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Firstly, thank you everso to the lovely [livejournal.com profile] xsnarkasaurus for the adorable dragon on my profile! ♥

I had a most wunderbar weekend on a ski trip with my friends! It was preceded by a nutso week. I shall talk about them! (With a couple visual aids!)

My nutso and (sometimes) wunderbar life. )

This weekend was ALSO a fantastic weekend for my beloved football teams. Sadly I wasn't able to watch it live, but since I was off having so much fun that's okay. :) I got back from snowshoeing Saturday to find that Mainz had won 4-0!!! The noise I made when I saw that would have terrified dogs, haha. My beautiful Ádám scored for the first time since coming back from injury, AND it was against the same team he tore his ACL against more than a year ago! I'm so happy for him. Zidan scored his fourth goal in four games for us, bless his heart. My favorite teeny one, Nicolai, also nicked a goal, and EMCM finished poor Kaiserslautern off. It was our big derby too! Beyond pleased to see all my boys so happy. ♥♥

Also happy were my other boys in red and white, who won THEIR derby 5-2! That's right, Arsenal TROUNCED Sp*rs, and it was glorious. They went down 2-0, then came back to score 5 unanswered goals, including a truly glorious Robin van Perfect strike and FINALLY a Rosicky goal after which he looked so happy I got all teary. AND a Sagna header! AND a Walcott brace! Ahhhh! Take THAT, Gareth fucking Bale, with your stupid face and your stupid dives. The relief of the Arsenal boys was palpable, and the Emirates was just hopping (I managed to catch part of the second half on a skippy stream at the lodge). YAY!

Ádám and Mo are my darling derbysieger! <333

Lalala that's it for tonight!
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THOSE MY CHEMICAL ROMANTICS ARE AT IT AGAIN!!!! I'm really kind of overwhelmed by how much I LOVE this, and how it's completely new and wacky and different and yet still so THOROUGHLY them. This band has changed so, so much since they made Black Parade, and I love that they've landed on this sound that stays true to their roots while blazing ahead into ridiculous, wonderful POST-APOCALYPTIC COMIC BOOK LAND. Did you see their hair?!???? The clothes??? The ray guns and the GRANT MORRISON and the dude in the roller skates and the helmets and the Mikey Way cheekbones?? EVERYTHING IS AMAZING. And the song bit is getting stuck in my head! I NEED THIS ALBUM LIKE OXYGEN. DO IN FACT NEEDS. Come to meeeeeeee musical geniuses of my heaaaaart! Ugh ♥

In OTHER news (I know nothing could possibly be that important!) this week has sort of... vanished without me noticing? I'm at a weird point in my research, one I don't particularly love, but I'm also no longer in crisis mode, so that's nice. (*ruthlessly squashes remaining qualms*) I've been trying to write a paper for my boss - a "research plan" for the next 12 months - and having a reeeeally hard time with it. Hopefully I'll be able to make serious progress tomorrow.

One VERY exciting thing that happened this week is that I FINALLY GOT A SMART PHONE!!! I know I am so behind the curve, but I had this adorable little LG flip phone with Verizon that was solid and functional and reliable and pretty much did everything I needed a PHONE to do. However, when the iPhone 4 came out, I was like ".....oooh. Do want." And started thinking about what my life would be like with a smart phone. Since then there have been more and more occasions where I've been like DAMMIT WHY DO I NOT HAVE A SMART PHONE (the worst of which was getting stupidly lost in Chicago on my way to Stargate Creation Con with [livejournal.com profile] musictoyourlips, sigh sigh), and so I finally decided to get one. But I did NOT get the iPhone 4, for various reasons, the biggest being not wanting to switch to AT&T. Instead I got... the DROID INCREDIBLE. And, you know, it is pretty incredible! I'm still learning how to use it, but I'm discovering new features every day, and overcoming frustrations, and pretttty much I love it. I also got this fucking sweet case for it, all red and black and sexay. His name is Bastian, of course! :D

So YAY for finally joining the 21st century, lolol. If anyone has the Incredible or Android in general and has any tips/warnings/apps I should download, please do speak up!

