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No I don't know why I started with an Eminem lyric. Whatever.

HELLO I'M BACK. (also I already wrote this post and accidentally closed the tab so we're off to a FANTASTIC start....) As per my Wincon promise to many people, I'm going to try my damndest to come back to LJ. I had such a MARVELOUS time being surrounded by fangirls, and I used to have that daily with LJ. My life is noticeable lower quality with that missing. I'm a teacher now and I work so fucking hard, so to have a community to come to while I'm working endless hours at home would be... just beyond wonderful.

I am currently frantically lesson planning after spending the whole weekend HAVING FUN, so I can't say much more right now. A Wincon report of sorts will be coming I hope. For now have this gorgeous photo of our fangirl lunch earlier today (and can I just say that inserting a picture is now an awesome experience - I'm excited to explore all of LJ's fancy new functions!). And if you met me at Wincon, LET'S BE FRIENDS!!!

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I've never been upset about being busy on Monday nights before, but now my entire flist is full of reactions to BOTH Heroes and Black Donnellys and I'm very depressed by this. Especially since I won't be able to watch either of them until Wednesday at the VERY earliest. SIGH.

Only one more Winchester-less Thursday... I can do it. *determined face*

(I don't really understand how my mood icon is jealous. He's saying "You have to watch out for me". Color me confused!)

ETA: I am also down in the dumps about how many cons are getting put together that I CANT GO TO. Some are too far away; others are while I'm in Ireland. I'm trying to hold on to the fact that 1) Wincon last year was the best weekend of my LIFE, and it's likely that any attempt at a repeat experience would fail miserably, not least for the lack of some of my favorite people, and 2) IRELAND. So. Yes. *another determined face*

....I need to read some happy McShep. *goes off to do that*
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Happy thing the first! I got a 98.5 on my Bio test! YAY! *twirls in circles* This is a GREAT relief, because I think I had an A- up til this point, and... let's just say that would hurt my GPA (I know, i know *dodges rotten vegetables*) but I just haven't been TRYING in this class because it's exactly what I did in AP Bio and it's not all that challenging, while organic chem has been taking all my energy. So I haven't been performing to my capabilities. But this test is going to go a long way to rectifying that! Yay!

Happy thing the second! Our second semester schedules were released today, and I got all my first choice classes! *dances happily* (Oh, I just noticed, I got my second choice physics section, with the worse teacher - ah well!) And most importantly, I GOT VAN ARMAN FOR ORGO AGAIN!!!! He's the ONLY good orgo teacher, and I think I would shoot myself if I got anyone else. YAYE! *glees* So here's my schedule for next semester:

MWF 8-8:50 Organic Chemistry 2
MWF 9-9:50 Physics 1
MWF 11-12:05 - Probability and Stats
M 1:30-4:20 - Physics lab
W 12:30 - 4:20 - Organic chem lab
TTh 12-1:20 - America in Black and White

Happy thing the third! I get to go home tomorrow, YAYE! And I found a ride with my friend Alyssa, so my dad no longer has to drive down here and then back in one day! *twirls* It'll be nice to have a few days off, and see my daddy family :)

Okay, now we've just got normal things (not unhappy, just not squeeful :P)

Thing the fourth: Five people have friended me in the past day! o.O Is this LJ just being weird and releasing a bunch of notifications at once, or did ya'll really all friend me just now? Well, regardless, welcome to the newcomers! If you want to drop a comment and let me know how you found me, why you friended me, a bit about yourself, etc, I'd love to chat with you :)

Thing the fifth: I would sell my firstborn for an animated icon of the Impala skidding in the SOON promo. Really, I would. I'm going to vaguely try to attempt it myself, but ImageReady is a bitch to deal with on this computer, so if anyone else could do it with more ease, I'd really appreciate it :D

Thing the sixth: I donno if ya'll just missed it or WHAT, but I uploaded videos from Wincon of Susan and Jaida at the Dear Dean panel, and they are HILARIOUS. Go, download them! Shoo!

Thing the seventh: This conversation with Mona amused me!

[livejournal.com profile] starsouls1013: i miss talking to you :(
[livejournal.com profile] mona1347: Aw dude, ME TOO.
[livejournal.com profile] mona1347: Except with you. I don't miss me.
[livejournal.com profile] mona1347: I'm with me all day
[livejournal.com profile] starsouls1013: Hee.
[livejournal.com profile] starsouls1013: There's like, this mona shaped hole in me!
[livejournal.com profile] mona1347: AWWW
[livejournal.com profile] mona1347: Well DON'T GO FILLING IT WITH ANYONE YOU WANT
[livejournal.com profile] starsouls1013: I WONT! IT WOULD BE AN INSULT TO YOUR MEMORY
[livejournal.com profile] mona1347: DAMN SKIPPY
[livejournal.com profile] starsouls1013: I also wont make a deal with a demon for you though
[livejournal.com profile] starsouls1013: Sorry :(
[livejournal.com profile] mona1347: That's okay. I understand there are limits.

