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I finally made a new flist filter! All the ones I had were hopelessly out of date, and trying to read unfiltered is a nightmare because of all the random communities I never bothered to unfriend, SO! I have found all the still active friends around and compiled you into a handy dandy flist that will help me get back in the groove of this here LJ nonsense. Yay! Hi!

In having a few comment chats I've already realized how much I've missed LJ. Twitter just isn't the same - conversations are more out in the open there, you have to filter yourself. Especially since some of my football friends started following my "personal" twitter. I can't just come out and flail about how John and Sherlock are TOTES IN LOVE ZOMG!!1!! LJ is still my safe haven and I love you baby and I'll never leave again. (Lies, but, I want to come back for now!)

It does sadden me all the stupid things the LJ company itself continues to do. But the remnants of my community are still here and I'm going to cling to it, dammit.

Say hi if you're even still following me! I have no idea if I'm just shouting into the darkness, now. It would be justified but I'd still just like to know. So! Hi!
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Who is the anonymous darling who sent me a snowflake with hearts?? THANK YOU! It really made me smile. :D

Today I spent 6 hours being taught how to be an ~*ethical scientist*~. I had to get there at 8:45. On Saturday morning. You can imagine the vastness of my displeasure. However! I magically lucked out with an intelligent and lively group of students who actually carried out an interesting and thought-provoking discussion. I met some new folks and generally had about as much fun as you can at a marathon ethics course. Yay for transmutation of expected evils!

This evening I went to Francisco's with Steffen and Kate and we all drank beer and ate Indian food and watched Star Trek. It was, all in all, the best idea ever. I'm so glad I found them here. ♥

Hope you all had lovely Saturdays!
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Look, a post that's NOT about Nicholas! \o/

So yesterday was a kind of insane day. I had class from 9 to 11 (and spent a lot of it Tweeting about how I hated the back of Nicholas's head and hoped he wouldn't talk to me after class - he didn't, but rather snuck away like a coward \o/), and then I went straight to lab... where I proceeded to do an experiment for over 10 hours. YEAH YOU HEARD ME! I didn't leave until ~9:30 PM! And I was working that WHOLE time. It was a little surreal - I forgot to bring lunch, so I had, like, an apple, but I couldn't leave the lab, so I didn't eat anything real until about 6 when my labmate forced a frozen meal on me! I was doing this big involved experiment that has, like, 7 steps, one of which ran over the night before, and the last few of which had to happen in the cold room, aka a refrigerator that I had to sit in and operate a pipet in for 20 minutes at a time. So freaking cold! At the end of all this, I basically got 96 data points for two different proteins with several conditions, and THEY LOOKED GREAT!! I was so relieved and thrilled and proud because no one in my lab had done anything like this before, so I was kind of flying on vague recommendations, a slightly related literature paper, and my own instincts (which are not terribly well honed after only 3 months in biochem!). But everything worked amazingly and this is a great starting point for an important set of experiments that I'm collaborating with a couple of my labmates on. It's all just very nerdily exciting and I am happy that my crazy day paid off!

Unfortunately, I have a test tomorrow, and yesterday was obviously totally lost to studying... so that's what I'm doing now. /o\ I'm getting a decent handle on this stuff though, and it's only 10 PM, so I'm gonna be fiiine! I caught a power nap around 9 PM when I just put my head down on my keyboard and slept for about 15 minutes, to the lilting tunes of Linkin Park blasting in my ear, ha. But now I have plenty of energy and I'm charging ahead! Woo!

I just started a paragraph about how I'm ~SO BEHIND~ on TV, but um, I'm only behind on two shows (Merlin and Castle) and tomorrow night I'll definitely have some time to catch up, SO. STFU, Anne! Ha. On that note though, I've seen a lot of people recommend that you get a hobby during grad school, some activity that takes your mind off your work and during which is decisively NOT science time. I think television/fandom is that hobby for me. And you all know I don't mean that in the potato-y way - I mean it in the watching shows with characters that thrill and amuse and sadden me, and discussing them with other lovely folks kind of way. You are my destresser! And I am so grateful to have you, and all this darling TV, to keep me sane. ♥

That said, this week's Big Bang Theory was not my favorite. Yay, let's manipulate Penny and try to make her into a more mild and tolerable person because WE ARE MEN AND WE GET EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT. >:( Sheldon, I know you fail all the time, but that was a particularly bad note to strike THIS WEEK of all weeks. And Howard and Raj's story was mildly funny (that was the most attractive Howard's ever been to me, I must say) but AGAIN WITH THE EXPLOITATION OF WOMEN! I'm glad they're presented as failing utterly (as always!) because otherwise... raaage. (That girl was totally hot, though. Ha.)

