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2012-02-17 12:41 am

Birds fly over the rainbow, why then oh why can't I?

Time for a melancholy late night post.

This week has absolutely vanished. What am I doing with my time? I don't know. I've been fighting tooth and nail with this publication I'm trying to write for weeks (well, months) now. I had a period in January where I was super productive, then I skidded to a halt for various reasons and had a hard time getting over the activation barrier. I think I finally did it today though, just in time for my boss's return tomorrow. Phew.

Science is frustrating the shit out of me. Most days I hate it.

I got an email from my undergrad chemistry department's secretary. She wants a current photo of me to post on a bulletin board next to an essay I wrote for the department when I was a senior in college. The essay is titled "A Mile in Shoes that Don't Fit" and it's about how by doing research I realized that I... didn't want to do research.

A couple months later, I let other people change my mind. Now I'm at grad school.

So she wants my photo to put up my essay which might as well be titled "Anne is a Hypocrite." Excellent.

I wish I had listened to my instincts.

Tonight was a Very Bad No Good night. First I learned that Ryan J is leaving Empires. What the fuck. That means I likely saw his last show with them a couple weeks ago. I mean, I'm grateful to have had that, but RYAN!! :'((( I love Ryan so very much and the band won't be the same without him. I still remember my first Empires show in Baltimore, ages upon ages ago, when he cut his finger and showed us the blood, and shot nerf darts at Sean, and happily signed the print of Howl's cover that I had printed. He's such a joy to be around, always smiling, always kind and warm. And oh how he wails on those drums. I will miss him so very, very much. Bye Ryan J. :(

Then I learned of the very tragic suicide of a young man, a fellow football fan, whom I did not know but who was friends with friends of mine. I read his Twitter and his thoughtful, aching Tumblr posts. I couldn't help but notice how often the word death came up in the last couple weeks. I didn't know him but I saw a lovely, kind soul, a soul in so much pain, and I am inexpressibly sad that he could not find help. He was clearly loved and he will be missed. I am sorry that I never knew him. RIP James.

I rounded off this spectacular evening by watching the film Third Star, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch. He plays a young man dying of cancer who goes on one last trip with his friends. It is a lovely, tragic film, aching and fragmented and messy and it's about how sometimes you just don't have time to have a neat ending. So of course I ended that sobbing my eyeballs out.

Yeah. It's been a night. Off to bed with me.
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2011-06-10 05:35 pm

Movies and teevees and boys, oh my!

Look! I'm posting again already! :O Could this be a renaissance?!

Let's talk about some fun movies and teevee! Last night I went to see Thor with Josh because he's a big ol geek, and I had heard it's fun. Some thoughts. )

When I was looking up times for Thor, I saw that Kyle Chandler is in JJ Abrams' new movie, Super 8, so I checked out the trailer. It looks pretty cool and I thought I might see it. But then I saw EW's review which called it "loving, playful, and spectacularly well made" and I simply can't NOT see this film now. I mean. KYLE CHANDLER. Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights! As a sheriff! With his gravelly voice and his sweet eyes on the BIG SCREEN. Obviously I am seeing this film ASAP.

As for The Tee-Vee, I have been keeping up with the fantaaaaastic Game of Thrones, but I am one episode behind so please don't spoil me for that one! I have read the books so it's an interesting experience watching such a tense drama when I already know most of the twists. It's still incredibly engaging and compelling so major kudos to the creators and writers for that. My favorite casting is by far Daenerys, she's otherworldly and young yet has this incredible steel thread running through her, she's breathtaking. I also love little Arya, and Jon Snow (KIIIIT <3), and I also like Catelyn a lot because I feel much more sympathetic to her than I do in the books. Tyrion is, of course, magnificent, and Jaime? Screen door, hurricane, etc. Yummm. Lena Headey is not at all how I envisioned Cersei, but she's doing a brilliant job. So yes! Thank you to HBO to bringing this massive series to life, it's such a delight. If you haven't read the books, I'd be very curious to hear what you think about the series! (You can point me to posts if you've posted about it, trying to catch up around here is tough!)

I am SO HAPPY White Collar is back. sdlfkjlsdf. I don't really have much else to say because it's not the most thinky of shows but NEAL AND PETER AND EL AND MOZZIE *grabbyhands* Also the internet has erupted with THE BEST CASTING SPOILER OF ALL TIME EVER, and I will die when episode 3x09 comes out. *______* I also watched Castle eagerly every week and I'm quite sad it's over for now. That was a super epic finale and I can't WAIT til it comes back. Bones... I still love Bones, but the finale made me roll my eyes and go "really?". Unfortunately. :( We can talk about that if you want but I'm sure it's been hashed over many times.

