awesome when I'm 40 something.

I ALSO SAW THE CAP 3 TRAILER AND I'M FREAKING OUT OKAY!!! FREAKING OUT!!!!!!Mild overall plot spoilers ahead, as well as general positive emotions. )

Ahem. So there's that. I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving too! <3
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Firstly, thank you everso to the lovely [livejournal.com profile] xsnarkasaurus for the adorable dragon on my profile! ♥

I had a most wunderbar weekend on a ski trip with my friends! It was preceded by a nutso week. I shall talk about them! (With a couple visual aids!)

My nutso and (sometimes) wunderbar life. )

This weekend was ALSO a fantastic weekend for my beloved football teams. Sadly I wasn't able to watch it live, but since I was off having so much fun that's okay. :) I got back from snowshoeing Saturday to find that Mainz had won 4-0!!! The noise I made when I saw that would have terrified dogs, haha. My beautiful Ádám scored for the first time since coming back from injury, AND it was against the same team he tore his ACL against more than a year ago! I'm so happy for him. Zidan scored his fourth goal in four games for us, bless his heart. My favorite teeny one, Nicolai, also nicked a goal, and EMCM finished poor Kaiserslautern off. It was our big derby too! Beyond pleased to see all my boys so happy. ♥♥

Also happy were my other boys in red and white, who won THEIR derby 5-2! That's right, Arsenal TROUNCED Sp*rs, and it was glorious. They went down 2-0, then came back to score 5 unanswered goals, including a truly glorious Robin van Perfect strike and FINALLY a Rosicky goal after which he looked so happy I got all teary. AND a Sagna header! AND a Walcott brace! Ahhhh! Take THAT, Gareth fucking Bale, with your stupid face and your stupid dives. The relief of the Arsenal boys was palpable, and the Emirates was just hopping (I managed to catch part of the second half on a skippy stream at the lodge). YAY!

Ádám and Mo are my darling derbysieger! <333

Lalala that's it for tonight!
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This was my weekend:

Friday - drove from Michigan to Connecticut with my sister. 13 hours. Lots of music and silly car games and trying not to fall asleep.

Saturday - Got my car emissions tested as required by Connecticut (where it is registered). Passed! Hung out with my daddy and sister. Hung out with my mom, step-dad, and brother. Fought with my brother, who is a selfish douchebag. I would rant about him but it's not really productive. Watched RockNRolla, Guy Ritchie's ridiculous film starring Gerard Butler but actually starring Tom Hardy in my heart. Unf. Also the guy who played Archie was amazing. But seriously, ridiculous film.

Sunday - DROVE BACK TO MICHIGAN. Yes. That was indeed 1500 miles (and $140 in gas and tolls) in three days. Holy moly. Drive went smoothly except for when I stopped for lunch I noticed one tire was very flat, so I checked it and found that it had only 10 pounds of pressure when it should have 30. o.O Um, scary! So I filled it and called my daddy, and he said that sometimes that happens - I had driven over a curb really hard accidentally yesterday, so sometimes that can just knock the tire loose and cause temporary pressure loss. I checked it again a few miles later, and then again later, and it was fine, so I guess that's all it was, phew! That was scary though. There were also a lot of assholes on the road, and my middle finger and horn got quite the workout. Oy. They should require a test to drive these things! ....oh wait. :P

So there goes another weekend down the drain. This summer has been SO hectic and all over the place. I seriously haven't felt like I've been in Ann Arbor for more than a week at a time, and my research is really suffering. I honestly feel terrible and wish it wasn't this way, but everything I've done has been unavoidable for one reason or another. And I'm not even done yet - I'm going to California in three weeks, Chicago the week after, then Chicago again in October. I'm also going to three concerts in the next two weeks. Why am I so childish and irresponsible? I feel like I totally don't have the dedication or focus I need to be a successful PhD student. It's not that I don't want to do my work - I really do. But I also haven't learned to say no to fun things that I can do now that I have the financial means, and a boss who is really way too lenient with me.

/self-loathing. Aaaanyway.

I have a music rec! The fabulous [livejournal.com profile] novembersmith gave me a rec in my last post that has really sunk its teeth into me, and I wanted to pass it on. It's this band called Spinnerette, which is the solo project of Brody Dalle, who used to be in punk band The Distillers. Her sound is grungey and fast and raunchy and SO AWESOME. It was great driving music. Check it out!

OH AND TODAY WAS BASTIAN SCHWEINSTEIGER'S BIRTHDAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB!!!! I love him more than words can express omg. *__*

The wee ones love him toooo!! Get down with yo bad self Bastiano! <3333

Also also, today the Germany U-20 women's football team WON THEIR WORLD CUP!! Super fantastico! :D On home soil, no less! They sealed it with a 2-0 victory over Nigeria. Wooo! The German youth programs are so, so awesome. :D (Now it's time for that to translate into THE World Cup victory... right? Right?)

And now I'm going to collapse into bed in order to face a new week. Gah.