My favorite blog right now (which has entries back to SEVEN YEARS AGO, WHAT, so LOTS of backcatalog to go through) is Pipeline, which is hilariously a pharmaceutical chemist's blog. It's incredibly well-written and intelligent and informative, and I've learned a lot about the drug industry (namely, uh, I want no part of it?) and it's just been a great/terrible procrastination tool because I feel like I'm LEARNING while I'm reading it - just not things I can use on my test tomorrow! :P

Obviously this is a procrastination tool too, so I'm going to GO AWAY NOW!
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I have the worst memory ever, I swear, so I often feel like I'm forgetting really important things about all of you. It doesn't mean I don't love you, I swear! I just really hate my brain sometimes. >:(

So to help me out, and for a bit of fun, tell me about yourselves!

I feel SUPER useless today, haha. I woke up kinda early to take Michelle to the train station, but when I got home I fell back into bed and slept until TWO PM. Wtaf?!?? I did set my alarm for like 11, but clearly that didn't work D: I only woke up when Rob arrived (he just got back to school) and called my name through the door to see if I was home. *facepalm* I've spent most of my afternoon reading Cake Wrecks. So funny! We did get something accomplished today - we went to the bookstore and sold back my textbooks and then I bought two more for this semester. I hate science books! *glowers* I now have a whopping $60 to my name. Fun fun. >.< Luckily I already went grocery shopping, but who knows when I'll get my next paycheck. Sigh.

Rob just left for DC to go to the inauguration. That's where Michelle went too. I would have gone, but 1) See above re: financial situation, 2) I didn't want to miss my first two days of classes, and 3) I really really don't like hyper crowded places. And that place is going to be INSANE. Sooo I miss out on the historic event. Ah well.

Still: OBAMA IN TWO DAYS!! :D :D :D I'm very very hopeful and excited. Can you believe it? Honestly.

Now I'm gonna go watch the BSG webisodes and maybe some Doctor Who or Six Feet Under. Decisions decisions!
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Friends list cut has been ACCOMPLISHED. Starting total: 518. Final total: 235.

Christ. I'd say that was a bit overdue, wouldn't you? I had journals friended whose last entry was in 2006. I had people friended who had long since defriended me and were friends locked. I just needed to clean out that damn closet. And I feel so much better now that I've done it.

I really hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings. If I somehow cut you in error and you'd really want to stick around, please say something, it really was a huge job. But I feel a lot more honest now, because there were a LOT of journals I just wasn't reading. I'll still be filtering but mostly to keep things straight in terms of subject matter, so there's Bandom, SGA, and Other, at the moment.

Moving on!


Ugh, STEVEN SMITH. Why do I heart you so hard? He starts the interview with "I, I, I love you." And the boys kind of giggle and Brendon goes "We love YOU." Hee! And dude, when did Ryan become the comedian?? He's rambling about how he got his scarf in the SHIRE and his boys are just literally falling over laughing. SO FUCKING CUTE. And the whispering! And the high fives! SO MANY HEARTS IN MY EYES, YOU GUYS. I can't wait for the SURS clip :D

[livejournal.com profile] teaspoon just posted about how - wait for it - Steven Smith and Mikey fucking WAY are going to be JUDGING A KARAOKE COMPETITION at ANGELS & KINGS.

I'll let that sink in for a moment.

Is that not the most lolarious and awesome thing you have EVER HEARD? Mikey Way! I don't know what to do with you! Judging a karaoke night at your ex boyfriend's bar! If this gets us some Mikey/Pete pictures, well. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. And Steven! Steven who has a ginormous crush on Gerard! And who is just adorable beyond the telling of it!