DOCTOR WHOOOOOO. Ahh it is delightful. Ten is still my favorite, but Eleven is delightful and whimsical and HIS LITTLE BOWTIE and yes. Melikey. I grow fonder of Amy every day and ROOOOORY. ♥ That was a pretty epic midseason finale, I must say. The other night, my friend (who has been watching the whole series from the beginning, he LOVES it) asked me to watch the season 4 finale with him, so of course I did and had my heart born and ripped to shreds again. SO AMAZING/HORRIBLE AT THE SAME TIME. *flails*

Man I have missed just flailing about in blog posts about this stuff! It feels good to be back. ♥

And to round this post off, I simply have to gush about Josh a little bit. Feel free to skip. ;) Cut for your convenience! )

Okay that's enough babbling for now. I'm at the stage where I want to TELL THE WHOLE WORLD HOW I FEEL!!!!! and LJ is an excellent outlet for that, where no one's really obligated to listen but you still feel like you've gotten it out of your system. *g*
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2010-07-20 02:45 am

With my eyes wide open

A brief update because I feel like I neglect my LJ far too much these days!

Basically to sum up, everything from my last post is still pretty awesome. Indoor soccer was great again, except for how I managed to INJURE myself, god-fucking-dammit. I pulled my quad in high school and I managed to aggravate that old injury pretty badly tonight. :( I really hope the pain will pass quickly, because I don't want to be hampered for next week. I guess this is what I get for not treating my body right for several years. Oops! But the game was much more even this time, we won 2-0, and the guys and gals on my team continue to be really lovely. Iker!goalie is still super hot and super competent, so that is definitely not a bad thing. :D

Science is awesome with a side of terrifying - so many new things to do! Will I be up to it?! Eep. But it's exciting too. :)

And Matt is... Matt is kinda super awesome. I'm really enjoying this thing we've got going so far. Sunday, we went to see Inception (!!!!!!!!! TOM HARDY, PLZ DO ME. OR DO J GORDON-LEVITT. He was JANOVEC in BoB, you guys! <33333) and then back to his place where we just hung out, listened to The Postal Service on vinyl, and exchanged backrubs. I'm super comfortable with him - everything is at this really lovely place of affectionate physical intimacy that's really just cuddly and sweet, so I don't feel pressured or scared like I did with Dave. Basically the speed is lovely and I'm really enjoying it. Today, I went to visit him at the cafe after I left lab, which basically meant hanging out with my laptop, getting a free mug of AMAZING HOLY CRAP coffee (Intelligentsia's Summer Solstice - UNF. I didn't need sugar OR cream!), chatting with the German owner of the coffee shop, and meeting several of Matt's friends. Oh and flirting with Matt outrageously of course. :) It just felt like such a lovely, comfortable, domestic scene and I enjoyed it tremendously.

Fun story - a couple of Matt's friends had just walked in, and Matt called across the room to ask me what kind of coffee I wanted. I flirtatiously said "Why don't YOU decide for me?" A few minutes later, Matt introduced me to his friends, and the girl said "Ohhhhhh! I WONDERED why you were being so flirtatious! That makes more sense now!" And I just laughed and laughed, but I was also delighted because the fact that she recognized my name meant that he's been talking about me, which is rather :DDDDD. Hee!

Also, the other day he described himself as a "radical feminist", which is A++++++ in my book. It's hard enough to find a guy who will understand feminism, let alone one who IS a feminist. And he's not a poser - he's studied this shit and he really believes it. I said something like "I'm sorry I need to shave!" and he just shrugged and said "Why? I don't care. That's your choice." And I was like sdlkfjlskdf awww! I got big hearts in my eyes! ♥

My #ger girls on Twitter continue to brighten my life, as does Die Mannschaft itself. Today a video came to light which was a MONTAGE OF GERMAN FOOTBALLERS HUGGING that had AIRED ON GERMAN TELEVISION. Ahhhh I love Europe. ♥ Oh and I caved and ordered Die Spieler! COME TO ME, 200 GLOSSY PAGES OF MY BOOOYS.

