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2015-11-05 05:54 am

(no subject)

Good morning friends! It's 5:42 AM. I will never get used to waking up at 5 AM. Classes start at 7:20 for my students. Unacceptable!!

I haven't been posting because my computer has been acting up and it's a struggle just to get my work done. :( And LJ is BLOCKED at work! What a travesty!

Yesterday, I did a flame test demo for my chem kids. It was SO COOL. Here's a video of two of the flames - I actually did six. The kids loved it. I loved the little glass bowls I found to do it in because the flames looked so cool in them.

I haven't been watching SPN this season but my friend tipped me off that there was an episode about BABY!!!! Written by Robbie Thompson!!! So of course I watched and it was AMAZING. I don't have time to yell about it right now BUT COME YELL AT ME! WINCHESTERS! IN THEIR BABY! HAVING ALL THE HEART TO HEARTS! I AM DEAD AND GONE! Basically if Robbie Thompson ran SPN I would still love it. Fuck Bob Singer (I've heard it's his fault that that-beloved-character-last-season died).

Now I have to go get ready for work, woe. At least it is almost Friday!!
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2012-11-13 01:42 am

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Hi LJ!

A quick wander through my memories in search of McShep fic (hey, I was feeling nostalgic) brought me on one of my old posts where I mused about SGA fanon vs. canon, first discovered Tom McRae, and reported that my study abroad to Dublin would be cheaper for my family than staying in the US. It flashed me back real hard, to a much simpler time, when I was younger, more innocent, more introverted, but also connected to a beautiful web of people through this... place. Livejournal. And LJ, I miss you. I know you're fading, have been for ages, but I will not let you go until they pry you out of my cold dead hands.

I don't just miss the community. I miss the record of my life. I miss that every moment of my feelings was recorded here. I've tried keeping private journals but it just isn't the same. Pretty much impossible to keep up the same way, really, for me anyway.

In any case, have a kamikaze update!
Career change, boyfriend and migraines, oh my! )

Ummm so yeah! Things! Happening! A mixed bag but overall I'm doing pretty well. I still don't feel anything approaching a real adult but I'm trying to make steps to get there so we shall see. To Be Continued, I guess, probably a long time in the future.

Talk to me! Who's still out there? Anybody? Bueller?
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2012-01-19 12:40 am

I was so alone


Until a couple days ago, I would have been like "I really enjoy Sherlock! Benedict's face is the best face and I would like to engage John Watson in some cuddling. It makes me laugh! It's really smart (except when it's ruining Irene, derp)!"

BUT THEN THAT EPISODE HAPPENED AND I MAY BE A LITTLE BROKEN. Every time I remember that it happened my brain does this funny fireworks and stuttering thing and then I do a little hysterical giggle and let me just say it's a good thing it hasn't happened in front of anyone yet. THAT EPISODE. One of the best things I have ever seen on television. Wow. Wowwww.

Dear Martin Freeman, ALL OF THE BAFTAS. So much love and puppies, me.

I also love The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Justified, and White Collar. Basically I am up to my ears in great TV every week for the next couple months and I'll drown in it a happy, happy woman. Damon, Caroline, Elena, Sam, Dean, Raylan, Tim, Neal, Peter, El, LET ME LOVE YOU <3333

Also we can talk about THAT episode of Supernatural in which I first yelled KRYCEK!!!! and then LOGAN ECHOLLS!!!!!!!! Throw in the suit porn and I am a happy, happy girly. It feels so good to love my shoooow again.

Does anyone have any good Sherlock or Vampire Diaries fic recs? I'd love you forever! <3
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2011-12-20 10:51 pm

Ahoy, mateys! I have come ashore for a quick visit!

