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Just for the record, this is what has stolen me away for the past month:

Those are my beautiful Mainz boys, Lewis and André, who are talented and tiny and perfect and the hugest BFFs. *sighs and chinhands* (Lewis is the one that's allergic to clothes <333) Sadly they're BOTH leaving my team next year, and they're not even going to the same place, so that's a little bit heartbreaking. But I love them, and I love them for bringing such a perfect year to my team, and I will continue to love them wherever their paths may take them.

I just wanted to share their cute little bromance with you. You're welcome. :D

Life is mildly crazy right now. I went from being only in charge of my own self to being responsible for training two new students in the lab! *flails hands* The high schooler is doing great - I've had her a couple weeks and she's really caught on fast, she's a sharp cookie. She also just graduated so technically not a high schooler, but still never worked in a lab! I'm very impressed. The other one is weirdly more tough; even though he's an MD-PhD student who knows his shit, I'm teaching him something he's never done and I've only done two YEARS ago, so we're kind of the blind leading the blind, oops. Also my boss isn't around right now and it's tough to figure out exactly what he wants when he's not, you know, here. So that's an adventure. Luckily he's a good humored dude with a sharp tongue and we spend half our time cracking up, so I think we'll at least have fun while we're mucking about.

Josh came over last night (Sunday) even though he had had a long tiring weekend with his family - I told him he didn't have to and he told me not to be silly. :3 We just cuddled and watched Serenity (his first time!!!) and it was amazing. \o/ That movie still makes me gasp and cry, it is my favorite in the whole wide 'verse. He really enjoyed it too, I am happy to report. :D Even though I sent him home at a reasonable hour I didn't get much sleep and was basically a zombie today, oops, and since he's a princess who needs 8 hours of beauty sleep he probably was worse off. But you know what? 100% worth it. And I may or may not be seeing him again tomorrow. (Can't stay away, omg.)

As for the OTHER man in my life - my daddy, hee - we just made plans to go out for a daddy-daughter dinner on Thursday! \o/ I'm treating him for Father's Day of course, and since it's Restaurant Week I get to REALLY treat him, yay. I don't know if I ever mentioned it here but my dad moved here last fall to live with his brother (lost job, lost house... yet he's happier than he's been in a long time) and it's amazing to have him around all the time. I love my daddy ever so!

Err that's it! Just trying to get back into this regular posting nonsense. And also trying to get back into the rhythm of flist reading! It feels really good to dip my toes back into your lives again! I'm really looking forward to rejoining this community, as much as I can. ♥
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Day 01 → Your favorite song
Day 02 → Your favorite movie

The future )

I always think about this one for a few seconds, but my answer is always the same: Serenity. You all know that I bow at the altar of the Whedon, and I love everything that man has ever created, but I think Serenity takes the cake. I can still remember how it felt to experience it for the first time in the theater, and then how difficult it was to go back a second time, how thoroughly gutting and cathartic and all-consuming it was both times. It felt like a true film, sweeping and cinematic in every sense, packed to the gills with characters I loved and dialogue that made me laugh and action that put stars in my eyes and drama that made me sob until I thought my lungs might come out of my chest. I will never tire of this film. If I had the time, I would gladly watch it every day. I think my favorite thing about Serenity is something that wasn't even on screen - in Joss's commentary track (which is delightful and hilarious and moving the whole time, and it's just him! &Joss;), he says that in the climactic scene, when Simon is down and River kneels by his side, Summer was crying so hard during Sean's take that they had to stop filming to give her time to collect herself and film her part of the scene. Since the Tams are easily my favorite part of Firefly/Serenity, that gets me in the heart, just as much as the scene itself does.

"My turn."


