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Hi LJ!

A quick wander through my memories in search of McShep fic (hey, I was feeling nostalgic) brought me on one of my old posts where I mused about SGA fanon vs. canon, first discovered Tom McRae, and reported that my study abroad to Dublin would be cheaper for my family than staying in the US. It flashed me back real hard, to a much simpler time, when I was younger, more innocent, more introverted, but also connected to a beautiful web of people through this... place. Livejournal. And LJ, I miss you. I know you're fading, have been for ages, but I will not let you go until they pry you out of my cold dead hands.

I don't just miss the community. I miss the record of my life. I miss that every moment of my feelings was recorded here. I've tried keeping private journals but it just isn't the same. Pretty much impossible to keep up the same way, really, for me anyway.

In any case, have a kamikaze update!
Career change, boyfriend and migraines, oh my! )

Ummm so yeah! Things! Happening! A mixed bag but overall I'm doing pretty well. I still don't feel anything approaching a real adult but I'm trying to make steps to get there so we shall see. To Be Continued, I guess, probably a long time in the future.

Talk to me! Who's still out there? Anybody? Bueller?
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I do not feel well right now. I had a headache yesterday but I wrote it off to two nights in a row of 4 hours sleep. Last night, I slept over 7 hours, but I still had the headache when I woke up. The headache has persisted throughout the day and is only getting worse, and is now accompanied by mild nausea. Also, being in the sun makes it a lot worse. I don't feel tired, just shitty. A significant number of Advils hasn't seemed to do anything. :-/ I've never had a migraine before, but this seems to resemble that - can anyone who's had them comment on the likelihood? I'm not incapacitated, but I am considering going home early because I'm just not functioning well. (And to answer the common question: no I'm not noticing light or noise sensitivity. Yet?)

In much, much better news, I took my sister to Lab (my favorite cafe in Ann Arbor - it serves Intelligentsia coffee, is owned by an adorable German dude, and has super cute baristas) for frozen yogurt, and one of the aforementioned baristas hit on me! :D I've met him a couple times before and he was cute and sweet (and makes fantastic iced raspberry mochas, om nom nom), and this time we got into a pretty lengthy conversation and it was really fun! He recognized my Threadless t-shirt, and made a joke that involved a 20-side die, hee. I told him me and my sister were gonna go watch some of the game (Netherlands-Uruguay) so when we were about to leave, he offered to give me his number so I could tell him where we were watching (!!!!). But I (being a total idiot) said oh we won't be watching long, I have to go back to lab, so I didn't get his number. :( But I said I would definitely be watching Germany-Spain! (like a total idiot AGAIN - I don't want to subject him to my squeals of BASTI!!! and LAHM!!!, d'oh) And he said he'll be working at a diff restaurant, but they have a TV so I could come by? :D? So I agreed to that, lolol. What is my life? I think my plan is that I'll go there for the first half, keep the verbal capslocking to a minimum, and then go home to watch the second half with my sister. Because omggg I need to be able to FREAK OUT appropriately, haha.

Still - yay boy! He's adorable and I'm very open to this idea. :D

You might have noticed other news in that paragraph - my sister's here! I picked her up from our cousins in Ohio yesterday and now she's with me for three days, then I'm going to take her to our other cousins in Lansing! She's spending a month up here bouncing between our different relatives, lucky girl. It's good to see her. :) We spent last night rewatching Ger-Arg and watching videos of Germans being adorable. I heart my sister!

Now to try to make it through the rest of my day without keeling over. Ow my head. D:

PS I AM SO NERVOUS ABOUT GERMANY-SPAIN I COULD DIIIIIIE. I thought that was why I was nauseous, lolol. I have been obsessing about my boys non-stop, even to the point where I started a Twitter!party with fellow Germany girls from [livejournal.com profile] loewsmiserables, and we've been having a blast ever since! I love themmmm, gah. Please do me proud tomorrow, boys. ♥
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Today's moment of zen: Marines dancing to the cha cha slide!

