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Today, let's have a linkspam! Things that delight me and/or are awesome:

And not a link, but something that definitely delights me: I've decided to buy an iPhone 4!! :D I think, anyway. The new one is just SO gorgeous, I couldn't help but be seduced! /o\ I don't even have a smart phone yet - I've still got an old school flip phone, not even a qwerty keyboard. And I do love my phone, but I think it's time for me to get on board the smartphone revolution. I'm on Verizon, so I could be smarter and just get a Droid, but... I really really want an iPhone! /o\ I'm a total Machead, and always will be I think, so it only makes sense. DID I MENTION HOW GORGEOUS IT IS?! I have staaars in my eyyyyes, gah. Having to switch to AT&T sucks, yes, and it will be much more expensive every month, and probably push back my hope of buying a new car, BUT. iPhone! *hands* Also, I'll be able to video call Francisco, because he'll be getting an iPhone 4 as well, and ngl that will be amazing. (He's in Chicago visiting family right now and I miss him already.) A side effect of me making this decision has been that I WANT MY IPHONE *NOW*. I'm all antsy and keep looking at all the gorgeous pictures and stuff! WAAAANTS.

Hi flist. How are you? ♥
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I had an awesome time seeing my two college best friends this past weekend. I spent Thursday night and Friday with Rob - we went into Philly Friday, saw Under the Sea in IMAX at the Franklin Institute (I REALLY wanted to see the Body exhibit, but tickets were almost $30, WTF, and we didn't really have enough time to justify that kind of money), had lunch at the Reading Terminal Market, and wandered around. We met up with MICHELLLLLLE, my lover, and took her out for dinner at an awesome Mexican place. Then Rob went back home and I spent Friday night and Saturday with Michellllle. Our time consisted entirely of: being in pajamas, ordering in Thai and pizza, and watching the entirety of Band of Brothers (well, eps 4-10 since she'd seen 1-3). IT WAS GLORIOUS. Michelle is my most favorite person in the world, and being with her is actually more relaxing than having time to myself, which is kind of the only person I can say that about. And now she's finally seen all of BoB! And knows just how completely Nix and Winters are married! Yay! It was fun. I still cry at the very last bit: "But I served in a company of heroes." ALKDJFLKSJD WINTERS. ;____♥

Anywhoodle, that was grate and I am very glad I got the chance to see pretty much everyone I know on the East coast, including dozens of high school teachers and college profs, and my parents of course. Good times, good times.

Now I am back at the grindstone and it's mostly okay. Just got an unexpected deadline dropped on my shoulders in lab and I'm a little freaked out because I'm really really not sure I can generate the results in time, but um. Deep breaths, it will be okay.

What I really wanted to post about though was a piece of potentially quite bad news I got today. My dearest darling Francisco, one of my two best friends here at Michigan, is currently rotating in a lab that he thought he was going to join. However, the professor has been offered and has accepted a job at the Scripps Institute in Florida. And here's the kicker - he's thinking about going with her.

I was seriously devastated when I heard this news. I mean - he's my Francisco. Over the past few months, he has quickly become someone very near and dear to my heart. He and Steffen have become my little support network, the people around whom I can truly be myself. And the thought of losing Francisco makes my heart ache in a very real way. I don't know if it will actually happen, and believe me I am doing my very best to suggest alternatives to him, and to make enormous sad eyes at him to guilt him into staying. The thing is, he really doesn't want to move to Florida - his family's in Chicago, he's already started to find a home here, etc. But he feels like there's no other lab for him in our program. I have to believe that isn't true, but the other lab he might like to join is Jason's, aka the one I have my heart set on, and Jason only has so many funds, and a lot of students interested........ yeah, it's kind of a problem.

I'm really really worried about this. My heart literally goes all clenchy and my eyes get hot and teary if I think about it at all, and I just. I can't deal with the thought of losing him. I'm not going to examine those emotions too closely right now - I just know I need to try my best to keep him here. Because he belongs with us.
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The vets of this journal will remember Jeremy, my (young, gorgeous) film prof from college whom I became actually really close friends with and who made senior year bearable. I talked about him far too much, and I do apologize about that, but he really was the glue keeping me together that year.

Anywho, I emailed him letting him know that I'll be back in town, and asking if he wanted to get together and catch up. He just replied and INVITED ME TO HIS HOUSE FOR DINNER! ♥____________♥ I am seriously so full of giddy glee! I get to meet his two month old baby boy! And his wife, whom I haven't met yet! And hang out and chat and just be with him again! He's just... one of those people who makes me feel infinitely comfortable and happy - you know? Those people don't come along very often. I'm really, really, really excited about this. Yay. :D

You know all those things that went shitty yesterday? Magically they all fixed themselves today. I RECEIVED MY BAND OF BROTHERS DVDs!!!! :D The lovely UPS delivery guy who I always say hi to brought them to me at work, and I could have kissed him! :D Then the experiment that took all day Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday until 9 PM worked GREAT and my boss is really happy! \\\o/// And THEN, one of my project group members actually said something that really helped me straighten out my thinking and stop panicking, and today I got a lot of productive research done and wrote up a respectable outline for our paper!