Still completely obsessed with fußball, nothing's changed there! Bayern has been frustrating but I still love them to pieces. The scoreless draw with Werder last week was beyond annoying - we should have played so much better than that. Lucky to come away with a draw, honestly. Then the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE started!!! I have a fantasy team in a league run by friends, and I was so excited to get the ball rolling. I took a couple serious knocks to my fantasy team - found out Drogba is suspended so had to transfer him, and then Berbatov wasn't even on the BENCH for ManUtd (a massive mistake, as they ended up 0-0 against the RANGERS, thanks a lot FERGUSON) but my defense did beautifully (thank you Bayern and Real bbs!) and all in all it was such a fun time to follow all the games on my beyootiful new phone! :D Bayern looked so much better against Roma, at least in the second half, and finally, on an exquisite, jaw dropping goal by our very own Thomas Müller, we broke through and ended with a deserved 2-0 victory. Yay Bayern! \o/ TOMORROW we play against KÖLN, aka Lukas Podolski's team. I hope it won't be super frustrating with Köln just sitting back on their heels. I hope instead it will be exciting and goal-filled and Lukas and Basti will make out hug at some point. Hey, a girl can dream! :D

Tonight was the dedication of a brand new soccer stadium here at UMich, so my roomie and I went to the inaugural men's soccer game! (There was a women's game earlier, but we couldn't make it. We're disappointed because it was a 5-0 trouncing by our girls! Go Michigan!) The game was 0-0 but the experience was so worth it. It was weird being among undergrads and community members and kids and all kinds of different ages, not just grad students! Some undergrads seriously make me want to punch them in the face, but over all it was a really cool experience. Reasonably good energy from the crowd, team is pretty decent, and it was awesome to see soccer up close and personal after watching it on my laptop for these past months. We'll definitely be going back to more games - especially since it's free for students! Go Wolverines!

This weekend I plan to 1) watch soccer, 2) write my paper, and 3) go to the Renaissance Faire with my cousins! Yay!

How are you, my darlings? Have you recovered consciousness after the shock of new MCR amazingness???
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I come bearing pictures of meeeee! I went to the SALON to get my hair dyed for the very first time, and I am rather pleased. It ended up similar to what I had a few months ago, but it's obviously better quality. Also behind the cut is my awesome birthday present - a Bastian jersey! :DD

Come on in to see my FACE! )

Science has been frustrating lately... or more accurately, I've been frustrating MYSELF with a lack of drive and creativity. IDK what's wrong with me, but SOMETHING is. Meh. Well, I'm running away again - off to California to see my American girls from my year in Dublin! We're spending the weekend in Monterey and I'm prettttty excited. :D Hooray for running away from your problems! Then the weekend after THAT is Chicago with mah [livejournal.com profile] musictoyourlips for a Stargate Creation Con with DAVID HEWLETT AND JOE FLANIGAN AND MICHAEL SHANKS OMGGGG. :DDD So that's pretty cool. Last hurrah before the semester begins! \o/ (We won't talk about that big research plan I have to have written for my boss before classes start.... nosireee.)
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As you might have guessed from my delightful drunkpost, last night was pretty nutty! And super fun. So there's this guy, Noah, a second year PhD student that I met at the biochem retreat last September. I've hung out with him lots, and my roommate Emily has become friends with him too. We went out with him and his friends on Monday to celebrate him passing his candidacy exam \o/, and that was so much fun that he invited me and Emily to a weekly gathering he has with friends on Friday. We met up with them at a bar at 5:30 PM (SO EARLY) and started drinking immediately. I think we ended up with about 15 people there, it was a little crazy but great. I had two beers and some appetizers and was already feeling pretty tipsy. Then we all walked to Noah's house, picking up booze on the way. We all congregated in his basement, which has fully six awesome couches that he's accumulated for free from Craigslist! The next several hours were full of pizza and beer and wine and progressively more drunken shenanigans.

Several times I found myself on a couch between these two guys. Craig is tall, kind of cute in a football player kind of way, and a friend/ex-crush of my roommate Debbie's, so we sort of knew each other. He was being very flirtatious in that fun drunken way where you touch too much and make stupid jokes and whatever, basically the exact kind of flirting that I love but isn't serious at all. He was doing the same with another girl there, Anna, but I wasn't upset because 1) I totally was not going anywhere with him and 2) she was awesome and girl-on-girl hate/jealousy is stupid. I also had a great time getting to talk to Mark more, who's a good friend of Noah's. I sat across from Mark at the bar too so we had some good conversations. He's super adorable with floppy brown hair, round face, glasses, beard, and general sweetness. The catch: he's definitely got a girlfriend. I have no idea how serious they are - I may need to do some intel gathering - but she's in Boston so she obviously was not there last night. At one point I was between Craig and Mark, leaning back on Craig's chest and with my legs twined over and under Mark's legs. Haha, yeah, I was a DRUNK SHARK. But man, it was just COZY. I love when I find people who will let me be my touchy drunk self. I love physical contact! I am a cuddler! So yes, it was super lovely on that front.

