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I have officially graduated Summa Cum Laude from Franklin and Marshall College with a BA in Chemistry! \o/

It was a pretty great day, though I can't believe it's over. It was overcast and breezy with some distant thunder but never actually rained, I believe due to the sheer force of Colin Powell's will. He was quite a charismatic speaker, and I got to shake his hand! \o/ I'll probably post about the day in more detail for my own remembrance's sake, but suffice to say that Dr. Mehl almost made me cry with the lovely things he said about me to my parents.

Right now I'm going to go faceplant. But yay!! I am officially a college graduate! The culmination of a lot of blood sweat and tears. Hurrah. :)
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I just said goodbye to Jeremy! ;__;

We had a really lovely afternoon sitting at a cafe and chatting out in the gorgeous sunshine. It was just... really nice to get that time one last time. We talked about the usual things, I told him about my house, he told me about his plans for the summer, etc etc. It was just really chill and relaxing. Then I walked with him back to campus, where he was about to show a movie that he had invited me to but I had dinner plans so I couldn't. Dave was waiting there so I said hi to him, and then there was this awkward moment where it was like "well, this is goodbye o.O" and Jeremy wished me good luck and after some physical dithering opened his arms for the hug, hee. I'm happy to report that he gives good hugs. I also snagged his phone number, so. I hope we won't lose touch entirely. Regardless, it was a really nice way to say goodbye, and that's all I wanted.

Then I went out to dinner with my roommates and a couple friends of ours who graduated two years ago. They're married now and live in the area. We went to a lovely little Japanese restaurant where I had Kasu Don and it was AMAZING, I've never had it before! It was, again, really nice to just sit and chat with them. They're a wonderful pair of people and I'm going to miss them a lot!

So other than waking up at 8 AM to have carpet cleaning tubes run through my window and my whole apartment cleaned, today has been a really lovely, if kind of sad, day. It was the first time I really felt sad that I'm leaving this place. Three more days until I graduate...
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Just got back from seeing Star Trek, and obviously it was AWESOME. Chris Pine could set my phaser to stun any day! Rawr! (No I don't know either.) I loved how the whole thing was a big game of "Who's that actor?" Hey, it's Cameron from House! That chick from Centerstage! That dude from Harold and Kumar! EOMER! Simon PEGG! And holyfuck it's Winona fucking Ryder! Lololol AMAZING. Evvvveryone was amazing. <3

I only have one question, one I had never consciously realized before - did the original, the ORIGINAL slash pairing really, ACTUALLY involve WILLIAM SHATNER? My mind is kind of reeling at this revelation. Was he even mildly attractive? Was he less douchey? Was he LESS SHATNERY? My mind is just struggling to wrap around it. I had kind of assumed it was Patrick Stewart! I can get behind that! Clearly I am a Star Trek infidel, shut up.

So okay start talking to me! Link me to your most adorable Chris Pine and Zach Quinto interviews because I just watched one and HELLO PRECIOUSES!

Baaasically, I love spaceships, I love epic enormous battles against the odds, I love adorable boys, and I love random humor, so basically this movie was awesomecakes. It had me from the get go - I totally teared up when you-know-who bought it. Sniff.

Yaaaay boys on spaceships. \o/

In less awesome news, one of my car's brake drums broke and with other related repairs it's gonna cost over $400. /o\ Awesome.

In other less awesome news, my future roommates spent the day in Ann Arbor looking for houses and had NO LUCK. They simply can't find a four bedroom that's right, all of them were problematic for one big reason or another. So tomorrow they're looking at a five bedroom and a house with two two-bedroom apartments. My fingers are crossed that they like one of them, because we need to find someplace! Almost everything is disappearing already! This is just crazycakes, sigh.
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I just got the most lovely email from my college house's Dean, an awesome guy I have known for four years now, congratulating me on graduating with a 4.0. I'm guessing that means final grades are in, so... yay! First in my class baby! \o/

Life's to do list: Kick ass in college while completing a difficult major and experiencing a superfun yet rewarding year abroad. CHECK!
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Happy Mother's Day!! I know there's a lot of strong, awesome moms on my flist, and I just want to say I respect you so hard, and you are all amazing. I hope you had a lovely day. ♥ I sent my mommy a card and a gift certificate for a 30 minute massage, so I hope she enjoys that :)