I AM SO CHARMED. They just KEEP DANCING, as other Marines wander in, join in for a bit, lol at them, leave, whatever. But the two dudes are just completely dedicated! I love the guy on the right - he's got some MOVES, goddamn! Hoorah, boys. Ray Person would be all over that shit. <33333

There's quite a lot of videos of Marines dancing on Youtube, actually. I suppose they have a lot of time on their hands, and, oh yeah, ARE RIDICULOUS HUMAN BEINGS. (Gen Kill is maybe the best public relations move for the Marines ever. Sure it portrays moronic commanders and an overall completely misguided war, but the boys on the ground? They are boys, albeit completely foulmouthed ones, and I love them. ♥)

Having STREP THROAT has kind of sucked, but after yesterday morning I started feeling much better and since then have been on a general upward trend. Right now I feel practically normal. So basically I've been sitting at home for two whole days, drinking buttloads of tea and watching TV and reading some fic and making a big dent in the 1100 page novel I'm STILL reading and working on a moodtheme and doing my FUCKING TAXES which turned out to cost me, oh, $1000 I DID NOT expect to have to pay, fuck me, and uh. Stuff. I did watch some oldschool Buffy - three season 2 episodes - which was beyond delightful, okay. Tiny Willow and Oz are the sweetest ever.

But now it's Friday night and all of my roommates (except one who I think is still in lab, that poor thing) are out with friends having a good time, while I am stuck at home being contagious. And tomorrow I wanted to do movie night with Steffen and Francisco but I think they're going out with people in our program to a bar to watch basketball and I don't particularly want to do that and I really kind of need a new friends group and I'm not at a very high point in life. Depending on how my meeting with Jason (moved to Tuesday because of aforementioned contagiousness) goes I could either start being much more optimistic or, uh, want to die. So there's that. But even if I DO get into Jason's lab there's a good chance Francisco won't and I'll be profoundly depressed about that and I don't think he wants to see me very much right now and um.

I didn't mean to come here and do an emo rant, I swear. Being home alone for any extended period of time feel pretty nice when it's happening, but it always tends to send me into a way too introspective and gloomy headspace. This why I should never, ever live alone. Ever. It would be awful. Though it's not like having 4 roommates is helping me right now. (But honestly, 4 is a lot better than just 1 or even 2. It means you have varied people around to have chats with and stuff. I like it. So long as you like all 4 of them, of course! And I do, very much.)

Oh hey, fourth roomie's home from lab and boy howdy she can talk! So not feeling lonely anymore, haha.
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And the verdict's in: I have strep throat. /o\ At least it's treatable?

I knew it felt like strep... it's been so many years since I felt that horrible, clawing pain, but it was unfortunately familiar. Now I just hope none of my roommates get it or my coworkers, since I struggled my way through a full work day yesterday. Oops :-/ At least it's near the end of the week. I'm only missing two classes and I think our tech can finish my ongoing experiment tomorrow. Does mean I have to move back my meeting with Jason... sigh.

Oh and do you want to know the cherry on top? Today, while I was curled up in a miserable ball at the clinic, I GOT MY PERIOD. Ahahahahahwhat. Body, what the fuck did I do to YOU? Oh, started exercising again? Well wah wah! Big baby. >:( F. M. L.

I hope you are all having much better Thursdays than me. Though I am using my newfound free time to watch Life, Southland, and old episodes of Dollhouse (Topher and Adelle all drugged up! Priceless!). Also, the throat lozenges and tea and ibuprofen have conspired to make me feel a lot better than I did this morning, so I was even able to drive to the pharmacy to get my penicillin, and now I'm eating chocolate without wanting to claw my throat out. \o/ It's the little things in life, you know?
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Everyone on Twitter has heard far too much about this today, so I thought I'd bring my whining to you lovely folks! This morning, I woke up with a yucky sore throat. Not a horrible one, but still obviously sick. I didn't feel very hungry either. I drank a cup of tea, and forced myself to eat a couple slices of toast.

Today, since then, I have drank 5 more cups of tea, ate two bowls of ramen (for lunch and dinner), ate an orange, and nothing else. My sore throat has progressed to the type where I have to brace myself every time I need to swallow because of the horror it will bring. I have gargled salt water, I have eaten spoonsful of lemon and honey. The tea helped for a while each time, but now it's stopped helping and I am simply pure misery. I am achey and tired and I *feel* flushed, but the thermometer assures me I don't have a fever. (Another weird thing: despite the massive amount of fluids I've consumed, I've only had to pee like twice - if I was healthy I'd have had to go at least 5 times by now. Just another demonstration that my body is Not Okay at the moment.) I've felt this lots of times before - the cold that feels just like how everyone describes the flu, but it isn't actually the flu. Hopefully my symptoms will be better and not worse tomorrow, because I have a busy day ahead of me.

