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Look! I'm posting again already! :O Could this be a renaissance?!

Let's talk about some fun movies and teevee! Last night I went to see Thor with Josh because he's a big ol geek, and I had heard it's fun. Some thoughts. )

When I was looking up times for Thor, I saw that Kyle Chandler is in JJ Abrams' new movie, Super 8, so I checked out the trailer. It looks pretty cool and I thought I might see it. But then I saw EW's review which called it "loving, playful, and spectacularly well made" and I simply can't NOT see this film now. I mean. KYLE CHANDLER. Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights! As a sheriff! With his gravelly voice and his sweet eyes on the BIG SCREEN. Obviously I am seeing this film ASAP.

As for The Tee-Vee, I have been keeping up with the fantaaaaastic Game of Thrones, but I am one episode behind so please don't spoil me for that one! I have read the books so it's an interesting experience watching such a tense drama when I already know most of the twists. It's still incredibly engaging and compelling so major kudos to the creators and writers for that. My favorite casting is by far Daenerys, she's otherworldly and young yet has this incredible steel thread running through her, she's breathtaking. I also love little Arya, and Jon Snow (KIIIIT <3), and I also like Catelyn a lot because I feel much more sympathetic to her than I do in the books. Tyrion is, of course, magnificent, and Jaime? Screen door, hurricane, etc. Yummm. Lena Headey is not at all how I envisioned Cersei, but she's doing a brilliant job. So yes! Thank you to HBO to bringing this massive series to life, it's such a delight. If you haven't read the books, I'd be very curious to hear what you think about the series! (You can point me to posts if you've posted about it, trying to catch up around here is tough!)

I am SO HAPPY White Collar is back. sdlfkjlsdf. I don't really have much else to say because it's not the most thinky of shows but NEAL AND PETER AND EL AND MOZZIE *grabbyhands* Also the internet has erupted with THE BEST CASTING SPOILER OF ALL TIME EVER, and I will die when episode 3x09 comes out. *______* I also watched Castle eagerly every week and I'm quite sad it's over for now. That was a super epic finale and I can't WAIT til it comes back. Bones... I still love Bones, but the finale made me roll my eyes and go "really?". Unfortunately. :( We can talk about that if you want but I'm sure it's been hashed over many times.

DOCTOR WHOOOOOO. Ahh it is delightful. Ten is still my favorite, but Eleven is delightful and whimsical and HIS LITTLE BOWTIE and yes. Melikey. I grow fonder of Amy every day and ROOOOORY. ♥ That was a pretty epic midseason finale, I must say. The other night, my friend (who has been watching the whole series from the beginning, he LOVES it) asked me to watch the season 4 finale with him, so of course I did and had my heart born and ripped to shreds again. SO AMAZING/HORRIBLE AT THE SAME TIME. *flails*

Man I have missed just flailing about in blog posts about this stuff! It feels good to be back. ♥

And to round this post off, I simply have to gush about Josh a little bit. Feel free to skip. ;) Cut for your convenience! )

Okay that's enough babbling for now. I'm at the stage where I want to TELL THE WHOLE WORLD HOW I FEEL!!!!! and LJ is an excellent outlet for that, where no one's really obligated to listen but you still feel like you've gotten it out of your system. *g*
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Eeee, I can has a PUPPY! Thank you so much, [livejournal.com profile] oxoniensis!! It was my pleasure to be a ridiculous enabler, I'm only glad it worked. ;) ♥

It is Friday! This is Yay! I've had an... interesting week in lab. Science is going semi-okay, though it seems like I NEVER EVER get results that are consistent with each other. NEVER. IN THREE MONTHS. Ughhh what human cells I HATE you. I'm very very ready to be done with these stupid cells and moving on to working with JAAAASON YAY.

I got that group project turned in! THANK FUCK. We also have to give a presentation but it's not graded so what the fuck ever. That asshole did NONE WORK, and the final product had NONE of his work in it, but whatever, that's his problem! Me and the hot dude who did the other bulk of the work might talk to the prof about it, idk. WHATEVER IT'S DONE YAY.