I also spent this Saturday with my cousins and my sister at a Renaissance Faire! Always an amazing time. We saw REAL JOUSTING, as in, huge ass horses and genuine lances. It was a father against son joust, and the son (19 years old and adorable) got brutally unhorsed. Took quite the fall in 150 lbs of armor! He got back on the horse though, which was very impressive. That was a fantastic sight! And my favorite Ren Faire act, the Rogue Blades, was there, YAY! I've seen them probably 6 or 7 times now. :D They're a comedy-sword fighting troupe, and they've had the same skit for years upon years, but I always always love them. This year, they spontaneously added a fun twist where it became a Star Wars adlib on top of the usual plot, so they pretended their swords were light sabers, made sound effects, and called the short one Yoda. It was phenomenal. <3333

How are you, darlings? I'm ashamed to say I'm falling more and more chronically behind on my flist. :( I miss you!
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2010-03-29 01:09 am

(no subject)

I just finished watching Pretty Persuasion, a movie with a crazy-recognizable cast in general, but I watched for RON LIVINGSTON and STARK BUNKER SANDS. Heeee. Overall, it's a weird, funny but disquieting film. Not the greatest thing I've ever seen, but entertaining. It helps that the star is Evan Rachel Woods, and she plays fucked up so well. (She was hands down one of my favorite things about True Blood season 2, which, incidentally, I finished but didn't post about. Oops?)

Sadly, Ron and Stark didn't interact at all, so we're left only with this:

Literally the only time they're on screen together. Whatever, FEEL THE AWESOME.

Because I thought this might be relevant to some peoples' interests, I have a few more caps of Stark as Beverly Hills prep school kid and Ron as nerdy/creeper prep school teacher! I approve of your life decisions, Stark Bunker and RLiv )

You're welcome. :P
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2010-02-11 12:29 am
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(no subject)

Tonight I went to see A Single Man, the new film by Tom Ford starring Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, and Matthew Goode (♥). It was wonderful - if you get a chance to see it, please, please do. You won't regret it. Such a lovely piece of filmmaking - beautiful and quiet and heartbreaking and uplifting. Colin Firth's performance is a vision of understated genius. The camera work very much shows Tom Ford's designer eye, but in a really lovely way. All in all, a breathtaking cinematic experience - I literally found myself holding my breath in a few scenes.

For those who don't know, the film is set in the 60s and is about a professor (Colin Firth) whose long-term boyfriend/partner/not-legally-husband-but-essentially-that (Matthew Goode) is killed in a car accident. The film is one day in his life when he's trying to cope with this reality. There's flashbacks to them being adorable, so that's definitely a plus, but mostly it's about the power of love, and the vacuum it leaves when it's snatched away. Really just - a beautiful film. Here's the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aypyJtHzC70 (Can't embed :() I will say that the trailer's rather misleading - it's much less about The Ladiez than it seems, but they're also important in his life, which I think is a cool part about how this character is approached in a very natural, real way.

So, yes. Many many thumbs up. I've been anticipating this since I first heard "Matthew Goode's playing Colin Firth's boyfriend! \o/" but I had no idea it would be *this*. Lovely.

On a completely different note, I've realized that with the cancellation of Dollhouse (;______;), my viewing habits on a weekly basis are profoundly fluffy. Much more than they ever have been before. Every week, I watch: Big Bang Theory, White Collar, Life Unexpected (IT'S SO CUTE), Leverage, Bones, Castle, and Supernatural. The only holdout in the "serious" category is Friday Night Lights, but I'm only catching up with that sporadically, not watching every week, so it doesn't quite count. Once upon a time, Supernatural would have counted in the serious category, mostly because of the emotional resonance it carried for me every week, but now... not so much. I tune in mostly because I can't NOT tune in, it's so much a part of who I am. (Lol, lame.) I miss Battlestar Galactica so much. I miss Dollhouse already. I miss coherent, Winchester-driven Supernatural. I've got Band of Brothers right now to anchor me on the "thinking about my media" front, but it all just feels so... fluffy! Now, I love all these shows, but it's just getting a little bit too intensely sweet. Trouble is, I don't have the time to catch up with any of the good "serious" TV out there (Dexter, Mad Men, etc - any other suggestions?) so I'm kind of stuck, it's just something that's been bothering me a little. Where's all the good character-driven dramas, world? (Oh right, Joss Whedon wants to make them BUT YOU WON'T LET HIM. >:()

I'm just talking for the sake of talking so I'mma shut up now. You all stay safe in this crazy post-snowpocalyptic world! ♥

PS Thank you so so much to the lovely anonymouses who left me love in the Secret Admirer meme. You are too sweet. ♥
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2009-12-20 03:21 am

(no subject)

Best night EVAAHH! Saw Mark Rose and Lucas Carpenter at Beat Kitchen. They were DARLING. Spoke to them and Danny Rose and Mark's guitarist Nate (omgggg so pretty) and everyone was super sweeeet. Photos to come i spoe? Too drunk fro coding and stuff. HANGING WITH THE AWESOMEST [livejournal.com profile] musictoyourlips!! We are drinking raspberry vodka with iced tea and it's FABULOSOOOOOO. DOOT DOOT DOOT.

