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I finally made a new flist filter! All the ones I had were hopelessly out of date, and trying to read unfiltered is a nightmare because of all the random communities I never bothered to unfriend, SO! I have found all the still active friends around and compiled you into a handy dandy flist that will help me get back in the groove of this here LJ nonsense. Yay! Hi!

In having a few comment chats I've already realized how much I've missed LJ. Twitter just isn't the same - conversations are more out in the open there, you have to filter yourself. Especially since some of my football friends started following my "personal" twitter. I can't just come out and flail about how John and Sherlock are TOTES IN LOVE ZOMG!!1!! LJ is still my safe haven and I love you baby and I'll never leave again. (Lies, but, I want to come back for now!)

It does sadden me all the stupid things the LJ company itself continues to do. But the remnants of my community are still here and I'm going to cling to it, dammit.

Say hi if you're even still following me! I have no idea if I'm just shouting into the darkness, now. It would be justified but I'd still just like to know. So! Hi!
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Let's take a journey through time and space! The mighty booooooosh... oops, sorry, got sidetracked :D Now let's see here...

On July 3, 2008, I went to work at the lab. Work went... okay. And then I came home and watched TBPID! YAY!

On July 3, 2007, I squealed about the existence of a NASA space shuttle named Atlantis, and then ranted about America in response to watching the movie Syriana.

On July 3, 2006, I was in the midst of flailing about Germany in the World Cup, only to have my hopes dashed by their loss to Italy the next day :(

On July 3, 2005, I made a kind of hilariously "academic" assessment of the culture of icon making, and I also squealed about receiving my first award for vid-making! Oh how I miss vidding. I wish I had the time still.

On July 3, 2004, I did not yet have an LJ, but I will bet you anything I was doing nothing. That summer I didn't have a job, as I was so fried from my senior year of high school, so I sat around doing... nothing. Heh.

I am about to go pick up Niall from the train station! Yay!
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Friends list cut has been ACCOMPLISHED. Starting total: 518. Final total: 235.

Christ. I'd say that was a bit overdue, wouldn't you? I had journals friended whose last entry was in 2006. I had people friended who had long since defriended me and were friends locked. I just needed to clean out that damn closet. And I feel so much better now that I've done it.

I really hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings. If I somehow cut you in error and you'd really want to stick around, please say something, it really was a huge job. But I feel a lot more honest now, because there were a LOT of journals I just wasn't reading. I'll still be filtering but mostly to keep things straight in terms of subject matter, so there's Bandom, SGA, and Other, at the moment.

Moving on!


Ugh, STEVEN SMITH. Why do I heart you so hard? He starts the interview with "I, I, I love you." And the boys kind of giggle and Brendon goes "We love YOU." Hee! And dude, when did Ryan become the comedian?? He's rambling about how he got his scarf in the SHIRE and his boys are just literally falling over laughing. SO FUCKING CUTE. And the whispering! And the high fives! SO MANY HEARTS IN MY EYES, YOU GUYS. I can't wait for the SURS clip :D

[livejournal.com profile] teaspoon just posted about how - wait for it - Steven Smith and Mikey fucking WAY are going to be JUDGING A KARAOKE COMPETITION at ANGELS & KINGS.

I'll let that sink in for a moment.

Is that not the most lolarious and awesome thing you have EVER HEARD? Mikey Way! I don't know what to do with you! Judging a karaoke night at your ex boyfriend's bar! If this gets us some Mikey/Pete pictures, well. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. And Steven! Steven who has a ginormous crush on Gerard! And who is just adorable beyond the telling of it!

I really hope this heralds more interaction between the MCR and FOB camps to come. Because that would just be unspeakably awesome. It is my life's dream to see Gerard and Ryan have a conversation, OKAY? Bwee.

Now I am sleepy. Goodnight <3
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Thank you so so so much to everyone who loved up on me in the Love Meme. I had tears streaming down my face, no lie. I usually steer completely clear of those kinds of things (there's too much potential for hurt feelings in addition to all the love, and it just feels too high school) but since it just HAPPENED, I'm all verklempt. You guys are awesome, seriously ♥

And now I want to say something.