Thing the eight: ICON! *thud*
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I've finally uploaded my BAZILLION photos from the weekend! There are so many awesome and gorgeous ones, they make me happy. They're in a Flickr album, tagged with peoples names, so here's just a few of my favorites! Click on the link to see the rest!

WinchesterCon: EPIC

Seriously. EPIC. )
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Here's the video I premiered at WinCon! Enjoy!

Title: Blind
Artist: Placebo
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] starsouls1013 (Anne)
Fandom: Supernatural
Character/Pairings: Dean and Sam, Dean POV
Spoilers: Through Devil's Trap
Summary: "If I could tear you from the ceiling, I'd freeze us both in time..."
A/N: Endless thank yous to everyone who cheerled me along the way in this process. [livejournal.com profile] mona1347 and [livejournal.com profile] poisontaster were especially kind and effusive. ♥ A thousand thanks to my betas, [livejournal.com profile] dualbunny and [livejournal.com profile] ringwench for thoughtful and exceedingly helpful comments. And a huge shout out to [livejournal.com profile] ringwench for organizing the WinCon vid show, which was absolutely STUNNING. It was so much fun to be able to premiere my baby at WinCon, and she made it possible! And finally a huge thank you to the AWESOME [livejournal.com profile] whosjeebus for popping my files up on her hosting service so I can have permanent links for ya’ll!
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. Woe.

DOWNLOAD LINKS (right-click, save as):
Large (.avi, XviD): Blind 98 MB
Medium (.avi, XviD): Blind 40 MB

To view these videos, you’ll have to have the proper codec. I recommend downloading VLC, which is a media player that has pretty much every codec you’ll ever need and can play almost any video file you could dream of. Extremely handy.

Awards )
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Two notes about my awesome Mini!Metallicar:


And the license plate is from TEXAS!!!! Heeeee. If I had been given a choice, it would have been either Kansas or Texas, and this was totally by chance! *loves* Now who's gonna write the J2 AU where the boys set off on a road trip from Texas in a classic Impala? DO EEEET. *beams*

I still feel like I have the plague. I do not have a temperature - yet. However, the acheyness and fatigue tell me that this is more than just a dumb cold, and that my temp will skyrocket before too long. Here's hoping I'm wrong about that, but I won't be surprised if I'm not.

It's so surreal being back at school. I didn't realize how accustomed I had gotten to the con atmosphere. At the hotel, I developed a kind of fangirl radar, and it was like we all had free passes to just be as crazy and outgoing as we liked! So I'd see people with the boob-badges and stare at their chest, and whether I recognized the LJ name or not it was all "HI! HI THERE FELLOW FANGIRL!" and it was just love and joy all around. Now I walk through campus and barely recognize anyone, and everyone's all quiet and self-contained and it's quite a let down. I want to move to Nashville with THE WHOLE SUPERNATURAL FANDOM. Christian and Steve can come too (although they're probably included in that category - I bet they watch the show every week for their Jenny! :D) But what all this boils down to is that I had the most smashing time this weekend, seriously. I've been thinking about my recap, and realizing that I SUCK at chronology and will never get everything in the right order. So my recap will be more order-of-remembrance rather than order-of-occurrance :P IF AND WHEN I write it *facepalm*

Just something I have to do, if anyone on my flist from Wincon DOESNT want pictures of them put online, speak now or... tell me later once they're online. But preferably for you, speak now!

Aaaaand now I need to crash and have the deepest nap ever. Roommate is gone for the night, so that's helpful with this goal. Catch ya on the flip side.
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  • I have the PLAGUE. And it is all Sarah and Jacki's fault. I however still love them to pieces and miss them (and everyone else! gosh!) like burning. Sigh.

  • I HAVE A METALLICAR! Well, a mini one anyway. I bought a little metal keychain of a black 67 two-door Impala off of eBay and I finally got it today! It's ADORABLE and looks exactly like the boys' except for the two doors thing! I love it to bits.

  • I really don't want to be back at school. I nearly missed chemistry again - woke up at 8 AM when roomie's alarm went off and had to roll out of bed, find clothes in the dark, and get to class late. Sigh.