We just watched DAMIAN LEWIS in THE BAKER in which he gives up being an ASSASSIN to be a BAKER and there's a GAY DUDE stalkgng him and being VERY GAY and lolololol. LOLOLOLOL. DELIGHTFUL. Damian is THE BESTEST GINGER OMGGG. He was BRITISH and DARLING and DAMIAN and ahhhh.

And now we're singing along to Hushies. I CAN"T WAIT TO SEE GRETA TOMORROW YAAAAAY.


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2009-11-16 01:52 am

This was like a bomb dropping on Beaver Cleaverville

Dave is so marvelously indulgent of me. Because I've been making obscene noises just at the THOUGHT of Ewan and George together for the past week, Dave came with me to see The Men Who Stare at Goats. It was funny! I enjoyed it. Certainly not the best movie I've ever seen, but Ewan and George, okay. Half of the movie is them flailing about and being idiots together, and it's glorious. And I SHIP IT. Just sayin. I could have done without Clooney's mustache, but at one point he grows his hair out shoulder length cause he's a big hippie, and it's beautiful, okay. Look! Adorable! Eee, favorites. <333333 (Yes, I have tags for these two men. I LOVE THEM. A+ casting!)

And THEN, Dave indulged me FURTHER by watching The Boondock Saints with me. Is he the greatest or what?! I noted that BDS II is finally out here (even if it sucks, I'M REALLY EXCITED OKAY) and he was like 'ooh yeah but I want to see the first again before I see that.' So I was like, that can be arranged! :D! And so we went to his place and cuddled and watched MacManuses be beautiful together. And I recited lines along with the movie because I am that person. 'Each day we will spill their blood til it rains down from the skies!' Ugh I love that movie so damn much. <33333

Every day I get more comfortable with Dave. I've never experienced this before. Yay warmfuzzies. :D

The problem with being so comfortable with him is that I never leave his apartment at a reasonable time, dammit. I need to be IN LAB in 7.5 hours. Sigh. :P Goodnight my loves!
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2009-07-31 11:13 pm

Expectations and reality

Regarding (500) Days of Summer - I LOVED it. I'm entirely unsurprised, but oh my goodness. It made me go :DDDDDDDDDDD and ;________; and ♥__________♥. SO MUCH LOVE. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you NEVER let me down. Eeeeee. Seriously, if you get a chance to see it, SEE IT. It's hilarious, heartwarming, and so real. Plus, SURPRISE MINKA KELLY! Well, not totally surprise, but she's in the opening credits and I was like OMG MINKA! So I waited the whoooole movie and she takes FOREVER to show up, haha. But ohhhhh Minka, lady of my heart. <33333

ANYWAY. Focus! This movie was incredible. There was quite a large responsive crowd at the theater, and everyone was cracking up. I loved the jumbled timeline, and everything about JGL, and Zooey's sparkling blue eyes. And the theater itself! I went to the Michigan Theater in downtown Ann Arbor, and it's this real old fashioned place that was built in the 1920s when movies were a big fancy deal, so it's covered with gilt molding and it's just really classic and fabulous. And ENORMOUS. So many seats! There was even an ORGANIST at the beginning, before the movie. AMAZING. I can't wait to go see more films there! They play really awesome things. A Hard Day's Night is playing on my birthday, I am sooo there! \o/

Now I am exhausted, so I'm gonna watch a BBT (I'm glad you guys are enjoying the upload! ♥) and get me some sleep, because tomorrow's gonna be big! I'm driving 2.5 hours to the west coast of Michigan. Bill Goldstein just left me a voicemail saying he'll definitely have time before the show, so that's exciting. We'll probably get dinner or something. So awesome! And I'm really excited to see Lake Michigan, and watch a symphony perform ON A BOAT, and I just think it's going to be an amazing experience.