Okay. Here's the thing. There are four hundred people that have this journal friended. Seriously. FOUR HUNDRED. That number is just. Ridiculous and I can't quite wrap my head around it. I know that probably half of those people have filtered me out long ago, or don't use LJ anymore, or whatever, but that still leaves a fuckton of people with their eyes at least glancing over this journal on a regular basis. And yet the amount of comments I receive has seemed to stay more or less steady at around 5-10 per entry for at least the last couple years. And this makes me feel kind of weird and uncomfortable. It has two dimensions - for one thing, I feel sometimes like I'm just kind of yelling out into a black void and my words are getting swallowed up. For another, it also feels like I'm in a goldfish bowl, with everyone kind of hovering around and able to see me, but not reaching in an interacting. It's weird and a little bit out of control.

I think I let it get to this point because I never stopped treating this journal as something temporary. When I got my LJ, it was just kinda like, oh this will be fun, but I didn't think it would become an integral part of my life like it really has. I've had this journal for 3 years and a month, now. That's a long time in my young life. And I've been something of a fandom butterfly, flitting back and forth and hither and yon and piling up friends but never really fully leaving a fandom, and I don't think I can let it get much further.

And here is where I admit my shameful secret - I read on filters. I know, it's terrible, but if anyone says to me they could totally keep up with 518 journals, well, I'd tell them they were a liar. Not to mention I've lost interest in a lot of what those journals have to say. And I know it's somehow not kosher to let people friend you and not friend them back, but what else am I supposed to do?? If I friended everyone who has me friended, that would be over SIX HUNDRED journals. o.O That's just not realistic. So more often than not nowadays, I don't friend back. I feel kind of bad, but there's nothing else I can do! This is the reason I could never go friends only, and I really don't understand people who DO go friends only. If you go that route, doesn't it mean you pretty much have to friend everyone who wants to friend you, and then either read their journals or read on filters, which is ANOTHER faux pas? It's a catch-22! I hate friending etiquette, I really do, because it always feels like you're doing something wrong.

So all of this is to say - I think I'm going to do a pretty significant friends cut. I apologize profusely in advance if I hurt anyone's feelings, and I know it's going to be hard, but I just have to do it. Feel free to defriend me, honestly, I'm declaring defriending amnesty right now. And if you have anything to say to me about all of the above, please do! Maybe I'm being a bitch with this post? Idk! Please tell me if I am, because I hate being a bitch /o\

Good thing I'm home early and have no plans for the evening... this is gonna take a while -_-
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I've been meaning to do this for weeeeeks, but I finally got off my ass and did it.

The result? NEW HEADER! Check it out, loves ----> [livejournal.com profile] exsequar

I've wanted an MCR header for ages. I loved my Panic! one, but it's been pretty clear that MCR is first in my heart for a while now. I just didn't know what picture! But in the end it inevitably came down to this one, my favorite MCR picture for a few reasons. 1) They are all (except Bob) in the asymmetrical zip-up Jacket of Joy, which is my favorite bandom piece of clothing ever (no I don't know why!) and I always squee when I see Mikeyway in it (and occasionally Frank). So when I found out that they all wore it? WELL. <33333 2) The sunglasses! SUCH COOL KIDS. 3) They're not looking at the camera, which I love. It feels a bit more natural. 4) Frankie's Skeleton Crew t-shirt ♥ 5) The coloring and composition. The sky broad and blue above them, the vivid buildings behind them. 6) IT'S THEM. <3333

I still love my layout though, so this is literally just slapping a new header on top. The coloring happily works out so that I can even leave the light blue, which I love.

Lyrics are from "Thank You for the Venom," obviously, which I have been incredibly addicted to lately.

While I was in conversation with [livejournal.com profile] iamsupernova in the comments for the [livejournal.com profile] weemo_closet hottest bandboy poll (TEAM IERO!), the subject of shirtless Frankie was raised. In going through my collection, I found a ridiculous dearth of images of this phenomenon (seriously, MCR is like a band of freaking nuns - take them clothes off sometimes, boys! ...please?) but I did find several tantalizing pictures of Frankie's HIPS making a bid for freedom between his shirt and pants. So, a minispam!

I still can't get over the fact that the sparrows are Gee and Frankie )

And with that, I bid thee adieu! Long day tomorrow!

(I will NEVER tire of this moodtheme, hee. GET DOWN WITH YOUR BAD SELF GEEWAY.)