I really hope this heralds more interaction between the MCR and FOB camps to come. Because that would just be unspeakably awesome. It is my life's dream to see Gerard and Ryan have a conversation, OKAY? Bwee.

Now I am sleepy. Goodnight <3
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Thank you so so so much to everyone who loved up on me in the Love Meme. I had tears streaming down my face, no lie. I usually steer completely clear of those kinds of things (there's too much potential for hurt feelings in addition to all the love, and it just feels too high school) but since it just HAPPENED, I'm all verklempt. You guys are awesome, seriously ♥

And now I want to say something.

Okay. Here's the thing. There are four hundred people that have this journal friended. Seriously. FOUR HUNDRED. That number is just. Ridiculous and I can't quite wrap my head around it. I know that probably half of those people have filtered me out long ago, or don't use LJ anymore, or whatever, but that still leaves a fuckton of people with their eyes at least glancing over this journal on a regular basis. And yet the amount of comments I receive has seemed to stay more or less steady at around 5-10 per entry for at least the last couple years. And this makes me feel kind of weird and uncomfortable. It has two dimensions - for one thing, I feel sometimes like I'm just kind of yelling out into a black void and my words are getting swallowed up. For another, it also feels like I'm in a goldfish bowl, with everyone kind of hovering around and able to see me, but not reaching in an interacting. It's weird and a little bit out of control.

I think I let it get to this point because I never stopped treating this journal as something temporary. When I got my LJ, it was just kinda like, oh this will be fun, but I didn't think it would become an integral part of my life like it really has. I've had this journal for 3 years and a month, now. That's a long time in my young life. And I've been something of a fandom butterfly, flitting back and forth and hither and yon and piling up friends but never really fully leaving a fandom, and I don't think I can let it get much further.

And here is where I admit my shameful secret - I read on filters. I know, it's terrible, but if anyone says to me they could totally keep up with 518 journals, well, I'd tell them they were a liar. Not to mention I've lost interest in a lot of what those journals have to say. And I know it's somehow not kosher to let people friend you and not friend them back, but what else am I supposed to do?? If I friended everyone who has me friended, that would be over SIX HUNDRED journals. o.O That's just not realistic. So more often than not nowadays, I don't friend back. I feel kind of bad, but there's nothing else I can do! This is the reason I could never go friends only, and I really don't understand people who DO go friends only. If you go that route, doesn't it mean you pretty much have to friend everyone who wants to friend you, and then either read their journals or read on filters, which is ANOTHER faux pas? It's a catch-22! I hate friending etiquette, I really do, because it always feels like you're doing something wrong.

So all of this is to say - I think I'm going to do a pretty significant friends cut. I apologize profusely in advance if I hurt anyone's feelings, and I know it's going to be hard, but I just have to do it. Feel free to defriend me, honestly, I'm declaring defriending amnesty right now. And if you have anything to say to me about all of the above, please do! Maybe I'm being a bitch with this post? Idk! Please tell me if I am, because I hate being a bitch /o\

Good thing I'm home early and have no plans for the evening... this is gonna take a while -_-
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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] foxxcub!! I hope you have an absolutely lovely birthday filled with lots of adorable band boys making out for your pleasure :D

Guys, I'M REALLY EXCITED. I'm making plans to go on a fun voyage across the UK during Christmas break!! I'm going to see [livejournal.com profile] the5thmarauder in Cardiff, [livejournal.com profile] immorallily and [livejournal.com profile] unamaga in Oxford, and [livejournal.com profile] theaeblackthorn in Brighton. YOU KNOW YOU'RE JEALOUS! *beams* I've already bought my first plane ticket, so it's really happening! Bwee! I spent last night working out planes and trains and whatnot, and the total price comes to only about 130 pounds, which is like 260 dollars, and I don't have to pay for accommodation since I have awesome friends, and hurrah! It's gonna be so much fun, eeee. I'm going from Thurs Dec 27th to Sun Jan 6th, getting back just in time for classes! Yaye.

Also last night, my daddy bought HIS plane tickets for him and my sister to come visit me in March! HURRAH! They're coming over ON St. Patrick's Day, which I didn't realize until he'd already booked the tickets, whoops. But he's coming in early morning, so it shouldn't be too bad yet, and he'll get a heck of an introduction to Dublin! *laughs* I'm a little worried about my sister (she's 13), but we can just hole her up in my apartment, and it might just be a bit too intense for all of us, so we could all hide if necessary, haha.