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2009-07-29 10:32 pm
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(no subject)

So I just finished watching Fast & Furious (sorry guys, I think it was a foregone conclusion) (I'll watch Ten Inch Hero soon, though I find it hilarious that it won the poll while all the comments were like LOL IT'S TERRIBLE. The power of Jensen compels you?) and sdfkjlskjf I don't know how I feeeeeel! My face was like this: :D :DDDDDD :O >:( ???:/ :OOOO ;________; :||||| :/ :O :D :DDDD :O :) :OOO :DDD :O DDDD: ...:D!

...I think that was pretty eloquent if I do say so myself. That was a pretty over the top movie, I must say, and much more gruesome than the original! But I'm fully in love with Dominic Turetto so he made everything okay. Brian was even a bit better in this one (I am of the opinion that Paul Walker actually can't act, and I don't find him pretty, so). They were much more gay too. I am VERY VERY MAD about the character death, but I do like that it motivated the movie. IDK. I probably won't buy it, but. Dom driving a steel grey Chevelle SS and then a black Charger? OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. I got actualfax tingles you guys. Meanwhile, Brian drives SUCH DOUCHEY cars, ahahahahah. Glad to see that hasn't changed. As random loser driver said, "muscle beats import any day!" Damn straight!

Today was such a strange day at work. My yeast experiments are.... not going well. The compound we desperately need is backordered until October. D: Oh well. That's why we run multiple projects! I finished synthesizing a peptide, and my morning was spent, literally, pouring stuff into a tube and watch it get pulled through by vacuum. It was a SIXTEEN STEP regeneration process for nickel resin. Ahaha. It wasn't that bad because my labmate lent me her iPod with a Lois McMaster Bujold audiobook, so that was fun! It turns out she's a total sci fi book nerd, which is AWESOME. ♥

But the craziest part of my day is this task I set myself. A paper just came out with literally buttloads of data, and we can use it to direct our research, but first we need to categorize the data. So I took four columns out of one of their spreadsheets and set myself the job of colorcoding the entries by which columns they appear in (i.e., which of the four proteins they interact with). So if this entry appears in columns A, C, and D, it's light blue. If it appears in A and B, it's bright green. I have 12 different colors, and there's 500 entries.... in the first column. I am up to 440, but then there's the second column to do. LOLWHAT. I set up a system by which I can check a entry, choose a color, and color all its appearances in roughly ten seconds, but man that was tiring on my hands! Strangely addicting though. IDEK. And now I'm going to do more of it!

Toodles! ♥
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2009-07-29 05:23 pm

(no subject)

Flisty mcflist! I need your help. I have recently downloaded or borrowed a small stack of movies, and given how limited my free time is, I'm going to have to ration them. I need your help deciding which is the most important! I'm leaning toward Fast & Furious because I haven't seen it (muscle cars! Michelle Rodriguez! ....oh and maybe some hot guys? idk) but I want your ~opinions!

[Poll #1436910]
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2009-07-15 11:25 pm

Harry Potter and the Mountain of Exposition and Hormones

I believe I have a moral obligation to make a Harry Potter reaction post!

and the Half Blood Prince )

In conclusion, B+ will definitely watch again in the theater!!

Oh and the verdict on Francisco, the guy I saw it with, is that he's going to be my awesome geeky buddy but there is no romantic potential at all. And that's that! We had a really fun time together though, I'm glad we went.

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2009-06-21 12:21 am

(no subject)

I just watched Almost Famous - for the first time! :O I know, I know, but I have remedied the appalling gap in my library now. People have always said I have to see it, but I thought it was just some romantic comedy or something. Nobody told me it's a love letter to 70s rock! It was so wonderful. Billy Crudup is far more attractive with long hair, I must say. And little Patrick Fugit, aww! What an amazing cast, am I right? Just such a lovely movie, and I loved all the Led Zeppelin and Elton John and Allman Brothers and etc scattered through. I will always be thankful to Supernatural for introducing me to that kind of music in a real way. :)

The reason I've been so quiet (no posts in three days! :O) is that I was in Philly with my bestest, Michelle, for Wednesday-Friday. We had a lovely but all-too-brief time. I got to see her new apartment (adorable!) and meet her new kitten (Calypso, aka Caly, and TOO DARLING FOR WORDS OMG) and walk around Philly in the rain. :) But mostly I got to see my Michelle. We watched Friday Night Lights and Bones and talked and talked. It hurts that we're going to be so far apart, but our parents live in the same state, and no way is she done with me. (*waves* Love you girl!)