  • HOWEVER. Mitigating factor - I got a B+ on my orgo (translation: organic chemistry) test!! Yaaay!

  • Did I mention I have the PLAGUE? *headdesk*

  • On a much happier note, new Supernatural tomorrow! Yay!

  • HELLO HELLO to all my fabulous new friends from Wincon! Welcome to my crazy journal! I swear it's not all bitch bitch whine whine, but did I mention PLAGUE? ;) I look forward to seeing ya'll around!

  • SLEEP TIME. Before i have work and class and then work again. ARGH.

  • I love this icon because it's just a pretty shot of Jensen UNLESS you know what's going on - the little smile and the look in his eyes? Yeah, that's Dean breaking. Ohmyheart.
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    One of the coolest things about this weekend was getting to watch a BRAND NEW EPISODE with fangirls. A room of squealing giggling fangirls! I thought we were admirably restrained - we didn't miss TOO many lines. What follows is a mini recap of our group reactions...

    SPN 2x03 Bloodlust, Wincon style )

    So. Much. Love.

    An ACTUAL con post will follow AT SOME POINT. I swear.
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    So yes, I am ALIVE.

    It is 2:30 AM on Tuesday morning and me and my girls are in a Comfort Inn in Bumfuck, Maryland. We actually managed to find a hotel on the first try this time, YES! I drove for five hours and did not crash and kill us. Even when the truck smashed into the Impala when the girls were watching Devil's Trap in the back seat - yes I am proud of my composure. I am quite tired but of course we roll into this motel and immediately all go on our laptops. We are made of fangirly awesomeness.

    Needless to say, the weekend was amazing. Everything about it. I loved it. Love love loved. I have a zillion FABULOUS pictures and will be posting those and a loooong recap at.... some point. We'll see. But yes, lots of picture sharing will be done, yay!

    Random news bulletin: [livejournal.com profile] huggenkiss is the cutest thing in the universe. *smish!* She's on a plane right now to Australia, the poor darling. LOVE YOU AMANDA!!! ♥
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    I got semi-drunk again so this is me talking country. It's very amusing.
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    I'm like drunkj right now and if you could hear me I"M TALKING SO COUNTRY. And this is the first time i've been in ths south and it's all [livejournal.com profile] star_dancer54's fault cause she's from Nashville so she talks southern and so tdoes JARED so i've been like rambling in southern and i keep declaring I"M NOT SOUTHERN and people just laugh at me and mona is the sweetest tthing everand i just clung to her as we walked to krystal's to get GREASE in the form of chilifries and i've been drinking water and basically doing everything right because fangrils are sweet and kind and telling me everythign i should do. A super cool person mixed me rum and cranberry juice and this unnamed person's pretty awesome guys, i love her. (I will talk about her separately later, LOL) And and and and and i cant think what to say next so im gonna take some advil and crash. i love you all goodnight!

    i bought a lynyrd skynyrd tshirt today because ASH IS MADE OF AWESOMETHEEND.
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    I'm feeling light headed and dizzy and giddy and I LOVE FANGIRLS!

    It's room party and KARAOKE TIME! *boogies*

    I'm currently talking to [livejournal.com profile] billietallent about slash so I'm a bit distracted and incoherent now, sorry!

    Apparently I am tiny and incredibly hyper. Not that I didn't already know this.

    Oh oh oh THE EPISODE LAST NIGHT WAS THE MOST AWESOMESAUCE THING EVER ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. I LOVED IT I LOVED IT I LOVED IT. And watching it with fangirls? THE BEST THING OF EVER. Our screams probably broke eardrums three floors down. I LEAPED on Cassi ([livejournal.com profile] quietdiscerning) quite literally at Sam's almost-last-line... you know the one I mean!!!! It was the most orgasmic experience ever and I LOVED IT.

    Mona and Erin are the sweetest people of ever and I adore them. *flails a little*

    Nan is made of awesome!

    Wait, EVERYONE'S MADE OF AWESOME! *twirls and twirls*

    Okay I'm totally late for the room parties (long discussions about slash will do that to you!) so I'm gonna boogie. But I'm having a fabulous time and there will be far more in depth reports later! (I'm taking notes! :D)
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    I'm at a Holiday Inn in Bumfuck, West Virginia. It's 9:30 AM and we got about 4 hours of sleep! Yep, finding somewhere to sleep was quiiiiiite the adventure. Took about 2 hours from when we started looking, and that was at about 3. There was a CONVENTION in Morgantown, Maryland so the hotels THERE were completely full (FUCKING CONVENTIONS! Honestly, what are they thinking? ;)) and we justh ad to keep going and going.