My day was pretty intense. My friend Dierdre has been single-handedly planning and running this charity drive called Dump N Run, where we put boxes in all the dorms and public buildings, and students put stuff they dont want anymore in them as they're moving out of college. We collect all the stuff, sort it, and sell it in a big community yard sale. So all last week I went around gathering boxes almost every day, lugging stuff to my car and dragging it into the sports center where we were storing it. Yesterday I worked for 6 hours gathering the last of the stuff (it took me and Matt 4 trips in his Jeep from ONE dorm building) and helping to sort it in the gym. We ended up with unbelievable piles of stuff - a couch, some armchairs, several desks, a couple bookcases and dressers, a kitchen table set, hundreds of pounds of clothes of all sorts, four entire tables full of food (like soup, oatmeal, granola bars, those kinds of things), four tables of shoes, and lots of miscellania. So today I woke up at 8 to help Dierdre make and put out signs, then the sale started at 12. By 11, people were already lining up, and at 12 there were at least 50 people in line, probably more. When we opened, it was a flood! Within 45 minutes, 90% of the stuff was gone, leaving mostly crap. We made - wait for it - at least $1800. Yay!!!! I was so proud of Dierdre, and glad that I'd taken part, but oh boy I'm exhausted. I have a bad back, so the six hours yesterday of standing and lifting completely did a number on it, and even ibuprofen and icing isn't really doing anything. Bah. Oh well, it was a good thing to do, and the money's going to the local Domestic Violence Services and a food kitchen. Yay!

Michelle and I came home and collapsed around 1:30. We watched two episodes of Leverage to relax, as you do! Elliot, I love your FACE, and OH HARDISON!!! How are they so amazing? Parker is absolutely growing on me too, especially after the episode with the orphans. "We're more than a team." AWWW team. *draws hearts* My main stumbling block with this show is that I just... don't like the two older leads, Timothy Hutton especially. He is frequently ridiculous in the bad way and almost never funny and I spend most of his screen time rolling my eyes. But whatever! Little team kids! A little crazy and dorky and badass and snarky! A millllllion hearts.

We then got a craving for Christian Kane so we watched two random Angel episodes, first Disharmony because it was on the disc (HARMONY *hearts*) and then... the one with the Evil Hand!!!1!!1, I forget what it's called. Now of course I'm listening to Kane because Christan could croon to me ALL DAY, unf. Where is his next album?! Sigh.

Michelle made tasty pasta with salmon and pesto sauce, and then she went to bed, so now I'm just chillin on my couch doing NOTHING. This would be even more awesome if my back wasn't killing me, but as it is it's pretty damn awesome. \o/ I am almost a million percent done with college! YAY!

La la la I'll stop rambling at you. Maybe I'll finish the SPN fic I've been reading - I know! Amazing! :D
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My presentation went kind of lamely this morning - I am so over this project, and over presenting the same results over and over and over, that I kind of rushed and, as my professor put it, it wasn't my most inspired performance. Whateverrrrrr IT'S DONE. Tomorrow I just gotta go into the lab, tidy up some last minute things on my final paper, and I am DONE WITH COLLEGE. What.

The physics exam, btw, was lolariously easy. I took 80 minutes when we were given 3 hours. I had a minor freak out just before it because what if I wasn't prepared?!??? And then the questions were like ...really? That's worth 10 points? Ooookay! So. A bizarre note to end my college career on, but hey. \o/

I THINK I'M GETTING SICK. D: Don't you hate when your body does that? It's like, oh hey, I have no reason to keep fighting anymore, I'm going to let the viruses DEVOUR YOU MWAHAHAHAHA. My throat is all tickly and my head feels foggy and my eyes hurt and ughhhh. NOT ON, BODY! There's a surprise party for a friend of mine on tomorrow night, and I am the designated booze mule, and basically I DON'T WANNA BE SICK! Rarrr.

My car's brakes have also started making a grinding noise. Sweet! I didn't want that tax refund money for my trip to Dublin at all! >:(

ALSO, my friend Ryan just told me that he got told he might have typhus. Typhus. It's bacterial, transmitted by tick bites, and apparently still sometimes fatal. WHAT. This is terrifying and I don't even know how to process this information. Ryan! :( He's obviously going to the doctor ASAP but I'm so worried about him.

I'm sorry, this didn't mean to be a post of woe! I'm happy I'm almost done with college, honestly. There's just a few crappy things, apparently!

