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Firstly, thank you everso to the lovely [livejournal.com profile] xsnarkasaurus for the adorable dragon on my profile! ♥

I had a most wunderbar weekend on a ski trip with my friends! It was preceded by a nutso week. I shall talk about them! (With a couple visual aids!)

My nutso and (sometimes) wunderbar life. )

This weekend was ALSO a fantastic weekend for my beloved football teams. Sadly I wasn't able to watch it live, but since I was off having so much fun that's okay. :) I got back from snowshoeing Saturday to find that Mainz had won 4-0!!! The noise I made when I saw that would have terrified dogs, haha. My beautiful Ádám scored for the first time since coming back from injury, AND it was against the same team he tore his ACL against more than a year ago! I'm so happy for him. Zidan scored his fourth goal in four games for us, bless his heart. My favorite teeny one, Nicolai, also nicked a goal, and EMCM finished poor Kaiserslautern off. It was our big derby too! Beyond pleased to see all my boys so happy. ♥♥

Also happy were my other boys in red and white, who won THEIR derby 5-2! That's right, Arsenal TROUNCED Sp*rs, and it was glorious. They went down 2-0, then came back to score 5 unanswered goals, including a truly glorious Robin van Perfect strike and FINALLY a Rosicky goal after which he looked so happy I got all teary. AND a Sagna header! AND a Walcott brace! Ahhhh! Take THAT, Gareth fucking Bale, with your stupid face and your stupid dives. The relief of the Arsenal boys was palpable, and the Emirates was just hopping (I managed to catch part of the second half on a skippy stream at the lodge). YAY!

Ádám and Mo are my darling derbysieger! <333

Lalala that's it for tonight!
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Things wot are awesome:

  • This montage of Topher being... well, Topher:

  • Amy Gumenick is filming her lead guest role on Castle right now! For those who don't know, she played Mary on Supernatural and she's such a doll.A photo from Jon Huertas's Twitter )
  • This post from Jezebel: A Gallery of Extremely Handsome British Men. The post itself is kind of lacking, but the comments are gold. Damian Lewis! Ewan McGregor! Matthew Goode! David Tennant! Jamie Bamber! Yessss. ♥ (Obviously, Scotsmen are not British, though they do live in the United Kingdom. However, Irish I will not tolerate being called British. Just sayin!)
  • I just made this because it needed to be made. Every time I feel whiny about the Michigan winter weather, I visualize this: A very apt motivational poster )
  • STARK SANDS HAS A LEADING ROLE IN THE BROADWAY PRODUCTION OF AMERICAN IDIOT. :DDDDDDD I haven't even watched all of Gen Kill but already I LOVE Stark and his face. I was wishing that I could get to see American Idiot anyway, but now I'm talking about road tripping to NYC for this shit with my Chicago crew. MFY.
  • I get to see Gold Motel with [livejournal.com profile] angel726 this weekend!! :DDDDD
  • Tomorrow my darling Steffen is making dinner for me and Kate and Francisco. I'm SO excited. Kate's making dessert too! I love those three fools beyond all reason. I've realized that they perfectly parallel my three besties from Ireland - two boys and a gal - and I feel the same kind of comfort and joy around them. I am so grateful to have found that - within a 14 person program to boot! Every day I have to restrain the urge to just hug them and tell them how much I love them. ♥
  • I don't have to make a presentation for class tonight! WOOOOO! I have had to make two a week for the past three weeks and it got a little old. :P Instead I'm drinking whiskey and cranberry, putting together a Liebgott spam (keep an eye out for that!), and considering watching Life or Southland or GenKill or Friday Night Lights or just anything. (Maybe Band of Brothers? TELL ME YOU'RE SHOCKED.) Too much awesome TV! <33
  • Speaking of TV, my thoughts: The latest Bones was SO FRICKIN WONDERFUL. Angela and Hodgins! ♥____♥ White Collar has pretty much redeemed itself to me, thankfully, so I can just enjoy the OT3 pretty. Castle is still perfect all the goddamn time - ugh, SO MUCH LOVE. Friday Night Lights, while lacking a bit of the old resonance while they're trying to develop new characters, continues to be riveting and beautiful television. I love that Timmy's still around, as he and Coach and Tami pretty much make everything worth it. Dollhouse ends tomorrow - I'm heartbroken and resigned, but excited to see what Joss has whipped up. Leverage has been okay - the new gal is fine, but the latest two plots have seemed too hokey for me. I never say no to shirtless Hardison though. ♥ And I... still haven't watched last week's Supernatural. Maybe I should get on that, huh?