I realized when I was buying my Dublin plane tickets that I had no idea where my passport is. /o\ I noticed when I moved into this apartment that I didn't appear to have it with me. Most likely it's buried in all the shit in my room at my dad's house. But he doesn't seem to be inclined to dig through it, so I just applied for another. Ah well, what's an extra $100 here and there? (Kind of true, for the first time in my life - YAY FOR HAVING A SALARY!) Especially because I'M GOING BACK TO DUBLIN YAY.

TELEVISION. I have thoughts!

Doctor Who - OH MY GOODNESS SO MUCH LOVE. Eleven is charming and delightful and zany and endearing and wide-eyed and sweet and lovely. I want to take him home and feed him fish and custard! And I watched the Confidential and Matt Smith is just a lovely, lovely guy. It's a shame he has such a profoundly bland name, but he is DARLING. He can stay. I enjoyed Amy as well, but for now I kind of preferred young Amy, haha. She has spunk though and the structure of her introduction gives them some really interesting character stuff to work with. I'm VERY excited for this season! :DD

Bones - >:( Big spoilers. )

Justified - I've only watched the first two episodes but I really like it! People (*cough[livejournal.com profile] rhombalcough*) have been flailing about this, largely because of Jacob Pitts, who's really mostly a minor character, but is also Hoosier in The Pacific, and obviously worth stalking, but what was I saying? Oh yes! Justified! I find it to be a really unique show so far, with its own flavor. I am not familiar with the Western genre at all, but apparently it is borrowing a lot of those tropes? Anyway, I love the mix of drama and wry humor it has, and how it feels just very grounded and human. I'll be very intrigued to see where it goes.

Southland - I've finally arrived! Geez, took me long enough, am I right? I've only made it through four episodes, but oh, Lydia. I love her. She's such a fierce voice in a world that only occasionally listens, but she never stops yelling. She's amazing. And so broken, personally. I just really love her and thought she carried the fourth episode amazingly, despite the lack of Cooper and Ben. :)

In other news, I'm PRETTY FOND of those Chemical Romantics! *chinhaaands* Today Mikey wished Gee happy birthday in the SWEETEST way on Twitter, ugh, he LOVES HIS BIG BRO SO MUUUCH. ♥____♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU GINORMOUS JERSEY DORK. ILU. NOW GIMME AN ALBUM. ;) The Nylon interview was also great. I love that he and Lyn-Z got all nervous about seeing each other again! THEN THEY GOT MARRIED! They are so MFEO, ugh. And these are REAL PEOPLE! Gives me just a little bit of hope. :) And Mikey talking about JERSEY SHORE! Ahahaha. "You try to explain Jersey and they don't believe you, but now - see?" Ohhhh WAYS.

For some reason my wrist is killing me, so Imma stop typing. Night loves. ♥
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Things wot are awesome:

  • This montage of Topher being... well, Topher:

  • Amy Gumenick is filming her lead guest role on Castle right now! For those who don't know, she played Mary on Supernatural and she's such a doll.A photo from Jon Huertas's Twitter )
  • This post from Jezebel: A Gallery of Extremely Handsome British Men. The post itself is kind of lacking, but the comments are gold. Damian Lewis! Ewan McGregor! Matthew Goode! David Tennant! Jamie Bamber! Yessss. ♥ (Obviously, Scotsmen are not British, though they do live in the United Kingdom. However, Irish I will not tolerate being called British. Just sayin!)
  • I just made this because it needed to be made. Every time I feel whiny about the Michigan winter weather, I visualize this: A very apt motivational poster )
  • STARK SANDS HAS A LEADING ROLE IN THE BROADWAY PRODUCTION OF AMERICAN IDIOT. :DDDDDDD I haven't even watched all of Gen Kill but already I LOVE Stark and his face. I was wishing that I could get to see American Idiot anyway, but now I'm talking about road tripping to NYC for this shit with my Chicago crew. MFY.
  • I get to see Gold Motel with [livejournal.com profile] angel726 this weekend!! :DDDDD
  • Tomorrow my darling Steffen is making dinner for me and Kate and Francisco. I'm SO excited. Kate's making dessert too! I love those three fools beyond all reason. I've realized that they perfectly parallel my three besties from Ireland - two boys and a gal - and I feel the same kind of comfort and joy around them. I am so grateful to have found that - within a 14 person program to boot! Every day I have to restrain the urge to just hug them and tell them how much I love them. ♥
  • I don't have to make a presentation for class tonight! WOOOOO! I have had to make two a week for the past three weeks and it got a little old. :P Instead I'm drinking whiskey and cranberry, putting together a Liebgott spam (keep an eye out for that!), and considering watching Life or Southland or GenKill or Friday Night Lights or just anything. (Maybe Band of Brothers? TELL ME YOU'RE SHOCKED.) Too much awesome TV! <33
  • Speaking of TV, my thoughts: The latest Bones was SO FRICKIN WONDERFUL. Angela and Hodgins! ♥____♥ White Collar has pretty much redeemed itself to me, thankfully, so I can just enjoy the OT3 pretty. Castle is still perfect all the goddamn time - ugh, SO MUCH LOVE. Friday Night Lights, while lacking a bit of the old resonance while they're trying to develop new characters, continues to be riveting and beautiful television. I love that Timmy's still around, as he and Coach and Tami pretty much make everything worth it. Dollhouse ends tomorrow - I'm heartbroken and resigned, but excited to see what Joss has whipped up. Leverage has been okay - the new gal is fine, but the latest two plots have seemed too hokey for me. I never say no to shirtless Hardison though. ♥ And I... still haven't watched last week's Supernatural. Maybe I should get on that, huh?