How are you, LJ? ♥
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I do not feel well right now. I had a headache yesterday but I wrote it off to two nights in a row of 4 hours sleep. Last night, I slept over 7 hours, but I still had the headache when I woke up. The headache has persisted throughout the day and is only getting worse, and is now accompanied by mild nausea. Also, being in the sun makes it a lot worse. I don't feel tired, just shitty. A significant number of Advils hasn't seemed to do anything. :-/ I've never had a migraine before, but this seems to resemble that - can anyone who's had them comment on the likelihood? I'm not incapacitated, but I am considering going home early because I'm just not functioning well. (And to answer the common question: no I'm not noticing light or noise sensitivity. Yet?)

In much, much better news, I took my sister to Lab (my favorite cafe in Ann Arbor - it serves Intelligentsia coffee, is owned by an adorable German dude, and has super cute baristas) for frozen yogurt, and one of the aforementioned baristas hit on me! :D I've met him a couple times before and he was cute and sweet (and makes fantastic iced raspberry mochas, om nom nom), and this time we got into a pretty lengthy conversation and it was really fun! He recognized my Threadless t-shirt, and made a joke that involved a 20-side die, hee. I told him me and my sister were gonna go watch some of the game (Netherlands-Uruguay) so when we were about to leave, he offered to give me his number so I could tell him where we were watching (!!!!). But I (being a total idiot) said oh we won't be watching long, I have to go back to lab, so I didn't get his number. :( But I said I would definitely be watching Germany-Spain! (like a total idiot AGAIN - I don't want to subject him to my squeals of BASTI!!! and LAHM!!!, d'oh) And he said he'll be working at a diff restaurant, but they have a TV so I could come by? :D? So I agreed to that, lolol. What is my life? I think my plan is that I'll go there for the first half, keep the verbal capslocking to a minimum, and then go home to watch the second half with my sister. Because omggg I need to be able to FREAK OUT appropriately, haha.

Still - yay boy! He's adorable and I'm very open to this idea. :D

You might have noticed other news in that paragraph - my sister's here! I picked her up from our cousins in Ohio yesterday and now she's with me for three days, then I'm going to take her to our other cousins in Lansing! She's spending a month up here bouncing between our different relatives, lucky girl. It's good to see her. :) We spent last night rewatching Ger-Arg and watching videos of Germans being adorable. I heart my sister!

Now to try to make it through the rest of my day without keeling over. Ow my head. D:

PS I AM SO NERVOUS ABOUT GERMANY-SPAIN I COULD DIIIIIIE. I thought that was why I was nauseous, lolol. I have been obsessing about my boys non-stop, even to the point where I started a Twitter!party with fellow Germany girls from [livejournal.com profile] loewsmiserables, and we've been having a blast ever since! I love themmmm, gah. Please do me proud tomorrow, boys. ♥
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I had a most lovely weekend! My dear cousin Meg came down to visit me from where she lives near Lansing. She's 36, married to a great guy with two kids, and she and I have received many of the same genes from our shared side of the family so we have clicked ever since I was a wee thing. She is made of awesome and win and we had such a great time with our girls' weekend! The weather was PERFECTION the entire time - sunny, 70s, with a light breeze. Saturday we went to lunch at a great place, and then we went to a bead store, the used bookstore, a great fair trade clothing shop where Meg bought TWO awesome jackets, and my favorite coffee shop Lab (where the adorable German barista remembered me again and I found out his name is Toby - which is also Meg's son's name, hilarious) where one of the baristas recommended a iced raspberry mocha to Meg and she was very pleased. Then we went to my actual lab and I showed her around, and we hung out with Francisco because he was the only one there late in the afternoon on a Saturday, what, nerd. She was super charmed by him and even sadder for me that he's leaving. This was a theme of the weekend.

We went home, watched some Big Bang Theory with my roomies, and one of my roomies and her boyfriend grilled chicken and veggies for us! ♥ Then we went out for cocktails because Meg wanted to pretend to be a grad student for a night. :) We hit up two of my favorite bars with my roomies and Francisco, and there was some hilarious girltalk over martinis while Francisco literally squirmed and tried not to look like he wanted to die. IT WAS ADORABLE. Meg reiterated that the universe is a cruel cruel thing for stealing him away from me, and all I can do is agree. Ugh, it's ridiculous.

Hilarious explication of my post title: my roommate Nichole has a super intense Korean boss who frequently drives her to tears. However, this boss sometimes comes out with hilarious gems when they are out drinking as a lab (which they do pretty frequently!). Apparently, according to Nichole's boss, if you don't meet the other person's eyes when you are clinking glasses, you will have SEVEN YEARS OF BAD SEX. LOLOLOL WHAT IS THAT. So, APPARENTLY, when they are out drinking and people go to clink glasses, Nichole's boss just says "Seven years. SEVEN YEARS." and is super intense about it. OMG HILARITY. So of course we kept clinking and staring intently into each others eyes. Awesomeness.