    We however got MUCH FARTHER than we expected to. The original plan was to pick me up at about 7 THIS morning in Lancaster... that's about 5 hours in our rear view mirror! I took the wheel for 3 hours last night, which was.. interesting ;) I'm not a very experienced driver, and I also like to talk with my hands, so in a car of fangirls of course I got excited about a whole lot of things aaaaand there may have been some swerving *halo* LOL. But we survived in one piece, and eventually made it to this hotel which had TWO ROOMS left, a four-person and a two-person, and we have six people! It was perfect, honestly, especially since at that point we were ready to take their lobby if they'd let us sleep there. So we got SOME sleep, which is good. And! We're going to make it to Nashville in time for NEW SUPERNATURAL!!! SQUEEEEE!

    I'm having SO MUCH FUN. I love these girls, they're awesome, and this is just a little taste of the fabulousness that is going to be this whole weekend! SO, SO EXCITED.

    I'll keep updating y'all! Love ya!
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    OH. MY. GOD.

    I swear I might combust any minute. I'm seriously too shaky to type this right now.

    I just got out of my first ORGANIC CHEMISTRY test, which if you know anything about the science track in college is the HARDEST CLASS OF EVER. At least according to its reputation. So I studied my ass off and freaked out for a whole week, and I just had it and it went FINE. I was prepared the most I could be, and I got out 45 minutes early (it was a 2 hour test) and I understood everything and I'm reasonably certain I got at least a B+.


    I was seriously freaking out so much that I felt like I was going to puke. I would have checked it over one more time, but I just had to get OUT OF THERE.

    However. On TOP of that....


    The original plan was for Jacki and co. to pick me up tomorrow MORNING, but somehow they're getting here earlier than they thought (around 9:30ish) and so they're gonna pick me up and we're gonna DRIVE tonight and stop at a motel somewhere and OMG I'M FREAKING OUT. *flails at all of you* I'm only half packed so I really need to finish that RIGHT NOW AND OMG. IT'S HERE AND IT'S BEEN FIVE MONTHS I'VE BEEN WAITING SO ANXIOUSLY AND OMG. I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT.

    *flails more*

    Jesus christ. Apparently I'm also to help to drive because Jacki's sick and Cassi's sleep-deprived and OMG my poor darling girls! *squishes them* So the fact that I *cough*don't have my license*cough* will be ignored in favor of someone at least in somewhat good shape (health and sleep-wise) driving for a while. My GOODNESS I am excited. *flails around spaztically*


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    Another post for you Winconners! (unlocked because hey the rest of you can know this stuff too!)

    Things to know about me.

    Hi, I'm ANNE.

    1) I'm short. If we're in a crowded room, I'm pretty sure you won't be able to find me from any distance *g*
    2) I'm GIGGLY. I laugh a lot when I'm talking to someone, especially if I'm excited about something, and at Wincon I am going to be PERPETUALLY EXCITED. So expect lots of hand gestures and giggles out of me. I hope I don't scare you!
    3) I'm really not that shy. I think I am, but I am in more of an abstract way - like I think about socializing with people I don't know, and I get kind of scared, but then in the actual event I'm talkative and ebullient. And since I really do already know you, and I feel like you guys GET me a lot more than most other people, I am going to be extroverted and probably jumping all over you. :D
    4) I stay up LATE and sleep in LATE. Though I'll try not to sleep in TOO late.
    5) I don't drink/haven't drank. I mean, I've tried a couple things, but the most I ever drank was half a beer. I just detest the taste of alcohol. But Mona has promised to get me drunk, so I'll probably at least get tipsy at one point.
    6) I'm 19. Ergo, underage. Ergo, no 21-and-over bars. Boo.
    7) I love to sing. Carmates? Yeah that'll be me bustin out the House Rules at top volume *g* Luckily, I do have a good voice (I'm in choir and everything!) so I don't think I'll break your eardrums. I am also totally excited for karaoke :D

    That's kind of all I've got for now! OMGYAY!

    ETA: So that people besides the ones on the Wincon filter can see what I look like... )
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    So I've been thinking about this idly for a while, but I think it would be cool to know what ya'll who're going to Wincon look like ahead of time. I've posted multiple pics of myself on here before, but I'll post another soon. Point is, I'm stealing an idea from [livejournal.com profile] femmenerd and making a filter of Wincon people. I'll use this filter to make a post wherein I show my picture and you show me yours! (If you want to, that is. No obligation, obviously!)