So. Yay for trips and visiting people and huzzah!

I've been listening to Pencey Prep (Frank Iero's old band) a bit lately, they're pretty fun. Mostly I think Frankie's voice is adorable, hee. I uploaded their stuff for [livejournal.com profile] pau494, so I'll pass it on! Pencey Prep. Enjoy!

I have a committee dinner with Sci Fi Soc in a couple hours, which should be fun. Plus, free food yaye, haha. I'm totally ordering a beer with dinner - how novel! :D
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I have arrived safely in London! \o/ I'm currently at [livejournal.com profile] jemimamoo's house hanging out with her and [livejournal.com profile] erode, and they're both lovely! I caught my bus, plane, and trains with no mishaps, and I even got a nap on the plane. I'm so relieved that everything went smoothly. Now Matilda and I are gonna watch LOTMS and then we're gonna go see MCR for REAL and eeeeeeeeee!

I think the trauma is finally over. THANK GOD.
location: London! \o/
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So here I am, waking up before sunrise on Monday morning for a 9 oclock class. I don't know how I'm going to cope when the amount of daylight shrinks even MORE over the next two months. Oh Ireland, you so crazy!

This is a fitting start to what promises to be the most exhausting yet awesome week of my entire life. Let's have a rundown of what's going on, shall we?

  • Monday. Classes until 5. Meeting at 9 with roommates and one of our program coordinators to deal with "issues" that are cropping up amongst roommates, not really me but we all have to be there. FUN! (Okay, so the fun doesn't really start here. Meh, Mondays.)
  • Tuesday. Classes until 4. TOM MCRAE CONCERT AT 7:30!! \o/!!
  • Wednesday. Classes until 3. Flight to London at 7 PM, followed by train to Hampton Court getting in at 10:12 PM. Meeting [livejournal.com profile] erode!!!
  • Friday. Flight back to Dublin in the late afternoon. Meeting [livejournal.com profile] huggenkiss at the Dublin airport because she has a flight from the same airport in London to Dublin a half hour earlier than me. Ahahaha, life, WHAT? But YAY AMANDA!!!
  • Saturday+Sunday. I can has Amanda!! \o/
  • Monday. Class at 9 - if I'm still alive!

HOMG. I want to go to sleep just thinking about it, but it's all going to be SO MUCH FUN YAAAAY.

Everything I'm hearing about Jsquared from the Chicago Con fills me with UTTER GLEE. The video of the cheek touching story! The darling pictures! OH BOYS. Never stop, seriously. ♥♥♥

GIP! I made a bunch of MCR icons because needed mooooore, and I'm really happy with how this one turned out. ICU Mikeyway and Bob! <333

Okay, well, off to face the day!
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I hate when I'm watching a TV show that is making me feel so strongly that I just HAVE to talk about it, but because I talk to barely any of you on AIM or anything (what's THAT about?) there's almost never anyone around to talk to, so I try to ramble to someone who has no idea what I'm talking about and they're like "...dude. Shut up." Well not actually, but then my squee starts getting harshed and I have this bad habit of getting annoyed with someone when they're completely apathetic about something I love fiercely. It's STUPID and I know that but I can't help but feel that way.

This is an unfortunate side effect of having to download and watch all my shows well after everyone else. I kind of hate it.

So, in an effort to feel more connected, I want you to give me your screen names! Or just IM me, whatever. on AIM I am starsouls1013, on gmail chat I'm starlight1013@gmail.com. I'm on both of them quite often, and I love chatting with folks, so yes! Tell me who you are or just friend me and we can start to get to know each other better, it'll be great :D The answers to the polls are screened, it's just me that will see them!

[Poll #1070911]

And now - PICSPAM! It's been bouncing around in my head to get some screencaps from the LOTMS DVD - I've seen a few of them floating around, but they're always shrunk down significantly. So I started on Helena, intending to get a couple shots of Gerard looking gooorgeous (seriously, he looks SO PRETTY in that video *grabbyhands*) and then I ended up capping the whole video. Whoops? Then I went and did the same thing with Ghost of You. They're both so cinematic! I love them desperately, and I hope someone else will enjoy looking at these caps as much as I enjoyed making them. ~90 large caps, not dialup friendly!