We ended up going to sleep at like 4 AM, what, and then Sunday morning we went to brunch at this amaaaazing place downtown. I had a spiced apple and walnut crepe, om freaking nommmm. Also amazing coffee. Then we went to my favorite, the Cupcake Station, because it is an Ann Arbor MUST. Thennn we walked around an art supply store and Borders, walked by Lab and saw the Cute German Barista there again (he seems to sit outside reading a lot - we hypothesized that he might actually be one of the owners? Hmmmm!), and finally headed to my apartment so she could drive back home. All in all it was a relaxing/exhausting (because of all the walking!) weekend filled with good chats and good friends. Meg has worked nonstop for the last 7 weeks (LITERALLY - she runs her own company dyeing yarn, and works 65 hours a week, on TOP of being a mom to two) so I think this downtime was really good for her. She seemed to enjoy herself, anyway! Yay. :)

I finished off my day today by taking a beautiful drive through the country in the sunshine - there are few things more relaxing to me than zipping along back roads, blasting music and generally feeling at peace with life. Then I went to Kohl's, where I got an AMAZING deal on luggage - I bought this adorable five piece luggage set for only 67 DOLLARS. Down from $180! Eee I love Kohl's. I had pretty much no decent large suitcases, and I wanted something good to bring to Dublin. I got more than I was hoping for, because the small suitcase is going to be awesome for short trips too! Love itttt. And it's all pretty too. :D


Ahem. Yay for good weekends! Now I am numb with exhaustion and have to face a Monday morning, but whatev whatev. ♥
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My first post of the new year was a flaily request for downloads of Big Fat Quiz of the Year. I feel this is appropriate.

Now for a semi-real post. I don't have energy to actually say a lot, but. I use this as a record of my life so here's the cliff notes.

Christmas Eve, I ran out of gas! Luckily it was only that, and I was 5 minutes away from my uncle's house where he had a can of gas for his lawnmower, so it was an easy fix (my dad actually rescued me), but that was a scary moment!

Christmas day: Morning present session with Dad and siblings and uncle and aunt and cousin. Whee. Day spent lounging about and playing with new pressies. Cousins came down from Lansing for Xmas dinner and moar presents. Lots of fun since I love my entire family whole whole bunches! \o/

Day after Christmas: drove down to Cleveland with siblings to meet up with mom and her side of the extended family. Hung out with my adorable little cousins and sister (girls ages 7-15 and a 15 year old boy) and generally had a blast. Stayed up late watching Band of Brothers every night, woke up late every morning, played out in the snow, etc etc. Basically just a lovely vacation.

Few days later: drove my sister and myself back up to Lansing to meet with Dad again and hang with those cousins for longer. Had girls' day with my cousin Meg and her daughter Hazel in which we watched loads of Big Bang Theory, yay. Went to see Sherlock Holmes - funny and entertaining but too revoltingly modern for my tastes. (They took a classic smart story/character and added Fighting! Sexual tension! Explosions! Hilarious mental instability! Shirtless RDJ! I was laughing, but I was also cringing a bit. Oh Hollywood.) Generally had a good time hanging out with my smart and funny family - I get pretty much all of my personality and tastes from them, so it's always delightful. :) I learned that my dad went through a major World War II kick, so as I learn more (and I will!) from my BoB obsession, I can totally talk to him about it. Pretty cool!

I also had a mini-revelation. I was talking with my dad and my cousin's husband Jeff about how I wasn't sure what career I wanted to pursue. I said I wasn't sure I wanted to be in academics, and Jeff said "Do you like to sell yourself? Because you have to to get grants." And I went "...actually, I HATE selling myself. I despise it more than anything, really." And that was just kind of an eye-opening reduction of the problem. If I'm not good at telling other people they should give me money, I just shouldn't be a PI of a big lab, period. This doesn't rule out a liberal arts college or something, but i definitely shouldn't work at a big university. Always nice to rule things out!

I love how as I get farther into an entry, I get more verbose. I may not like to sell myself, but I do like the sound of my own... typing. :P

As for my most exciting Christmas presents, I do believe my boyfriend wins the gold star. He got me Inglourious Basterds on DVD (YAY) and... wait for it... Richard Castle's novel Heat Wave. HEEE. I cracked up so hard when I saw it. ABC published a "novel", likely written by someone on the writing staff but credited to Castle himself, and I'm betting it's hilarious. There really is a sex scene on page 105! :D I also got a brand spanking new pair of Converse, which I neeeded - they're Sycamore green and sooo pretty. My mom got me a movie set in Ireland and a book set in Ireland, lolz. My dad got me the first season of Sarah Connor Chronicles so I should get on top of that soon!

Alright, lovers. I'm gonna sign off and continue to be anti-social. (I just kicked out the boyfriend and decided not to hang with the roomies and friends in the living room. Definitely a loner kind of night.) ♥
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So busy busy times, but the weekend went on to be just as delightful for the rest of it! Greta and Gold Motel were truly truly delightful, and I had such an amazing time with the Chicago crowd. I'll maybe post a recap and some pictures and videos, but since it's Christmas and there's a lot of family stuff going on, well. Who knows when I'll have time! I've been spending most of my free time rewatching Band of Brothers in Crazy Hi Def and flailsqueaking over Nixters and Speirs and Lip and Doc Roe and Buck and um. I love them a little bit, okay?