I fail so much at LJ, you guys. Fail ever so much. :( I really really miss it, but I also feel like my life has progressed past that phase. I don't have time to lose myself in fic or the details of so many lives, as much as I'd want to. Even though I feel like I'm kind of a shitty grad student, I'm still a grad student, and that means busy. :(

Life updates since June... well, lots! I did a three month internship this summer which was... okay. Not exactly revelatory. I spent half of it writing a grant for my grad school work and trying not to puke because I'm SO BAD AT PLANNING SCIENCE, and the other half trying to figure out what I want to do instead because research is clearly not my destiny. I landed on science publishing, which basically entails working as an editor at a scientific journal, coordinating with authors and reviewers and generally shaping the journal's content and interactions with the world. I obviously need to finish my PhD so I'll do that and then look for editorial positions. I'm really excited about this new direction and hope it turns into a rewarding career.

I also went to Germanyyyyyy :D And also Dublin but that was a short visit, sadly. Still got to see some of my favorite friends though. But the majority of the trip was two weeks backpacking through Germany with my friend Sarah (who I met through the German football fandom!). We went to (in order) München (Munich), Chiemsee, Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Mainz, Karlsruhe, Köln (Cologne), Oldenburg, Hamburg, Fehmarn, and Berlin! The trip was whirlwind paced but I was so glad we got to see all the things we did. We attended four football matches, I met MY BELOVED LEWIS HOLTBY *points at icon and makes high pitched noises* after he scored 2 goals for the German U21s, we watched Germany beat Brazil, Mainz beat Leverkusen, and Bayern beat Wolfsburg. IT WAS AMAZING. We stayed with lots of friends of mine, new and old, some I've known forever but hadn't gotten to meet yet or only met once (*waves at [livejournal.com profile] novafairy, [livejournal.com profile] nebulein, and [livejournal.com profile] maleyka). My favorite city was Berlin (we only had A DAY! I want to spend a week there!) but they were all beautiful and unique. It was truly an amazing trip and only whetted my appetite for travel (and Europe) even further. And I cannot recommend backpack travel enough!! Sure I didn't have many clothes, but we did laundry twice and I only had ONE bag to deal with that I could just sling on my back, easy peasy. Such a freeing experience!

Josh and I fizzled out in September, a little while after I got back from Germany. It was a long time coming, sadly. We burned bright but only for a short while. I learned things about myself from that experience AND I had a hell of a lot of fun, so what more can you ask for? I haven't met a new guy yet, though there's a couple I've been talking to on OK Cupid who are intriguing.

I also moved apartments so now I live with one person instead of four (my current roomie was also one of the four, so no big adjustment there). We love our new apartment and I LOOOOOOVE my room. We're staying here for at least two years.

Fannishly, I have two new major TV loves: HAVEN and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. To sum up: sdlkfjlsdkfjlsjfOT3OT3OT3!!!!! The triangles on these two shows BLOW ME AWAY. They have some similar dynamics but are at the same time drastically different and I love them *so much*. Some people choose Duke/Audrey or Nathan/Audrey or of course Duke/Nathan... I say why choose? They're ALL amazing and deserve to have each other. Furthermore, Audrey clearly loves both of them, and the *waves hands* nonsense between Duke and Nathan is so clearly ANYTHING BUT platonic, so really it's the only logical solution. Yup. And if you haven't heard of Haven, do yourself a favor! It's a surprisingly incredible SyFy show set in Maine but filmed in gorgeous Nova Scotia on FILM (not digital!). It's a bit like X-Files, with weird goings-on and a great male-female buddy cop dynamic, though they're both believers. There have been two (short) seasons so far and it got renewed for a third so you should catch up before season three starts in April!

And DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON VAMPIRE DIARIES. Lots of people told me they loved it but I was like pffff it's either marginally better Twilight or going to disappoint compared to Buffy. In fact, any comparisons to either vanished after the first few episodes. It starts in a place where it could become either, but really becomes its own thing. I've tried to articulate to myself how it's different from Buffy, and in the end I think the two are fundamentally different types of stories. Buffy is about the girl with a burden who has to fight evil with only love to support her, and it's about doing the right thing even when it's the most difficult. Vampire Diaries, on the other hand, is about loving so fiercely and blindly that almost anything is on the table if it's necessary to save that love. Elena and co. don't so much fight evil as do everything they can to protect their own, at nearly any cost. And the romantic part of Elena's love, at least, is focused on two incredibly dangerous dudes, no matter how defanged Stefan may seem. Um, in conclusion, I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS but TVD is really wonderful storytelling all on its own and I highly recommend it. If you've watched it, COME FLAIL WITH ME. CAROLINE. MATT. ALARIC. STEFANELENADAAAAAAMON. <3333 I tend to forget that shipping a OT3 with brothers in it might weird some people out, but uh, veteran of Supernatural fandom here, soooo... yeah that one wasn't such a leap for me. Whoops.

Speaking of Supernatural, I skipped season 6 but I'm really enjoying season 7! I'm afraid to say this because of the rotten tomatoes that will come my way, but it feels so much more like the show I know and love with Castiel gone (not just him but the whole angel nonsense). Dean and Sam are making me clutch my heart again! I have missed my boys everso. <3

SO! My dears! What on earth have you been up to? I'm gonna try to poke around my flist but clearly I have missed so much. (Again.) And if you really want to reconnect with me, I can now be found on Twitter pretty much all the time - I'm exsequar over there too! I'd love if you'd say hi! ♥
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2010-04-17 12:58 pm

100 episodes? Remember when we were fighting swarms of bugs?

I have to make a reaction post, because this is the first time in a long time Supernatural has left me with hearts in my eyes. Episode 18, "Point of No Return", for future reference!

100 episodes of epic manpain )

(Maureen Ryan expressed everything I'm feeling with a lot more eloquence than I, so everyone should go read her post, because it makes a lot of good points.)

And since this is 100 EPISODES, I think I have to say something - so, Supernatural. Hi. We're old, old friends. I have had a more intense relationship with you than with most people in my life. You have made me believe in the power of love; you have ripped out my heart and stomped on it (IN THE BEST WAY); you have made me laugh til I peed myself; and you have betrayed me, many times over. You have veered from what made me love you in the first place, and I can't count the number of times I've said "Supernatural, I wish I knew how to quit you." But I didn't quit you, because you were such a core part of my life for TWO YEARS. You are by no means perfect, and I will never stop thinking of My Show as seasons 1 and 2, something entirely separate. But they were exquisite. And so are Jared and Jensen. Sam and Dean. Everything else aside, you have been pretty important to me. So a tip of the hat to you, Supernatural. I love you, even when you kind of suck.

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2010-04-17 12:19 am

(no subject)

i am so very very drunk right now, drunker than i have been ni a while. noah heeld a night out and party atr his place. he usually hs potluck suppers ubt this wee k wit was just pizza. went with roomie emily.

seriouly very very very drunk. i should just go to e=seleep. its omly midnight! thire was this dude who was hot and a total slutth fluirt. snuggling with me AMND other girls a lot. i tied him up with pink dut tape seriously, be needed scissors to get out,it was great. itwas nie to even have physical connection with anybohy, indication of despiration i spose.

there was also mark, who is cute adn smart and funny and i like him a LOT. too bad he has agirlfried. i dunno how serious they arew but in grad school the fieldis narrowing in a srious way, bah. oh well i will find someone i hop.e

i have lots of work to do this weekend but i mgoin to karaoke tomorrow with francico and his lab. i love francsioc. i wish he wasnt probably gong to florida.

im really to drunk to even edit this shit, sorry. i should stp now.

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2009-08-12 06:49 pm

When the sun comes up, you'll still be around

Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] sorchasilver, a TV meme!

Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions. Don't cheat!

1. Supernatural
2. Friday Night Lights
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4. Bones
5. Firefly

(This is kind of a "now" skewed list - I love far too many TV shows!)