This yo yo is up for a moment. I'm predicting I'll actually manage to stay up for a while - tomorrow hang times with my Ann Arbor besties, then driving HOME and seeing daddy and mommy and lil sis, then high school teachers <333, then JEREMY OMGGG, then Rob and MICHELLLLLE and and!! It's going to be glorious.

Thanks for putting up with my shit, y'all. ♥
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I love Twitter. What did we do before Twitter? Oh right, not have daily brushes with random celebrities. Huh! It's a brave new world.

In which Mark Rose is ridic and adorable and I heart his face:


I mean, I know he just said thanks, but this is only the capper on his EXTREME AWESOME. I seriously love him so much I could burst. I really hope there's a Castle con some day, because him, Nathan, Seamus, and Stana in the same room as me? BE STILL MY HEART. I want someone to put together a montage of all of Poke's stuff in GenKill, because ugh Ilovehim.

You guys, my will is totally crumbling. A rewatch will happen, I can tell. With fast forwarding through the most epic incompetence I am sure. :P

Maybe I'll do some of that when I visit my best friend next week! During spring break I'm going home to see the parentals, then hopefully visiting JEREMY back at college - which, OMG, amazing, and also his wife just had a BAAABY who's 2 months old and I really want to meet him! And then I'm going to spend a couple days with Michelle, and we're going to get her through the rest of Band of Brothers (she's only seen through Carentan but can't watch without someone to hold her hand!) and then probably watch some Gen Kill which she is so completely ass over teakettle for that she can only make high pitched noises when Nate Fick is mentioned. :D

What on earth would I do without fandom, and more importantly YOU GUYS? I am not better by any means, but in this moment, right here, I am happy. Thank you. ♥ (And thanks Mark Rose and Jon Huertas, hahaha. <33)
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I just watched Almost Famous - for the first time! :O I know, I know, but I have remedied the appalling gap in my library now. People have always said I have to see it, but I thought it was just some romantic comedy or something. Nobody told me it's a love letter to 70s rock! It was so wonderful. Billy Crudup is far more attractive with long hair, I must say. And little Patrick Fugit, aww! What an amazing cast, am I right? Just such a lovely movie, and I loved all the Led Zeppelin and Elton John and Allman Brothers and etc scattered through. I will always be thankful to Supernatural for introducing me to that kind of music in a real way. :)

The reason I've been so quiet (no posts in three days! :O) is that I was in Philly with my bestest, Michelle, for Wednesday-Friday. We had a lovely but all-too-brief time. I got to see her new apartment (adorable!) and meet her new kitten (Calypso, aka Caly, and TOO DARLING FOR WORDS OMG) and walk around Philly in the rain. :) But mostly I got to see my Michelle. We watched Friday Night Lights and Bones and talked and talked. It hurts that we're going to be so far apart, but our parents live in the same state, and no way is she done with me. (*waves* Love you girl!)

My new computer is amaaaaaaazing. I haven't decided on a name yet - I keep calling her a her because she's so sleek and sexy, and I also keep calling her a spaceship. I might name her Kara. I could be clever and name her Tami, after both River Tam and Tami Taylor! Hmmmmm. Decisions decisions. Regardless of her name, she's so freaking gorgeous and fast and perrrrfect whee.

I'm leaving for Michigan in 12 days. O.O This week is dedicated to finishing the feat of cleaning and organizing my room, doing my massive mountain of laundry, and figuring out what shit I'm bringing with me. Craziness! I can't believe it's so soon, but like I said many times before - SO EXCITED.

Fannishly, I LOVE BONES SO MUCHHHH. I've just been devouring it, om nom nom nom. I can't decide who's my favorite - everyone's amazing! I loved the episode where Bones got kidnapped and Booth rescued her (That's not a spoiler - I'm sure that happens at least three times, lol). They are so sweet and in love and I have missed this kind of amazing UST! It's interesting because objectively, they have a million similarities to Mulder and Scully, but in my opinion the dynamic has a very different vibe. Booth is a bit more over the top than Mulder, a bit more goofy, but he's also sometimes more intense and scary. And while Bones and Scully are both rational scientists, Scully was very much an elegant, worldly woman, while Bones is far more awkward and detached from the real world. I like that they're entirely distinct, because if it was too much like Mulder and Scully v2.0 I know I'd get annoyed! As it is, I'm in love. ♥ (Look, I even have an icon! Cuuuuties.)