My dad and brother and sister arrived from Connecticut yesterday, yaaaay. :D We all hung out at my uncle's last night, which was lots of fun, then my sister spent the night with me at my place and we watched (500) Days of Summer. Now we're chilling out and planning on going for brunch and shopping, woo, girls' day! Last night my brother expressed an interest in staying with me for a night so we could "catch up", and this was my face: o.O Maybe he's actually growing up? Wacky. (He's a freshman in college.)

Happy Christmas Eve, all! I hope you are having lovely days with family and food and suchlike. <33

Goin' my way?
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Hallo flisties! Last night after work I drove up to Detroit to visit my cousins, yay! My aunt and uncle made a deliiiicious dinner, followed by amaaaazing lava cakes. Some of my aunt's relatives came over because her niece is considering going to the college I just graduated from, so I told her about the place and we all talked late into the night. It was such a beautiful evening, and we sat out on the patio and it was gorgeous. My cousins live in Grosse Pointe, which is like an oasis - it's stunningly gorgeous, filled with perfect lawns and unique brick houses, but surrounded by filth and decay. It's quite sad, but easy to forget when you're actually inside Grosse Pointe. So anyway, that was a lovely evening.

Today we went to the Woodward Dream Cruise! It's a big Detroit event where people bring out their cool cars and drive them up and down this 8 mile stretch of road and people watch! The emphasis is on classic American muscle, but there's a whole lot of other things including some truly bizarre specimens. It was like ONE LONG CAR ORGASM for me, ohhhh my god. All the grumbling engines and awesome Chevelles and Novas (I don't think I saw any Impalas! sad) and sexy Corvettes and menacing Challengers. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm, seriously. Anyway, we had a real nice setup because my uncle's law firm (he's a bigshot lawyer, which is why they can afford to live in Grosse Pointe!) holds a party every year with food and ice cream and they're RIGHT on the street where the cars drive so we sat right by the side of the road and it was fabulous!

There were also like a million of the new 2010 Chevy Camaro, which probably hit dealers quite recently because I hadn't even seen one until yesterday. It's SO eye catching, and I saw it in tons of colors today. I really want the Imperial Blue Metallic one. My aunt and uncle have relatives that work at every major American car company, so they told me this weekend that I can get a HUGE employee discount at any of them, which is SO AWESOME. So basically I'm going to save up for a new Camaro! :DDDDD

Tomorrow I'm going to Cedar Point! The weather is supposed to be HOT, which is an improvement over MONSOON, but. We'll see. It could be slightly miserable waiting in lines, but I'm going with some very fun people so it should be a blast anyhow. Note to self: don't forget sunscreen again! I did today and I am briiight red on my chest and back. /o\

Now I REALLY want that Camaro. The reviews are so glowing. *SALIVATES*
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So I just watched Ocean's 13 for the first time in a while and ADLKFJDLSFSAFDLKN I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Ahem. It just gives me such unadulterated giddy glee! The plot is so cheeky and clever. I love how if you watch it a second time, you realize that they basically told you the surprise ending ahead of time, but they talk about it so vaguely that you don't realize! It's all just incredibly clever. My favorite bits that I noticed this time were: when the random guests were getting their payouts, one guy at the cash-in counter was the bouncer guy who "beat up" Danny in the first movie! HEE! And my other favorite bit was when they were talking about the Susan B. Anthony, one of the brothers asked Saul "Would you go through that for 10 million?" And he says "No. But I'd do it for 11!" And then at the end of the movie the payout is 11 million! HEEHEE. Oh boys, how so adorable?! <33333

And of course, of course, there's Danny and Rusty. Boys of my heart, omg. Whenever George is on screen, I get a little tingle; when Brad is, I get a BIG tingle; and when they're on together, well. Let's just say this movie inspired me to go hunting for some of my favorite Danny/Rusty fic. AHHHHH ILTHEM. I love how they sometimes speak like they're the same person, absolutely no space between where one leaves off and the other picks up. They're SUCH an old married couple, and it makes me gleeface.

I love revisiting old fannish flames, it makes me happy in my heart. :D

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my most favoritest cousins! Yay! I'll probably be up there Saturday night, but I have to come back some time pretty decent on Sunday so I can... go into the lab! Of course. I have to seed bacteria, seed yeast, and finish a peptide (maybe). Life is exciting! I also had a couple really interesting meetings with my professor today. He has this massive question he wants to answer, but he honestly doesn't know the best way to go about it! So we had two big brainstorming sessions, and I think I contributed at least somewhat. Every time I do I feel very pleased with myself. This whole period feels a little bit like a trial run, you know? No matter how much I want to join this lab, he also has to want to HAVE me, so I feel like I'm trying to prove that I can handle it every time we talk. And so far I think I've been doing pretty good with that! But anyway, with the project, we bounced around at least 5 different approaches today, and it's all kind of overwhelming. It will probably end up being a multipronged attack, but next week I'm going to try the simplest (and roughest) and see how things go. Science! How exciting!