The questions! )

I do so love TV! I'm in the process of deciding what to watch next. I feel SO BEREFT without any more Bones or Big Bang Theory to watch! I finished both in the same night, after months of devouring them together. It's strange - they're completely different shows, but my emotional focal point for both is the same. An oddly matched pair (a geek meets a sexy yet semi-awkward cool person) that is obviously magnetically attracted yet cannot seem to acknowledge it themselves. Both do a sort of yo-yo of requited and not. And it's VERY FRUSTRATING. But I love them both so much. (OMG PENNY GROW A SPINE!!!!!!!!)

I am going to continue with Freaks & Geeks, because it is all kinds of charming, but I need something else as well. Generation Kill? True Blood? Legend of the Seeker? How I Met Your Mother? Help, o wise and all-knowing flist! Tell me about characters I will love (without spoilers!), because that is my key to loving any show.

In other, sad TV news, Stargate: 90210 is made of a million kinds of fail. At this point, I'm wondering how the fuck these people ever gave us Atlantis. SGA was not close to perfect, but it was deeply charming and showed real heart sometimes. I'm wondering if that was truly a result of the cast and its glorious chemistry, because I'm seeing none of that in the SGU bits we've gotten. UGHHHHHH.

In other happier news, I'm LOVING Naomi Novik's His Majesty's Dragon. LOVE!!!!!! Will Laurence, come here and be my empathetic, elegant boyfriend right now!! I fell in love with him within two pages and he has only endeared himself to me further. It's fascinating living inside his head because he is such a product of his time, but lacks any sort of malice in his prejudices. For instance, when he's shocked and appalled by a female dragonrider wearing men's clothing, and muses that riding dragons must be very trying on her slight frame, he's not repugnant, simply a fascinating example of the mindset of that time. He has no hostility towards her, merely surprise and curiosity. I love himmmmmm somuch! And Temeraire, oh Temeraire! *draws a lot of hearts*

Now I'm going to watch last week's Leverage, which I somehow forgot about!
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2009-08-05 12:17 pm
Entry tags:


Supernatural Creation con in Chicago in November! WHO'S WITH ME?!?

Honestly, it's affordable, close enough, and the guest list is AWESOME!!!! Both Jensen and Jared, ALDIS HODGE, Alona Tal, Misha Misha Misha, Jim Beaver, etc etc! I'm seriously almost more excited to see Aldis than Jsquared. ALMOST. Regardless, I reeeeeeeally want to go. So who else is planning on it? And are Creation cons any good?

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2009-05-15 12:11 am

Supernatural 1x22

I feel like I just ran a freaking marathon!


Wow, that got long! Come talk to meeeeee!
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2009-05-08 01:11 am

SPN 4x21 When the Levee Breaks

Unpopular opinions time! It's almost exhilarating, I never have those.

Spoilery spoilers about boys. You know the ones. )
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2009-05-01 03:38 am

(no subject)

Does anyone else do VERBAL KEYMASHES while watching TV eps or whatever?? Quite often I'll clap my hands over my face and say something to the effect of "kslkjdaah!" Really, admirably close to that.


I think the finale might break me, and not necessarily in the good way. D: Ow, my HEART.

I'm too tired to make a cut and actually talk about stuff, but. KSLKJDAAH!!!!! Say it with me! *flap flap flap*
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2009-04-21 10:33 pm

(no subject)

You guys, I am SO PLEASED by Castle! More of you need to be watching this show! It's fabulous in so many ways. Michelle and I just finished episode 7, why isn't there moooooore? I'm particularly enamored of Esposito and Ryan who continue to be TOTAL BOYFRIENDS, and Kate who totally knows how to hold her own with the boys. And of COURSE Castle (Nathannnnn) with his ridiculous faces and windshield-wipering of "perps", ahahaha. And Alexis who continues to be made of shiny win. I LOVE! \o/ Is there fic yet?? :D

I committed a pretty impressive double fail tonight. I knocked over a phonebook which knocked a mug off our kitchen counter, shattering it on the floor. I went to pick up the biggest piece and the edge sliced RIGHT into my left ring finger, leaving a deeeeeep cut that just would not stop bleeding! Seriously. Failx2.