And that's that! There are some things that are un-awesome - what the fuck do I do about Dave? - but I'm going to let this post stand on its own and let you just roll around in the AWESOME. And don't forget - lotsa Lieb sooon! :D

How are you my dears? ♥
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I haven't been posting pretty much at all, and it's really unfortunate. Kind of a bad side effect of Twitter - I already feel like i've talked about myself enough every day, I don't really feel the pressing need to make a blog post. But I know LJ is so much more lasting and coherent than Twitter updates, so I'm going to force myself to make a long one now. Feel free to skip as much as you like - I just need to have this on the record, so to speak. Now with handy headers for skimming!

The Midwest Stress Response and Molecular Chaperone Meeting
I went to that conference in Chicago with Jason's lab, and it was great! It was a topic-specific meeting, for our very small field, so I understood everything quite well (much better than at a typical mixed-topic conference) and learned a lot about the state of the field and how people approach the questions in it. I got to talk to the woman whose work is the inspiration for my own - she's an experienced professor who was quite intimidating, but I'm glad at least that she now knows who I am and is at least marginally aware of what I want to do. Even better, I talked to her postdoc who did some work that's really interesting to me, and I asked him how he accomplished a particular experiment, and he was like "Oh I'll just send you what we used!" which is actually a pretty hefty collection of really useful tools (overexpression plasmids, for the scientists in the crowd) that will really help give my project a kick in the pants. When/if I join the lab! The weekend gave me great hope that I will in fact join - just the fact that Jason brought me along, and a long conversation we had about the possible directions for my project. I also had a great time hanging out with the people in the lab, and all in all it just reinforced my certainty that this is the place for me, and that Jason thinks so too. So yay. :D (Update: I just forwarded an email conversation I had with that postdoc to Jason, and Jason replied almost immediately with "Thanks Anne - this is exactly what we need." :D I'm so proud of myself! I started a collaboration all on my own! \o/)

Second semester classes
Classes have been going fine. Remember that new academic experiment I told you about, where every class is 10 students giving presentations but no actual lectures? Well, it's actually working out much better than I expected. It still sucks having to put together two presentations a week, but it's getting easier with practice, and the two talks I've given have gone really well. And the other people's talks have been much better than I expected! I've learned about a wide range of topics and all in all it's been quite cool. Props to Dr. Sherman for totally pulling it off, in complete contrast to Dr. Fuckhead from last semester. :P My other class is low key and simple, though our big project, to pitch a new "product" to accomplish some biotech goal, is a little intimidating. I tentatively like the people in my group, though I'm holding out judgment on that.