I'm also all about Six Feet Under, even though everyone continues to sabotage themselves all the time. It could be like a horrible train wreck, but no one is ever hateful or unsympathetic, they're just human. It's an incredibly fine line, and the show has walked it nearly perfectly all five seasons. I know the finale is insane and heartbreaking, so I'm kind of bracing myself for that. I'm halfway through season 5 now - almost there! In fact, I'm gonna go watch some right now. ♥!
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I just said goodbye to Jeremy! ;__;

We had a really lovely afternoon sitting at a cafe and chatting out in the gorgeous sunshine. It was just... really nice to get that time one last time. We talked about the usual things, I told him about my house, he told me about his plans for the summer, etc etc. It was just really chill and relaxing. Then I walked with him back to campus, where he was about to show a movie that he had invited me to but I had dinner plans so I couldn't. Dave was waiting there so I said hi to him, and then there was this awkward moment where it was like "well, this is goodbye o.O" and Jeremy wished me good luck and after some physical dithering opened his arms for the hug, hee. I'm happy to report that he gives good hugs. I also snagged his phone number, so. I hope we won't lose touch entirely. Regardless, it was a really nice way to say goodbye, and that's all I wanted.

Then I went out to dinner with my roommates and a couple friends of ours who graduated two years ago. They're married now and live in the area. We went to a lovely little Japanese restaurant where I had Kasu Don and it was AMAZING, I've never had it before! It was, again, really nice to just sit and chat with them. They're a wonderful pair of people and I'm going to miss them a lot!

So other than waking up at 8 AM to have carpet cleaning tubes run through my window and my whole apartment cleaned, today has been a really lovely, if kind of sad, day. It was the first time I really felt sad that I'm leaving this place. Three more days until I graduate...
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Happy Mother's Day!! I know there's a lot of strong, awesome moms on my flist, and I just want to say I respect you so hard, and you are all amazing. I hope you had a lovely day. ♥ I sent my mommy a card and a gift certificate for a 30 minute massage, so I hope she enjoys that :)

My day was pretty intense. My friend Dierdre has been single-handedly planning and running this charity drive called Dump N Run, where we put boxes in all the dorms and public buildings, and students put stuff they dont want anymore in them as they're moving out of college. We collect all the stuff, sort it, and sell it in a big community yard sale. So all last week I went around gathering boxes almost every day, lugging stuff to my car and dragging it into the sports center where we were storing it. Yesterday I worked for 6 hours gathering the last of the stuff (it took me and Matt 4 trips in his Jeep from ONE dorm building) and helping to sort it in the gym. We ended up with unbelievable piles of stuff - a couch, some armchairs, several desks, a couple bookcases and dressers, a kitchen table set, hundreds of pounds of clothes of all sorts, four entire tables full of food (like soup, oatmeal, granola bars, those kinds of things), four tables of shoes, and lots of miscellania. So today I woke up at 8 to help Dierdre make and put out signs, then the sale started at 12. By 11, people were already lining up, and at 12 there were at least 50 people in line, probably more. When we opened, it was a flood! Within 45 minutes, 90% of the stuff was gone, leaving mostly crap. We made - wait for it - at least $1800. Yay!!!! I was so proud of Dierdre, and glad that I'd taken part, but oh boy I'm exhausted. I have a bad back, so the six hours yesterday of standing and lifting completely did a number on it, and even ibuprofen and icing isn't really doing anything. Bah. Oh well, it was a good thing to do, and the money's going to the local Domestic Violence Services and a food kitchen. Yay!

Michelle and I came home and collapsed around 1:30. We watched two episodes of Leverage to relax, as you do! Elliot, I love your FACE, and OH HARDISON!!! How are they so amazing? Parker is absolutely growing on me too, especially after the episode with the orphans. "We're more than a team." AWWW team. *draws hearts* My main stumbling block with this show is that I just... don't like the two older leads, Timothy Hutton especially. He is frequently ridiculous in the bad way and almost never funny and I spend most of his screen time rolling my eyes. But whatever! Little team kids! A little crazy and dorky and badass and snarky! A millllllion hearts.

We then got a craving for Christian Kane so we watched two random Angel episodes, first Disharmony because it was on the disc (HARMONY *hearts*) and then... the one with the Evil Hand!!!1!!1, I forget what it's called. Now of course I'm listening to Kane because Christan could croon to me ALL DAY, unf. Where is his next album?! Sigh.

Michelle made tasty pasta with salmon and pesto sauce, and then she went to bed, so now I'm just chillin on my couch doing NOTHING. This would be even more awesome if my back wasn't killing me, but as it is it's pretty damn awesome. \o/ I am almost a million percent done with college! YAY!