Continuing to love my Supernatural S2 rewatch. "It takes two to, you know... have hardcore sex." :DDDD

Errr. That's all!
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2009-04-20 12:59 pm

Let it go, let it go sunshine

Michelle and I watched Castle episodes 3 and 4 last night. It is SO SO precious!!! We squeal and clap frequently with delight. Nathan is, of course, an absolute vision of goofy adorableness and sass. Any other actor would be pretty obnoxious as that character, but Nathan makes him endearing and hilarious instead. His FACE! Our other favorite part is his daughter, who sasses right back at him. Their relationship (plus the grandma) gives the show a really fun unique twist on other cop shows. The plots are kind of hilariously twisty, but they're fun to watch. And the woman who plays Beckett is really growing on us - she gives as good as she gets from Nathan most of the time, and she has some truly awesome skeptical faces. She's also written quite well, I think - strong without being overly "butch," occasionally girly, snarky and smart. I also love the other cops - Esposito and Ryan, I think. They have such a bromance going on in the background, it's hilarious! Basically I love it and I really really hope it keeps going. NATHAN!

I also watched Chasing Liberty, that movie with Matthew Goode and Mandy Moore, this weekend. Um... it was terrible. I can't remember the last time I willingly subjected myself to such truly awful writing. And Matthew and Mandy were both overacting, probably a combination of trying to give a totally empty script substance and a bad director. So, uh, even their combined pretty absolutely could not save it. I mean, of course I appreciated shirtless Matthew and tight-tshirt Matthew and wet Matthew, of course I did. ;) But that doesn't change that that's 2 hours of my life that I'll never get back! Ha. Oh well.

In continuing my SPN nostalgia kick, I just watched Everybody Loves a Clown. Omg Winchesters! ;_____; Dean's woobie little lip! Sam's busted up face and truly awful hair! The minivan! "Apparently clowns kill!" ELLEN AND ASH AND JO!!!!!!! I can't even express how much I wish they had kept them around. Their story (even Jo's crush on Dean!) feels so so much more organic and true to the world of hunting than Ruby or Bela ever did. Ellen and the Roadhouse set up such a fascinating connection to the whole of the rest of the hunting world, not to mention another person who remembers John Winchester. She was such a warm, gritty, motherly figure in their lives, and I really wish they had kept her around to keep them grounded. I just wish the show had kept that tone in general - Sam and Dean as part of an underground community of outcasts who trawl the dusty roads of America laying waste to evil sonsabitches.

I hate that I've become sad/bitter about our show. It's not how I approach anything, ever, but my love affair with the early Winchesters was so passionate that I can't help but feel their loss acutely. But I am truly enjoying going back and reliving their story, both through the episodes and fic. Sigh, SamandDean. I love you so. ♥

Happy Monday, flist! It's cold and rainy here, which after the 70+ sunny weekend we had is quite a rude shock. Garfield would be entirely unsurprised - Mondays hate the world! I am exhausted, so I'm going to go into lab, hopefully finish early, and then come home for a NAP. This prospect excites me greatly. <33
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2009-04-10 11:32 pm

You give yourself to him

I haven't been around my computer much today, but when I was? I've been spending my time reading through all of my old Supernatural entries, from the end of season 2 backwards.

One word: SIGH.

An irony: I was super optimistic about season 3, but terrified about season 2. And we all know how THAT panned out.

It's been a really bittersweet walk down memory lane. My participation in Supernatural fandom was so rich and layered and joyous. There were dozens of people around who were ready to engage me in thoughtful conversations about the Winchesters at any time of day. After every episode I made an epic and analytical assessing post - I was thinking every single time, about every single nuance of Sam and Dean. I would watch an episode as it aired, download it at 1 AM or whenever it came online, watch it again in the morning before class, and usually watch it again when I got home. I was completely enthralled by these characters and the fandom, and I miss that joy so much. I've had joy in fandoms since, but never one with such depth and texture. (I was also MUCH more interesting then. No wonder my readership's gone way down!)