UGH MISERY. *makes pathetic faces at you*

In other news, I have an appointment with Jason on Friday.

Commence quiet freakout.
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Some variation of the plague has caught me. Woe. :( Just in time for two tests and a concert, yaye! >:(

I just... wanted to share my misery. idk. It's not the flu, I don't have a fever and I'm still quite functional. But my head feels swollen and gross and my throat hurts persistently and it all just sucks. It would suck less if I could curl up under my new comforter and watch Buffy while drinking tea, but I feel constantly compelled to study, since I have TWO TESTS in the next three days. WHAT. Hate. :(

Castle was win and love and awesome, AS USUAL. Maybe not the most hilarious, but always compelling. I love the whole team soooo much. Only complaint: needs moar Ryan&Esposito bein boyfriends. ♥

I made my first microarray today! And it didn't look all that great. But it didn't fail completely either, so I'm going to change some steps and weeee'll see!

I get to have lunch with Dave tomorrow! Now that the air is cleared between us, I am missing him all the time again. Need moar snuggles. Snuggles might be limited what with me having the plague though. :(

Today in fandom, RAY TORO WAS ADORABLE OMG. The song titles! The sheer glee! They are SO IN LOVE with this record, and I CAN'T WAIT TO BE IN LOVE WITH IT TOO. Eeeee! *GIMMEHANDS*

This is a totally pointless post. I will leave you with this, because it left my head pounding after I dared to laugh at it.

Why are the misspellings STILL HILARIOUS?!? Ahahahaha.
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I am sick. *sadface* It's just a normal viral headcold, but it manifested in a really bizarre way. Last night I woke up at 4 AM and blurrily realized that my eyes hurt so much that I pretty much couldn't open them, but having them closed felt like they were on fire. It was... unpleasant. I stumbled through my apartment, squinting and getting some water and basically completely overwhelmed by OW OW OW OW. I tried to look online for something to help me but I essentially could not look at the screen for more than a second, so I woke up my poor Michelle, scaring the crap out of her. Sorry love :( She helped me by reading some stuff on conjunctivitis. I put warm compresses on my eyes, which turned out to be exactly the recommended treatment, and it helped a little, but I was still in so much pain. She looked at my eyes briefly and said they were SCARLET. Meep. I dictated two emails to her to my professors that I had class with in the morning. I still couldn't go to sleep though so I had her turn on the Buffy episode Tabula Rasa for me to listen to. It's a weird experience to listen to TV, and I was kind of half delirious, but it was pretty funny too.

When I woke up this morning, my eyes felt better but still pretty scratchy. I gave myself an extra hour of sleep and skipped my Cinema class (sorry Prof Moss :( ) but forced myself out of bed for Analytical Chem lecture and lab. I went to our health center and the doctor said I have a viral infection that likes to migrate to the eyes and that I was the fourth person to come in with that complaint. Awesome. This probably means my roommates will get it. Oops :( I had an awful sinus headache all through lab, then I got home and collapsed into bed and slept for three hours.

So that was my day!

Now it's 1:30 and I'm pretty damn perky, though getting a little sleepier. I took some decongestants, advil, and visine, and I feel quite a lot better. No headache right now, yay! Me and the roomies watched more WEST WING, which we refer to as "crack" because it's so fucking addicting (Michelle comes out of her room for a break from paper writing and says to me, "Crack?" And says I, "Josh!" and so we sit down and watch another episode. Or two.) and I would like to flail some. We have finished season 1 and watched the first 3 episodes of season 2, so behind the cut thar be spoilers! DON'T read if you plan on watching the show some time.

The West Wing, aka I LOVE JOSH LYMAN )

Now I need icons! Or at least one, of JOSH. <33333
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So apparently going running while recovering from whooping cough is not the best idea. I came this close to puking on the sidewalk.


(It doesn't help that I am woefully out of shape, which is mostly BECAUSE of the damn whooping cough. Argh.)

Other than that, today was quite nice. My chemistry went beautifully, for once, and I'm crossing my fingers that tomorrow will go as smoothly.

