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I fail so much at LJ, you guys. Fail ever so much. :( I really really miss it, but I also feel like my life has progressed past that phase. I don't have time to lose myself in fic or the details of so many lives, as much as I'd want to. Even though I feel like I'm kind of a shitty grad student, I'm still a grad student, and that means busy. :(

Life updates since June... well, lots! I did a three month internship this summer which was... okay. Not exactly revelatory. I spent half of it writing a grant for my grad school work and trying not to puke because I'm SO BAD AT PLANNING SCIENCE, and the other half trying to figure out what I want to do instead because research is clearly not my destiny. I landed on science publishing, which basically entails working as an editor at a scientific journal, coordinating with authors and reviewers and generally shaping the journal's content and interactions with the world. I obviously need to finish my PhD so I'll do that and then look for editorial positions. I'm really excited about this new direction and hope it turns into a rewarding career.

I also went to Germanyyyyyy :D And also Dublin but that was a short visit, sadly. Still got to see some of my favorite friends though. But the majority of the trip was two weeks backpacking through Germany with my friend Sarah (who I met through the German football fandom!). We went to (in order) München (Munich), Chiemsee, Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Mainz, Karlsruhe, Köln (Cologne), Oldenburg, Hamburg, Fehmarn, and Berlin! The trip was whirlwind paced but I was so glad we got to see all the things we did. We attended four football matches, I met MY BELOVED LEWIS HOLTBY *points at icon and makes high pitched noises* after he scored 2 goals for the German U21s, we watched Germany beat Brazil, Mainz beat Leverkusen, and Bayern beat Wolfsburg. IT WAS AMAZING. We stayed with lots of friends of mine, new and old, some I've known forever but hadn't gotten to meet yet or only met once (*waves at [livejournal.com profile] novafairy, [livejournal.com profile] nebulein, and [livejournal.com profile] maleyka). My favorite city was Berlin (we only had A DAY! I want to spend a week there!) but they were all beautiful and unique. It was truly an amazing trip and only whetted my appetite for travel (and Europe) even further. And I cannot recommend backpack travel enough!! Sure I didn't have many clothes, but we did laundry twice and I only had ONE bag to deal with that I could just sling on my back, easy peasy. Such a freeing experience!

Josh and I fizzled out in September, a little while after I got back from Germany. It was a long time coming, sadly. We burned bright but only for a short while. I learned things about myself from that experience AND I had a hell of a lot of fun, so what more can you ask for? I haven't met a new guy yet, though there's a couple I've been talking to on OK Cupid who are intriguing.

I also moved apartments so now I live with one person instead of four (my current roomie was also one of the four, so no big adjustment there). We love our new apartment and I LOOOOOOVE my room. We're staying here for at least two years.

Fannishly, I have two new major TV loves: HAVEN and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. To sum up: sdlkfjlsdkfjlsjfOT3OT3OT3!!!!! The triangles on these two shows BLOW ME AWAY. They have some similar dynamics but are at the same time drastically different and I love them *so much*. Some people choose Duke/Audrey or Nathan/Audrey or of course Duke/Nathan... I say why choose? They're ALL amazing and deserve to have each other. Furthermore, Audrey clearly loves both of them, and the *waves hands* nonsense between Duke and Nathan is so clearly ANYTHING BUT platonic, so really it's the only logical solution. Yup. And if you haven't heard of Haven, do yourself a favor! It's a surprisingly incredible SyFy show set in Maine but filmed in gorgeous Nova Scotia on FILM (not digital!). It's a bit like X-Files, with weird goings-on and a great male-female buddy cop dynamic, though they're both believers. There have been two (short) seasons so far and it got renewed for a third so you should catch up before season three starts in April!

And DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON VAMPIRE DIARIES. Lots of people told me they loved it but I was like pffff it's either marginally better Twilight or going to disappoint compared to Buffy. In fact, any comparisons to either vanished after the first few episodes. It starts in a place where it could become either, but really becomes its own thing. I've tried to articulate to myself how it's different from Buffy, and in the end I think the two are fundamentally different types of stories. Buffy is about the girl with a burden who has to fight evil with only love to support her, and it's about doing the right thing even when it's the most difficult. Vampire Diaries, on the other hand, is about loving so fiercely and blindly that almost anything is on the table if it's necessary to save that love. Elena and co. don't so much fight evil as do everything they can to protect their own, at nearly any cost. And the romantic part of Elena's love, at least, is focused on two incredibly dangerous dudes, no matter how defanged Stefan may seem. Um, in conclusion, I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS but TVD is really wonderful storytelling all on its own and I highly recommend it. If you've watched it, COME FLAIL WITH ME. CAROLINE. MATT. ALARIC. STEFANELENADAAAAAAMON. <3333 I tend to forget that shipping a OT3 with brothers in it might weird some people out, but uh, veteran of Supernatural fandom here, soooo... yeah that one wasn't such a leap for me. Whoops.