HOW WAS SUPERNATURAL? I'm simultaneously terrified and totally revved up. Cmon internet, feed my piratey needs! *gimmehands*
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I just submitted my last ever college essay!! \o/ \o/

Well, on the one hand, that's victory arms. On the other - last essay! :( :( :( Now I'm off to the land of ~science, where we always write in passive voice and never use pretty turns of phrase, and we definitely don't analyze the cultural and political nuances of the past two centuries that led to the wholesale slaughter of one people by another. That may not sound like fun, but it sure as hell is interesting. I just hope my sciencey stuff ends up being interesting too. Otherwise I might have to drop out and start a PhD in anthropology or something. /o\

I really do think I'm going to miss writing analytically about people and creative ideas. The problem is, I'm such a lazy bastard that I don't really just write on my own, I need to be guided by a class. Who knows, maybe I'll grow up and start giving myself topics, although what fun is that when no one's going to read it? Hrm. Conundrum.

Whatever, that's sent in (a full 17 hours before it's due! Now THAT'S worth \o/ \o/) and tomorrow I have a presentation and an exam and then I'm DONE. (Well, sort of, some loose ends to tie up for my independent, but TO ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES.) My presentation is 95% done, I'm just wrangling with some technical difficulties, and my exam is... er, not studied for. It's Physics 2 and this class has been such a walk in the park (my average is at least a 97) that I'm having a hard time caring. However, I do hate going into any exam feeling unprepared at all, so I suppose I'll go study, whatever. Grump grump. :) Night loves!

ETA: So that maybe this post will have some point - does anyone have any live recordings of The Used? Have they released an album of live stuff, maybe with Berth? I am craving some, for obvious reasons!
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You know you're a college student when: you look at the clock, it says 1 AM, and you go "hey, it's still early!"

So - hey, it's still early! I've already written 2.5 pages of my paper, all my extensive research is TOTALLY paying off (quotes every sentence, haha! From different sources!), I think I've got a good sense of how I want to structure it overall, and my main concern is that I'm going to run out of space (my professor's instructions: "Your target is 1800 words. I'll stop reading when you reach 2000." And he means it.) because I am one wordy motherfucker, especially when I have fifteen hand-written pages of quotations and notes from one source and three single spaced pages of notes typed from the other. I think I could have written a 20 page paper on the origins of Hutu and Tutsi identities with this research.

Wow, that middle sentence was long. SEE I TOLD YOU SO. Here's a sample from my paper:
The most significant institutional change that brought about this new, and highly unequal, relationship was the imposition of ubureetwa, “a form of clientship that was almost entirely without an element of reciprocity,” consisted of “manual labor […] as payment for occupation of land” (Mamdani 66), and was imposed only on Hutu. At this point “the lines between Hutu and Tutsi remained porous” (Gourevitch 49) and there remained the possibility that a Hutu could “kwihutura – shed Hutuness – and achieve the political status of a Tutsi” (Mamdani 70).

Yes, I do realize I am slightly ridiculous. Whatever, these kinds of papers have totally gotten me As in the past. I'll just have to do more of my-own-words analyzing later, once I'm done with the historical narrative part.

Blah blah blah basically this post was for that first sentence. So, HEY, IT'S STILL EARLY! I'm gonna get a couple more hours of work in and then hit the hay. :) Tomorrow's crunch time - I have to finish this paper, study for a physics exam, and prepare my presentation, all due Thursday. But now that I've got so much done on my paper (three hours ago I ONLY had notes) I'm feeling good! \o/

(Now that I've broken my concert drought I WANT MOOOOORE. *mope mope* I've been listening to The Used all day, still on a bit of a high but also sad that it's OVER.)
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Ughhhh it was AMAZING. We waited about 20 minutes in the rain, but then the venue decided to be really nice and let everyone they could into the lobby area so we didn't get soaked. We waited about an hour more in there and then got in! We had already decided that the pit was NOT happening (way too many people there before us, and lots of them large guys...) so we went straight up to the balcony and got awesome spots right on the railing. SO CLOSE! Hiiiii BertQuinnJephaDan HIIII! (It was a perfect choice - the pit got really nasty even before the Used came on. So yay for being sensible!)

The first opener was a bunch of hot dudes with not very memorable music. (The singer looked like surfer/hard rock Jon Walker. He wasn't wearing shoes!!) The second opener was crappy and generic and boring. But there were only two which was awesome!