Ummmmmm. I have nothing else to say, really! Other than - HEWLETTS. <3

I'm totally having a yen for some good long McShep. Mellll? Wanna help a girl out with some of the recent hits? *smiles pretty*
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Wanna know something hilarious? I probably have whooping cough! Yep, the one that makes you think of little kids in the 1800s. WHOOPING COUGH! It's bacterial but they can't do anything. The doctor (who was lovely and sweet) prescribed a cough suppressant that I had already bought over the counter for myself and doesn't work very well. So basically the doctor's visit was a waste (I had to pay full price since my insurance is BULLSHIT) except for confirming what I already suspected, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] bexone.


On top of that, I got not one, but TWO parking tickets today. Let's not talk about it.

On the other hand, things in the lab are for once the best part of my day. I got a beautiful snowy white product in 90% yield today (that's very good) and it made me quite happy. Finally things are going right!

The other good thing that happened today was that my 102 Dublin prints arrived. They're so PRETTY you guys. I want to roll around in them forever. I can't wait to put them up on my wall!

So uh, way to go karma for giving me freaking whiplash. Ugh.

(Seriously, WHOOPING COUGH.)
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It always feels really good to contribute something to fandom! People seem to really like the rips I did of TBPID at Maxwells, yay!

I am still feeling very sick, only it's a new kind of sick! I'm all congested and achey and tired. UGH. And I STILL have that scary, violent cough. It's less frequent, but when I cough, it feels like it's forcing its way out of my throat, and more often than not it renders me incapable of speech and fighting for breath. It's fucking scary. Earlier, I was having a coughing fit, and from the other room Rob called "Are you dying?" and when I stopped coughing I couldn't breathe and thus couldn't answer, so he came out looking all concerned. Oops :-/ IDEK, you guys.

But oh yeah, ROB'S HERE!!! :D :D Rob is one of my two bestests here at college, who are also my roommates this year, and Rob just got back from New Zealand and moved in! YAY! It's really nice to have him around and not be alone in the apartment.

Work is still going slowly, but I'm choosing not to focus on that and rather on the AMAZING plans I have for the next month and a half. Let me share them with you.

  • Jul 10-13: Shore Leave Convention in Baltimore. In which I will meet HEWLETTS!!!! and Jewel Staite and Mark Sheppard and other awesome folks, and I will also have a [livejournal.com profile] hebrew_hernia and a [livejournal.com profile] unamaga and MOAR FANGIRLS! Ugh so excited.
  • Jul 19?: Jersey Shore. This one isn't definite, but Rob lives on the Jersey shore and we might go out for the weekend. Also in the cards is DARK KNIGHT IN IMAX!!! Eeeee.
  • Jul 27: Warped!!! in Scranton, PA. COBRAS! TAI! GCH! MOAR! [livejournal.com profile] enoughoflove!!! YAY.
  • Jul 31-Aug 3: Washington DC with Kate (roommate from Dublin) for Cary's birthday! Megan's coming too! YAY!!!
  • Aug 15: EMPIRES at MAXWELLS in HOBOKEN!. Empires!!!!! I'm so excited to see them, though a little bummed they're not coming to my town. But. MAXWELLS! Where the MCR darlings played! Ugh so excited. Fun fact: my daddy played gigs there when he was younger!
  • Aug 18: My 21st birthday!
  • Aug 22: The Hush Sound in Philly!
  • Aug 23: The Hush Sound in Hartford! With my little sister and my best friend Michelle! HUSHIES YAYE.

WHEW! I'm not sure how all this awesome is happening to me, BUT I AM PSYCHED. *waves hands of glee*
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This is the most miserable, painful, and violent cough I have ever had in my life. And it's lasted a week. If anything, it's getting worse, and certainly not getting better. I frequently get wracked by bouts of coughing that leave me feeling like I'm gagging or choking or both, often doubled over, and by the end of the day I've always got a vicious headache. My abs are sore, as well as this random spot under my left arm.

Nothing has helped. Orange juice, cough drops filled with vitamin C, tea, honey. Two types of medicine - chest decongestant, and Sudafed Severe Cold. Nothing reduces the intensity of the coughing.