One of the best parts of the evening is when the DUCT TAPE came out. First it was normal silver duct tape and I tied up a couple people... I forget exactly who. Mark and Craig, probably. :P BUT THEN, OH THEN, SOMEONE GOT OUT HOT PINK DUCT TAPE. Ahahaha WHAT. I used THAT to very thoroughly tie Craig's hands together. IT WAS GREAT. I have photos! The two of us were really very drunk at that point, but we went searching for scissors to get him free. Luckily the scissors we found were safety scissors or that could have been a VERY bad situation. I'm usually not stupid while drunk! But apparently there are exceptions. :P

Toward the end of the night, I was drunk enough to pick up a bottle of wine with about 3 inches left in it and just start drinking from it! *facepalm* That obviously did not help with the inebriation problem. :P

At only about midnight (because we'd already been out for >6 HOURS) some group decision was made to head home, so we all walked back. I used Mark's arm as an aid to NOT FALLING OVER. He really is super sweet. Even if it turns out he's like, engaged to this girl, I'm glad to have him as a friend. And everyone else who was there too! It's a really fun group and I hope we get to hang out with them more often. We have been invited back for dinner next Friday, so yay! :)

I obviously have to share some photographic evidence with you. Also, I DYED MY HAIR! Yes, again. And I'm really happy with it again, but I hope it doesn't fade away in a week like it did last time!

Hair colouring and hot pink duct tape ahead! )

And that's it - FOR NOW. Tonight is karaoke with Francisco and his lab, which promises to be DELIGHTFUL TIMES. So stoked. :D Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. ♥
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I just got back from seeing Gold Motel, and it was SUCH a blast! I'm a big fan of the EP, and obviously Greta is the most amazingest, and they're a fantastic experience live.

Let me tell you all about it! With pictures included! )

So let's recap. Tonight I:
  • Watched Gold Motel from literally five feet away
  • Got a hug from Greta, which SHE offered
  • Signed Eric's hand because he asked
  • Chatted for a good 15 minutes with Adam, the drummer
  • Almost lost all my toes to frostbite

And that was our Gold Motel experience! It was SO WONDERFUL. I'm really glad I got to meet all the guys, and especially Greta herself. Adam is my new faaaavorite. One of my fave concerts ever, for sure! I have a couple lovely up close videos, so I'll hopefully share those soon. :)
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I haven't been posting pretty much at all, and it's really unfortunate. Kind of a bad side effect of Twitter - I already feel like i've talked about myself enough every day, I don't really feel the pressing need to make a blog post. But I know LJ is so much more lasting and coherent than Twitter updates, so I'm going to force myself to make a long one now. Feel free to skip as much as you like - I just need to have this on the record, so to speak. Now with handy headers for skimming!

The Midwest Stress Response and Molecular Chaperone Meeting
I went to that conference in Chicago with Jason's lab, and it was great! It was a topic-specific meeting, for our very small field, so I understood everything quite well (much better than at a typical mixed-topic conference) and learned a lot about the state of the field and how people approach the questions in it. I got to talk to the woman whose work is the inspiration for my own - she's an experienced professor who was quite intimidating, but I'm glad at least that she now knows who I am and is at least marginally aware of what I want to do. Even better, I talked to her postdoc who did some work that's really interesting to me, and I asked him how he accomplished a particular experiment, and he was like "Oh I'll just send you what we used!" which is actually a pretty hefty collection of really useful tools (overexpression plasmids, for the scientists in the crowd) that will really help give my project a kick in the pants. When/if I join the lab! The weekend gave me great hope that I will in fact join - just the fact that Jason brought me along, and a long conversation we had about the possible directions for my project. I also had a great time hanging out with the people in the lab, and all in all it just reinforced my certainty that this is the place for me, and that Jason thinks so too. So yay. :D (Update: I just forwarded an email conversation I had with that postdoc to Jason, and Jason replied almost immediately with "Thanks Anne - this is exactly what we need." :D I'm so proud of myself! I started a collaboration all on my own! \o/)

Second semester classes
Classes have been going fine. Remember that new academic experiment I told you about, where every class is 10 students giving presentations but no actual lectures? Well, it's actually working out much better than I expected. It still sucks having to put together two presentations a week, but it's getting easier with practice, and the two talks I've given have gone really well. And the other people's talks have been much better than I expected! I've learned about a wide range of topics and all in all it's been quite cool. Props to Dr. Sherman for totally pulling it off, in complete contrast to Dr. Fuckhead from last semester. :P My other class is low key and simple, though our big project, to pitch a new "product" to accomplish some biotech goal, is a little intimidating. I tentatively like the people in my group, though I'm holding out judgment on that.