So long and goodnight // At the end of the world )
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I AM LAPTOPLESS! *woe and angst*

So my Macbook has a bunch of small things wrong with it. The screen flickers sometimes, the CD burner isn't working very well, the spacebar is cracked, etc. I brought it into the Apple store Genius Bar (hahaha, I love that) with a list of, I shit you not, seven things wrong, and the guy was like um. Next time you might want to bring it in when the FIRST thing goes wrong. And I was like um. Oops. And so it's going to be THREE DAYS and oh oh I want my baby *sniffles*

Luckily I realized last night that I might LOSE MY BABY for some period of time, so I finally bit the del.ici.ous bullet and tagged all my open bandom tabs. So I have plenty of fic saved up to entertain me. BUT STILL. I am sad.

Things that make me less sad:
-The BBC interview with Panic! at Reading. Um, Jon and Spencer, MARRIED MUCH? And that's all I'll say about that.
-All the Reading Panic! performance videos. They were ON, even if Brendon looked a little skittish at first because omgbottles. Middle of the Summer sounds FANTASTIC, and the facelift they did on I Constantly Thank God for Esteban is so so much fun!
-The new TAI TV episode, with Guy Ripley at Reading. All pretty hilarious, but then, OH THEN, RYAN ROSS. WITH HIS DOOFY GRIN AND A DRINK IN HIS HAND. Surrounded by The Academy Is...! William Beckett, you HORRIBLE INFLUENCE. I think there needs to be a sudden and prolific influx of William/Ryan, WHAT SAY YOU? That or Ryan/Mike Carden, cause did you SEE that interview from Decaydance Fest? Yeah. Yeah. ♥
-Basically, the entire fact of the Reading Festival's existence. EXCEPT FOR HOW JONWALKER WAS HIT WITH A BOTTLE, NOT ON. >:(
-Jared's little faaaace at the TCAs ♥
-[livejournal.com profile] airgiodslv's telepath AU. I haven't quite finished but. WOW. So insanely good. Next up: Wednesday Night Boys!

OH AND. I would like you all to meet my darling new wife, [livejournal.com profile] shiola_shiola. What's that you say? You didn't even know we knew each other? Well, I must admit, ours was a whirlwind romance. It was built on the foundation of Brendon Fucking Urie, then cemented by Buffy, Queer as Folk, Hayden Panettiere, and Muse. CLEARLY we are MFEO. *grins* Hi Steph, my dear! *waves* AND I have linked her to a Supernatural download community, so soon our love will be further enriched by Winchester squee, and honestly. That's the recipe for a successful marriage if I've ever heard of one! :D
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I was just looking at my profile and I noticed... I have exactly 300 people friended! Whee! And coincidentally enough, this is exactly my 1,400th post! That's... a lot of babbling *g*

I'll take this moment to say how much I appreciate all of you. I've found such an incredible community here, and met some of my best friends in the whole world, and I'm so grateful for everything LJ has brought to me. Even amidst all the kerfluffle (which I have completely mixed feelings on, sigh) my love for LJ, and the people I know here, is boundless. I love you all! *hugs tight*

Completely unrelatedly, my 5 year old cousin is currently watching Power Rangers, and it's pretty much hilarious. This seems to be some kind of turning point episode, so they've been recapping some history, and they showed the original Power Rangers that I watched when I was a kid. Tommy was sooooo hot, guys, and I adored Kimberly! *g* I am very amused.
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PSA to all Big Bang authors: I'm SO SORRY.

I haven't read any Big Bang fics yet, so if you were thinking that it was cause I hate you (if you thought about it all - which I doubt, but this is just an In Case) it's not at all. The problem is Me, not You. (It's true!!) I have been feeling disconnected and lacking in squee for both the Winchesters and the J's lately. I know that there are some truly truly awesome BB stories out there, but I don't feel like I'm in a headspace to properly appreciate them right now. I will get around to them at some point but.... right now, it just wouldn't work. I am really sorry, because I know you worked so hard on these, and I'm so awed and amazed by all of you, but there it is. I still love you!