(Also, um, I really would like feedback on the new header. I'm always insecure about big pieces of graphic work when I first finish them! Try not to be completely sidetracked by Frankie!hips. I know it's hard *g*)

ETA!! Everyone's asking about the sparrows - I didn't realize this wasn't common knowledge! Please see my next post for clarification :)
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I was just looking at my profile and I noticed... I have exactly 300 people friended! Whee! And coincidentally enough, this is exactly my 1,400th post! That's... a lot of babbling *g*

I'll take this moment to say how much I appreciate all of you. I've found such an incredible community here, and met some of my best friends in the whole world, and I'm so grateful for everything LJ has brought to me. Even amidst all the kerfluffle (which I have completely mixed feelings on, sigh) my love for LJ, and the people I know here, is boundless. I love you all! *hugs tight*

Completely unrelatedly, my 5 year old cousin is currently watching Power Rangers, and it's pretty much hilarious. This seems to be some kind of turning point episode, so they've been recapping some history, and they showed the original Power Rangers that I watched when I was a kid. Tommy was sooooo hot, guys, and I adored Kimberly! *g* I am very amused.
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I have now added a header! I am madly in love with it and basically want to stare at my layout, um, forever. Yay! Panic! boys to stare at whenever I please! \o/

Once more, with feeling! --> [livejournal.com profile] exsequar :D

Now I am off on my 10 hour epic car adventure! Silly me didn't think to prepare what I wanted to do for the ride, since I forgot my dad would be driving for a lot of it! *facepalm* I have a few good books that should keep me entertained though, but I need to charge my iPod and put a couple new things on it to watch. Like Pushing Daisies!
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Yay new layout! *beams* Right now it's just a basic layout directly from coding by [livejournal.com profile] refuted (and a gorgeous layout it is!) but I have plans to make a Panic! header and possibly change the color scheme. But for now I think it looks lovely! I always get tired of dark layouts, so this is a wonderful refreshing change from the last one. Sorry, Danny and Rusty my loves! You are not forgotten! But it is time to move on. :)

What I find funny - in the tag cloud on the sidebar, I have about a TRILLION (I need to have more of a system, I know) and most of them are tiny, with a few (like college) being a bit more prominent, but then SUPERNATURAL is SO HUGE it can't even FIT in the sidebar!!! I find this hilarious. Oh me.

But yes! Go see the shiny! All the new words (journal title, subtitle, comment links, mood and music) are lyrics from Panic!'s song Camisado, because it pwns me. Oh Ryan Ross.

----> [livejournal.com profile] exsequar

And for today's dose of Panic! adorable, we have...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
LOOK AT THEM OMG. Spencer's SMILE! They ALL look SO HAPPY, even Ryro! And JWalk is killing me with adorable! And they have a Moonman! And pretty much I love them forever and ever the end *beams*
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My "Blind" video has been viewed over FOURTEEN HUNDRED TIMES on YouTube *boggles* That is INSANITY. I just. What??? o.O Wow!

Re: LJ going batshit again. Um. I'm staying right here, guys. I don't see the point of getting some random new journals that I'll never use. What they're doing sucks, yes, but at the same time... I saw the piece of art that got the first person TOSed. It's rather vile, in my opinion. I love some of her other art, but that I just cannot get behind. And I personally have nothing to worry about, and I really don't think any of my friends do either, so, um. Self centered? Perhaps. I've just got too many other things to worry about.


Farscape is fucking INTENSE, yo. John just made a deal with Scorpius, and Scorpy sealed it by slitting John's thumb and sucking the blood... obscenely. Then he made John taste his in return. IT WAS DISTURBING AND DISTURBINGLY HOT, OKAY? *holds head*

I'm pimping Panic! out to [livejournal.com profile] shinetastic, HEE! *clappyhands* I'm so glad she's actually excited about it instead of wanting to slap me! Yay! *smooches Holly*

In that vein, have your daily dose of pretty. From the brand new Panic! photos, in which Ryan is simply evanescent:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Lalala back to Farscape!
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I have apparently been in a renovating kind of mood! I've changed everything about my journal in the past couple days. Further changes... I added one more header to the rotation, another Danny/Rusty, this one blue and green from those gorgeous caps I posted the other day :D I also have a new default icon *points* of the transcendentally beautiful Rusty - just look at his big eyes! ♥

I have also changed my journal titles... my main title is now "Terrible thing, pizza incompatibility", which is a random line that just captured my fancy from an adorable Ocean's 11 ficlet (sensing a trend???) called That's Amore by [livejournal.com profile] luzdeestrellas. The subtitle is "(a little less conversation, a little more action)" which is the Elvis song featured in Ocean's 11. And the title of my friends page is "Workin with proper villains again" which is a quotation from Basher in Ocean's 11, referring to - you guessed it - Rusty and Danny.