Second lab rotation (anti-cancer)
Lab is fine. I've only just gotten started doing my own experiments. My first one went quite well, reproducing nicely the results of our very experienced tech, so that's encouraging. I did another, very big, experiment for three days, but I still need two MORE days before I actually get the result, and there's no way of knowing right now if it went well. I'm nervous, but I think I did everything right and it should come out at least reasonably well! *crosses fingers* Working with my new boss, Zaneta, is very different than Jason. She's very smart and I think I'll learn a lot from her, but she's also rather more hands-on. Which is fine, it will just take some adjusting. As for cancer research, I'm less excited about it than what I was doing before, because it's so... I don't know, dismal? "Successes" in the cancer field are analogous to dismal failures in other diseases. It's just very difficult for me. I know it needs to be done, and something is better than nothing, but I know it's not for me. Which is fine, since I definitely can't join this lab, so in the meantime I'll just learn and absorb techniques and do the best job I can.

Auto Show!
In NOT science-related things (seriously - I guess this is the life of a grad student!) I went to the Detroit International Auto Show yesterday with my uncle and three little girl cousins! It was AWESOME!! You may know that I LOVE CARS. Like, A LOT. So to roll around in them for four hours was beyond heaven. :DDD And while the Maserati and Lexus concept car and the Audis and the Maybach and the Teslas were gorgeous and sexy as fuck, I'm at heart a modest-yet-badass kind of car lover, so the highlight for me was sitting behind the wheels of a Camaro (unf, you guys, UNFFFFFF), a Mustang, a Challenger, and a Charger. The latter two have rather cheap interiors, but I wanted so badly to put the pedal to that metal. :D My other very favorite (and the display I lingered around the most, sighing wistfully) was the Mazdas. I have mentioned that I have a very serious desire to purchase a Mazda 3 or a Mazda 2, and after sitting in the former and gazing upon the latter, I have an even more serious desire! They're so pretty and small and sporty and fun. The hatchback model means I'd still have some cargo space, and by all accounts they have fun, zippy handling that would be a sheer delight. Let's have some pictures! Sassy little lime green cars behind the cut! )

Sorry, sorry, I'll stop drooling now. In conclusion: CARS!!!! :DDD I had a great time with my uncle and cousins, and afterwards I went to their place for a delicious homemade meal of grilled whitefish and swordfish, om nom nom. It was a lovely day, if entirely exhausting!

Afterwards, I drove straight to Francisco's house here in Ann Arbor to hang out with him and Steffen, Kate, and Jenna. We watched CENTERSTAGE and MONSTERS, INC. Why yes, I love my friends, thanks for asking. :DDD Eion Bailey in Centerstage was beyond adorable, omfg. How is he so beautiful??? :D

Lol dolphin trainers

The night before the auto show, my roomies said they were going out for "a drink" so I said why the hell not. We went to a bar, actually sat AT the bar for once, and promptly met two cute grad students who were completely ridic. I was already quite tipsy from beer at dinner, proceeded quickly to drunk with a margarita, and landed squarely on smashed after the guys bought us tequila shots. Oops. :) The guys managed to convince drunk!me that one of them was a dolphin trainer here at Michigan, which, lol - cause there are TOTALLY dolphins in Michigan. I bet they're still proud of pulling that one over on a poor guillible drunk girl. :P I got waaay too cozy with the other dude, but not illicitly, just super-affectionate like I can be. After a couple hours, they walked us home and we said adios - doubt we'll ever see them again, but boy was that FUN. I had forgotten how much fun it can be to just go out, meet random people, and have a good time. In fact, I've been more social in the last three days than I have in three months, which brings me to my final point:


Dave and I are on a break right now. It's complicated. I've got a mixture of relief, guilt, sadness, and uncertainty, and it's really hard to talk about. So I'm not going to sully this post with that. Maybe some other time.