In other news, I'm having a lazy Saturday. It's lovely.
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Guess what I did last night? I beat the mayor of Lancaster, PA at poker! It was incredibly surreal. Oxfam held a Charity Game Night Gala to raise money, and we asked the mayor to come! His secretary said "he would try," so I was like, pffft... yeah right. And then he was THERE. I wish there had been a better turn out to the event to be a bit more impressive, but he was very gracious and nice and thanked us for caring about people. And gave a donation. And the event itself raised $800!! All that goes to a local organization that helps the homeless in Lancaster. So all in all it was quite a success, and we're very pleased. Yay Oxfam!

I bought the season 2 Stargate Atlantis official companion because I am totally a whore for this show :D It's a fun read, with comments from all the cast and producers and whatnots about each episode and character and suchforth. The most disappointing thing I came across, however, was this: Joe Flanigan was originally planning on writing what he calls a "McKay and Sheppard story," but because the idea was too similar to two SG-1 episodes, they went an entirely different direction and what we got was... Epiphany. You know, the one with the meditating space-bimbo and John in a beard chewing on hay and, oh yeah, MALP-on-a-stick! Booo. I do however find it fun that this episode led indirectly to my most favoritest McShep moment of the whole season - because John had the experience with the meditating crazy Ascended wannabes, Elizabeth assigned him to help Rodney meditate, which led to the scene in John's quarters at the end of Tao of Rodney, which, yaknow, ♥♥&hearts. So there is a silver lining! *laughs*

On a general note, I feel really disconnected from fandom right now. My extent of livejournal interaction is scrolling through my flist to get the gist, because I don't have time for any more. I have approximately 40 tabs of Supernatural fic open, and have neither the time nor the inclination to read any of them. I do read at least a SGA fic or two every day. I feel obscurely guilty about that :-/ This damned SPN hiatus needs to be over, now! But I really do miss you guys and miss being really involved... I just can't fix it right now. I'm sorry and I love you all, I really do. And to all my friends going through tough times - my heart is with you, and I wish you the very very best. *hugs everyone*
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Oh my god, Life. If you royally fuck over ANY MORE OF MY FRIENDS, then I am DONE WITH YOU. Holy shit. Back off, alright? All these wonderful, kind, amazing people subjected to tragedies, day after day. It's overwhelming. And I feel helpless, knowing I can do nothing for these people that I love.

I believe other people have said this before me, but 2007? YOU LOSE.
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So, darling flist, I have something to ask of you. I have an assignment for my race in America class for tomorrow which is to give a four-minute presentation about our ancestry and how they came to live in America, and their experiences on that journey. However, my history is extremely boring - they came over from Scotland, the end. And that's just one quarter of my background! I have no clue about the rest of it, and no way of figuring it out.

SO! Here's where you come in. We're allowed to adopt someone else's ancestry to report to the class if ours is too boring. It's best if we can relate it to the topics we've been studying, which cover a broad range of themes throughout history, from colonization to the Chinese Exclusion Act, and everything in between. So I want you to tell me your stories! Do you have an interesting, colorful ancestry? I'd love if you would share it with me. Just a general picture, something that can be explained briefly and simply. I can leave your name unconnected with it if you prefer. You can either comment here, or email me at starlight1013@gmail.com. Either way, I might have some questions for you, and I'd like if you could answer them tonight, since it's... due tomorrow. Oops.

I'd really appreciate your help! A lot! Thanks in advance to anyone who replies! :)

I take it all back! I just talked to my daddy and my history is definitely interesting enough to fill four minutes, and it's best to go with my own story anyway, since I have more than a vague sense of it. Thank you so much to all you that replied! ♥
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I generally find love memes too LARGE to navigate, but some very kind soul put together an index for the current one, and so I went to look...

I AM IN TEARS. Full on, sobbing, wracking tears. I just. WHAT. You guys! You have COMPLETELY overwhelmed me. You don't understand. I have made big strides recently, but I have ALWAYS been insecure and unsure and there's always tons of self-doubt and loathing and sometimes I get to very dark places. But finding you has changed that, so completely. And you go and DROWN ME with your amazingness and I can't do anything but flap my hands and cry and try to articulate how much you MEAN to me. You make me proud to be who I AM, truly and really, and not just some toned down politically correct version of myself. I think my favorite descriptor used is "unabashedly loves the gay"! *laughs* Because it's very true, and you all GET that, and so much more. So, so much more. I... I can't find words to thank you, but thank you. From the very bottom of my heart. I love you all.