It's starting to scare me. I'm hopefully going to see a doctor tomorrow, or Wednesday. What's wrong with me? :(
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Apparently the answer to the chest pain mystery is C) None of the above (at least in terms of the guesses various people gave me, which included pneumonia, heartburn, and a bruised/strained bone or muscle). The answer is (drum roll please)... osteochondritis. Err, yeah. In layman's terms, that's an inflammation of the cartilege right where the two halves of the ribcage meet under the sternum, so when I breathed in and they moved together it really hurt. She said that it will go away of its own accord in a few days, and in the meantime to take ibuprofen to get the swelling down, and also not to focus too much on my breathing because that makes me breathe unnaturally and feel short of breath. It's apparently a strangely common condition for 20-somethings, which she doesn't quite understand.

I'm quite relieved, I must say! I took an Advil and feel much better now. Phew!

It's SO GORGEOUS here. Sunny and probably in the upper 60s - low 70s. Guhhhh so beautiful. And of course I have to sit inside and study D: D:

Amusingly, the girl sitting next to me in the computer lab just looked up Panic's But It's Better If You Do on youtube *g*

On a not so fun note, I called the laptop repair people and apparently they're trying to recover my data but 'it's not looking good' D: D: D: I just want my damn lab report! And my Ireland photos! *sniffles* The good news though is that the new hard drive will be covered by my warranty, so the only possible cost to me will be the data recovery.

By the way, Niall = most preciousest ever (he's wearing flowery board shorts today and I made so much fun of hm for looking like a surfer, hee) and Dara = funny and darling and as big of a text whore as I am, and James = a total sweetheart who met me at the clinic so i wouldn't be alone. I ♥ my boys!! (Even when they are being confusing and messing with my head.)

Well I should go get things accomplished and stop rambling into the ether. <333
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So, um. I've been having these sharp chest pains since last night and I'm starting to get a little worried. They started around 10 PM. I had just walked home and was talking to Kate and suddenly I got these sharp constricting pains around my ribcage and had to gasp and stop talking. They faded a bit but then kept coming back every few minutes, and then it settled to this point where i can't take a deep breath, yawn, sigh, or laugh too hard because it motherfucking HURTS. It hurts right at the base of my sternum and then up both sides of the outside of my ribcage. I thought it would go away overnight but I've woken up and nope, still here.

ARGH. Advice? Anything? D: (And no I do not have a history of asthma)

I am kind of scared but mostly pissed because I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO GET SICK >:( >:( Like Frankie, DO NOT WANT.

I'm going to go to the free clinic on campus before lab to get checked out. This fucker better stop quick because I am not going to deal with it. Blaaaargh.
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I just hung up with my dad and burst into tears because A) I miss him like a limb, B) he can't come down this weekend like he was going to for various reasons, and C) I am SO FUCKING EXHAUSTED from FIVE HOURS (!!!) of orgo lab. Seriously, I'm at that point where i tried to take a nap and I'm so tired I couldn't fall asleep. >.<

But THEN, I went and looked at the new 2x20 promo pictures at winchesterfan.com and nearly WEPT with happiness. I can't WAIT for this episode OMG. *flailyhands* (ETA: Spoilers in the comments!)

Hooray for emotional rollercoasters? >.<

Perhaps I should make an effort to go get some food. Maybe that would give me some energy.

Ugh. I'm so glad I have nothing else to do tonight. Farscape marathon, here I come.
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It's 6:56 AM and my body woke me up completely a bit immaturely with sneezing. I'm pretty damn sure I have a fever and I feel miserable. BUT I CAN'T MISS ORGO! *wails* Why do I ALWAYS get sick on the days I have orgo lab AND three classes? WHY GOD WHY?

*scrubs at face* I may just have to suck it up because I really don't know if I have the energy to stand...

(You know, the mood choices really suck rather a lot. Why is there no option for "miserable" or anything even like it? I'll settle with EMT!Jensen :P)
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Good news! I finished my orgo exam, and I think I did just fine! :D It's a good thing I started studying as early as I did (Sunday, I believe?) because it gave me plenty of time to become fully comfortable with the material, and conversant with its usage in many contexts. *pats self on the back* So glad it's over :D

In not so good news, still sick. Still hacking up lungs continuously. I almost hate this kind of sickness more than deathly flus - with a cough and sneeze etc, you can still function, still go to class and everything, but you're semi-miserable throughout. But you're not sick enough to justify just flopping into bed and sleeping forever and generally being a blob. It's very annoying :P *blows nose again*