Second lab rotation (anti-cancer)
Lab is fine. I've only just gotten started doing my own experiments. My first one went quite well, reproducing nicely the results of our very experienced tech, so that's encouraging. I did another, very big, experiment for three days, but I still need two MORE days before I actually get the result, and there's no way of knowing right now if it went well. I'm nervous, but I think I did everything right and it should come out at least reasonably well! *crosses fingers* Working with my new boss, Zaneta, is very different than Jason. She's very smart and I think I'll learn a lot from her, but she's also rather more hands-on. Which is fine, it will just take some adjusting. As for cancer research, I'm less excited about it than what I was doing before, because it's so... I don't know, dismal? "Successes" in the cancer field are analogous to dismal failures in other diseases. It's just very difficult for me. I know it needs to be done, and something is better than nothing, but I know it's not for me. Which is fine, since I definitely can't join this lab, so in the meantime I'll just learn and absorb techniques and do the best job I can.

Auto Show!
In NOT science-related things (seriously - I guess this is the life of a grad student!) I went to the Detroit International Auto Show yesterday with my uncle and three little girl cousins! It was AWESOME!! You may know that I LOVE CARS. Like, A LOT. So to roll around in them for four hours was beyond heaven. :DDD And while the Maserati and Lexus concept car and the Audis and the Maybach and the Teslas were gorgeous and sexy as fuck, I'm at heart a modest-yet-badass kind of car lover, so the highlight for me was sitting behind the wheels of a Camaro (unf, you guys, UNFFFFFF), a Mustang, a Challenger, and a Charger. The latter two have rather cheap interiors, but I wanted so badly to put the pedal to that metal. :D My other very favorite (and the display I lingered around the most, sighing wistfully) was the Mazdas. I have mentioned that I have a very serious desire to purchase a Mazda 3 or a Mazda 2, and after sitting in the former and gazing upon the latter, I have an even more serious desire! They're so pretty and small and sporty and fun. The hatchback model means I'd still have some cargo space, and by all accounts they have fun, zippy handling that would be a sheer delight. Let's have some pictures! Sassy little lime green cars behind the cut! )

Sorry, sorry, I'll stop drooling now. In conclusion: CARS!!!! :DDD I had a great time with my uncle and cousins, and afterwards I went to their place for a delicious homemade meal of grilled whitefish and swordfish, om nom nom. It was a lovely day, if entirely exhausting!

Afterwards, I drove straight to Francisco's house here in Ann Arbor to hang out with him and Steffen, Kate, and Jenna. We watched CENTERSTAGE and MONSTERS, INC. Why yes, I love my friends, thanks for asking. :DDD Eion Bailey in Centerstage was beyond adorable, omfg. How is he so beautiful??? :D

Lol dolphin trainers

The night before the auto show, my roomies said they were going out for "a drink" so I said why the hell not. We went to a bar, actually sat AT the bar for once, and promptly met two cute grad students who were completely ridic. I was already quite tipsy from beer at dinner, proceeded quickly to drunk with a margarita, and landed squarely on smashed after the guys bought us tequila shots. Oops. :) The guys managed to convince drunk!me that one of them was a dolphin trainer here at Michigan, which, lol - cause there are TOTALLY dolphins in Michigan. I bet they're still proud of pulling that one over on a poor guillible drunk girl. :P I got waaay too cozy with the other dude, but not illicitly, just super-affectionate like I can be. After a couple hours, they walked us home and we said adios - doubt we'll ever see them again, but boy was that FUN. I had forgotten how much fun it can be to just go out, meet random people, and have a good time. In fact, I've been more social in the last three days than I have in three months, which brings me to my final point:


Dave and I are on a break right now. It's complicated. I've got a mixture of relief, guilt, sadness, and uncertainty, and it's really hard to talk about. So I'm not going to sully this post with that. Maybe some other time.

Last but not least, Teevee

I haven't even seen the new Supernatural yet, but this week's Bones was FANTASTIC. HODGINNNNNS. *squooshes him* If they're going where I think they're going, COUNT ME COMPLETELY IN. BWEE. Also, Castle was lovely and touching and Kaaaaate. Poor darling strong wonderful girl. The tone was definitely more serious than usual (NO ALEXIS *pout*) but it worked reasonably well. Continues to be one of the best shows on TV, with the most heart. ♥
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Oh, TEEVEE. So much of you! I am watching fully seven shows this season, with the addition of Glee to my regular rotation (not without reservations! but it's there), which is far, far more than I've ever watched as they air. Most of my shows are light fluffy stuff, but I'm glad to have things like Dollhouse and Supernatural to balance them out. I can't wait until Friday Night Lights comes back. I want to cry every week!