Obsessed much? *facepalm*

Oh! A not-Ocean related change! I have a shiny new moodtheme by [livejournal.com profile] _wwsd_ which is animated of John and Rodney (and Joe and David) from SGA and it's just the most hilarious adorable thing I have ever SEEN. This is one of my favorites - oh, JOE! *draws hearts*

Yay for new shiny things!

Now I'm off to eat some cookie dough ice cream and hopefully finish up the fourth season of Angel! Whee!
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Just wasted two hours of my life watching the first part of the Drive premiere. Sorry guys, but I am so not on this bandwagon. It elicited no kind of emotional response from me - no sympathy for ANY of the characters (except perhaps Nathan... aw Nathan. *squishes him*), no laughter, no curiosity... I just don't care in the slightest. I think the fact that I HATE what competition does to people (one of the big reasons I don't watch reality shows, other than them... just sucking in general) has a large part to do with my complete lack of interest. In the preview for the Monday part, one person says "Money isn't everything!" and another person holds a gun on her and says "Yes. It. Is." And that exactly sums up why I'm not going to be watching this show.

Oh well.

It's a Winchester week! Woohoo! \o/

When I renewed my paid account and extra userpics, I got 6 more icon slots, bringing my total to 112. This is very exciting.

I very much want a silly Aeryn and/or John Farscape icon, but I can't seem to find one :( Can anyone point me in the direction of some?

I have a miserable cold. I have been sneezing nonstop all day. Ugh ugh ugh.
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I made a new userinfo banner! Yay! I was never super happy with the other one anyway. And LOOK at John's wee FACE! *squishes him*

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Oh my god, Life. If you royally fuck over ANY MORE OF MY FRIENDS, then I am DONE WITH YOU. Holy shit. Back off, alright? All these wonderful, kind, amazing people subjected to tragedies, day after day. It's overwhelming. And I feel helpless, knowing I can do nothing for these people that I love.

I believe other people have said this before me, but 2007? YOU LOSE.
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I generally find love memes too LARGE to navigate, but some very kind soul put together an index for the current one, and so I went to look...

I AM IN TEARS. Full on, sobbing, wracking tears. I just. WHAT. You guys! You have COMPLETELY overwhelmed me. You don't understand. I have made big strides recently, but I have ALWAYS been insecure and unsure and there's always tons of self-doubt and loathing and sometimes I get to very dark places. But finding you has changed that, so completely. And you go and DROWN ME with your amazingness and I can't do anything but flap my hands and cry and try to articulate how much you MEAN to me. You make me proud to be who I AM, truly and really, and not just some toned down politically correct version of myself. I think my favorite descriptor used is "unabashedly loves the gay"! *laughs* Because it's very true, and you all GET that, and so much more. So, so much more. I... I can't find words to thank you, but thank you. From the very bottom of my heart. I love you all.

Head on over to The Love Meme

ETA: Crap, you all are so amazing that the comment limit was reached! *flails* So I can't go contribute my love! I'M SORRY! I hope you all know how much I love you. I do I do I do.
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*squees* YAY!! New layout!!! New layouts always make me so excited :D You may remember I said a little while back I was going to switch to an SGA header - well, I never got around to it, and eventually I decided I didn't want to do THAT, so instead I made my first mixed-fandom header! \o/ It features McShep and the Winchester boys, and they are AWFULLY pretty together. Mmmph. I'm really really pleased with how the header came out, and the coloring's all bright and pretty, and and yay! The brushes on the header are by [livejournal.com profile] 77words and missm.paperlilies.com. Check it out, and do tell me what you think!

[livejournal.com profile] exsequar

I also finally got around to uploading [livejournal.com profile] caugraphics's AWESOME animated SPN moodtheme, as you can see! HEE JENSEN!! *draws a trillion hearts*

Yay my journal is fun and shiny! *basks in the boys, boys everywhere!*

In other news, I'm happy because I managed to get more than caught up with my homework for the week, even though I barely had any time to work while I was in Boston. AWESOME. I'm so proud of me, and this layout is... my present to me! :D

Only three more days until new, hilarious SPN! And I've only got 5 episodes left until I finish SGA! (Which is sad, but also fun. I love this show.) And... and... I'm in a really good mood right now! Which is awesome. Yay for good moods.

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Well fuck me! Yesterday was my Two Year LJ Anniversary! HUZZAH!