My favorite post that I've stumbled upon is a thing I started where I just had people leave comments with Supernatural quotes. We ended up with about 100, and I don't know about other people, but I'm pretty sure I came up with the majority of mine from memory. It's a great blast from the past, all of the highlights of seasons 1 and 2, so take a look if you're feeling nostalgic like me!

Fitting perfectly into this mood, this weekend I get to see MONA!!!!!!!!! [livejournal.com profile] mona1347 is my big sister, my mentor, my guiding light, and I met her through Supernatural fandom. ♥ I'm going down to DC for my friend Thomas's birthday, then I'm staying the night and going to Mona's place for lunch and some hi-def Supernatural nostalgia. I am exceedingly, exceedingly excited! \o/

I'm trying to decide what old episode I want to watch right now. I think I've decided on Playthings.

Oh, today we went to the mall to buy a present for Thomas, and I ended up picking up the first season of Mad Men for $20! Impulse buy ftw! I've been meaning to watch the show for a while and this was much easier than downloading. I also got a squishy keychain of the Watchmen doomsday clock, yellow with a splash of human bean juice. Awesome.
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2009-04-10 01:18 am

There's a bad moon on the rise

I just curled up in my bed, turned out the lights, put on my enormous headphones, and watched Devil's Trap.

Thoughts on Supernatural and Winchesters, past and present. Spoilers through latest episode. )
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2008-11-20 10:07 pm

re: SPN 4x10

Well THAT was awesome.

Further thoughts to follow. Possibly. Feel free to flail at meeee.
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2008-11-20 12:27 pm

(no subject)


"No serious pranking," Collins says. "I'm kind of sad about it. I don't know if they like me - maybe not. Or maybe they're just building up to something special."

OF COURSE THEY LIKE YOU SILLY MISHA. Quick, boys, prank his face off! And! He built his own house and furniture! :O AND, that article is the Bradenton, FL newspaper, which is where the We The Kings boys are from (in their song Our Town, they sing "dear Bradenton, you have been good to me..."). Soooo I am amused.

*continues to run around like headless chicken*
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2008-10-20 09:17 am

Wincon rocked my face off!

I am hoooome, in my empty apartment. Tear! It is 9 AM and I only got 4 hours of pretty inebriated sleep last night, but I don't feel like I can go back to sleep. I'll probably crash later in the day, pretty fucking hard. :P I miss my faaaangirls! Everyone was amazing. Seeing [livejournal.com profile] mona1347, [livejournal.com profile] poisontaster, and [livejournal.com profile] quietdiscerning again was like a family reunion. [livejournal.com profile] ethrosdemon and [livejournal.com profile] coiledsoul were absolutely wonderful to me, and I want to say a huge THANK YOU to them for working their asses off and wrangling with a really fucking obnoxious hotel to make sure the weekend was fabulous. And it was - you girls ROCK! It was awesome to see [livejournal.com profile] chaneen again, my PA bandom partner in crime, and rooming with her and the new lovely friend [livejournal.com profile] casapazzo was excellent. Seeing [livejournal.com profile] kashmir1 again was joyous, and through her I made glorious new friends - [livejournal.com profile] arabella_hope (<3333!!), [livejournal.com profile] caithream, [livejournal.com profile] giventofly37, and I finally got to meet [livejournal.com profile] chickyoops! I made out with my first girl ever - haaaaay [livejournal.com profile] unperfectwolf! ;) Seeing [livejournal.com profile] tjournal again was so wonderful, I just wanted to steal her away in my pocket. And of course the beautiful [livejournal.com profile] wendy! I bonded with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] miriad on Saturday night, she kinda rocks my socks. OH OH and of course the most wonderful fandom mom ever, [livejournal.com profile] deirdre_c! It was so great to smish her :D And the list goes on! There were so many wonderful, wonderful people there, not one sour puss or party pooper in the whole lot. I'm not going to make a report because it's just an experience that will live on in my head, but you get the jist!