My new computer is amaaaaaaazing. I haven't decided on a name yet - I keep calling her a her because she's so sleek and sexy, and I also keep calling her a spaceship. I might name her Kara. I could be clever and name her Tami, after both River Tam and Tami Taylor! Hmmmmm. Decisions decisions. Regardless of her name, she's so freaking gorgeous and fast and perrrrfect whee.

I'm leaving for Michigan in 12 days. O.O This week is dedicated to finishing the feat of cleaning and organizing my room, doing my massive mountain of laundry, and figuring out what shit I'm bringing with me. Craziness! I can't believe it's so soon, but like I said many times before - SO EXCITED.

Fannishly, I LOVE BONES SO MUCHHHH. I've just been devouring it, om nom nom nom. I can't decide who's my favorite - everyone's amazing! I loved the episode where Bones got kidnapped and Booth rescued her (That's not a spoiler - I'm sure that happens at least three times, lol). They are so sweet and in love and I have missed this kind of amazing UST! It's interesting because objectively, they have a million similarities to Mulder and Scully, but in my opinion the dynamic has a very different vibe. Booth is a bit more over the top than Mulder, a bit more goofy, but he's also sometimes more intense and scary. And while Bones and Scully are both rational scientists, Scully was very much an elegant, worldly woman, while Bones is far more awkward and detached from the real world. I like that they're entirely distinct, because if it was too much like Mulder and Scully v2.0 I know I'd get annoyed! As it is, I'm in love. ♥ (Look, I even have an icon! Cuuuuties.)

I'm also all about Six Feet Under, even though everyone continues to sabotage themselves all the time. It could be like a horrible train wreck, but no one is ever hateful or unsympathetic, they're just human. It's an incredibly fine line, and the show has walked it nearly perfectly all five seasons. I know the finale is insane and heartbreaking, so I'm kind of bracing myself for that. I'm halfway through season 5 now - almost there! In fact, I'm gonna go watch some right now. ♥!
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2009-06-07 12:50 am
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I just watched Titanic all the way through for the first time in probably 5 or 6 years. I watched in huge HD with surround sound, and lemme tell you, that's the way to do it. I'd have preferred no TNT censoring or commercials, but you can't have everything. It's still one of the most powerful movies ever, UGH. I fall in love with Jack every single goddamn time, and then (SPOILER) he DIES and I'm just like ;_______; and it's a mess. I was 11 when it came out and saw it 4 times in theaters - shit like that leaves an impression. The whole thing is also just that much more powerful because it really HAPPENED, you know? No one sat in a room in Hollywood and said "You know what would be really dramatic? The biggest ship ever made sinking on its maiden voyage! From an iceberg hit! With not enough lifeboats!" "Yeah, that shit would kill at the box office!" Nope, REALITY came up with this heartrending tragedy, and augh, it does rend my heart. *SNIFF* It's just such a strong movie, from start to finish, from visuals to music to story to characters, and oh, definitely one of my all-time favorites. Wahh.

I love that I'm on vacation and totally had those ~4 hours (with commercials) to kill on this movie. <333

I'm feeling slightly better, but most of today was spent on a couch (reading Nightswimming! I made it less than halfway! It's a BEAST), and when I stood up it felt like my brain was making a bid for freedom out the back of my skull. That's abated a bit so I have hope.

I also rewatched the pilot of Farscape with my sister, because it was the only DVD I had sitting around. Ahahah so ridiculous! But Aeryn Sun, HOW SO PRETTY AND BADASS? Love <3

I hope the internet is chugging along okay without me! :P
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2009-06-04 10:12 pm

The exclamation mark on a beautiful trip

Me and Glen Hansard, singer of The Frames and star/genius of Once, in JFK airport baggage claim

Ahahahah what is my life.

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2009-05-23 01:32 am

The rivalry that we have in life is really rooted to the mastery of the English language.

Not since MCR's On The Spot nonsense have I watched an interview so many times in a row. ZQ namechecked this interview as his favorite on their press tour, and it is of course GLORIOUS.

ZQ: "I may have absconded with a pair of ears."
CP: *lols* "You just wanted to use absconded."
ZQ: "What! No I didn't. I barely even thought about it."
CP: "No it's a good word!"
ZQ: "Just rolls off my tongue."
CP: "I have one that I'm thinking about using. Big word, later on."
ZQ: "Okay, alright."
Interviewer: "Many syllables?"
I: "Ooh. Do you wanna put that in a sentence?"
CP: "A-NOM-A-LY. Five syllables."