Last but not least, Teevee

I haven't even seen the new Supernatural yet, but this week's Bones was FANTASTIC. HODGINNNNNS. *squooshes him* If they're going where I think they're going, COUNT ME COMPLETELY IN. BWEE. Also, Castle was lovely and touching and Kaaaaate. Poor darling strong wonderful girl. The tone was definitely more serious than usual (NO ALEXIS *pout*) but it worked reasonably well. Continues to be one of the best shows on TV, with the most heart. ♥
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Day 01 → Your favorite song
Day 02 → Your favorite movie

The future )

I always think about this one for a few seconds, but my answer is always the same: Serenity. You all know that I bow at the altar of the Whedon, and I love everything that man has ever created, but I think Serenity takes the cake. I can still remember how it felt to experience it for the first time in the theater, and then how difficult it was to go back a second time, how thoroughly gutting and cathartic and all-consuming it was both times. It felt like a true film, sweeping and cinematic in every sense, packed to the gills with characters I loved and dialogue that made me laugh and action that put stars in my eyes and drama that made me sob until I thought my lungs might come out of my chest. I will never tire of this film. If I had the time, I would gladly watch it every day. I think my favorite thing about Serenity is something that wasn't even on screen - in Joss's commentary track (which is delightful and hilarious and moving the whole time, and it's just him! &Joss;), he says that in the climactic scene, when Simon is down and River kneels by his side, Summer was crying so hard during Sean's take that they had to stop filming to give her time to collect herself and film her part of the scene. Since the Tams are easily my favorite part of Firefly/Serenity, that gets me in the heart, just as much as the scene itself does.

"My turn."


This weekend, I got a start on my holiday shopping! I felt like such a grownup. It's really nice to actually have money to do this with, because then I can get substantial gifts. I only knocked 3 things off my list, but it was a good start! I also did something I've been meaning to - I got more winter gear. Especially BOOTS. I got the most kickass black winter boots, and I of course have to show them off. SHOEZ )

Re: my current music, I just made Mad World into a ringtone and it's the most soothing thing to wake up to EVER. Glambertttt. <333
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I've had the dye (a "more natural" temporary Clairol dye) sitting around for a couple weeks, but I haven't found the time to actually do it. This past week I've been feeling a bit bummed and down on myself, so I decided tonight, fuck it, I'm going to stop reading this horrible science paper and make myself a redhead! Soooo I DID!

I've never dyed my hair before, ever. I guess I've just been too chicken. But one of my roommates now dyes her hair all the time, so I felt confident with her there to keep an eye on me. It was messy but fun, and now my head is a sort of deeper, richer color, darker with a strong flavor of red, though more purple/cooler toned than orange. I LOVE IT!!

Before and after! )

Oh, and because y'all wanted to see, here's some pictures of me in costume at the Renaissance Faire, plus a few others! It was such a fun day with my wonderful cousins.

I even got to see the brilliant Rogue Blades! )

It's 2:40 AM! Today has been woefully unproductive! I haven't seen Dollhouse OR Merlin, which are both supposed to be amazing! CLEARLY MY LIFE IS SAD.

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I've uploaded my only two full videos, and I think they're pretty fab. I have the first performance of 40 Steps with the full band, and I think the first performance of I'm Yours Tonight, or is that wrong? Anyhow, here they are!

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So I had yet another adventurous weekend of fun! On Friday after work, I drove up to my cousins' so that we could go to the Renaissance faire on Saturday. The morning dawned dark and stormy, but we went anyway, hoping it would clear. When we got there, it was still raining, but not as hard, so we went in to the almost empty faire, where vendors were huddled under their tents. About 15 minutes after we got there, the sky opened up with another deluge, complete with teeth-rattling thunder, so we sheltered in an armorer's booth. After that passed, it rained rather lightly for another hour before it finally stopped, and the sky gradually cleared to yield a sunny, extremely muggy day. I almost missed the cool rain! The day was a fun adventure anyway. I bought myself a costume for the next faire we go to, and all the ones we'll be going to in the future - I don't have a picture yet, but it's a long grey-green dress with pretty bunched sleeves that flow away from my elbows, along with a cream bodice with a curly golden pattern all over it, which laces up VERY TIGHT and makes my, ahem, endowment very apparent. *grins* It's totally sexy and I'm really excited to wench it up at the next faire, mwahaha.

My favorite part though was the HORSELESS JOUST. The horses would have hurt themselves in the deep mud, so instead the "knights" ran around poking each other with lances. It was hilarious. Here are a handful of photos from the day! )

Also during the weekend, Meg started watching the Angel DVDs I lent her - she's never seen it before, despite being a massive Buffy and Firefly fan and a general Whedon accolyte! We blazed through 6 episodes during the weekend and I think she loves it. We even watched I Will Remember You, because I had a moment of masochism, and owwwww my heart. I love that show so much. ♥ It's extremely bizarre to see David be all young and broody and foreheady, though, after watching all this Bones. He kind of seems like a different person! I love both versions though. :)

Then today Meg and I went to IKEA!!!!! Woo!!! It was an extremely successful trip, as you can see:

Those boxes contain 4 major pieces of furniture, and I got several other odds and ends, but the whole thing only came to $650! IKEA, ilusomuch. Meg and I had an absolute blast, even when we had to haul all those boxes into the back of the van in the ~90 degree muggy heat (ughhhh).