Head on over to The Love Meme

ETA: Crap, you all are so amazing that the comment limit was reached! *flails* So I can't go contribute my love! I'M SORRY! I hope you all know how much I love you. I do I do I do.
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My LJ informs me that today is BIRTHDAYTASTIC! Oh my goodness! :O So here goes...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] lyra_wing!!! I first got to know your fic, but gradually we started to talk more through comments, and then AIM, and I'm so glad we have! You are an absolute sweetheart, and a GENIUS to boot. Seriously, I want to reside in your head right next to your Sam and Dean so I can watch them be either delightfully subtexty together or just outright porny *grins* Talking to you always brings a smile to my face, and I hope you have the wonderful birthday that you deserve. *huggles*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] femmenerd!!! You are such a unique, awesome person! I am so glad to know you. It's super fun to have a fellow Faith worshipper to squeal with, and just in general you are so smart and entertaining and talented. I'm so glad to have you on my flist. I hope you have a fantastic day, dear! *huggles too*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] notthequiettype!!! Ash! You have a heart of gold. Seriously, you are just so warm and kind and friendly, it's a joy to have you on my flist. I hope your day is totally splendiferous! *huggles even more*

Whew! I love you all! ♥
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Valentine's Day would have just sailed right past me without making a blip on my radar if it weren't for all ya'll lovely people. (Well, except my friend Rob bought me a carnation, and wrote a Stargate quote on the card - HOW CUTE!) Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] technosage for the chocolates! Yum yum! Love you, Allieface! Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] poisontaster for the GRANNY PANTIES. Why yes, I DID blush. ♥ Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] obeetaybee for more chocolates, always welcome! *hugs* And thank you to the always fabulous [livejournal.com profile] shotofjack for the candy hearts!

And THANK YOU for all the gorgeous comments left for me in [livejournal.com profile] svmadelyn's lovefest! I felt all warm and fuzzy. Your perception of me is so different from how I see myself, and gradually you're managing to convince me of a better self-vision, and that's... kind of awesome. I love you so so much. I wish I knew who said those lovely things so I could SMISH YOU with love! And if you haven't yet, everyone should go to her journal and check out the list - a lot of lovely things got said about a lot of lovely people!

You all rock my socks completely off my feet. ♥♥♥

It's 1 AM and I got back from my school's production of The Vagina Monologues 30 minutes ago. It was AWESOME, again. They get some fabulous actresses to take part :) By turns hilarious, moving, and horrifying, it was a great performance. One girl wrote her own monologue for it, and it was about how she was sexually abused when she was seven, and the need for women to not be silent about abuse. That got me in the gut. It was very eloquent and painful. There was lots of really great material - it was wonderful. If you ever get the chance to see a performance, I definitely recommend it.

It perhaps says something about me that when they said "Pittsburgh LOVES vaginas!" I looked at Michelle and burst out laughing. (You will only get that if you know Queer as Folk. But if you do, HEE.)

And now of course I'm about to read some gay porn! Cock FTW! *facepalm* I fail at being a girl. Hee.

(Yaknow, I've only got two icons with a boy and a girl on them. And one of them is the Tam siblings. Oh me!)


Goodnight, my lovelies! *smooches all*
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Happy Valentines Day to my beautiful flist!

There are many and sundry of you whom I need to shower love upon personally, but that will have to wait until this evening. But for now, I just want to say, that I am so grateful for you all, for this community I belong to. Without you I don't know how I would make it! You are all so joyous and fun and kind and generous and sweet and lovely and my life is far better with you in it. Thank you for being extremely awesomesauce. ♥♥♥♥♥

(On an unrelated note, my orgo teacher is CRUEL. I get an email from him a few minutes ago titled "class" and I'm like EEEEE NO CLASS!! but of course it says 'Yes. Class at 8:00.' *cries*)

ETA: Just to be clear, SOCK ME, BITCHES! :D
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