This weekend, I got a start on my holiday shopping! I felt like such a grownup. It's really nice to actually have money to do this with, because then I can get substantial gifts. I only knocked 3 things off my list, but it was a good start! I also did something I've been meaning to - I got more winter gear. Especially BOOTS. I got the most kickass black winter boots, and I of course have to show them off. SHOEZ )

Re: my current music, I just made Mad World into a ringtone and it's the most soothing thing to wake up to EVER. Glambertttt. <333
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'Ello darlings! Just popping in to say that everything is going peachy. I love my Michelle muchly ♥ We spent yesterday in my bed watching The Mighty Boosh and the Big Fat Quiz of the Year, during which Michelle became entirely smitten with Noel and Russell, AS YOU DO, and then we ventured into the yucky rain to go to Laura's birthday, which was quite a lot of fun, even though the place was very hot and the music very loud. Niall and Sinead and Paddy and that whole crowd were there, so yes, good times were had.

Today we walked around the city for 3 hours just so she could see what there is to see. I love my city. The sun even deigned to come out and it became what could almost be termed warm, which was just shocking. And very nice. Good show, Dublin :) I bought a pair of flats from Penney's for 6 euro, they are SO ADORABLE. They have comic panels on them! I rather adore them. Then I got sucked in by a stand of pretty skirts at a tiny little shop, and I bought this long jean-and-dark-tie-dye patchwork skirt which is just gorgeous, I'm so in love with it.

Then we returned home and planted ourselves on the couch and proceeded to finish both Big Fat Quizzes and watch the cast+Joss commentary on Serenity, which was so joyful. (One of my favorite things about Nathan is that he loves the Tams and their love just as much as I do, and always rambles about it at length. Siiiigh Tams.) I also forced her to sit through the videos for I'm Not Okay and Ghost of You, as well as the making of INOK, just so she could be at least a little acquainted with the loves of my life :) I realized I have not seen her since BEFORE I got into bandom, which was FOREVER ago. I have missed her so desperately. This weekend was essential for both of our mental healths. And I get her for two more days still! Yay!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, ho boy! The sci fi guys are gonna let us into campus so we can watch the parade from one of the campus buildings which will give us a great view overlooking the streets, without having to fight with the massive crowds :D Very exciting. This will be followed by epic drinking sessions - not sure to what extent I will participate, but I plan to at least get pleasantly plastered! \o/

Tuesday I get my daddy and my sis! Yaye!

Life is good :)

OH PS!!! I downloaded the leaked Hushies album and it is AMAZING!!! I'm clearly going to buy it when it comes out, but I couldn't resist. It's just gorgeous!! My favorite song is totally Not Your Concern already. Or Honey, but I already knew that one obviously. YAY HUSHIES! I hope I get to see them live some time in the near future!
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Meme snagged from fragglebo:

What five character deaths affected you the most? (SPOILERS for Serenity, HP 5, BtVS S2, SPN S2, and BSG S3)

Get out the tissues. )

I FINISHED FARSCAPE! :O I did a mini marathon last night, plowing through the end of S4, then Brad drove down and we watched the miniseries this morning/afternoon. It was amazing! I oddly don't have that much to say, but... I loved it. It was satisfying, fun, exhilarating, unpredictable, and all around one hell of a ride. John and Aeryn are so in love it makes me ache, and everyone is just so wonderful *squishes them all*

Brad is the adorable gay guy that I have mentioned before, and want to know what's AWESOME? He's a SLASHER! Hahaha! Specifically of Braca/Scorpius, which is HILARIOUS. He said things like "Braca was totally jealous when Scorpius and Sikozu were doing their thing" and "Look who's saving Braca now!" and many other things and oh man. I almost broke something laughing. FANTASTIC.

So, um. That's that! It was amazing, and I'm so glad I experienced it. Thank you to everyone who forced me to watch it :)
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I am practically combusting with joy and flail. For two reasons! Both of which were brought to my attention by the very lovely [livejournal.com profile] _sin_attract!