I know I keep talking about it, but it honestly feels amazing to love going to work every day. I'm going to ride the buzz as long as it lasts! :D
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I have safely arrived in Michigan and am now settled in my uncle's house! The trip was fine, uneventful, absolutely no traffic, and I have some pretty photos from the road I might share as a sort of memoir at some point. Almost 9 hours is a long time to drive by yourself, but music, as always, is my savior (my iPod lasted the WHOLE TIME) and I even listened to an episode of Bones. :P My uncle is being so great - I've got my own room, which he totally cleaned out so I have a whole closet and dresser drawers to use. He's even given me a whole bathroom, including shower, because it basically goes unused! It's the lap of luxury!

We're having a lot of fun already. His son, Sam, is 13, over 6 feet tall, and a musical prodigy. He has this intense music composing program with a computer to match, and tonight I watched him compose on the fly. The way his mind works is absolutely stunning - in five minutes he puts together an elaborate piece containing multiple instruments, melodies, and beats all overlaid and interwoven. He blows my mind! He played me some orchestral pieces he's written and put together with the program, as well as one song that he even wrote lyrics and sang vocals for. He's a truly incredible musician - and he's 13! I can't wait to see where his talents take him.

We also watched Battlestar Galactica and played a game of darts. I do love my relatives! :) I think this is going to be a really fun summer.

Now I've got one day to sort of gain some kind of equilibrium (unpack, go grocery shopping, etc), and then the adventure REALLY begins. Eep!

Hope you are all well and that the Americans had a lovely fourth of July! I am hopelessly behind on LJ, so if something big has happened to you or in fandom, please tell me! <333
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Hahaha. I definitely did not expect to spend tonight driving my little brother a half hour each way into New York state because they don't have laws about selling alcohol on Sunday. I decided to be the cool older sister and help him and his friends have a fun graduation celebration. We spent over $100 on ~150 cans of shitty beer. I hope they appreciate it :P

Now... I am exhausted, but I have no obligations for the next four weeks! Omgyay! I'm also feeling quite a bit better, which is a relief since I had to go sit for two hours at my brother's high school graduation and I really couldn't have done that feeling as shitty as I did yesterday.

Still completely behind on the internet though... oops :( I still love you! I promise!
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*pokes at the internet* *poke poke*

So I guess none of y'all are too interested in miss Minka Kelly. That's alright, I just think your lives are thus a little less sparkly.

I have been powering my way through my FNL S1 rewatch. It's just so damn GOOD. Even upon rewatching I've got tear tracks on my cheeks at the end of every episode. The characters capturing me the most are Lyla and Timmy and Smash. And Coach. And Matt. And Julie. And Tyra. And Tami. And Jason. And oh wait everyone! It's so interesting to press rewind on these kids' lives. Lyla and Tyra in particular change so fundamentally between the beginning to the end of S3, and to see the start of their journeys is just fascinating. I appreciate Tyra's depth more this time through, even though it's subtle, because I know what it burgeons into. And Lyla - well. &Lyla;!

Today my mommy arrived for a weekend visit! She's here for the awards ceremony which is happening tomorrow. Today got up to 90 degrees, it was kind of insane. There's a Spring Arts thing that was happening on campus, which basically meant live music and free (shitty) food, so we wandered through that. But it was so damn hot that we actually just wanted to get inside so we went to the mall, haha. My mom is pretty loose with the credit card when it comes to her daughters and the mall, so I had a lot of fun! :P I got a new gorgeous summery dress, an awesome denim patchwork shoulder bag, a pair of jean capris, and some fancy black dress sandals for graduation. It was a most successful trip! Then we went to dinner at the local creperie, om nom nom nommmmmm, where I had "The Capri" which consisted of melted fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, basil, and olive oil. YUM YUM. I followed it up with a brown sugar and butter crepe. TRIPLE YUM. Hee.

Then we went to see the student choreographed dance show because my friend was in one of the dances. I'll be blunt - I do not get modern dance. A bunch of people mucking about on a stage, doing random things that only sometimes seem related to each other, with odd music or sound effects or even NO music. I just do not understand it in any way, and it doesn't usually even trigger my aesthetic beauty buttons. I just watch with my head tilted in confusion. A couple of the pieces were neat though, and I particularly loved a big African piece with a whole bunch of girls and two drummers, and the piece my friend was in, which was a gorgeous fusion of traditional Chinese dance and Western dance. Those were lovely.

Aaaand then we wandered over to Battle of the Bands which was going on in the center of campus, and saw a couple songs by this incredible duo - a dude on guitar and a girl on drums and vocals, and that's it. They were damn talented and could certainly jam, but their songs very much subscribed to the very long and unstructured tradition. They were entertaining though.