Occasionally while cataloging at the library, I come across a book that amuses me for some reason or another. Today's example was "Ancient Rhetorical Theory" by R. Dean Anderson. Hee! (For the uninitiated, one of the lead actors on Stargate SG-1 is Richard Dean Anderson, and the people who built the stargates are called the Ancients)

Alas, my day is not yet over. Still have an hour of choir! But that's okay - I'll deal. ORGO IS DONE! \o/
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I am so mad at my body. I mean, I can handle being sick. I can handle having an orgo test. But not at the same bloody time. I just - this test is fucking HARD, and I mean... HARD, and I'm despairing. And on top of that, I'm awake at 7 AM because I have ORGO CLASS at 8 AM and then later I have ORGO LAB for four hours! *buries face in hands* I really like this class, I DO, because the teacher is awesome and the material fascinating, BUT RIGHT NOW IT'S KILLING ME.

*hacks up a lung*

Sorry to bitch more, guys, but I can't really be squeeful right now. See me tomorrow after 6:30, then I'll either be dead or just totally relieved. It's a tossup.

On the plus side, fic is keeping me from completely going insane, so yay fandom! And thank you to everyone for the very kind positive wishes of soup and sleep and liquid and feeling-better-ness. I fail at answering comments right now, so I hope you'll accept one big *group hug*. I love you all. And thank you for not tossing me out the nearest airlock. ♥
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I can feel myself getting sicker by the minute. It's lovely.

Just got back from physics exam. It was easy, as expected. I finished first out of a room of 40 people, and this is with an oncoming fever... not sure how that works, but whatever. Grateful. It's also not that cold today - it's about 30 now, supposed to get up to 45 \o/ And now it is time for sleep. Again. *collapses*
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You know how you can sometimes just feel a sickness DESCEND on your body? Well that's what happened to me about half an hour ago. I blinked and went - "Crap. I have the flu." *facepalm* My head is achey, my body feels flushed, I've started coughing, and there's pressure on my sinuses. And this is not hypochondria - it's a perfectly logical progression given that three of the people I am around most frequently have fallen to this illness in rapid succession within the past week. Awesome.

So I left work an hour early, because instead of tomorrow being a normal lovely Tuesday when I get to sleep to ELEVEN, instead I have a fucking Physics exam at EIGHT FUCKING AM. *stab stab stab* Seriously. So pissed. So I decided sleep and some Airborne and Advil were the best weapons against the possibility of waking up with a 102 fever and having exactly negative googol will to get out of bed and take a fucking physics exam. Well, sleep, medicine, and some porn. So that's my plan. Drugs. Porn. Sleep (albeit for 7 hours). I like this plan.

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Two notes about my awesome Mini!Metallicar:


And the license plate is from TEXAS!!!! Heeeee. If I had been given a choice, it would have been either Kansas or Texas, and this was totally by chance! *loves* Now who's gonna write the J2 AU where the boys set off on a road trip from Texas in a classic Impala? DO EEEET. *beams*

I still feel like I have the plague. I do not have a temperature - yet. However, the acheyness and fatigue tell me that this is more than just a dumb cold, and that my temp will skyrocket before too long. Here's hoping I'm wrong about that, but I won't be surprised if I'm not.

It's so surreal being back at school. I didn't realize how accustomed I had gotten to the con atmosphere. At the hotel, I developed a kind of fangirl radar, and it was like we all had free passes to just be as crazy and outgoing as we liked! So I'd see people with the boob-badges and stare at their chest, and whether I recognized the LJ name or not it was all "HI! HI THERE FELLOW FANGIRL!" and it was just love and joy all around. Now I walk through campus and barely recognize anyone, and everyone's all quiet and self-contained and it's quite a let down. I want to move to Nashville with THE WHOLE SUPERNATURAL FANDOM. Christian and Steve can come too (although they're probably included in that category - I bet they watch the show every week for their Jenny! :D) But what all this boils down to is that I had the most smashing time this weekend, seriously. I've been thinking about my recap, and realizing that I SUCK at chronology and will never get everything in the right order. So my recap will be more order-of-remembrance rather than order-of-occurrance :P IF AND WHEN I write it *facepalm*

Just something I have to do, if anyone on my flist from Wincon DOESNT want pictures of them put online, speak now or... tell me later once they're online. But preferably for you, speak now!

Aaaaand now I need to crash and have the deepest nap ever. Roommate is gone for the night, so that's helpful with this goal. Catch ya on the flip side.
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