Speaking of Supernatural, I skipped season 6 but I'm really enjoying season 7! I'm afraid to say this because of the rotten tomatoes that will come my way, but it feels so much more like the show I know and love with Castiel gone (not just him but the whole angel nonsense). Dean and Sam are making me clutch my heart again! I have missed my boys everso. <3

SO! My dears! What on earth have you been up to? I'm gonna try to poke around my flist but clearly I have missed so much. (Again.) And if you really want to reconnect with me, I can now be found on Twitter pretty much all the time - I'm exsequar over there too! I'd love if you'd say hi! ♥
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Me and Glen Hansard, singer of The Frames and star/genius of Once, in JFK airport baggage claim

Ahahahah what is my life.

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Just a quick (sober!) post to let you know that life is still wonderful. Sunday spent with my favorite people in the world, having a picnic, walking along cliffs, then getting very happily drunk in a classic Irish pub. More details later, with photos! One of the best days of my life. Monday was lazy and slow - played cards with Niall and his brother and cousin in the back yard, went for a bike ride along the water, had a nice barbecue for dinner. Today was also nice, went into the city centre, walked around in the blazing sunshine, saw Dara for the first time since I got here, saw Star Trek (ugh, CHRIS FINE ILU) for the third time and followed it up with pub food and a pint with a few of my Sci Fi dears.

Tomorrow promises to be lovely if sad. Seeing Dara again (he'll be done with exams \o/), seeing David for a bit (that guy I went home with last week - he's really a sweetheart, I'm looking forward to an actual conversation!), and seeing all the sci fi guys and girls one last time, hopefully. Then back to Niall's where hopefully Paddy, Louise, and Ronan will join us for an evening of companionship before I head off. I'll probably cry.

I love this place with every single fiber of my being. This evening was when I started getting heart clenchy every time I looked around. At least a piece of my heart will always live here, forever and ever. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have no idea what's going on in your lives right now, so I hope you're all okay. Much love. ♥
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WOW so drunk!!!!!

Today i: walked ten km along the irish coast in the blazing sun. Howth. Cliffs and beautiful vistas and good friends. then pints in the pub and wow I am SLOSHED!!! good times were had!!! pints were spilled and laughs were had and we ran down the street yelling and trying out the excersie equioiment along the water. great photos to ome later!!!!

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It feels so good to be home.

I've had a lovely couple of days, and the fun only promises to keep coming. Current concrete plans:

Wednesday night: Porterhouse (?) with my biochem loves, as they will all be done with exams. YAY!!!
Thursday night: Fibbers with oldschool SciFi boys.
Friday afternoon: Coffee with Dara :D
Friday night: Housewarming party at Colin, Meghanne, and Barry's new place.
Saturday: Take a tour of Sarah's family's boat. Hang out with Sarah. Sarah is awesome.
Sunday night: Night out somewhere with closest subset of biochem loves.
Wednesday night: Drunken revelry with Dara, Richard, and random first years. I'm probably going to get wasted and say something I'll regret to Dara, but WHATEVER.

Somewhere in there: see everyone I haven't yet, and everyone I already have again. I've hit an impressive list, but there's an amazing number of people that I have yet to see! I feel so incredibly comfortable here, and who cares that I lived here a year, Dublin still takes my breath away with her beauty. I spent this afternoon walking around with enormous hearts in my eyes, down Grafton, through St Stephen's Green, down to my old apartment, through the twisty back alleys. Sat at my favorite cafe and had a cappuccino while reading my book in the sun. Wandered by St Patricks Cathedral (see above) which was covered in scaffolding when I was here last but is no longer. It was a gorgeous sunny day, if a bit windy, but in true Irish style, a couple rogue gray clouds came by and dumped enormous drops of freezing cold rain on me twice. Otherwise, though, it was a perfect day. I also had lunch with Niall and ran into Bren, which was an absolute joy. I adore that boy.

Yesterday was truly fantastic - lunch at Java with all my biochem loves, drinks at the Pav, time with Barry and Sarah, then back to the Pav for MORE drinks. I saw almost everyone and squeezed them and laughed and just generally felt the most content I have in a very, very long time.

My face for the next week+. Paddy, ILU.