Here's a little look at the status of Anne-ville, after two years among you fine folks:

Friends: 245 people, 143 comms
Mutual friends: 200 people
Also friend of: 78 people
Journal entries: 1,062
Comments - Posted: 17,098 ; Received: 9,662

Those are some mighty high numbers! I just want to say that I appreciate you all, so much, and the contribution you've made to making my life just so much more enjoyable. There are times when I would have been lost in a black pit of despair if it weren't for you wonderful folks keeping me sane (well, relatively speaking) and grounded. LJ is completely my happy place, and that's thanks to all of YOU. I love you so so much. *HUGS AND KISSES EVERYONE*
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I have a *completely* awesomesauce new friend - everyone say hi to Holly, aka [livejournal.com profile] shinetastic! She's pretty new to LJ, and stumbled across my journal and decided to friend me because I am fabulous because I ramble a lot about Supernatural ;) So, she's a full on SPN fan, being completely caught up and eager for Thursday's episode, but she wasn't really in the fandom - hoo boy, did I fix that! I spent four hours last night talking to her and giving her links and telling her who the best authors were and explaining what "RPS" is and showing her interviews and the DAY IN THE LIFE. She hasn't read ONE piece of fic in the fandom yet, so I was like O.O Blank SLATE, how FUN!!! I had to choose what she should read first, and I settled on Every Broken Thing - I think everyone can agree this is a good choice, no? - but damn, it was hard. We have SO MUCH GOOD FIC, guys! I'm almost jealous of her, with all that gloriousness in front of her! *g* And I think she's going to come to the June Wincon, which, SWEET!

SO, she's very sweet, fun, and funny, and we clicked immediately. WELCOME TO THE CRAZY LAND OF LJ FANDOM, HOLLY! *twirls* Everyone say hi! And go check out her journal header, which is DEAN and so gorgeous :D
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I've been using LJ Toys for a few days now, and it makes you terribly selfconscious - all these eyes! on my journal! and only like 1% of them comment! But it's still pretty awesome to see just how visible I've become in the LJ community - even if I don't quite get *why*, it's still fun. *waves hello to all the trillion of lurkers out there* I swear I don't bite! :)

Here's a snapshot of the activity my journal's seen:

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So exactly one year ago today, I curled up on my bed with my laptop and watched the pilot of a certain show called Supernatural. My reaction? "Wow. Wowwwwww. Wow!" In the ensuing year, I have been entirely swept up by the Winchester brothers, right along with many other fangirls, and much has happened and been created as a result! I thought to commemorate this anniversary I'd do a numerical walk down memory lane. Let us begin with...

  • 31 episodes aired - from Pilot to Croatoan, Home to Devil's Trap, Nightmare to Bloodlust, so many chapters in the lives of the Winchester brothers have been given to us. And boy have they grown. Compare the uneasy tension of much of the pilot to the perfect teamwork and connection of Croatoan - they've certainly come a long way. And we've loved (almost) every second of it.

    Follow me for some truly mindboggling stats! )

  • Zillions of wonderful memories, and many more to come

    THANK YOU ALL for an incredible year of laughter and love, and I look forward to many more down the road! *hugs everyone*
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Today is the birthday of the most splendiferous [livejournal.com profile] poisontaster!!! YAAAAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN! *twirls her and smooches* Mona was most marvelous and recruited me and [livejournal.com profile] quietdiscerning to set up a birthday comm for the one and only PT, and a HUNDRED people joined, and at least fifty of those people made bday posts for her, so YAY!! The project was an awesome success and I think we nearly killed PT with the love, which, WOOHOO! We totally win ;) You can go check it all out at [livejournal.com profile] the_fic_machine if you want! (If nothing else, check the userinfo banner, by yours truly, because of course Jsquared would make out for Erin's birthday, and the LAYOUT, by [livejournal.com profile] quietdiscerning which is *flappyhands* SO GORGEOUS! Eeee!)

I wrote her FIC. College AU fic, which I will be posting shortly! Wahoo!

But right now, I have a DECISION to make. FYE is having this ridiculous DVD sale (omg, all these places are TEMPTING me, like WHOA. Stupid holiday sales! :P) and they have seasons 1-3 of Gilmore Girls on sale for 23 bucks! \o/ JAAAAAYRED. I dont really want to get s1 because i've seen most of it, and I want to see some of Jess's storyline because I haven't really. I've also seen a lot of S2 but not as much, I don't think. Is S3 worth getting, or have Dean and Rory completely gone to shit by then? Basically I want lots of Jared, and not too much jealous!Dean. Advice, people!

In other news, I have LESS THAN TEN POSTS until I hit ONE THOUSAND. What should I do to celebrate??


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17 18
19 20
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