Come see what I bought! )

I love all of it SO MUCH and I can't wait to put it all together in my new room! Eee!

I was planning on going out for drinks with some of the girls in my program tonight, but I got home from IKEA around 4:30, sat down to catch my breath, then headed straight into my lab where I worked for almost 2 hours. There were some things I just really needed to get done. Then I got home and ate and showered but at that point I was like.... I want to lie in my bed and make an LJ post and watch Bones. Really. So I decided not to go. :( I'm going to plan a night out for next week though since it's my biiirthday, yay!

I hope you all had fun weekends too! ♥

Finally, I want to say a belated-in-her-time-zone but no less heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] schneestern!!! ILU. ♥
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I love this lyric from Something Corporate's "Little":
And little holes in parachutes
Won't leave you falling
If they do
It's because you wanna land.

It's just a really neat way to express an interesting idea - if you let little problems get in the way of achieving something, you're probably self-sabotaging in a certain way. I always liked SoCo better than Jack's Mannequin, I must say!

Let's have a meme! [livejournal.com profile] imntsaying proposed that we picspam five things we love. Here we go! )

You all should do it too! Spread the love! ♥
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Me and Glen Hansard, singer of The Frames and star/genius of Once, in JFK airport baggage claim

Ahahahah what is my life.

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It feels so good to be home.

I've had a lovely couple of days, and the fun only promises to keep coming. Current concrete plans:

Wednesday night: Porterhouse (?) with my biochem loves, as they will all be done with exams. YAY!!!
Thursday night: Fibbers with oldschool SciFi boys.
Friday afternoon: Coffee with Dara :D
Friday night: Housewarming party at Colin, Meghanne, and Barry's new place.
Saturday: Take a tour of Sarah's family's boat. Hang out with Sarah. Sarah is awesome.
Sunday night: Night out somewhere with closest subset of biochem loves.
Wednesday night: Drunken revelry with Dara, Richard, and random first years. I'm probably going to get wasted and say something I'll regret to Dara, but WHATEVER.

Somewhere in there: see everyone I haven't yet, and everyone I already have again. I've hit an impressive list, but there's an amazing number of people that I have yet to see! I feel so incredibly comfortable here, and who cares that I lived here a year, Dublin still takes my breath away with her beauty. I spent this afternoon walking around with enormous hearts in my eyes, down Grafton, through St Stephen's Green, down to my old apartment, through the twisty back alleys. Sat at my favorite cafe and had a cappuccino while reading my book in the sun. Wandered by St Patricks Cathedral (see above) which was covered in scaffolding when I was here last but is no longer. It was a gorgeous sunny day, if a bit windy, but in true Irish style, a couple rogue gray clouds came by and dumped enormous drops of freezing cold rain on me twice. Otherwise, though, it was a perfect day. I also had lunch with Niall and ran into Bren, which was an absolute joy. I adore that boy.

Yesterday was truly fantastic - lunch at Java with all my biochem loves, drinks at the Pav, time with Barry and Sarah, then back to the Pav for MORE drinks. I saw almost everyone and squeezed them and laughed and just generally felt the most content I have in a very, very long time.

My face for the next week+. Paddy, ILU.

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I come bearing videos from The Used show last night! Like I said, the audio is SUPER DUPER AWESOME, and the video's great too, though better before Youtube smushed it. Make sure you watch in HQ!

Paralyzed, I Caught Fire, etc, plus a few pictures )

ETA: I've now uploaded ALL of my videos from the concert to my server space. PLEASE right click and save!
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Hi flist! Hi!

I am so ridiculously behind on LJ, because it has been one nonstop weekend! My dad and my sis were here the whole time so I've been doing this and that with them, and basically had no time to keep up with the internets. In the short bits I've caught, I've seen 1) SPN fangirls being crazy, 2) Misha being a darling dork who slashes J2 FOR us, and 3) Gerard being really beautiful in a totally random JPop video. What else have I missed?