La la la I'll stop rambling at you. Maybe I'll finish the SPN fic I've been reading - I know! Amazing! :D
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Hi flist! I have a favor to ask of you.

My roommate and bestest, Michelle, is an awesome anthropologist. She has an assignment for a class called "Language, Power, and Society" and after we tossed things back and forth, she decided to do her project on the power structures in online comments, particularly blogs. She's going to draw from blogs of famous people, "famous" people, people with a tenuous grasp on fame at best (i.e., niche genre authors), and some people who are "famous on the internet". So I want to ask your help in two ways. First, do you have any thoughts to contribute on this phenomenon? From what I gather, she'd like to look at things such as patterns of replies (as in - more fame means no replies to comments, or only replies in subsequent posts, while less famous people often interact more directly, and similar authority dynamics within purely internet communities) and volume. She's really interested in any perspectives you guys might have, as seasoned veterans of the blogosphere!

I'd also love if you'd recommend some blogs that you think might be useful. We're thinking of things ranging from Pete Wentz to Lynn Flewelling to Markos (DailyKos). Any recommendations you might have would be great!

Thanks guys! ♥
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It makes me sad that there's no fandom that I feel a burning desire to read fic in. Mostly I just want more of [livejournal.com profile] anshin_fanfic's Eddie/Adrian series, but she seems to have slowed down a lot. :( I might go back and revisit some SGA, or Due South.... hm. (SGA is definitely a fandom where the fic will NEVER get old. It's just... so well DONE, and not necessarily linked to the show itself. The AUs are bloody brilliant. In contrast, I almost can't read SPN fic anymore - I simply don't watch through the same lens anymore! Jsquared is still fun, but I've just kind of... moved on.)

So in conclusion, I'm bored on the internet. I'm mostly looking at apartments in Ann Arbor (this one is GORGEOUS, holy crap) but it feels fruitless because I don't even know when I'm going to be there yet so I can't contact anyone or anything.

Tonight, Michelle and I watched awesome things. "She" from episode one of Angel, when Wesley and Angel dance like dorks, and BAI LING guest stars (fans of Go Fug Yourself will know why we loled). Episode 4 of Pushing Daisies, which is the most glee-inducing show ever. And I made Michelle watch Imagine Me and You with me and she concurs that Matthew Goode is stupidly adorable and hot. (Of COURSE. \o/) And that ASH is made of pure win. Yay.

Yeah... still bored on the internets. Hurm.
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G'day loves! In a much better mood than yesterday. It helps that the sun is shining and it's a glorious 60 degrees outside!

I'M GOING TO UMICHIGAN! *twirls* I got to tell my physics teacher all about it this morning and it got me all jazzed up again. Whee! I also got 100 on my physics test, so, you know, that was nice.

Michelle (my bestest) is off visiting UPenn today, where she got into their Elementary Education masters program. I'm SO HAPPY for my girl and I'm so glad we're both going places we love next year!

Random question for you Twitter folks - when you're subscribed to zillions of people, doesn't your phone go off every five seconds? Doesn't that get in the way of productivity? How do you ever keep track of who's saying what? The pure deluge of information in tiny bites that I cannot process properly really overwhelms me, which is why I'm not really on the bandwagon. I have one so I can Tweet at Gerard if the mood strikes, but that's about it.

[livejournal.com profile] bunnymcfoo linked me to a Pandora scrobbler for last.FM, so I used it at work today. Yay! No more music lost into the ether, sad and unscrobbled! (Yes, this matters, hush.) I've put together basically the perfect channel for myself on Pandora - the influences are The Used, Lostprophets, and Soundgarden, and it's AMAZING. Interestingly, I love what Pandora comes up with when I ask it for stuff like The Used, but not really for MCR! Odd. Also, listening to Pandora makes me realize that one of the reasons I love MCR and The Used so very very much is Gerard and Bert's voices. There are so many bands out there that sound fine right up until the singer starts. On the other hand, I could listen to Gerard and Bert for the rest of my liiiiife. ♥ That goes for Chris Cornell and his orgasmic voice as well, unf.

I really really loved Imagine Me & You, if you hadn't guessed. Here's one reason why:

His faaaaace. I'm planning on doing a big picspam over at the Goode daily comm later, I'll link it when I put it up! :D

I'm going to go venture into the world. I've got to go into lab for a while, visit the business office to ask for a refund on the $270 I spent on the SLC conference, and then sit in the sun and read! Huzzah.

Happy Friday all! <3

(If I'm not careful, I'm totally going to use this icon on every entry. His faaaaace!)
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Gerard: forever my favorite geek.