Anywhoodle. Some thoughts on this week in television before I crash into bed.

But before I get started, I has a new layout!! :D --> [livejournal.com profile] exsequar I needed something Dollhouse-y, because after this season premiere I know I'm just gone. And it needed to be Topher. I happened to find a high-def screencap of this moment, which actually snatched my breath away when it first happened. Completely unexpected, and utterly moving. Topher is my most complete favorite, and to have his depth acknowledged in such a quiet, poignant way... yeah. ♥ And I took advantage of some of the gorgeous stylistic touches of the show itself, using the images of the five sleeping pods and the memories whisking away. I'm rather pleased with it! I've also changed up my journal title and what have you, but no one ever notices that stuff anyhow. :)

So here we go! There's space between each review so you don't have to be too worried about spoilers.

Dollhouse 2x01: A )

Big Bang Theory 3x01: A- )

Bones 5x02: B )

Merlin 2x01 and 2x02: B- and B+ )

Glee 1x02-1x04: moving towards a B or B+ )

Supernatural 5x03: C+/A- (Dean-Sam storylines) )

Okay, that is ENOUGH TV rambling! I also watched Castle, and it was mostly status quo, which is to say deeply adorable and wonderful. Now it is 40 minutes past when I promised myself I'd go to bed, so I am GOING! Goodnight! (And please talk to me about TV!!!)
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] sorchasilver, a TV meme!

Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions. Don't cheat!

1. Supernatural
2. Friday Night Lights
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4. Bones
5. Firefly

(This is kind of a "now" skewed list - I love far too many TV shows!)

The questions! )

I do so love TV! I'm in the process of deciding what to watch next. I feel SO BEREFT without any more Bones or Big Bang Theory to watch! I finished both in the same night, after months of devouring them together. It's strange - they're completely different shows, but my emotional focal point for both is the same. An oddly matched pair (a geek meets a sexy yet semi-awkward cool person) that is obviously magnetically attracted yet cannot seem to acknowledge it themselves. Both do a sort of yo-yo of requited and not. And it's VERY FRUSTRATING. But I love them both so much. (OMG PENNY GROW A SPINE!!!!!!!!)

I am going to continue with Freaks & Geeks, because it is all kinds of charming, but I need something else as well. Generation Kill? True Blood? Legend of the Seeker? How I Met Your Mother? Help, o wise and all-knowing flist! Tell me about characters I will love (without spoilers!), because that is my key to loving any show.

In other, sad TV news, Stargate: 90210 is made of a million kinds of fail. At this point, I'm wondering how the fuck these people ever gave us Atlantis. SGA was not close to perfect, but it was deeply charming and showed real heart sometimes. I'm wondering if that was truly a result of the cast and its glorious chemistry, because I'm seeing none of that in the SGU bits we've gotten. UGHHHHHH.

In other happier news, I'm LOVING Naomi Novik's His Majesty's Dragon. LOVE!!!!!! Will Laurence, come here and be my empathetic, elegant boyfriend right now!! I fell in love with him within two pages and he has only endeared himself to me further. It's fascinating living inside his head because he is such a product of his time, but lacks any sort of malice in his prejudices. For instance, when he's shocked and appalled by a female dragonrider wearing men's clothing, and muses that riding dragons must be very trying on her slight frame, he's not repugnant, simply a fascinating example of the mindset of that time. He has no hostility towards her, merely surprise and curiosity. I love himmmmmm somuch! And Temeraire, oh Temeraire! *draws a lot of hearts*

Now I'm going to watch last week's Leverage, which I somehow forgot about!
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Regarding the Bones S4 finale: Spoilerific )

Guess what you guys! Today I discovered a fellow Bones fan in my lab, and do you want to know how? She declared me KING OF THE LAB! I loled and said "they do that in Bones!" and she said "Hee I know that's where I got it from!" So many heaaaarts! So that was awesome, but so was being made king of the lab, because today I did the test that showed my protein is beautiful and pure, and there's a LOT of it, and everyone's happy and grateful and I am so proud! \o/ Hodgins would gladly pass the crown onto me, I'm sure. :D
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It's time for another installment of Anne Reacts To TV With Only Emoticons!