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Thanks for all your lovely wishes on my departure post darlings! *squishes you all* I just wanted to drop by and say that I have arrived safely and happily, was immediately fed extensive amounts of food and tea by Niall's parents, and then fell into bed for a four hour nap. It was glorious. I forgot how late the sun sets here! It didn't start to get really dark until half nine (9:30 for you Americans - gotta get back in the lingo!). Niall and I took a walk around his little town because it was GORGEOUS today. Sadly it will probably rain tomorrow, but that will be more like the Dublin I love and remember fondly. ;)

A very strange and wonderful thing happened to me on my trip over! I was sitting across the aisle on my transatlantic flight from an older man. I had noticed some odd things about him, like he was being served different meals even though he was in coach class, and he had been reading a script during the flight. So at the end, I asked him if he was a director or something, and he said "Or something..." and it turns out he's mostly a composer, and a pretty major one from what I gather! His name is William Goldstein, which may mean something to some of you. (His website)

Anyway, we talked for the last 20 minutes of the flight and he totally took a shine to me, saying that he wished he had started talking to me earlier in the flight, aww! We talked about a lot of things, and he kept saying things like "you have such a wonderful mind!" or "You have a very observant eye, it's a rare talent, natural curiosity!" and every time I blushed and said thank you he said "Don't thank me, it's not my doing!" He was such a sweet, intelligent, witty, lovely man, I really had a great time talking to him. When our paths were to diverge (him to baggage collection, me to connections), we pulled over and talked for fifteen more minutes. When he pulled out his wallet to give me a business card, the first card on top was an Academy card, as in, the Oscars! He said "That's my Academy card - I can't give it to you though because I only have one!" Hee! He practically ordered me to email him so we can keep in touch, and I definitely will, because how often does that kind of chance happen to you, you know? The chance to know someone so obviously versed in the ways of the world and who has had an extraordinary life you can only imagine.

So! That was my morning! I didn't stop smiling for quite a while after that (he had boosted my ego ridiculously, haha) and then I got on a plane from Heathrow to Dublin and I landed and I has a Niall and YAY! Tomorrow I'm having lunch with Niall and Lou and Paddy and probably more of the biochem loves, then I'm going to wander my beautiful city and hopefully see more people, then drinks at the pav, then who knows!

Life is good. :)
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I leave for Dublin in LESS THAN AN HOUR!!!!!!!!

*flails around dangerously*

I'm excited and nervous and EXCITED and not looking forward to 11 hours of traveling and EXCITED and eeeeeee DUBLIN COME TO MEEEEE! I'm just going to walk around the city with hearts in my eyes for a while. UGH, DUBLIN. And I get a Niall at the airport, and I'm going out Monday with the biochem loves, and from then WHO KNOWS? *twirls and twirls and twirls*

Catch you on the flipside, loves! <3333
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Order of business the first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] kashmir1!!!! You are a darling and such a brave soul, and I admire you so very much. I love you sweetie and I hope you have a wonderful day.

The second: HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] caithream!!!! You are such a sparkly and awesome person, you always make me smile, and I'm so glad we met at Wincon!

The third: I started watching Castle with Michelle! It is SO adorable. I think Nathan Fillion is the only person who could make this character adorable instead of repugnant, but whatever, it works. My favorite part of the show is his family - so unconventional and hilarious! The plots are a little eyebrow-raising, but it's hard to be original in a world inundated with crime procedurals. In any case, Nathan is infinitely adorable and I am very pleased. Thumbs up!

The fourth: I had the most lovely conversation with my Louise (friend from Dublin) this morning. It went thusly:
Louise: it a really good time to come because we will all be on that high
we might actualy explode
Louise: Anne-exams=explosion
me: hee, that was the idea!
Louise: BOOM!
Louise: :D
Louise: everyone is glad you're coming back doll, we miss ya lots
me: aw, thank you sweetheart. that really means a lot.
me: it kind of keeps me going :)
Louise: you really are loved here Anne, you're our American gal! Not just a blow in the wind from across the pond!
me: and i love you all, so very much! I feel at home with you crazy Irish folks
Louise: sure once you catch our craziness your done for life!
and later...
Louise: of course you wont! We'll always be here, and you'll ALWAYS have a place here.
To steal a most eloquent expression from [livejournal.com profile] wasoncedelight,


The fifth: [livejournal.com profile] tuesdaysgone and [livejournal.com profile] discord_harmony, see my last post about The Used! :)
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I'M GOING TO DUBLINNNNNNNNN! Plane tickets officially booked, "Dublin Redux!" IS A GO!!!

*twirls forever and ever and ever* :D :D :D

I got a really cheap price by settling for a layover in London. I'll arrive in Dublin zombie-like and sleep deprived - if Niall still likes me then, it will be a sign that his affections are true. :D I can't wait to have snuggles omg.

I'll be in Dublin from May 23-June 4th. Then I start grad school in early July. CRAZY. Not a very long summer, but I think Dublin will be enough of a reboot for my soul that I'll be able to face Michigan refreshed and excited.

