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Hello my lovelies! I'm going to actually make a FIC REC, mostly because I CAN. A few in fact! How thrilling! In the past couple years, I haven't been reading much fic, one because I'm so damn busy, and two because I just haven't been in a fandom in the same way as I used to be. I dabble here and there but honestly my greatest joy still comes from reading old McShep classics. My obsession with them is occasionally alarming in its enduring intensity. Space jockey and his irascible scientist! <3333

Anyway, I got off topic. Let's talk about love in space of a different sort! I actually am most interested in gen Hermes crew fic for The Martian because I love everyone on this Hermes, but for now I'm just reading whatever is linked to me and not being picky because I LOVE EVERYONE ON THIS HERMES! So here's a couple recs.

  • Numqvan te tradam by otter - This is almost exactly what I needed, which is basically the Hermes crew mother-henning Mark with love and cuddles all the way back to Earth. It's from Beck's perspective and brings in Mark/Beck/Johanssen which I don't necessarily need, but it's sweet and adorable and warms my heart in the best way. :')

  • Interstitial by Lanna Michaels - A lovely three-part continuation of Mark's log both on the Hermes and then back on earth. Again some undertones of OT3, but mostly just Mark's lovely snarky self and his love for his whole crew-family. <333


I do want to say though, I'm a bit annoyed by fandom immediately jumping on Mark/Chris. Yes Beth is getting included a lot, yay, and Chris and Beth are the only unmarried people on the Hermes, BUT you know what I want to read? Mark and Martinez snark! They're best friends, remember? And they're delightful! There is not NEARLY enough Martinez right now. Get on that fandom. I guess I'm just annoyed because the whole Mark/Chris thing has a large whiff of "attractive white dudes! make out!" Hrm.

Sorry, got crankypants. ENJOY ANYWAY!

(Oh my god I need new icons. If you know a currently active place I could find some let me know!!)
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I'm so exhausted that I can't even contemplate a real post, but a few things:

  • THE MARTIAN!!! No really, THE MARTIAN!!!!!! Today I did an activity with my Algebra 2 kids where their answers, once put in order, yielded "THE MARTIAN" and then I showed them the trailer and got nerdy at them. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! I read the book in two days, saw the movie the day it came out, started the audio book, saw the movie again, and am now listening to the audiobook on my commute every day. I just. MARK WATNEY. YOU BRILLIANT SARCASTIC LITTLE SHIT. And can we talk about how much I ADORE the Hermes crew? A D O R E. I liked them on the first read, but after seeing the movie it's like - all their adorable faces! SEBSTAN'S ADORABLE FACE AND HIS ADORABLE COZY SWEATERS!!!! And I'm in LOVE with Martinez. I literally want an entire movie about them going back to earth and hugging Mark way too much and Sebstan and Johanssen trying so hard to be secretive and everyone teasing each other and smiling all the time because they did the most INSANE AND WONDERFUL THING IN THE HISTORY OF SPACE TRAVEL!!!! Ahem. I have feelings.

  • Supergirl! You should watch it! I've only seen the beginning which was basically the same thing as the extended trailer but I love it! Melissa Benoist is so friggin cute! And for some reason I cry every time she goes to save her sister. SISTERS. YAY.

  • JANE THE VIRGIN! I had heard great things but hadn't gotten around to it. Started it randomly on Netflix and I'm in LOVE. IT'S SO DELIGHTFUL. Jane is just SUCH a dear, Gina is so great. Her family is super cute. And Raf is stunnnning and super precious too. Also Petra for some reason I find riveting even though she's so terrible? Something about the enormous bambi eyes and pillow lips. She's gorgeous *__* Michael is sweet sometimes but I generally find him a bit off putting. Anyway. THIS SHOW. YOU SHOULD WATCH IT. YES.

  • Fuck the Walking Dead. (I haven't watched the latest but I'm spoiled. Fuck everything.)



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