Then we came home and I watched more Friday Night Lights. You're shocked, I know!

Tomorrow it's supposed to be 80s again. I'm going to wear my pretty new dress, (which you can see HERE, I got the blue one!) go to brunch at a friend's apartment, be given three awards, and go out to dinner at a fancy local brewery. It's gonna be a good day! I hope you're all enjoying your weekends too. ♥
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Hi flist! Hi!

I am so ridiculously behind on LJ, because it has been one nonstop weekend! My dad and my sis were here the whole time so I've been doing this and that with them, and basically had no time to keep up with the internets. In the short bits I've caught, I've seen 1) SPN fangirls being crazy, 2) Misha being a darling dork who slashes J2 FOR us, and 3) Gerard being really beautiful in a totally random JPop video. What else have I missed?

Quick recap! On Saturday morning we had the Intercollegiate Student Chemists Conference here at my college, and I gave a presentation in the biochemistry division. It was actually sort of a competition, and I ended up winning first place in my division! Against only 6 other people, but still, that was pretty awesome. :) Then I had a looong dress rehearsal for choir. After that, it was in the 70s and sunny (!) so me and my dad and sis wanted to enjoy the sun. We spotted a baseball game going on near my school, and found that it was my college's baseball and softball teams playing games right next to each other! So we hung out for a few hours in the sun and it was really lovely. The girls were losing 2-0, but then they had an amazing inning in which they scored 6 runs and my friend Jess hit a home run! It was so great and a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Then we went to dinner at a local creperie and UNF UNF it was soooooo delicious. Peach mango strawberry smoothie and chicken caesar crepe and brown sugar/butter crepe, om nom nommm.

Then today, I sang in my choir's big semester performance, and it was kind of a big deal: The choir invasion! )

It was a really amazing experience, and a great note to finish my time with the choir. We have *the* most incredible director - he seems to live and breathe music, and the way he coaxes it out of us is so beautiful. And he's just a really sweet, caring guy. It's been a blast singing with him for the past four years. It's definitely something I'm going to miss about college!

While I'm sharing photos, I thought I'd post some really gorgeous ones I've had sitting about for a while. These are mostly from my flight back from San Francisco. It was a beautiful, sunny, clear day, so I had the most beautiful views of the Rockies and a lot of lush grassland. There are also a few pictures from around campus on the beautiful days we've had recently. I hope you like them!

The beauty of spring )

Well that's it for now! I should do some laundry and try to get caught up on LJ. Mostly I want to read SPN fic (I know right?!) and/or watch old SPN eps and/or old FNL. I'm on a nostalgia kick.

Which! Speaking of! Me and my sister watched Hunted, Playthings, and Nightshifter this weekend. ♥____♥ Season two, you are forever first in my heart!! "We're not workin for the mandroid!!" <333333
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ENORMOUS PET PEEVE ALERT: It appears that EVERY PICSPAM in Merlin fandom is in this format - i.e., screencaps squished down to roughly 300x150 px and put into a single collage image. It's ugly and horrid and completely USELESS. Why has this fandom fallen prey to such a horrible habit?! I fully plan to remedy this with a FULL SIZE massive picspam showing off Merlin and Arthur and Gwen and Morgana and Uther in all of their glory.


I AM HOME! *flops* I was on the road with my little sister for 13 hours yesterday, and got home at midnight. It was pretty exhausting, but not all that awful. My sis is a great road trip partner, especially since we love all the same music. We listened to FOB, MCR, We The Kings, Paramore, The Hush Sound, Panic, Across the Universe, The Used, David Bowie, TAI - basically everything awesome :D And then i slept for 10 hours and now I'm refreshed and relaxed and just CHILLING. It's amazing.

I had SUCH a wonderful time seeing my family. All my little cousins are growing ridiculously fast. Sam, who is 14, is SIX FEET TALL. All my cousins are such darling kids, it was lovely to spend time with them. And Meg (my cousin but also a mom twice over who runs her own small business dyeing yarn) is everything I wish I will be when I grow up. We're so much alike. It's really great to just hang out with her and chat about all kinds of things. And her husband, Jeff, is such a great guy. I was really happy for him because he's lost 100 pounds in the last six months and he looks fantastic.

Now I am just hangin out at home trying to catch up on LJ. A whole week of LJ! *hands* But I can't not TRY, yaknow?

I've gotten through most of the first season of Six Feet Under. It's so GREAT. I love Claire and Nate and David so much <3

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a great new year! And now here we are, opening the book on the Year of the Obama, and I am very excited and hopeful. It's a huge year of change for me personally as well, what with graduating from college in 5 months, and possibly starting grad school in the fall, or who knows what else. Here's to you, 2009. Please treat us better than your predecessor.

I love you all, and it's good to be back <3
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Happy New Years, my loves! May 2009 treat us and the world with much more kindness than 2008 did.