And that's that! There are some things that are un-awesome - what the fuck do I do about Dave? - but I'm going to let this post stand on its own and let you just roll around in the AWESOME. And don't forget - lotsa Lieb sooon! :D

How are you my dears? ♥
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Who is the anonymous darling who sent me a snowflake with hearts?? THANK YOU! It really made me smile. :D

Today I spent 6 hours being taught how to be an ~*ethical scientist*~. I had to get there at 8:45. On Saturday morning. You can imagine the vastness of my displeasure. However! I magically lucked out with an intelligent and lively group of students who actually carried out an interesting and thought-provoking discussion. I met some new folks and generally had about as much fun as you can at a marathon ethics course. Yay for transmutation of expected evils!

This evening I went to Francisco's with Steffen and Kate and we all drank beer and ate Indian food and watched Star Trek. It was, all in all, the best idea ever. I'm so glad I found them here. ♥

Hope you all had lovely Saturdays!
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Today is a good day!

I saw my friend Jake from high school for the first time in THREE YEARS. We were geek buddies in high school and continue to be geek buddies. He's awesome. We went bowling (I totally kicked his ass) and then got a pint of Guinness and chatted for a while. Om nom and yay :)

Then I met three of my oldest and wonderfulest high school friends, Sarah, Coryn, and Dana (I've known Dana since we were ten, oh the stories she can tell about me!). We hung out in an Irish pub for four hours just talking about everything, life and school and guys and sex and studying abroad and high school and the future and everything. It was ridiculously fun, I had a wonderful time. I used to be so antisocial - when I was around people too long, I would start to get restless and need to leave and be on my own again. But Dublin totally cured me of that and I just kept talking and talking and it was just wonderful.

Another glorious thing to happen to me today was this baby:

That's right, I'm typing now on my brand spanking new 15" MacBook Pro. OH MY GOD I LOVE IT SO MUCH. The screen is huge and sleek and BRIGHT, the speakers are deeply fantastic, the keyboard is EVEN nicer than on my Macbook, the body is smooth and shiny, and it's so goddamn fast! And I have 250 GB of hard drive space AHHHH! Unimaginable riches! I am so giddy and in love with my pretty new toy!

I was totally prepared to stick with my old Macbook (three years old) until it gave up the ghost, but my brother needed a computer for college (he hasn't had one in a while because by various means he has lost two different computers and my parents wouldn't get him another). He wanted to buy one with the money saved for him for college, but that's supposed to go towards tuition, and I was like well... I was considering buying one with the fellowship Michigan gave me, so he can have my old one? And my mom was like YES, do that, and so here I am, with my shiny new laptop whee! My mom paid for it but I'm going to repay her once I get my first paycheck from Michigan.

TL;DR -> SHINY = YAY. *twirls* Now I'm gonna give it a spin!
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If there is at least one person in your life, whom you consider a close friend, and whom you would not have met without the internet, post this sentence in your journal.

Sarah! Sas! Neb! Steffi! Rach! I love you all *huggles tight* Plus the people I met online before I had an LJ... Mikey and Stephan especially. And Tara and Emile. And Brett! And Richy. Yeah basically I have more close online friends than I do real ones. A little bit sad, if only because I'm likely to never actually meet any of them :( I've already lost touch with chris, Logan, Kal, and so so many more people that I liked a lot... meh.


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