Quick recap! On Saturday morning we had the Intercollegiate Student Chemists Conference here at my college, and I gave a presentation in the biochemistry division. It was actually sort of a competition, and I ended up winning first place in my division! Against only 6 other people, but still, that was pretty awesome. :) Then I had a looong dress rehearsal for choir. After that, it was in the 70s and sunny (!) so me and my dad and sis wanted to enjoy the sun. We spotted a baseball game going on near my school, and found that it was my college's baseball and softball teams playing games right next to each other! So we hung out for a few hours in the sun and it was really lovely. The girls were losing 2-0, but then they had an amazing inning in which they scored 6 runs and my friend Jess hit a home run! It was so great and a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Then we went to dinner at a local creperie and UNF UNF it was soooooo delicious. Peach mango strawberry smoothie and chicken caesar crepe and brown sugar/butter crepe, om nom nommm.

Then today, I sang in my choir's big semester performance, and it was kind of a big deal: The choir invasion! )

It was a really amazing experience, and a great note to finish my time with the choir. We have *the* most incredible director - he seems to live and breathe music, and the way he coaxes it out of us is so beautiful. And he's just a really sweet, caring guy. It's been a blast singing with him for the past four years. It's definitely something I'm going to miss about college!

While I'm sharing photos, I thought I'd post some really gorgeous ones I've had sitting about for a while. These are mostly from my flight back from San Francisco. It was a beautiful, sunny, clear day, so I had the most beautiful views of the Rockies and a lot of lush grassland. There are also a few pictures from around campus on the beautiful days we've had recently. I hope you like them!

The beauty of spring )

Well that's it for now! I should do some laundry and try to get caught up on LJ. Mostly I want to read SPN fic (I know right?!) and/or watch old SPN eps and/or old FNL. I'm on a nostalgia kick.

Which! Speaking of! Me and my sister watched Hunted, Playthings, and Nightshifter this weekend. ♥____♥ Season two, you are forever first in my heart!! "We're not workin for the mandroid!!" <333333
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One of my most FAVORITE things to do is to decorate bedroom walls. It's hard when you move at least twice a year, and when I've mostly had dorms with one wall to myself, but now I finally have my OWN room with four walls at my disposal! And let me tell you, I've made the most of it :D From MCR to Supernatural, Harry Potter to Atlantis, I've got a zillion hot people staring at me as I got to sleep every night. I love it! So you get to have a tour. Click for MASSIVE, if you're so inclined.

Pretties everywhere! Gerard wins for most appearances :) )

Phew, that was fun!
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Day One plus Rules

Another day in Dublin. This time mostly at night.

Day Two )

I had a lovely evening tonight. I adore my girls and our one boy <333
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1. You must take between 6 and 8 new photographs per day.
2. Your WITL must be consecutive. No skipping days.
3. You must post your photographs at the end of that day, sometime after the last picture is taken.
4. Each photograph must have the time taken beneath and a title, with no other explanation.
5. You must post these rules at your first entry, then link back to it for the other six days so that people will know wtf you're doing.

So I took a walk in Dublin today.

Week In The Life: Day 1 )

I live here.

(Please note: I may have to bend the rules of this meme a bit, as a lot of my photographs are going to be taken during drunken revelry and thus will not be posted until the morning. Also I am gone this weekend. However, I don't think you care. I'm just posting pictures.)
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I am back after my two day absence! You probably missed me HORRIBLY, didn't you? Crying in your tea, all of you. Well, now I am back, so you can cut that out! *beams*

...what's that? You didn't even notice I was gone? Something to do with some pretty odd music? And some pretty odd boys who made it? Well, I suppose I can forgive you ;)

I was busy seeing this:

Two days of rolling green hills, lots of sheeps and ponies, then suddenly looming crags of harsh limestone which plunged directly into a blue-green sea. All this with the sun beaming down, clouds flitting about and occasionally spitting on us a little (and, on one memorable occasion, delivering a 2 minute blast of driving rain and swirling flakes of snow, only to reveal the sun literally minutes later) and a biting cold wind. It was pretty fucking Irish, and it was wonderful. The sisterthing, Daddy and I found a gorgeous B&B directly on the coast just outside the little village of Ballyvaughn, owned and run by - wait for it - Annette and JOE FLANAGAN. (I can't tell you how much I giggled when my dad told me that. Someone write that AU, stat! :D) We basically drove around the wilds for two days, our only major touristy activity being going to Bunratty Castle, which was gorgeous. I seriously felt like I was in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. Our little rental car is positively coated with mud (tiny, TINY roads! meep) and basically it was one grand adventure. We had a wonderful time. I have over 300 pictures from that trip and our drive down into the Wicklow Mountains to see Glendalough Abbey, and I want to select some and make a picture post, but who knows if I'll actually do that. So here, have my favorite shot from Glendalough:

Precious babbling brook tumbling through the Irish countryside in a vast valley, with the ruins of Glendalough Abbey in the distance and a very strange mountain looming up to the left - it looked like the African savannah! So cool.