AND THEN IT WAS THE USED TIME YAY!!! The setlist was fucking awesome. They played (not in this order): Take It Away, The Bird and the Worm, I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes), All That I Got, Hospital, Paralyzed, Liar Liar (Burn In Hell), PRETTY HANDSOME AWKWARD YAAAAAAAAAAAY, Box Of Sharp Objects, and I feel like I must be forgetting some... ETA: According to my videos they also played Taste of Ink and Buried Myself Alive! I just really wish they had played Wake the Dead, which is my favorite (non B-side) The Used song. Oh well!

Anyways, it was a MOST satisfactory set (though it went by way too fast!!). Bert is a crazyperson and an awesome entertainer. At one point he was trying to get everyone to dance and showed off his hotgirl dancing moves. Hell yes. Another time he was getting the crowd to yell things after him, like FUCK YOU BERT! and YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE! Then he did YOU'RE A FAGGOT! And when most of the crowd shouted it back he made a shocked face and and wagged his finger at us. *facepalm* Oh Bert. He then proceeded to ask us if he's pretty enough to be gay. Ha.

I am most enamored of Quinn, who is blonde and hot and can powerlunge like no one else. Jepha has these amazing dance moves that I can't even possibly describe - perhaps I'll upload a video. And Dan's just back there bashing away for all he's worth.

BASICALLY they're amazing and I love their music and I love the show they put on. My only complaint is that it was too short. :( That's probably just my perception - I think the show was about an hour. But I want moooooar! Hee. Regardless, it was SUPER AWESOME and entirely worth giving up a whole day of getting work done. Seeing [livejournal.com profile] wasoncedelight and [livejournal.com profile] tuesdaysgone was so so awesome too!! They are both lovely ladies and I'm really glad I got to meet them before I move away from PA. <333333

*flops* And now I'm going to try to get some work done! (Hahaha.)

ETA: OMG! I'm downloading my videos and they're AMAZING!!!! This was my first time with this camera at a concert and the sound is unbelievable. Everything is clear and there's no distortion, even on the really loud songs! FUCK YEAH!!!! I was only able to get parts of each song because my memory card isn't huge, but I got an amaaaazing full video of Paralyzed so I'll probably be uploading that! YAY! Oh it's so great to have a good concert camera!!! \o/
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Today has been far less productive than I would have wanted it to be. Dammit. I'd hoped to finish the draft of my independent research final paper as well as getting through all the sources and extracting quotes for my Rwanda paper. I sort of partially accomplished both of those goals - I've got the research paper cobbled together, but it needs some technical adjustments and a big read-through to make sure it's logical because it's now 30 pages of stuff cobbled together over the course of three years. And I read *more* of my sources for the Rwanda paper, but didn't finish. GOOD JOB SELF.

Whatever, it'll get done. I'm so mellow about it, because comparing this to last semester? AHAHAHA. I had two twenty page papers, two huge presentations, a lab report, two huge final exams, and one short paper to do in my last week. So this is like LA LA LA WHATEVER!

And in line with that spirit, I AM GOING TO SEE THE USED TOMORROW OMGYAY!!!!!!! I am going to have a [livejournal.com profile] wasoncedelight (FINALLY!!) and a [livejournal.com profile] tuesdaysgone and we're going to go out for crepes at Rachel's and then we're going to be first in line and we're gonna get barrier and get showered in Bert's sweat for a while. YESSS. To be honest I'm a little nervous, like squirmy tummy nervous, because I have never been in a pit before and we're aiming for barrier and this venue doesn't HAVE a barrier, you're essentially squashed against the stage for however many hours, sooo. I question my ability to survive intact? BUT WE SHALL SEE. Maybe Bert will save me if I am being crushed? :D? (Ahahaha that's funny.) But I will have a Mel and a Lars and hopefully they will deal with my spazzy innocence and get me through in one piece. And OMG THE USED! I am so so so pumped. *beams*

Okay I am going to go back to working on this paper of mine! Catch you on the flipside!
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Good morning, lovely LJ.

Today is my last day of classes as an undergraduate! Wow. Pretty huge. I've got one last lecture for my Africa class and then I'm done! Never will I have to sit in a classroom again, listening to a lecturer go on and on and on...