Mikeyway: forever my second favorite geek.

Grad school: terrifying and thrilling all at once. I found a guy I REALLY want to work with at Michigan. His research is into new ways of tackling neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers. Amazing. (Monica and other geeks on my flist, you should check out his website.)

Two days ago: My journal's 4 year anniversary! Huzzah! *throws confetti*

Merlin: Adorkable and gay and inexplicably still addicting. Nom nom.

Radiohead: AWESOME. I know I'm late on this bandwagon, whatever. I'm in love with OK Computer.

Michelle: My favorite bestest. ILHER.

Aldi: Awesome German grocery store that I happened to spot here and remembered from Dublin. REALLY CHEAP. Amazing A+ find <3333

Being too broke to afford textbooks: Sucky.

Angel and Buffy: Forever and eternally OTP. Watched "I Will Remember You" today. Sobbed like baby.

Friday Night Lights 3x13: Very very sad. It felt pretty... final, really. There's room to move forwards, but it also feels like a chapter has truly been closed. Timmy: still my favorite. Coach and Tami: still awesome. Sigh. Show of my heart. :(

Battlestar 4x11: Absolutely brutal. Sheezus. If that's what we're to expect for the rest of the season, oh dear lord. I'm scared yet super duper excited.

This is me being too lazy to write a real entry, and also procrastinating on going to bed. But there's only so long that can go on. Toodles!
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Today was kind of a weird day, very up and down! First I had my presentation for cinema on Funny Games, which went pretty well, though maybe not as spectacularly as I might have hoped. I walked out of class with Prof Moss, Dave, and James (aka the trifecta of AWESOME) though and it was so fun to just walk and chat with all of them. They're all such smart, funny guys. (And all very, very taken. Of course!) Prof Moss (I feel like I should call him Jeremy, but that still feels weird!) and Dave were headed to get something to eat, and kinda made an open invite to James and I. I said, "Can I skip my quiz?" and Prof Moss was like "Sure!" and then grinned all mischievous-like. It put a massive smile on my face, the whole thing.

But then I had to go to take a quiz in Analytical Chem. /o\ The quiz did not go very well (I was stuck with an inadequate calculator) and then she handed back our tests and I got an 80. AFTER the 5 point curve. That was kind of, like, a punch to the gut, because I got a 99 on the last test. So... an 80? Seriously? ///o\\\ I did better on my last BIOCHEM test! *sighs*

Then I went to grab lunch and ran into this kid from my cinema class. He lead the discussion in the other group (we're split in two on Wednesdays) and we had chatted about it before, so we asked each other how it went, etc. And this kid, okay, he's a little baby freshman and all blonde and fresh faced and earnest and I kinda adore him, and I'm prettttty sure he has a crush on me. He made a big deal of recounting how he had mentioned me during his discussion to include something I had told him about the movie, and how Prof Moss had apparently reacted noticeably to this? IDK IT WAS KINDA WEIRD. But also really precious and I wanted to ruffle his hair, hee.

THEN I had my LAST day of biochem lab, omg. :O The last day doing experiments, to be exact. It was actually pretty fun, because we've started playing music through the ceiling speakers (the lab's in our brand new massive life sciences building, so it's got all these gadgets) and everyone kinda dukes it out over who picks the next song, and it's generally just funny and fun. I enjoyed it! Our experiment results weren't terribly valuable, but eh. And then Prof Mehl gave back our second lab reports and I got an A/A-! Hurrah! I might pull off an A- in this class after all! \o/

So I guess it was mostly a good day, except for Analytical YUCK YUCK. >:(

Then I came home to find the internet all aroil (I don't really have an opinion, except to be overwhelmed by the VERY strong opinions coming from BOTH sides of the issue on my flist... I'm not used to division on my flist!) and it's REALLY COLD OUTSIDE and I finally went grocery shopping and have FOOD and TEA, and I filled out a bit more of my UCSF grad school application (they have some professors doing work that looks FASCINATING), and then had a mini existential crisis at Michelle about WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE OH GOD?!???? Because I can't picture myself as a research scientist, really, but I ALSO can't picture myself as anything else, and it's all very upsetting. /o\ I've been joking about changing my major to film, but HONESTLY, I get so much more engaged and excited in my classes that aren't chemistry! Idkkkk.

Tomorrow I have to seriously accomplish shit with my research. It's scary.


/insane rambling.

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'Ello darlings! Just popping in to say that everything is going peachy. I love my Michelle muchly ♥ We spent yesterday in my bed watching The Mighty Boosh and the Big Fat Quiz of the Year, during which Michelle became entirely smitten with Noel and Russell, AS YOU DO, and then we ventured into the yucky rain to go to Laura's birthday, which was quite a lot of fun, even though the place was very hot and the music very loud. Niall and Sinead and Paddy and that whole crowd were there, so yes, good times were had.

