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Birthdate:Aug 18
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
Website:Shiny Shapes

The basics: I'm 28 and a high school teacher. This journal has lain quiet for a couple years, but I'm trying to reconnect with my fannish roots because I realized it's where I'm happiest. I love to gush and flail about my favorite TV shows and bands, so please come gush and flail with me!

Banner by unlovablehand. Awesomeness by My Chemical Romance.

My icon and graphics journal is shinyshapes!

I also like to make music videos. They just take a whole lot longer. What I've done so far (3 vids: Harry Potter, Faith in BtVS, and Supernatural) and awards won can be found HERE!

For your perusal and enjoyment: SGA McShep Fic Rec List of DOOM

One time, I flew to another country to see a little band called My Chemical Romance. They performed this song for the first time ever live. Two days later, I ran into Gerard Way and Lyn-Z Way on the street. Sometimes life is great.

You can see my interests down below. But in this space I'll put my current/past genuine obsessions, and try to update them every now and then. So, right now, I love...
  • German football (FSV Mainz 05! The German NT! Lewis Holtby! Bastian Schweinsteiger!)
  • Vampire Diaries (Stefan/Elena/Damon! Caroline!)
  • Supernatural (Sam/Dean! Jensen/Jared!)
  • Haven (Audrey/Nathan/Duke!)
  • Castle (Castle/Beckett! Ryan/Esposito!)
  • Justified (Everyone!)
  • White Collar (OT3!)
  • Band of Brothers (Winters/Nixon! Lipton/Speirs!)
  • Bandom! - My Chemical Romance primarily (Gerard/Frank! William/Gabe! Everyone/Everyone!)
  • Doctor Who (Everyone! But particularly Rose and Ten!)
  • Generation Kill (Brad/Nate!)
  • Big Bang Theory (Leonard/Penny!)
  • Bones (Booth/Brennan! Jack/Angela!)
  • Torchwood (Jack/Iantooo!)
  • Dollhouse (Eliza! Topher! Joss!!)
  • Merlin (Merlin/Arthur! OT4!)
  • The Boondock Saints (Connor/Murphy!)
  • Friday Night Lights (Coach/Mrs. Coach! Timmy/Lyla!)
  • Stargate Atlantis (McShep!)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Faith! Buffy/Angel!)
  • Firefly/Serenity (Simon and River Tam!)
  • Battlestar Galactica (Kara/Lee!)
  • British comedy (Noel Fielding! Russell Brand! The Mighty Boosh! etc!)
  • Harry Potter (Harry/Hermione, Remus/Sirius!)
  • Ocean's 11/2/3 (Danny/Rusty!)

    "Exsequor" is a verb in Latin that means, among other things, "to follow to the end" or "to follow to the grave." Exsequar is the future conjugation, so my name means literally "I will follow to the grave." It is intended as an homage to Sam and Dean Winchester (of Supernatural) and their inability to go on living without each other.

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    Marriage is love.

    First Post. Private. Please.</p>
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