Wait a second. I'm going to graduate school! /o\

Haha, regardless, this feels kind of intense. I'm finishing at F&M! But I'm also very ready to be done and move on, so I think the next couple weeks are going to be okay as I say goodbye to everyone and everything. Today I have pizza with the other chem seniors, then a reception for chemistry at a local restaurant (they're kind of unrelated things.... don't ask), and then ~~Senior Surprise~~ in which we all gather on campus and they bus us off to locations unknown! Wooooo! I think it's just going to be a fancy dinner someplace, but I'm not sure. Most of my friends are going anyway so it should be fun.

Yesterday I got an extremely, extremely depressing non-result for my research. Submitted a sample and got zero signal from the instrument, after running overnight scans. That is.... bizarre and inexplicable and scary since that's the method we hoped to use for the entirety of the rest of our project. I don't know what to do. :( So I'm trying not to think about that since it makes me nauseous, and also renders invalid all of the data we're publishing next, but WHATEVER. Not thinking about it not thinking about it.

I've been having some weird stomach pains for a couple days. For the last two days, I've had issues with perpetual hunger - I'll eat a good dinner, then I'm still bloody hungry. I'll resist for a while, but then I'll eat something more, an in an hour I'll still be kind of hungry but also nauseous and weird feeling. I haven't started my period so I don't think that's it. Then last night, I woke up at 6 AM in a whole lot of pain, my whole lower abdomen pretty crampy and gross. I assumed I had gotten my period, but apparently not, and I still haven't this morning, but my stomach still feels really gross. I don't feel like puking or anything - it's more of a muscular pain, low in my gut, just above my hips. Any ideas? :(

Last night I stayed up way too late reading tutorials on vidding for Macs, and I've got the whole setup now! I've got Mac the Ripper for ripping DVDs, MPEG Streamclip and a $20 codec from Apple for converting to an iMovie friendly file, and iMovie itself. I tried it out and iMovie deals with these files SO SO fast, whereas in the past I'd tried to use straight up mp4 files with iMovie. Apparently that was incorrect! So now I've got all the tools at my fingertips and the only question is - what do I vid??? I'd love to do that BSG idea, but I think I'd need all the DVDs and that's not happening any time soon. So I gotta think through what I own. But it's very exciting!! :D

Now I'm going to go get ready for my last day of college! :O Love ya flisties!
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*pokes at the internet* *poke poke*

So I guess none of y'all are too interested in miss Minka Kelly. That's alright, I just think your lives are thus a little less sparkly.

I have been powering my way through my FNL S1 rewatch. It's just so damn GOOD. Even upon rewatching I've got tear tracks on my cheeks at the end of every episode. The characters capturing me the most are Lyla and Timmy and Smash. And Coach. And Matt. And Julie. And Tyra. And Tami. And Jason. And oh wait everyone! It's so interesting to press rewind on these kids' lives. Lyla and Tyra in particular change so fundamentally between the beginning to the end of S3, and to see the start of their journeys is just fascinating. I appreciate Tyra's depth more this time through, even though it's subtle, because I know what it burgeons into. And Lyla - well. &Lyla;!

Today my mommy arrived for a weekend visit! She's here for the awards ceremony which is happening tomorrow. Today got up to 90 degrees, it was kind of insane. There's a Spring Arts thing that was happening on campus, which basically meant live music and free (shitty) food, so we wandered through that. But it was so damn hot that we actually just wanted to get inside so we went to the mall, haha. My mom is pretty loose with the credit card when it comes to her daughters and the mall, so I had a lot of fun! :P I got a new gorgeous summery dress, an awesome denim patchwork shoulder bag, a pair of jean capris, and some fancy black dress sandals for graduation. It was a most successful trip! Then we went to dinner at the local creperie, om nom nom nommmmmm, where I had "The Capri" which consisted of melted fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, basil, and olive oil. YUM YUM. I followed it up with a brown sugar and butter crepe. TRIPLE YUM. Hee.

Then we went to see the student choreographed dance show because my friend was in one of the dances. I'll be blunt - I do not get modern dance. A bunch of people mucking about on a stage, doing random things that only sometimes seem related to each other, with odd music or sound effects or even NO music. I just do not understand it in any way, and it doesn't usually even trigger my aesthetic beauty buttons. I just watch with my head tilted in confusion. A couple of the pieces were neat though, and I particularly loved a big African piece with a whole bunch of girls and two drummers, and the piece my friend was in, which was a gorgeous fusion of traditional Chinese dance and Western dance. Those were lovely.