Today we walked around the city for 3 hours just so she could see what there is to see. I love my city. The sun even deigned to come out and it became what could almost be termed warm, which was just shocking. And very nice. Good show, Dublin :) I bought a pair of flats from Penney's for 6 euro, they are SO ADORABLE. They have comic panels on them! I rather adore them. Then I got sucked in by a stand of pretty skirts at a tiny little shop, and I bought this long jean-and-dark-tie-dye patchwork skirt which is just gorgeous, I'm so in love with it.

Then we returned home and planted ourselves on the couch and proceeded to finish both Big Fat Quizzes and watch the cast+Joss commentary on Serenity, which was so joyful. (One of my favorite things about Nathan is that he loves the Tams and their love just as much as I do, and always rambles about it at length. Siiiigh Tams.) I also forced her to sit through the videos for I'm Not Okay and Ghost of You, as well as the making of INOK, just so she could be at least a little acquainted with the loves of my life :) I realized I have not seen her since BEFORE I got into bandom, which was FOREVER ago. I have missed her so desperately. This weekend was essential for both of our mental healths. And I get her for two more days still! Yay!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, ho boy! The sci fi guys are gonna let us into campus so we can watch the parade from one of the campus buildings which will give us a great view overlooking the streets, without having to fight with the massive crowds :D Very exciting. This will be followed by epic drinking sessions - not sure to what extent I will participate, but I plan to at least get pleasantly plastered! \o/

Tuesday I get my daddy and my sis! Yaye!

Life is good :)

OH PS!!! I downloaded the leaked Hushies album and it is AMAZING!!! I'm clearly going to buy it when it comes out, but I couldn't resist. It's just gorgeous!! My favorite song is totally Not Your Concern already. Or Honey, but I already knew that one obviously. YAY HUSHIES! I hope I get to see them live some time in the near future!
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Michelle is my most bestest in the WHOLE WORLD and I adore her to absolute tiny bits and I CAN HAS HER!! :D :D :D When she walked out of the arrivals door I actually TACKLED her, and in my joy I dropped my phone and sent it scattering in tiny bits, WHOOPS. But I put it back together and it is fine. AND I HAVE A MICHELLE. EVERYTHING IS WORTH A MICHELLE. YAY.

Then, straight from the airport, we went to Niall's house for his birthday! And lo, it was joyous! We had soooo much fun, I can't even. I brought the boys (Niall and Paddy) Desperados beer, their favorite, and they were happy, and there were singalongs at the piano and Niall's mom making us eat nummy food, and all my darlingsl ike Sinead and Lou etc there, and Michelle had a great time with my darlings TOO, and BAAAASICALLY I am very happy with life, the universe, and everything. <33333333333333

The taxi driver we had back from Niall's was hilarious and lovely. He apparently used to be both a hearse driver and the valet for U2. !!!! Bono is apparetly "a bit bollocks" but alright, and The Edge is an alright guy too, but he didn't like Adam very much, and never met Larry. I Loled. I can't wait to tell my mom that story. He asked me if I liked Irish boys, and hardcore metal. He was, honestly, the best taxi driver ever. AND his taxi was a Mercedes.


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I just got to talk to Michelle (best friend, studying in New Zealand) for the first time in several weeks. I gave her the very bad news (bag stolen) and then the very good news (Colin), and there was dismay and then joy! It was quite the conversation. I miss my Michelle like an arm. Soon she will be home from NZ and able to chat any time on Skype for free, soooo I will finally have a Michelle back in my life and I will be HAPPY. If you read this, Meesh, ILU :D

I finished one lab report. I was happy for about ten minutes. I read [livejournal.com profile] airgiodslv's Jon-as-a-vampire fic (omg so good) and enjoyed it greatly, and then... I faced the next lab report. Which is so fucking shitty and I don't think I have all the data needed and I don't understand it and I want to cry and throw things and I HATE PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY.


There's so many problems right now. School problems, being an illegal alien problems, outstanding problems from my bag being stolen, money problems. If I stop and think about it, it's pretty overwhelming.

But on the whole, I'm happy! And I'm almost distrustful of that happiness, because it can translate into carelessness, and not getting things done that I NEED to get done, and I am such an inherently responsible person that that would stress me out to no end. And yet what's keeping me from blowing my top is spending time with Colin and going out with the boys. So I'm trying to figure out how I can balance that out - keeping my sanity by having fun, and keeping my sanity by getting the stressful stuff done. It's hard, yo. I've never had the social life dimension to consider before, not in such a huge way. And notice how LJ and fic and teevee and all the other things I used to spend my free time on don't even fit into the equation. I think that's the biggest conflict right now - I'm trying to fit three blocks into two holes, and it's just not working out.