I have not been online at all so I am completely and WOEFULLY behind on LJ. But I'm really okay with that. If anything big has happened in your lives, tell me? Or just come say hi! I miss you all <3

I'm at Michigan with the cousins that I lived with for a summer a couple years ago. They are my most favoritest cousins in the world and I'm having a great time. Last night a family they're friends with came over just to hang out and have a great dinner and some drinks, and they have three adorable kids, and it was just a lot of fun. We played board games and took shots of this drink that Meg (my cousin) made up, which is Kahlua, vodka, and coffee creamer. SO GOOD. This morning we just spent two hours sitting around in the kitchen talking about how deeply awesome Obama is, and sharing stories of our experiences during the campaign, etc etc. We're SO EXCITED for this dude. Whee!

We're planning on watching Merlin because they're always looking for shows that the whole family can watch. Their kids are 7 and 13, so it's a little hard to find something everyone will love! I have a feeling they'll adore Merlin though. They're big fantasy geeks just like me, right down to having a Renaissance themed wedding (he dressed as a knight, she in a beautiful maroon gown) so it should be super fun in that way. And the kids should love it too. I'm so excited! Arthur's beautiful face on their massive 50 inch TV! Woo!

On a hilarious side note, Hazel (7 year old) was having me read some books with her last night, and one was called DR. MERLIN'S MAGIC SHOP. I loled a lot, obviously, and Merlin turned out to be this evil scary old man, which, hilarious. But the best part is that he had A DOG NAMED ARTHUR. Ahahahaha. He was big and fluffy and white and I was so amused.

Now I'm gonna go back to hanging out and having ABSOLUTELY NO CONCERNS AT ALL. It is the most glorious feeling in the whoooole world.

I hope you are all well! xoxoxo
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Hi loves! I just wanted to pop my head in and let you know that I probably will be very scarce for a while. I'm at my aunt and uncle's house in Ohio, and they only have dialup internet and no wireless! Oh my! Right now I'm at a nearby hotel that my other aunt and uncle are staying at, using the free wireless, but obviously that won't last very long! I'm having a great time seeing all my family, and I hope you are all having a wonderful time with your time off.

Also, I just applied to the University of Washington Biochemistry doctorate program! \o/

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Home! \o/ It's really nice to be back with my family, although always a little disorienting, because they keep changing. My sister is now taller than me (she's 14! *hands*) and my brother shaved off his beautiful floppy hair :( It actually looks quite good though. But yeah, I haven't really seen my family since June, and then only a week, and before that only in December for a week, so. Needless to say I feel slightly disconnected from them. However, I will be home for a long time in December and do some serious sibling bonding, so that will be nice. This break will be more of the "Hi, I have to do a lot of work! Okay, bye!" kind of thing, I'm afraid. I started working on my analytical paper tonight and thankfully it seems pretty doable, whereas I was pretty scared of it before. So I just have to accomplish that, my cinema paper, and grad school app essays. Fun tiiimes.

I just finished watching one of the movies Jeremy gave me for break - Almodovar's Talk to Her. It was really something else. Extremely lush and beautiful, touching yet disturbing, but not overly sentimental. The tone was... very unique, almost like he was giving us the spaces between the important moments, at least in terms of emotional relationships. It was very compelling. Definitely one to ponder.

I'm trying to resist sending Jeremy an email about it. I think I can handle 5 days without talking to him, riiiight? :P (You all KNOW I have an obsessive personality though, right? If a shiny catches my eye, I want the shiny all the time. Generally this functions with TV shows and bands, which is not too problematic, but I haven't got a Jeremy I can press play on at will! Hee.) We have, in the past, been known to spend an hour on one movie, so when I come back having seen 4 movies he loves? Yeeeah. Lalala obligations what obligations? :)

Ummm what else what else. Well, since it's 1 AM, HAPPY TURKEY DAY, KIDS! I hope you all have a good day, even those who aren't crazy Americans. <3333
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First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] moonythestrals!!! You are awesome, just for the record. I'm sorry we couldn't meet up when I was in Philly, but the show ended at 11:30 and I went straight to my friend's house to pass out for the night. But I will see you! Soon! I promise! Hope you have a great birthday and that you have a good week visiting your friend :)


Secondly, I realized I never made a post about disappearing for the weekend! I won't be back til, like, Monday night. I'm SO BEHIND on my flist already, ugh. But I went to see HUSHIES!!!! Twice!! Philly and Hartford. They were FANTASTIC. Absolutely blow-my-mind wonderful. Such sweethearts and fabulous performers! The Cab were catchy and bouncy, of course, though they still induce some pretty heavy eye-rolling from me. Philly I was really tired so I didn't appreciate the opening acts much, but last night i LOVED Morning Light and Steel Train. Lovelovelove. Does anyone have either of their albums? I'd really appreciate it!

At the Hartford show, I brought my little sis (for her early bday present) and my best friend Michelle. They both had a blast, which I was really happy about.

I don't have a lot of pictures, and the audio on my videos is pretty appalling, soooo there may not be a big report. But I'll say more later. Right now I need to shower and go have a girls day with my mom, and tomorrow I'll visit my old high school and hang with my daaaaddy. Yay!

