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I love My Chemical Romance rather more than breathing.

This has always (well, for the past, er, 7 years?) been true, but it has come rushing back full force recently. Does anyone remember this? In which I spent weeks tracking down live performance videos, ripping the audio, and compiling a live album of some of their best performances? Well I did that, because I was crazy about them. I was also crazy about Winchesters, Panic! babies, Stargate Atlantis, you name it, and I still carry an abiding fondness for all those things, but the only thing that's lodged itself in my bones is those wacky boys from Jersey. When I listen to their music, I feel like I don't need any other music. Ever. I could listen to them forever and be content.

Why am I sharing this? I dunno. Mostly because it's been bursting out of my chest and there might still be one or two people around here that understand. This is where my love for MCR grew and expanded until it made me feel fit to burst.

The new songs are amazing. Boy Division just roars out of the gate. IF ALL MY ENEMIES THREW A PARTY WOULD YOU LIGHT THE CANDLES WOULD YOU DRINK THE WINE WHILE WATCHING TELEVISION. And so on! It's the most breathless, thrilling song. And tonight there were TWO MORE! Gun. is FANTASTIC. Ambulance is all Queen-y and also excellent. Ahh.

I have also been taken anew by Ray Toro's guitar. On my last road trip I listened past Gerard (very difficult to do) for all the intricacies of Ray's (and Frank's!) magic. That's the real secret sauce. None of this would exist without Gerard, but none of it would sound the same without those guitars. Hot damn.

I flew to another country to see these guys (Ireland to England, but still). I met Gerard Way on the street and I didn't lose my shit. I took my dad to see them in Detroit and he fucking loved it. I drive 12 hours from Michigan to Connecticut and spend half the time blasting these assholes. I love them, I breathe them.

My favorite tunes (well, besides all of them) in pretty much no particular order because it's like choosing between my children:

Thank You for the Venom
You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us in Prison
Save Yourself and I'll Hold Them Back
Headfirst For Halos
Give Em Hell, Kid
Heaven Help Us
Party Poison
Vampire Money
I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
Vampires Will Never Hurt You
....AND ALL THE REST OF THEM. You can see Black Parade is by far my least favorite - I feel like they overproduced a lot of their raw energy out of it. But I still love it more than most music out there so it's all good.

Anyway. I love them. I hope they make another fabulous album in between raising their fabulous babies and hit the road at least one more time so I can bask in their greatness.

(To) The End
Music:: My Chemical Romance - Gun.


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