I had to refrain from quoting the whole damn thing, because it is JUST THAT PRECIOUS. I think I'm a little in love with these stupid boys and their stupid fond looks and their "SPORK POWER" (???!! <333) and their SMILES, oh their smiles. Siiiiiigh.

I'm still not terribly interested in Kirk/Spock, but Chris/Zach? YESPLZ. *gimmehands* Any recs??

Look, I even have icons! Chris, I think it is YOU that makes no sense. *draws hearts*
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2009-05-21 04:45 pm

Ireland, here's my heart

I just caught P.S. I Love You on TV and I am a sobbing mess. It has IRELAND! And IRISH PEOPLE! That's of course not why I'm a wreck but I think it helped the whole movie have a bigger impact on me.

Jeffrey Dean is so sparkly and wonderful! His Irish accent is faintly hilarious, but it actually really wasn't that bad. I think he was perfectly cast as the guy with the guitar that makes all the girls' jaws hit the floor, cause HI MINE DID TOO. I could just curl up in his dimples forever, hee. Jeffrey Deeeeeen <3 And! And! He was playing guitar in WHELAN'S, which was literally down the street from my apartment in Dublin, and where I saw one of the best concerts of my short life (Tom McRae! <3333).

Gerard Butler was so dashing and charming and wonderful and gorgeous and OH how I wish to be swept off my feet like an Irish lad like that. Basically this whole movie made me want to marry an Irish boy and live with him in Ireland. Shocker!

But I think the reason I cared so much was Hilary Swank. She is just such a warm and sympathetic presence. When she broke down, *I* broke down, like full on sobbing right along with her. I just can't help but feel what she's feeling! Such a lovely actress. Kathy Bates was marvelous as her rather damaged mother who tries so hard to care for her little girl but has difficulty because of her own issues. Harry Connick Jr. was endearing and sweet as well. And James Marsters was in it for like, five minutes, but he was James Marsters!! <333 I also loved Lisa Kudlow, she's so lovely.

Basically I loved it a whole whole lot! All the shots of the rolling Irish hills made my heart go clenchy, and if the concept was slightly cheesy, they carried it off with lovely aplomb. I really empathized with Hilary Swank's emotional journey, and that's all I really ask out of a movie like this. I'm glad I randomly caught it!

Hey guys, guess what? I get to be in Ireland in THREE DAYS. Eeeeeee!!

(Next up on HBO: The Perfect Storm! George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg, om nom! I wish I had HBO all the time, haha.)
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2009-05-11 10:52 pm

So I'll just settle for "good luck"

Just got back from seeing Star Trek, and obviously it was AWESOME. Chris Pine could set my phaser to stun any day! Rawr! (No I don't know either.) I loved how the whole thing was a big game of "Who's that actor?" Hey, it's Cameron from House! That chick from Centerstage! That dude from Harold and Kumar! EOMER! Simon PEGG! And holyfuck it's Winona fucking Ryder! Lololol AMAZING. Evvvveryone was amazing. <3

I only have one question, one I had never consciously realized before - did the original, the ORIGINAL slash pairing really, ACTUALLY involve WILLIAM SHATNER? My mind is kind of reeling at this revelation. Was he even mildly attractive? Was he less douchey? Was he LESS SHATNERY? My mind is just struggling to wrap around it. I had kind of assumed it was Patrick Stewart! I can get behind that! Clearly I am a Star Trek infidel, shut up.

So okay start talking to me! Link me to your most adorable Chris Pine and Zach Quinto interviews because I just watched one and HELLO PRECIOUSES!

Baaasically, I love spaceships, I love epic enormous battles against the odds, I love adorable boys, and I love random humor, so basically this movie was awesomecakes. It had me from the get go - I totally teared up when you-know-who bought it. Sniff.

Yaaaay boys on spaceships. \o/

In less awesome news, one of my car's brake drums broke and with other related repairs it's gonna cost over $400. /o\ Awesome.

In other less awesome news, my future roommates spent the day in Ann Arbor looking for houses and had NO LUCK. They simply can't find a four bedroom that's right, all of them were problematic for one big reason or another. So tomorrow they're looking at a five bedroom and a house with two two-bedroom apartments. My fingers are crossed that they like one of them, because we need to find someplace! Almost everything is disappearing already! This is just crazycakes, sigh.
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2009-04-20 03:22 pm
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Tell me your top five favorite movies! I'm trying to find things to put on my Netflix list. I know there's a lot I need to see, I'm just drawing a bit of a blank, so help me out!