Aaaand then we wandered over to Battle of the Bands which was going on in the center of campus, and saw a couple songs by this incredible duo - a dude on guitar and a girl on drums and vocals, and that's it. They were damn talented and could certainly jam, but their songs very much subscribed to the very long and unstructured tradition. They were entertaining though.

Then we came home and I watched more Friday Night Lights. You're shocked, I know!

Tomorrow it's supposed to be 80s again. I'm going to wear my pretty new dress, (which you can see HERE, I got the blue one!) go to brunch at a friend's apartment, be given three awards, and go out to dinner at a fancy local brewery. It's gonna be a good day! I hope you're all enjoying your weekends too. ♥
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Dollhouse, Joss Whedon, and the Strange and Difficult Path of Feminist Dudes: Some Thoughts - This is a truly excellent blog post about Dollhouse and why it works. It's an excellent perspective on Dollhouse as a show entirely about consent, and discusses how in order to deal better with nasty issues, the metaphors necessarily have to be uglier. Also contains an interesting thought on how Topher may be a self-projection of Joss himself, in that it is his job to hire beautiful women and make them do what he wants, and how that's sometimes a little creepy. Well worth a read, particularly if you dismissed Dollhouse because it creeps you out or something.

I really hope this show gets another season! Same with Castle.

I saw Jeremy today for the first time in a couple weeks! I missed his faaaace. We have coffee plans for Friday, yays. \o/

I graduate from college in just over three weeks. o.O

I don't really have anything else to say! I just wanted to share the Dollhouse link. Hope you all had a good Hump Day!
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Tell me your top five favorite movies! I'm trying to find things to put on my Netflix list. I know there's a lot I need to see, I'm just drawing a bit of a blank, so help me out!

I just finished my last class-related-lab ever here at F&M. :O Kind of mind boggling. How is it almost May?! It was short and kind of silly, and now I'm home early and planning on going to the grocery store. Sweet.

I also just got my tax rebate check from the IRS - $450! Hell yes! I'm pondering how to celebrate - Threadless tshirt? BSG season 2.5? New shoes? The possibilities are endless! :D

Anyway, movies! Go!
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Michelle and I watched Castle episodes 3 and 4 last night. It is SO SO precious!!! We squeal and clap frequently with delight. Nathan is, of course, an absolute vision of goofy adorableness and sass. Any other actor would be pretty obnoxious as that character, but Nathan makes him endearing and hilarious instead. His FACE! Our other favorite part is his daughter, who sasses right back at him. Their relationship (plus the grandma) gives the show a really fun unique twist on other cop shows. The plots are kind of hilariously twisty, but they're fun to watch. And the woman who plays Beckett is really growing on us - she gives as good as she gets from Nathan most of the time, and she has some truly awesome skeptical faces. She's also written quite well, I think - strong without being overly "butch," occasionally girly, snarky and smart. I also love the other cops - Esposito and Ryan, I think. They have such a bromance going on in the background, it's hilarious! Basically I love it and I really really hope it keeps going. NATHAN!

I also watched Chasing Liberty, that movie with Matthew Goode and Mandy Moore, this weekend. Um... it was terrible. I can't remember the last time I willingly subjected myself to such truly awful writing. And Matthew and Mandy were both overacting, probably a combination of trying to give a totally empty script substance and a bad director. So, uh, even their combined pretty absolutely could not save it. I mean, of course I appreciated shirtless Matthew and tight-tshirt Matthew and wet Matthew, of course I did. ;) But that doesn't change that that's 2 hours of my life that I'll never get back! Ha. Oh well.

In continuing my SPN nostalgia kick, I just watched Everybody Loves a Clown. Omg Winchesters! ;_____; Dean's woobie little lip! Sam's busted up face and truly awful hair! The minivan! "Apparently clowns kill!" ELLEN AND ASH AND JO!!!!!!! I can't even express how much I wish they had kept them around. Their story (even Jo's crush on Dean!) feels so so much more organic and true to the world of hunting than Ruby or Bela ever did. Ellen and the Roadhouse set up such a fascinating connection to the whole of the rest of the hunting world, not to mention another person who remembers John Winchester. She was such a warm, gritty, motherly figure in their lives, and I really wish they had kept her around to keep them grounded. I just wish the show had kept that tone in general - Sam and Dean as part of an underground community of outcasts who trawl the dusty roads of America laying waste to evil sonsabitches.