TWO: There is a Serenity screening in DC in two weeks that I CAN GO TO! And I was going to go to DC to visit MONA anyway and now I can do BOTH and we can go see the BIG DAMN MOVIE together and it's pretty much THE MOST EXCITING THING EVER EVER. EVER.


*twirls until dizzy*

(Also, I am reading Danny/Rusty fic. It is GLORIOUS. Thank you to those who provided links ♥♥)
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Joss Whedon is my favorite person ever. No really. I know this isn't new news, but. A Special Edition release of Serenity has been announced for this summer. YAY! I can own it in widescreen!! And yes, this is the only movie I would buy twice. Joss has this to say about the new edition:

Joss is my god... )
Oh Joss. *beams* New key art, anyone? (Thank GOD) And CAST COMMENTARY YAY!

In other news, I have ordered the entire first season of Farscape. This is ALL Lindsay's fault. As well as Mona and Erin's and anyone else who's flailied to me. But mostly it is the fault of the completely hotass picture Linds posted of Ben Browder and Claudia Black the other day. ROWR! I can't wait :D And here I thought I was gonna resist the whole mainstream scifi thing and stick to the "brainy" stuff like Firefly and BSG - ha! It was only a matter of time, only a matter of time.

I also ordered Sorority Boys, because crossdressing Michael Rosenbaum is too good to pass up for 6 bucks. And I don't even watch Smallville! *hands* See what fannish osmosis can do to a girl? I also ordered The Departed at the same time *salivates* I can't wait omg.

I found out, randomly, that a good friend of mine is a country fan! So I'm going to show her Kane and hopefully she will fall head over heels and I will have a fellow Kane fan to squeal with! YAY! Hee.

I continue to listen to the new Fall Out Boy album on repeat. IT'S SO GOOD OMG. I also read two current articles about them in the bookstore today, in Rolling Stone and Spin. Pete Wentz is gorgeous, but a bit of an attention whore, lol. But he also seems pretty cool. And did I mention gorgeous? :)

Speaking of FOB, could one of my fellow fans come to my rescue? SOMEHOW I don't seem to have a copy of Sugar We're Going Down! *boggles* SO bizarre. I have all three of the albums, I do, but somehow that song is just... missing! Weeeeeird. It must have gotten lost in my new laptop move. So if someone could sendspace it to me or something, that would be awesome :D starlight1013@gmail.com

And that's all my random for the day! Funny, not one mention of SGA or SPN o.O Who knew?
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I just had a realization! I'm reading Brave New World, and the Savage, John, keeps quoting Shakespeare, and The Tempest in particular - "O brave new world, that has such people in it!" And he mentions that Miranda is the character that says it (I've never read the Tempest, so I didn't know) and I bet that's the reason the planet is named Miranda in Serenity! How cool!

*loves on Whedon*

3.5 hours!!! *beams*
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Dude. DUDE.

http://community.livejournal.com/dean_sam/135248.html ETA: Their link expired, so here's a new one: http://download.yousendit.com/FC83871958BBE95B

Go there to download a clip from the CW Launch... during the part when a bunch of kids are getting interviewed, LOOK IN THE BACKGROUND. Omg BOYS. *draws so so many hearts* I just... I can't even *beams*

And another fun video, someone compiled fully FOUR MINUTES of Sam and Dean saying each other's names. It's so amusing and sweet and I love it. Can anyone identify the episode when they say each other's names at 0:50 in the video??? The way Dean says "Sam" is just heartmelting but I can't for the life of me remember the context!!

ETA for ANOTHER fun thing, though not Supernatural related: How Well Do You Know Serenity? - A fun knowledge quiz that's actually pretty challenging - I got 24 out of 25, woohoo! Man I love that movie :D
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I must preface this with: I love my family, I really enjoy being with them for the holidays a lot, and I'm aware that Christmas is not about presents but about being with the people you love. I totally get that.

But scrolling through my flist, people listing what they've gotten, makes me sort of realize what an economic nosedive my family's taken, heh. I suppose it's that whole paying for college thing.