Ack. Today was my first whole day without seeing Colin at all since we got together, and it's totally showing. AM I DEPENDENT ALREADY? *facepalm*

Okay. I need to go to sleep. Class in 7 hours, fuck. :P

Newsflash: LIFE HARD!
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Jon Walker, you are a precious paradox of a boy, all frat-boy but SEXY, but then goofy and cute and so, so cuddly with three of the prettiest boys in the world. In short, you're awesome. Hope your birthday was full of happy snuggles with your favoritest boys. <333333

Oh his FACE. )
Have my current favorite picture of the birthday boy, wearing RYAN'S HAT and ridiculous bug eyed glasses. (Seriously, that's all I can think when I see huge sunglasses like that. YOU LOOK LIKE A BUG.) Bonus Spencer being so, so pretty, Ryan's Adam's apple and fiiingers, and Bden in lavender and red glasses! ♥

So, my Michelle called me tonight! YAYE! For those playing along at home, Michelle is my bestie and she's in New Zealand for the semester and I MISS HER LIKE AN ARM, WOE. She informed me that she has been stalking my journal, which I was not aware. HAI THERE LURKER GIRL *waves* Also, Michelle ma belle, I forgot to ask you - what city are you going to in Spain? I know you've told me, but my brain, she is a sieve, sigh. My aunt and uncle are hosting an exchange student from Murcia, Spain, and they were curious if you were going anywhere near there. (Look Meesh, I'm not using a mood theme, so you can more safely respond to this post! \o/ SO YOU BETTER DO IT!)

I spent today finishing up packing. I've got 95% of my clothes packed up, and about 75% of everything else, and I'm feeling pretty good. It was rather stressful to have that hanging over my head. But it's all neat and in the suitcases and that feels nice! I have a couple last minute things to tend to tomorrow, but I'm pretty much SET TO GO, omg! So excited guys!!!! *flail flail*

I thought I had more to post about, but apparently not! TWO DAYS!!!

Random side note: Flailing about the bandom boys aside, my obsession with Decaydance (and MCR) music is verging on ridiculous. I've listened to almost *literally* nothing else in the past, what, three months? I've just got this huge playlist called "Girlyrock" (hee, what, it is!) that's grown as I added Panic! live and Paramore and MCR etc over the months, but it's pretty much all I listen to. There are 193 songs on it, and Camisado wins as the most represented song with four versions (album, Denver, Reading, and demo). Ugh, how am I not sick of them? Especially Panic!! They're all just so amazing, gah. So many hearts.
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I am *weeping* with laughter. My head and stomach hurt and I'm all flushed from LAUGHING SO DAMN MUCH.

Sample of why:

"If they join forces I'll know it's a sign of the Second Coming, where Jesus will descend, build the temple, give an epiphany to the masses that will consist of 'LOL internet. ^_^' And he will be able to pronounce the smiley face, for he is God."

HEEEE. Fandom Wank Quotes GO! Die of laughter! I'm actually seeing the appeal of fandom_wank now, where I'd always steered clear of it before. The point isn't the wank itself, it's the brilliant people hilariously mocking the stupid ones! Fantastic! \o/ (Link thanks to [livejournal.com profile] esorlehcar)

And even more funny: The Skippy List Just trust me. SO FUNNY.

I am in such a good mood now! This evening more than made up for my shitty day, mostly because I TALKED TO MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michelle is my bestest friend in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, and now she is out in the wide world because she left for New Zealand two weeks ago! And I hadn't heard from her and I thought she was dead! But she called me tonight YAY!!! She had to wait until she could get internet and look up my cell number on Facebook, heehee! I am amused. Note to self: Bring friends' phone numbers to Ireland! LOL. I got to talk to her for a half hour and it completely made my life because Michelle is my other half. YAY.

And then I had a nice chat with my rooomie Jake (*waves again* Hi Jake!) and also his girlfriend when she came in, and then I got to talk to Holly, and then I found these links and started nearly peeing myself laughing, and in conclusion, tonight goes in the plus column.

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Okay! Here's a less emo post!

I spent the past two days curled up on my darling Michelle's couch, eating a whole tube of cookie dough (some nausea involved, but SO WORTH IT - yum yum) and watching four discs of Stargate Atlantis, the finales of Heroes and Supernatural, and the Bad Girls/Consequences episode pair from Buffy S3.

This, my friends? Is BLISS. I miss Michelle already *desperate grabbyhands* and being with her without the threat of papers or exams dangling over our heads was just... amazing. AMAZING. *flails* I ♥ you dahling!