We got home from the show at like 2 last night, and what did I do? DOWNLOAD AND WATCH ATLANTIS. Because HOMG. MY HEARRRRRRT. It was just *flailyhands* AMAZING. Oh, Rodney. *squeaks* Feel free to flail at me in comments because oooomg.

Also, does anyone find it extremely stupid that a show that produces THIS kind of episode AND wins the People's Choice for best sci fi show got canceled?? In what bizarro universe does THAT make sense??? Ughhh.

ANYway. So I won't be around for a couple more days! Don't do anything I wouldn't do! :)
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Sorry for the spam, but in even MORE exciting news, I have now purchased TWO tickets to the Hartford Hushies/Cabbies show!!! And I'm going to take my wonderful little sister! :D I've been dying to take her to a show since we both got obsessed with these ridiculous wonderful bands. It's 4 days after my birthday, and a Saturday, so I'm going to also see my family for probably Sunday before heading back to PA for my job. It's going to be amaaaaazing! YAY!
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Can we talk about how fucking adorable those Darlings at the Disco are? Because seriously. Zack Hall, please be my minder. ILU. And your infinite patience. Can we also talk about how watching Spencer Smith flail about on the floor trying to pretend he was swimming was the hottest thing ever, UNTIL five seconds later, when Brendon Urie did a standing backflip to Elton John? YEAH I DONT KNOW EITHER. <333333333 However, the Ladder vs. Windshield one is my FAVORITE, because, well, 1) ZACK. ILU. Solving the mystery! "We can tell CSI NOT to come. Unless they want to." 2) Zack hugging all of Hush Sound hello, UGH MY HEART! Darren is so miniscule next to him! And Greta is just engulfed! Daaaaarlings! 3) BRENDON URIE hugging all of the Hushies hello!!! The way he ruffles Chris's hair is THE MOST PRECIOUSEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN, OKAY. <3333333333333333 Heeeeee! And 4) GRETA. "We've just been shot at!" and Brendon, "FOR REAL??" Ahahahaha. Lovelovelovelove. The shenanigans those children must be getting up to on this tour! Moar backstage footage plz!

My sister got to go to the HCT show last night in Connecticut with my dad. She had SUCH a great time. It sounds like it was an awesome show. And my dad really enjoyed it! He said they're fantastic performers with a great sound, and he loves the three of our boys harmonizing, and yay. They were in the pit (i could have sworn there were no seating tickets on sale when I got the presale tickets! Is that because GA is considered better? I'm sure my dad would have appreciated sitting down >.<) and had a great view. I wish I could have been there with them! Ah well, it will happen at some point, me and my sis will totally become concert buddies (love you, Mere! <3) when Panic returns to the states and MCR stops rolling in their wedded bliss :P

Next let's talk about how EXCITED I am for the new X-Files movie. LKSDFLSDKJF. It's going to be amaaaaaazing, you guys. Mulder and Scully are 100% the original OTP of my heart, and I cannot express the glee it gives me to have new canon coming. YAY YAY YAY. The viral promo thingies are FANTASTIC (see them over at [livejournal.com profile] xfiles) but I can't seem to get the trailer to work for me! WANTS *grabbyhands*

I called my mommy to wish her Happy Mother's Day tonight. She was most pleased by the edible flower arrangement (read: shaped fruit, some of it chocolate covered, nom nom nom) that I sent over, so yay. We had a nice long chat, it's nice to have grown out of the at-war-with-mom teenage phase! (Unlike my rooommate, who cannot talk to her mom for 5 seconds without getting in a fight >.<) At the end she handed the phone to my brother and I ended up talking to him for half an hour. I forget how fond I am of him sometimes! He's 17 and clearly can be quite the pain in the ass, but as I've taken the stick out of my ass, and he's matured a bit, we're much more able to have real conversations. He's so funny and smart, when he's not an asshole we get along great. My mom told me the story about how he completely out of the blue won the position of vice president in his high school's student council, haha! He tied for second in the first round of voting, then they had to write speeches, and his speech was so awesome that he won! I'm not super surprised, because he's extremely eloquent, charismatic, and a great writer, but still, how cool. Now... he just has to pass junior year. Which is actually quite up in the air :-/ His teachers RAVE about how brilliant he is, how he leads class discussions and has the brightest mind, but... he doesn't do his work. Oh Pete. He's so frustrating, but such a great kid. I'm sure he'll come out on top eventually.

This is still on time in the states, so HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to all the lovely moms on my flist! Off the top of my head, [livejournal.com profile] keepaofthecheez, [livejournal.com profile] deirdre_c, [livejournal.com profile] adellyna, and I'm probably forgetting someone or not aware, but um. Yes! You are all lovely ladies and I admire you so much for what you do! I hope you all had fantastic days :)

That's all for now. The hardcore week of studying has begun, so while I'm probably getting my laptop back in the next couple days, I'm still going to be relatively MIA. Love you all! <3
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