There's also apparently this thing that happens when you turn 18, where you suddenly have so few presents that you can no longer be in the "rotation" with the cousins and sibling but instead wait quietly, taking pictures, until they happen to dig up one of yours. It's just such a weird, sudden shift.

That said, I got a DIGITAL CAMERA - which is excellent, but needs both a set of rechargeable batteries and a big memory card (I used up both in half a day). Finally I'll be able to take pictures at college!

Also of note are SERENITY and Dark Angel S1. Both from my aunt, who is seriously the best present giver, um, ever. She's just... fantastic! Always knows exactly what everyone wants. Even the camera didn't make me beam like Serenity did. And Dark Angel, while I've heard of it, is nearly a mystery to me, but I've heard it's got Jensen Ackles, and it looks very intriguing - I'm excited!

Also, sort of a Xmas present to me from me, Boondock Saints *should* be arriving in the mail tomorrow from Netflix. I've been going craaaazy not being able to watch it!

Oh, and seriously one of the best presents, Sara ([livejournal.com profile] zeispunim) wrote me a absolutely gorgeous Firefly ficlet. It's River centric, but with a brilliant touch of Simon/River right at the end which makes me endlessly squeeful! Any Firefly fan should go read it, seriously! I LOVE YOU SARA!! *huggles madly*

And HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone on my flist!
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*Dances around ecstatically* Seriously, Photoshop is LIFE - I was so alone without it! *sniffle*

Speaking of Photoshop, I made something really fun with it...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ho ho ho! )

Hee, hope you all enjoy!

Also, I watched Boondock Saints again last night, capped like mad, so I'll be making some icons. THEY'RE SO PRETTY. For now, I resort to using [livejournal.com profile] crystal_lily's *gorgeous* icon. GUH.
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Everyone, PLEASE, for the love of all things shiny, SIGN THIS PETITION:


If you haven't seen the cover for the Serenity DVD, look here: http://www.dvdanswers.com/index.php?r=0&s=1&c=8055&n=1&burl= It's absolutely HIDEOUS, and does the movie NO justice at all! I am very, very saddened by this. Serenity is a gorgeous, brilliant, original film and deserves to be treated as such.]

ETA: It surprises me that some people actually like this cover, so I'll explain why I am so abhorred by it.
1) River looks creepy as fuck. This is RIVER! River, the sweet-hearted little girl who's confused and afraid and lost, who loves her big brother more than anything, whose laugh tinkles merrily whenever she's sane enough to be happy - and she looks like a crazy monster on the cover. Sure, she kicks some ass, but that's River being controlled. It doesn't show the depth of the character.
2) Mal and Zoe look like emotionless robots just holding guns. Whereas Mal is a deep, complex character who also has a sharp sense of humor - he's also the main character, so I feel he should have been featured more prominently.
3) I'd like to see more of the cast on there.
4) That picture of the swarming mob at the bottom? NOT FROM THE MOVIE. Where the hell is it from? It doesn't represent a scene from the movie nor a general feel. SO stupid.
5) The Serenity logo! I love the rich, warm colors of the one on the ship, with the chinese figures. But no, they have to butcher it and make it cold and violent. That is NOT what this movie is about!
6) I'd like to see Serenity herself on the cover as well.
7) Grrr. ARGH.
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I was being all optimistic and glass-half-full about Serenity's box-office performance - but I just read an article that pretty much shatters all hope I have of a sequel. To make things worse, my local theater is taking Serenity off the screen tomorrow (the last showing starts in 10 minutes) and I never got to see it with my friend Sean. Which I was really, really looking forward to. *sad little sigh*

On the plus side, I received my Serenity visual companion and novel in the mail today. They're pretttttty. I read the first chapter of the novel and it's quite good! The narrative is as though it's Mal's stream of consciousness (at least in this chapter, the battle of Serenity Valley) so it's got the Firefly-ian type of syntax to it. The author does a pretty good job of imitating the way they speak.