I just finished my last class-related-lab ever here at F&M. :O Kind of mind boggling. How is it almost May?! It was short and kind of silly, and now I'm home early and planning on going to the grocery store. Sweet.

I also just got my tax rebate check from the IRS - $450! Hell yes! I'm pondering how to celebrate - Threadless tshirt? BSG season 2.5? New shoes? The possibilities are endless! :D

Anyway, movies! Go!
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2009-04-20 12:59 pm

Let it go, let it go sunshine

Michelle and I watched Castle episodes 3 and 4 last night. It is SO SO precious!!! We squeal and clap frequently with delight. Nathan is, of course, an absolute vision of goofy adorableness and sass. Any other actor would be pretty obnoxious as that character, but Nathan makes him endearing and hilarious instead. His FACE! Our other favorite part is his daughter, who sasses right back at him. Their relationship (plus the grandma) gives the show a really fun unique twist on other cop shows. The plots are kind of hilariously twisty, but they're fun to watch. And the woman who plays Beckett is really growing on us - she gives as good as she gets from Nathan most of the time, and she has some truly awesome skeptical faces. She's also written quite well, I think - strong without being overly "butch," occasionally girly, snarky and smart. I also love the other cops - Esposito and Ryan, I think. They have such a bromance going on in the background, it's hilarious! Basically I love it and I really really hope it keeps going. NATHAN!

I also watched Chasing Liberty, that movie with Matthew Goode and Mandy Moore, this weekend. Um... it was terrible. I can't remember the last time I willingly subjected myself to such truly awful writing. And Matthew and Mandy were both overacting, probably a combination of trying to give a totally empty script substance and a bad director. So, uh, even their combined pretty absolutely could not save it. I mean, of course I appreciated shirtless Matthew and tight-tshirt Matthew and wet Matthew, of course I did. ;) But that doesn't change that that's 2 hours of my life that I'll never get back! Ha. Oh well.

In continuing my SPN nostalgia kick, I just watched Everybody Loves a Clown. Omg Winchesters! ;_____; Dean's woobie little lip! Sam's busted up face and truly awful hair! The minivan! "Apparently clowns kill!" ELLEN AND ASH AND JO!!!!!!! I can't even express how much I wish they had kept them around. Their story (even Jo's crush on Dean!) feels so so much more organic and true to the world of hunting than Ruby or Bela ever did. Ellen and the Roadhouse set up such a fascinating connection to the whole of the rest of the hunting world, not to mention another person who remembers John Winchester. She was such a warm, gritty, motherly figure in their lives, and I really wish they had kept her around to keep them grounded. I just wish the show had kept that tone in general - Sam and Dean as part of an underground community of outcasts who trawl the dusty roads of America laying waste to evil sonsabitches.

I hate that I've become sad/bitter about our show. It's not how I approach anything, ever, but my love affair with the early Winchesters was so passionate that I can't help but feel their loss acutely. But I am truly enjoying going back and reliving their story, both through the episodes and fic. Sigh, SamandDean. I love you so. ♥

Happy Monday, flist! It's cold and rainy here, which after the 70+ sunny weekend we had is quite a rude shock. Garfield would be entirely unsurprised - Mondays hate the world! I am exhausted, so I'm going to go into lab, hopefully finish early, and then come home for a NAP. This prospect excites me greatly. <33
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2009-04-17 08:27 pm
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Fuck you too, Jody Hill

I was somehow unaware of this discussion currently going on, but [livejournal.com profile] esorlehcar linked the following post and I think you all need to read it:

Observe & Report: On Real Rape

Apparently (and these things still manage to shock me) this movie (Observe & Report, Jody Hill's new movie starring Seth Rogan and Anna Faris) contains a scene in which Rogan's character has sex with Faris's while she is drugged out of her mind and unconscious. It is supposed to be funny. She wakes up for a bleary moment and tells him not to stop - so he doesn't. This is the punchline.

Actual tears of rage.

That post is so much more eloquent than I could ever be, but suffice to say that it's really hard not to completely despair in the face of attitudes like these. To know that many guys (and maybe even girls!) I know or at least am acquainted with will go see this movie and laugh at this scene makes my stomach twist painfully. And the fact that Jody Hill lifts this scene up as something "edgy" and "hilarious" is just as painful. It's not even the product of some studio pushing for it, or something ignorant - it is a willful act of subjugating the right of a woman to her own body for the purposes of humor and entertainment.

I am so, so angry. And sad.