I miss you all already!! <33333 I hope everyone got home safe.

PS. I am totally yanked back into SPN fandom. Gimme your fic recs, dudes, both RPS and Winchesters, whatever you got! I'm probably gonna go back and rewatch some ooooold school, because ugh. BOYS. ♥___♥

In conclusion: yay Wincon :D

PPS. JOHN BARROWMAN AND GARETH ARE AMAZING. So much snogging! And it's all romantic and sweeping-off-feety and precious and beautiful and oh the hearts in my eyes are ridiculous. They're so beautiful!! (Oh and there's Gareth's ass in his underwear. UM. YEAH. You're welcome.)
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2008-10-19 04:37 pm

Greetings from Wincon!


I am in the lobby of the Hilton in Baltimore, chilling out with dozens of fangirls and their laptops. It has been a glorious weekend of giggling and porn and actual sockpuppets and copious amounts of tequila and so many fantastic old friends and meeting lovely new ones. I love fangirls SO MUCH \o/

I was going to be driving home this afternoon, but since the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] kashmir1 lives near me in PA, she very kindly is going to drive me home tomorrow morning! So I get HOURS AND HOURS more of FANGIRLS YAY! We found a gloriously terrible "book" called Demons Are Forever about a girl whose mom is a demon hunter, and there will be Moar Alcohol tonight, huzzah! I hilariously still have yet to see the newest SPN episode, so hopefully I will watch that tonight.

ALSO ALSO, in my best fandom, COLIN POWELL ENDORSED OBAMA!! \o/ \o/ \o/ Eloquently and beautifully, hurrah! And hey, I don't think I ever mentioned this here, but Colin Powell is speaking at my college graduation! How fucking COOL is that?? Yay. :D

16 more days! Goooo Obama!

Back to fangirl heaven! \o/
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2007-11-12 08:01 am

In the middle of a gunfight, in the center of a restaurant

So here I am, waking up before sunrise on Monday morning for a 9 oclock class. I don't know how I'm going to cope when the amount of daylight shrinks even MORE over the next two months. Oh Ireland, you so crazy!

This is a fitting start to what promises to be the most exhausting yet awesome week of my entire life. Let's have a rundown of what's going on, shall we?

  • Monday. Classes until 5. Meeting at 9 with roommates and one of our program coordinators to deal with "issues" that are cropping up amongst roommates, not really me but we all have to be there. FUN! (Okay, so the fun doesn't really start here. Meh, Mondays.)
  • Tuesday. Classes until 4. TOM MCRAE CONCERT AT 7:30!! \o/!!
  • Wednesday. Classes until 3. Flight to London at 7 PM, followed by train to Hampton Court getting in at 10:12 PM. Meeting [livejournal.com profile] erode!!!
  • Friday. Flight back to Dublin in the late afternoon. Meeting [livejournal.com profile] huggenkiss at the Dublin airport because she has a flight from the same airport in London to Dublin a half hour earlier than me. Ahahaha, life, WHAT? But YAY AMANDA!!!
  • Saturday+Sunday. I can has Amanda!! \o/
  • Monday. Class at 9 - if I'm still alive!

HOMG. I want to go to sleep just thinking about it, but it's all going to be SO MUCH FUN YAAAAY.

Everything I'm hearing about Jsquared from the Chicago Con fills me with UTTER GLEE. The video of the cheek touching story! The darling pictures! OH BOYS. Never stop, seriously. ♥♥♥

GIP! I made a bunch of MCR icons because needed mooooore, and I'm really happy with how this one turned out. ICU Mikeyway and Bob! <333

Okay, well, off to face the day!