I also have a great Firefly fic rec... it's absolutely hilarious. Big Damn Zombies, Sir by Shrift. I highly recommend you check it out :)
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I love my daddy very very much. It's so wonderful to see him again. Of course I love the rest of my family too but really the only person I cried about leaving was my dad. I've always been daddy's little girl... we're very similar in a lot of ways, so he gets me. When I succeed, it often makes me happy because daddy will be proud.

It's a little difficult because while I was at college he tore a tendon in his knee (I posted about the traumatic experience of finding out a while back) and so he hasn't been at work this whole time. He was completely immobile for a couple weeks, and now he can only hobble around on crutches, pretty slowly. Can't put any weight on it. It's depressing to see him so... inhibited. I couldn't even hug him properly (and I'm crying as I type that because I love to hug my dad. It makes me feel safe.)

OK I guarantee that when I started this post it was not meant to go anywhere emotional. I'm sorry.

What I was going to talk about was that I showed my dad the pilot of Firefly last night (I've seen that episode 5 times in 3 weeks, and it NEVER gets old. I still bite my nails out of nervousness. The main difference is that parts that are supposed to be all intense just make me happy and squirmy, because... Spoilers for Firefly pilot ) And also I LOVE SIMON.) Anywho, he liked it well enough. What he explained to me is that... for example, he can see why I love Buffy, but it doesnt appeal to him because it's too "hip," or young I guess. And to him Firefly has a tinge of that too, which I can see. Joss has a very youthful sensibility, that I love, but I do get why it wouldn't quite jibe with my dad. But he did say that he would be willing to watch more, and he'll probably watch Serenity when I get it on DVD :)

Speaking of Serenity... I'M SEEING IT TOMORROW!!!! OMFG YAY. I was cheated out of it on Wednesday and I had spent the whole day GIDDY. Seriously, I kept smiling to myself at work and I bet people were wondering "What kind of books is she cataloging? How can that be FUN?" So I have all this built up anticipation and I'm SO EXCITED OMG. Wheeeeeeee!

Firefly has taken over my brain. Seriously.

Oh yeah... I went to a Knicks/Nets preseason basketball game tonight. It was pretty cool. Got to see some people I hadn't seen in a long time who I used to go to church with. Including the two girls who are most likely going to be my step-sisters, since their dad has been dating my mom for... over four years now. I had seen them relatively recently, like.... I don't know, less than a year. But yeah. It was good. I had fun with my lil sis, who can be adorable at times. You know, the times when she's not being obnoxious.

And the Knicks won. Yay them.
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Sadly, I did not see Serenity tonight. My friend had too much work, and honestly, so did I. So here I sit in my room, depressedly writing a boring paper. Instead of watching River kick ass and Simon be ridonkulously hot. *sad* How can I rectify this? *thinks* Well, I could watch some Simon/River scenes... yes I think I shall do that... *toddles off*

ETA: Adding to this post because I don't want to make two stupid posts within 5 minutes. So, what i just noticed is that having 100 icons has actually made me use the same icons for longer periods of time. It just seems like such an ordeal to rotate them all. As a result, I've used the same four Brustin icons for at least a month, when I have a couple hundred saved. Same thing with Ewan. But another factor of that is that I've sort of sidled out of those fandoms for the time being (I still love Ewan!!! But I just don't have any new material to squee over. And QaF is slowly but surely dying.) so I don't even use those icons all that often. Basically, all my comments lately have to do with Firefly, Brokeback Mountain, or Harry Potter, so I use those icons the most. And they get changed the most often (especially Firefly, since I've been making new ones). But it seems kind of a waste to have 100 icon spaces and basically the same icons sit there, while the thousand+ I have saved just languish. Meh.
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Latest news from BBFC. The movie will have a Director's Audio Commentary

As well as the following deleted/extended scenes (which are shown to have commentary too - look here):
00:02:18:20 (INARA AND SHEYDRA)

YAY! More Simon/River loveliness! *happy* Also, Joss commentary! *v v happy*
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My darling [livejournal.com profile] candlesandcloth has been sadly sans internet for a few days, and while I was on the phone with her just now I promised to show her a few things.