    So yis.


    [Poll #840109]

    FOUR DAYS!!!!!!

    ETA: Oh gosh, you're all too fast! I made an edit and had to delete the old entry (I HATE THAT YOU CANT EDIT POLLS *stab stab*) and two of you had already answered. I can't check who now, so if you could answer this one too, that would be great. Sorry!
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    1. I love my big brother. (His name is Mike. He's not really my big brother, but he has acted in that capacity for six years. Sadly I've never actually met him, but he's literally one of my favorite people on the planet.) I really, really love him, a lot.

    2. I GET TO SEE DANNY TOMORROW. If I have ANY luck, Concrete Plans to Hang Out will most likely be made. *squeals quietly*

    3. I think, *think* I can manage this paper. I think I'll be okay.

    4. I am DONE with my video. DONE I SAY.

    5. Winchestercon in FIVE DAYS OMG!!!!

    6. Alyssa (girl in chem and bio with me) is made of awesome and I love finding new friends I can be dorky and silly with. We sang the Elephant Love Song Medley from Moulin Rouge at each other earlier tonight! (I was Ewan :D)

    7. Ash is still SO MUCH LOVE. I keep rewatching his scenes. HEE.

    8. And hi, Sam and Dean love each other so much it makes me ache.

    9. I get to go to DUBLIN for a year. *keyboard smashes*

    This post of HAPPINESS and LOVE brought to you by an Anne that may spin apart into little pieces in the next few days, and who is attempting to prevent that as best she can.
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    So this weekend is going to OWN ME.

  • Modern lit paper due MONDAY. Four pages, which is really not that bad, BUT, it's on Brave New World, the Wasteland, AND an EM Forster short story. I have to come up with a thesis that somehow encompasses all three of these works, and then find pertinent evidence from each one. That's.... daunting, to say the least. I'm vaguely terrified. I need to work on that, like, now.
  • ORGANIC CHEM TEST WEDNESDAY. *freaks out slightly* I mean, this shit is SCARY. I get all the concepts in theory, but it's a little terrifying to be given a graph with some squiggly lines on it, a pile of about 15 organic compounds, and then asked 'Which one is it??' *headdesk* There's a LOT to memorize (chemical shift ranges are especially going to be a bitch) and I am just so, so scared. My friend who is really quite smart got a 66 on her test, which she took Monday (she's in another section). .....Yeah. So that's horrifying and scary and I'm starting to study tonight with Alyssa and Tia.
  • Organic chem LAB REPORT due next FRIDAY, however I will be in NASHVILLE (*TWIRLS*) so I have to get it done before I leave - that is, by Wednesday. *headdesk again*

    The only thing that makes all this bearable is the thought that my reward will be WINCON!!!! A van full of fangirls rockin out and giggling for a whole day, and then A HUNDRED fangirls just being AWESOME and GLEEFUL and oh man. I'm going to overdose on happy, I swear.

    I'm considering just giving up on most of my shows. I still haven't watched the second ep of Heroes (I feel like it's just gonna be another Lost to me - too many people, too much plot, not enough heart to really make me fall in love) and I'm not caught up to the current seasons of House and PB anyway. GG is pretty much a lost cause, and VMars certainly didn't set my pants on fire. Lost was really boring. Studio 60 hasn't really grabbed me, though I do enjoy it. BSG premieres tonight and I definitely hold high hopes for that one.

    So it looks like my watching list will now be: Veronica Mars, Supernatural, and Battlestar Galactica. Studio 60 when I can. The rest? I'll see em when I see em.

    Honestly, Supernatural's totally enough to keep me enthralled and entertained all week. I'm just really curious about where VMars and BSG are going, so :)

    Oh I just watched House 2x14 and it was AWESOME. The season-dynamic-changing event (you know which one I mean) happened and YAY! *does a little jig* So much love.

    I'm pretty much DONE with my video!!!!! [livejournal.com profile] ringwench got back to me with her beta, and you know what she said? I didnt have to change anything! LOL. And she would totally have told me if she saw anything off. So, YAY *twirls* And i also betaed hers, and it ROCKS guy, rocks hardcore, you're gonna love it (either at Wincon, or when it gets posted later). I'm still poking and tweaking at things on mine, but it is essentially *done* and I am so fucking joyous. *beams*

    Okay off to work on my paper *headdesk headdesk* It's FRIDAY, I should be able to relax!

    (Oh look at my GORGEOUS new default icon! [livejournal.com profile] oxoniensis made it and it just... hits a chord. That wide shot of them is so *beautiful*.)
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