I hate that I've become sad/bitter about our show. It's not how I approach anything, ever, but my love affair with the early Winchesters was so passionate that I can't help but feel their loss acutely. But I am truly enjoying going back and reliving their story, both through the episodes and fic. Sigh, SamandDean. I love you so. ♥

Happy Monday, flist! It's cold and rainy here, which after the 70+ sunny weekend we had is quite a rude shock. Garfield would be entirely unsurprised - Mondays hate the world! I am exhausted, so I'm going to go into lab, hopefully finish early, and then come home for a NAP. This prospect excites me greatly. <33
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Hi flist! Hi!

I am so ridiculously behind on LJ, because it has been one nonstop weekend! My dad and my sis were here the whole time so I've been doing this and that with them, and basically had no time to keep up with the internets. In the short bits I've caught, I've seen 1) SPN fangirls being crazy, 2) Misha being a darling dork who slashes J2 FOR us, and 3) Gerard being really beautiful in a totally random JPop video. What else have I missed?

Quick recap! On Saturday morning we had the Intercollegiate Student Chemists Conference here at my college, and I gave a presentation in the biochemistry division. It was actually sort of a competition, and I ended up winning first place in my division! Against only 6 other people, but still, that was pretty awesome. :) Then I had a looong dress rehearsal for choir. After that, it was in the 70s and sunny (!) so me and my dad and sis wanted to enjoy the sun. We spotted a baseball game going on near my school, and found that it was my college's baseball and softball teams playing games right next to each other! So we hung out for a few hours in the sun and it was really lovely. The girls were losing 2-0, but then they had an amazing inning in which they scored 6 runs and my friend Jess hit a home run! It was so great and a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Then we went to dinner at a local creperie and UNF UNF it was soooooo delicious. Peach mango strawberry smoothie and chicken caesar crepe and brown sugar/butter crepe, om nom nommm.

Then today, I sang in my choir's big semester performance, and it was kind of a big deal: The choir invasion! )

It was a really amazing experience, and a great note to finish my time with the choir. We have *the* most incredible director - he seems to live and breathe music, and the way he coaxes it out of us is so beautiful. And he's just a really sweet, caring guy. It's been a blast singing with him for the past four years. It's definitely something I'm going to miss about college!

While I'm sharing photos, I thought I'd post some really gorgeous ones I've had sitting about for a while. These are mostly from my flight back from San Francisco. It was a beautiful, sunny, clear day, so I had the most beautiful views of the Rockies and a lot of lush grassland. There are also a few pictures from around campus on the beautiful days we've had recently. I hope you like them!

The beauty of spring )

Well that's it for now! I should do some laundry and try to get caught up on LJ. Mostly I want to read SPN fic (I know right?!) and/or watch old SPN eps and/or old FNL. I'm on a nostalgia kick.

Which! Speaking of! Me and my sister watched Hunted, Playthings, and Nightshifter this weekend. ♥____♥ Season two, you are forever first in my heart!! "We're not workin for the mandroid!!" <333333
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There's this girl in the chemistry department that I don't like very much. It's one of those things you can't explain, she just rubs me the wrong way.

Today she's wearing a TEAM EDWARD t-shirt. Complete with sparkles.

Clearly my people radar is in tip-top shape. :P

PS. My Africa exam went pretty well! And with that - I am done with normal tests in college! :O So bizarre. And today it is sunny, warm, and beautiful, and I want nothing more than to be sitting outside reading. Instead I am in my lab writing our manuscript. My life is awesome.

PPS. [livejournal.com profile] butidigress has an upload of the VENGANZA! video included with the USB key, which is their performances of Three Cheers stuff in Mexico. YAY. Go download!

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Ack, this test is ENORMOUS. It's past midnight and I haven't even finished reading through (and summarizing) my notes for the FIRST time. *facepalm* We're covering a huge swath of time and places - going straight from precolonial through colonialism and all the way into decolonization in East and South Africa. Big focus on Kenya, Congo, and South Africa, but other places poke their heads in too - Tanganyika, Uganda, Ethiopia. So many places and names and themes and ack, I am so overwhelmed! It doesn't help that my teacher talks so bloody much and I am a very thorough note taker, so one day I had 9 single-sided pages of notes for 90 minutes of class. O__O You better believe my hand was killing me afterward! Meep.

I haven't even gotten to his list of short answer questions that we should be able to answer to be prepared for the essays. I'm not optimistic about this test being a 99 like last time! >.<

It also doesn't help that I'm bloody exhausted. I just fell asleep over my notes for the second time. Sigh.