1. The new header I made! It's Simon/River, and I'm so very very proud of it. I haven't put it up on my journal yet because that will require some time to tinker with colors and sidebar settings and such, so I'm just putting it in here for now.

She always did love to dance... )

Plus, matching icon! *points*

2. Harry/Hermione pic's on the last entry before this, love ^_^ Squee your heart out!

3. Simon/River DRABBLE. Yes, that's right, I wrote fic! During chemistry! Hahaha. I always seem to get the best inspiration when I'm stuck in a class learning something I've already known for 3 years, so I've got pencil and paper and nowhere to go, so I just write!

Title: Eyes
Author: [livejournal.com profile] starsouls1013
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Pairing: Simon/River (less romantic than just loving)
Rating: PG (if that)
Warnings: None.
Word count: 100

His eyes always find her. )

Feedback is very welcome :)

4. The Simon Serenity wallpaper: http://www.whedon.info/article.php3?id_article=11680 Look at him, all kickass with his big gun but still such a cutie! ^_^

5. OH and a fantastic spoof of Serenity, (MASSIVE SPOILERS IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT): Serenity in 2000 Words or Less

I ♥ you Sarah, come back soooooon! *huggles*
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Happy national coming out day!

In related news, today at work I cataloged a book called "Queer cowboys." Hee. So naturally I took some time to flip through it. I looked in the index for Brokeback Mountain but didn't find it; however, I later randomly turned to a page and saw "Brokeback Mountain" - it was mentioned in a footnote relating to a point about gay cowboy relationships running parallel to those same cowboys being married, and how the story caused a bit of a furor because of this. It also mentions the movie ^_^ I love finding randomly entertaining books at work.

Also, I made a new Simon/River header that I am painfully proud of (it actually turned out like I imagined, which NEVER happens) so that will be going up soon :)

Ummm what else. I am seeing SERENITY tomorrow night (if Sean doesn't have to work! *crosses fingers*). I also have a paper due Friday. But it's a short one. SO IT'S OKAY.

Ummm, I'm basically updating because I haven't in a while. So. Hi! and Bye!

(Sean Maher still SO PRETTY.)

ETA: I ALMOST FORGOT. Brand new GoF picture that makes me to die with the happiness. Harry/Hermione, hell yes!
It's a biggie )
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Just to update you all on how obsessive I am...

I've seen Serenity twice. I'm seeing it again Wednesday with my friend who couldnt come Saturday, and then AGAIN this coming weekend with my younger sister because I'm visiting home.


And you know what? The line "She always did love to dance" gives me chills. It's just...... I don't know why! But I'm planning on making a Simon/River header and that's totally going up there. I love Simon/River. I really, really do. OTP baby!

Also, I really really want a Simon/River mood theme... they're both so expressive! But that would take oodles of time, which I don't have :(

Speaking of not having time, it's off to work... adios!
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I have to make a post to say that I saw SERENITY again... it was just as good as the first time, IF NOT BETTER. I was still on the edge of my seat. Absolutely mindblowing.

The best part? I went with a group of ELEVEN people. Eleven! That's almost 100 dollars I helped donate to the Serenity cause! I really want to know how it did in the box office today. The theater was absolutely packed, much more than it was opening night! Isn't that amazing? It made me so happy.

SERENITYYYYYYY! *happy sigh*
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Wherein I am sick, it is early, and I am bored. I usually am in class now, but I finished my calc test early. Very mild Serenity spoilers in terms of the nature of my reaction.

ETA: APPARENTLY phone posts are private locked until you unlock them... that's why no one could get here! *facepalm*
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