Today, the trees on campus EXPLODED with flowers. I am pleased.

I found a place in Ann Arbor that I really really want, but I'm not sure I'm going to get it. It's a three bedroom house just north of campus, in a gorgeous little neighborhood, and there's already one female graduate living there. She's quite a bit older than me, doing an awesome degree in American Studies, and she seems really cool, but definitely more mature than me (since I am sometimes a flaily kid, you all know this). She has the power to choose whoever she wants as her roommates, as I'm sure many people will be clamoring for this place, so I'm hoping but not holding my breath.

I also got contacted by another girl looking for a place to live. She's also graduating college, starting her PhD in chemistry, and she seems really sweet and fun. I like her Facebook page a lot - she likes RENT! And Avenue Q! And Bill Bryson! I feel like our personalities would be compatible. So if I don't get the house mentioned above, I think I'll start looking for places with her.

Gleeful ETA: In an email, I asked her "what sort of geeky" she was, and said that I was into fantasy/sci fi, and she said that she's not well-versed but the few episodes of BSG and Firefly she's seen have convinced her that this needs to change. !!! HI NEW BEST FRIEND.

Things are going well! How are you loves?
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I got essentially zero accomplished this weekend... but I'm pretty much okay with that. I went to see Watchmen AGAIN tonight - yay! With my friends Fei and Rob, who hadn't seen it yet. There are still parts I can't watch (severing hands... *shudders*) but Adrian just gets more and more fabulous. I hope there's more of him in the extended cut though. Rob likes to refer to him as "the gay one" now. :P The movie definitely wears well - I still find it fascinating the third go round, but I am looking forward to the extended cut, for even more depth! (And probably even more violence - thanks, Zack :P) The sex scene, however, never gets less hilarious. I'm completely positive now that my favorite scene is when Dan punches the shit out of you know who and he just takes it. *sniff* Rorschach is the most relentlessly compelling character, though. I'm just bored of Jon and Laurie at this point, and Dan is cute but I'm not terribly invested. But Rooooorschach. I love when his little flashlight won't work, n'aw. And JDM is just perfection as The Comedian. The perfect love-to-hate character!

Tonight I also filed my taxes and am going to get $449 dollars in a few weeks. Scooore. That is so going towards my Dublin trip.

Speaking of my Dublin trip, Expedia did it again - I selected a flight, and when I got to the confirmation screen it said "We're sorry, the price of this flight has changed [by FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS]." What the actual bloody fuck. >:(

A couple tentative leads for apartment hunting... this guy who rents out the house next door to his called me to tell me about the place. It sounds interesting, in terms of the facts, but location-wise it's much further from downtown than I want, and now that I've seen pictures I'm really kind of eh about it. But I did get an email from a girl who's looking for roommates, and I'm kind of intrigued because... she's a world-class figure skater. Like, she skated at Worlds this year and there are loads of videos of her skating on youtube (Caitlin Mallory, if you wanna take a look). She's really bloody good. She's almost exactly my age, but still a senior at Michigan because she's going to school part time due to skating, and she studies neuroscience. She seems really nice - not a fangirl or a geek, but friendly and liberal. Definitely someone I could live with, I think. I emailed her back, and maybe we'll talk on the phone sometime. Having someone to look for places with would be a big help I think.

La la, sleepytimes. <3
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'Ello loves!

I am safely returned from Salt Lake City. Today was a little miserable only because I couldn't afford to feed myself. Um. I had a complimentary donut at the hotel for breakfast, $2 peanut M&Ms and the complimentary cookies on the plane for lunch, and didn't have real food until about 6 PM. At which point I was literally dizzy and was so hungry that licking plain mayonnaise off my finger was like heaven. IT WAS KIND OF BAD. Hopefully there will be a paycheck waiting in my mailbox tomorrow so that that does not occur again. o.O

Tales from a chemistry conference. )

Ever since my mom said she's committed to sending me to Dublin in June (!!!! :D) I have been thinking all the time about my Dublin loves. I thought a lot today about what it felt like that day I left. Holding and crying with Paddy and Lou. Breathing in Dara's comforting scent for the last time. Lying on my bed in Niall's arms, crying quietly. Kissing Kate's tears from her cheeks. Conor and Mark and Niall running up the street to say goodbye just before my bus left. Clutching Niall's hand and weeping for the entire 20 minute bus ride. My flight getting canceled and spending my entire evening in the hotel room calling Dara and Niall and Kate and saying calmer goodbyes. It was the hardest day of my life, but there's a sort of bittersweetness to it, because there were so many people who felt pain at my leaving, who cared that I was not going to be in their lives anymore. And now I get to go back to them, have the breath squeezed out of me by dozens of warm hugs, and feel so very loved again.

I simply can't wait. :)
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