Heroes finale thoughts!

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This is my last day as a college sophomore! I am not sure how I feel about that. It's a very odd situation - while I'm leaving F&M for my whole junior year to study in Dublin, I'm not saying goodbye to the place yet because I'm doing research here this summer. However, there are people that I may or may not see before I leave for Dublin, and there are some (all juniors and seniors) that will just be GONE when I return to F&M. It's... surreal. At the same time, I really feel like I've only made extremely close bonds with two people here, Michelle and Rob, and at least in Michelle's case we have plans for her to come to Dublin after New Zealand for her birthday, etc, and I don't know. It's so odd to contemplate my life as a student without them.

Michelle left this morning after my stat exam. It would have been a dreadfully emotional goodbye (she leaves for New Zealand in a MONTH!) but she lives only about 2 hours from me, and I have a car now!, so I'm going to descend on her house Thursday so we can watch the first part of the SPN finale, marathon some SGA, hopefully go see Nathan's movie Waitress in theaters, and in general just HANG OUT as we have been unable to for MONTHS. Stupid school. Depriving me of my Michelle *mutters deprecations*


Then I spent the whole day packing. And packing and packing. It's amazing how much STUFF fits in half of one of these tiny rooms. So many bags and boxes and books, oh my! :) I had half of a mind to leave this afternoon (had to leave by 2ish in order to get home before dark, because my HEADLIGHTS are still dead) but uhm. I didn't start moving stuff into my car until 8ish. Yeah. Nice try Anne :P

Then this evening I did fun things! There was a carnival set up in the park attached to our campus, so Rob, Thomas, Kelly and I went. Rob and I rode the Scrambler, heee! It had been YEARS since I'd been on one, and that's my favorite carnival ride EVER. I felt 12 years old again. It was wonderful. Then Rob and Thomas both had to flex their testosterone and play the machine gun game, which they were both actually pretty damn good at! This was all followed by the artery-clogging goodness of funnel cake and FRIED OREOS. The latter was surprisingly awesome. I did feel rather ill later though :P Then the four of us went bowling with two of Kelly's brothers and one of their friends. (Side note: The friend was disturbing to me in that he reminded me STRONGLY of my brother, yet I found him very attractive. Eep! He was a very good bowler, though. Competence kink anyone?) That was a good time. I sucked in the first game, but I ended up trouncing my friends in the second game.... with a 125. Yeah we all kind of sucked :D

Then I came back home and took down my gorgeous Wall of Fandom, which filled an entire wall of my dorm room with magazine pages and posters and suchlike. I am so sad I had to dismantle it. The wall looks very sad and blank now :( But I am looking forward to decorating the FOUR WALLS in my OWN BEDROOM in my apartment this summer :D That will be fun fun fun. Amusing fact: the deconstruction of the Wall of Fandom resulted in a ball of blue adhesive putty the size of a GOLF BALL. That's a lot of putty! Teehee.

Well that's a record of my last day as a sophomore. I just wanted it for posterity and whatnot.
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Today was quite the day!

For starters, I GOT TURNED INTO A ZOMBIE!!! :O

Then, I ate ROB and turned him into a ZOMBIE TOO!!! (Rob the Zombie! Har har! I have to go make fun of him for that...)

It's actually a lot more fun being the zombie because you're IT! You don't have to be paranoid anymore, you just get to ATTACK. And mere humans tremble at the sight of you! It's hilariously fabulous. My favorite incident of the game today was when I was in the dining hall and I saw my friend Ben Berg walking past the window - and he was still a human! So I LEAPT out of my chair, RACED out the front door and CHASED him all the way down past the length of D-hall. We stopped, he turned and we circled each other for a minute before he threw a marshmallow and I was hit, dammit! Heehee. It was hilarious. Apparently my desire for BRAAAAAINZ motivated me cause Rob and Michelle said I ran super fast, aha! And all of DHall was watching! I made a spectacle of myself! Heee. So, so much fun.

I also had a Stat test which went really well; got a Physics test back which did NOT go so well, dammit; found my lost cell phone, yay; and had organic chem lab, in which my first try at the experiment failed miserably (I got charred little pieces of graphite instead of my product, hexaphenylbenzene) so I had to start again and ended up staying a half hour late, making lab a total of 4.5 hours. Then I had kickboxing and have now arrived at home, exhausted. Luckily I don't have much work to do really, so I plan to go take a shower and then collapse into bed and mainline some Farscape! \o/

ETA: I forgot to mention that I got my Stat paper back! The one where I used the Stargate Atlantis example, only without names! My teacher wrote "Sounds like a movie script" "Nice." and at the end "I enjoyed your example." And I got a 99 on the damn thing! \o/ Victory! Hee.
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