I'm rather in love with my beautiful little country. I'm so glad I really got to explore it before I leave. (I DUN WANNA GO! *sniff*)

Meanwhile, Panic at the Disco is daaaarling, Pretty. Odd. is growing on me (thank god), I still haven't gotten a shipping confirmation email from FBR for the Deluxe Edition (fuck you very much), and Torchwood is prettttty much made of win.

How are you my loves?
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Today was randomly fabtastic! I totally didn't expect that! I had my first class at noon (statistical thermodynamics, ew ew ew) and then I went to meet Sinead and the biochem kids at Java. Sinead and most of them had to leave really soon though, but Niall didn't! So it ended up just being me and Niall hanging out and chatting for 45 minutes. He's so sweet. He makes me laugh and I make him laugh and it's good times :D Then we sat together in our next lecture, went to the library for our free hour together, then sat together again for our last lecture! It was pretty much unmitigated awesome - I adore him.

Then I texted Dara asking if he and Paul were up in sci fi, and they were! So I headed in that direction, and they were up there with a couple other people. We played Guitar Hero for an hour - the only songs I played were two co-ops with Paul, hee. We are a rockin' team \o/ In between songs, we had pillow fights and poking fights and we totally have the pigtail-pulling kind of mutual crush, it's actually ridiculously fun, idek. I love hanging out with him and Dara, they're just made of puppies and rainbows!

Then everyone showed up and we had our sci fi committee meeting. Good craic, as usual! I loff everybody <3

Thennnnn I went out to dinner at a delicious Thai place with Kate, her brother Adam, Cary, Emily, and Megan, all American girls on the Butler program. We were sending Adam off, as he is leaving tomorrow, tear! He's a really cool guy, he's been fun to have around :)

THEN we came back up to sci fi because I was going to go out to a movie with the sci fi boys, and I brought the American kids along with me for a round of Guitar Hero and just to say hello, because everyone I know is awesome and gets along swimmingly \o/ I played yet another song with Paul, and had more tickling and poking fights, I SWEAR WE ARE TWELVE. He even picked me up and twirled me at one point! *hands* I don't even know, I just know it's fun :P

So then the American contingent headed off to a pub, and I set off with a passel of boys (plus one girl!) to see Cloverfield! There was Bren, Mark, Barry, Colin, Niall, Justin2, and Megan. I spent the whole walk there talking to Bren, which was so lovely because I adore him but I really only ever see him briefly in the sci fi room. He's the head of the society and always really busy with that or schoolwork. We sat together for the movie, and talked on the walk back too, I loved that :) It had been a long time since I'd been out with the group of them like that, it was really nice. Cloverfield was pretty awesome - there was lots of covering of the eyes, because hey, gross! But awesome! I liked it. The guys LOVED it, of course. ♥

Only two moments of sourness today - first, Bren told me that Andy broke up with that girl Jean 3 weeks after they got together. In like. November. Um. DO YOU REMEMBER HOW MUCH I WAS EMOING ABOUT HIM? How I was completely head over heels but he was taken?? HE WASN'T TAKEN. HE DIDN'T TELL US. I am really quite baffled and kind of hurt and just. Blegh. I don't want to think about it. But I think I'm cured of my crush because while I still adore him, I realize that he really does have issues and I don't think it would be healthy to get tangled with that. The other moment of meh was when I asked Niall why he and Colin and Andy didn't make it on Friday (he told me he was trying to convince them to come) and he kind of made a face and said he didn't want to talk about it just then. So either Colin or Andy was being weird about coming to hang out with me. Awesome. Meh, whatever.

Let's finally have some visual aids for all these names I'm dropping everywhere! I didn't take too many pictures last Friday, but once I got quite drunk and the camera got in my hands, I got some awesome ones, so - sharing! There's also a video of a group a capella rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, that was AWESOME. Hee.

Galileo GALILEO Galileo GALILEO Figaro magnifico-o-oooo! )

Well that's that! It was a good night indeed. And today was a good day. I'm so pleased. :) Now my toes are cold and I have class in 8 hours so I'm gonna hit the sack! Gnight my dears!
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