Er, on the bright side, this is my last non-final-exam test in my entire college career? \o/?

Oh, on an actual bright side, I got another email about another award! This one's called the Rawnsley Science Prize, and "is presented to a senior(s) who, by her or his actions and attitude while a student, will use the scientific knowledge he or she has gained to best advantage." I think I'm most touched by this one, because that's something I really pride myself on, the desire to do something meaningful with my skills. So the fact that they're giving me an award for it is really wonderful and validating. Also, "prize" to me implies money, which is always yay. ;)

Back to the books....
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Ack, this test is ENORMOUS. It's past midnight and I haven't even finished reading through (and summarizing) my notes for the FIRST time. *facepalm* We're covering a huge swath of time and places - going straight from precolonial through colonialism and all the way into decolonization in East and South Africa. Big focus on Kenya, Congo, and South Africa, but other places poke their heads in too - Tanganyika, Uganda, Ethiopia. So many places and names and themes and ack, I am so overwhelmed! It doesn't help that my teacher talks so bloody much and I am a very thorough note taker, so one day I had 9 single-sided pages of notes for 90 minutes of class. O__O You better believe my hand was killing me afterward! Meep.

I haven't even gotten to his list of short answer questions that we should be able to answer to be prepared for the essays. I'm not optimistic about this test being a 99 like last time! >.<

It also doesn't help that I'm bloody exhausted. I just fell asleep over my notes for the second time. Sigh.

Er, on the bright side, this is my last non-final-exam test in my entire college career? \o/?

Oh, on an actual bright side, I got another email about another award! This one's called the Rawnsley Science Prize, and "is presented to a senior(s) who, by her or his actions and attitude while a student, will use the scientific knowledge he or she has gained to best advantage." I think I'm most touched by this one, because that's something I really pride myself on, the desire to do something meaningful with my skills. So the fact that they're giving me an award for it is really wonderful and validating. Also, "prize" to me implies money, which is always yay. ;)

Back to the books....
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- I gave blood today! \o/ For the first time since before I went to Dublin! I loved giving blood sophomore year, did so about 4-5 times (and have the scars to prove it), but then I went abroad and got a tattoo so that put a kibosh on things for a while. But now I'm finally eligible again and I have successfully sucked a pint of my life away! I know, it's weird to enjoy giving blood, but at least I'm doing a public service right?

- I got two emails that I thought were repeats of each other, but instead I was being notified that I've been awarded TWO separate awards by the college! One is the "Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society Prize" and the other is the "American Institute of Chemists Award". I'm more than a little blown away. I'm not lying at all when I say I completely didn't expect anything like this - as far as I'm concerned, there's much better scientists in my class. But um, someone (my department!) disagrees, and I'm humbled and flattered and so pleased. Yay.

- I've found a house that I'm very seriously interested in! It's a four-bedroom beautiful old house right near downtown Ann Arbor. There are two guys living in it already, one from Germany and one from Poland, and they've got a girl from Arizona confirmed to move in for next year. I've been talking to the German guy a lot, and he seems really awesome, very down to earth and interesting - he's a math major and he biked from Germany to Nepal! Crazy! The bedroom that I would get is up on the top floor of the house and looks pretty damn huge, with a peaked ceiling and really nice natural light coming in. The rent is even lower than I was hoping to spend, AND includes all utilities, which is pretty rare and important for Michigan winters! I emailed one of the guys' old roommates, and she sounded very positive about the place and the guys, saying "I cherish very warm memories of the friendships I formed with Florian and Simon, who are sly, funny, very sweet guys." I think it would be a whole lot of fun to live with them. (European guys for the win!) There are a few minor drawbacks. It's not in the exact area of town that I wanted to be, but it's still close enough. It doesn't start until late August, so I'd be living with my uncle for almost two months. I exchanged an email with the girl that will be moving in, and she seemed... shall we say, flighty? You obviously can't always judge a person from their email tone, but it gives me some idea what she's like. We might get along but I don't think we'd be super close. All that said, it sounds like a really great place. Florian's going to call me this afternoon so I think after that conversation I'll be maybe more ready to make a decision? If I'm leaning towards yes, I'll post the pictures to get your opinions!

- I watched some of LOTMS today. Ugh, BOYS. Still my favorite piece of canon EVER. I love all of them so ridiculously much.
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