I just watched the penultimate episode of Bones S4 (4x25) and the first 5 minutes of 4x26 (I need to go to sleep but DAMN YOU CLIFFHANGERS).

Sooooo my face: :D :O :OOOO! :DDDDDD :) :) :/ :D :DDDDDD :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD .........D:! D: D: :'''''( (:D!) :'''''''''( .......:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD .....:-?!?

Hot diggety damn I love this show. WHEN DOES THE NEW SEASON START?!
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I haven't posted in exactly 24 hours, which is just far too long. I know, you were pining, but I hope you were strong. ;)

Today was a great day in Science! \o/ By which I mean, I got LOTS of pure protein (the aqueous solution is viscous and dark pink!) and finally a pure peptide. YAAAAAAY.

Leonard and Penny put a million trillion hearts in my eyes, you guys. I WANT A LEONARD OF MY VERY OWN. And a Penny too, please! I hope some of you are enjoying those uploads, it seemed like you were excited about it and that's awesome! My favorite episode so far is definitely 2x11 (the Christmas episode). BEST GUEST STAR EVER + BEST LAST FIVE MINUTES EVER = :DDDDDDDD

And for my other show of the moment, if Bones and Booth don't get together by the end of season 4, I'm going to THROW THINGS. I'm semi-spoiled? But not really? And I REALLY WANT to thoroughly spoil myself, but then I know I'd hate myself, and blah blah blah. GET ON WITH IT ALREADY. Every episode is just loaded with anvils now (their chemistry stops traffic? SERIOUSLY?!) so if that's not where they're headed I'll eat my hat. On an entirely different note, I think I actually like Sweets more than Zach. SACRELIGE, I know, but omg Sweets. ♥

On ANOTHER Bones note, the last episode I watched was the first one to truly piss me off from a scientific standpoint. They have a corpse whose BONES ARE DISSOLVING INTO GREEN FOAMY GOO, and they take it out of the sealed chamber and PLAY WITH IT? Without masks on?!???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????????? They should be in FULL hazmat gear, and in fact the CDC should be all up in that shit! And what it turns out to be is HYDROFLUORIC ACID. That shit is so dangerous that part of my safety training in college was being told that it was IN THE BUILDING SOMEWHERE, kept in a clean room that I didn't even have access to. WHAT THE FLIPPING FUCK. Wikipedia has this to say: "The danger in handling hydrofluoric acid is extreme, as skin saturation with the acid in areas of only 25 in2 (160 cm2) may be relatively painless, yet ultimately fatal. High concentrations of hydrofluoric acid and hydrogen fluoride gas will also quickly destroy the corneas of the eyes."


/rant. Sorry! :D And on that note, adieu!
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Sean Maher just got cast in a film! As the main (male) character's boyfriend! AGAIN! This is a hilarious typecasting trend, my darling Sean, but I am really not complaining. Heeeee. I would prefer to see him as a lead in a show, but at least this is SOMETHING. My life is a little empty with no Maher in it. :( (Hilariously, the boyfriend is played by that guy who was the sheriff in Eureka. Ahahaha. I can't wait!) (LOL, I actually have a tag for Sean Maher. MY LOVE IS TRUE AND DEEP.)

When I was walking home today, I walked by a guy who reminded me, instantly and simultaneously, of Spencer Smith and Luke Skywalker. Ahahahaha, what. Brains are weeeeird. And the impression didn't go away when I looked at him again! His hair was very Luke, and his face was a weird mix of both, while he was built more like Spencer. Idk!

Today was a VERY tiring day. This is partly because I went to bed way too late, and then I forgot my coffee mug so I also didn't have a container to put water in all day, and I do think that not hydrating all the time really does a number on my energy. So I got home, watched the Merlin episode To Kill a King with my uncle (SOOO GOOOOD. I would bang Morgana like a screen door, just sayin), and now I am flopped in bed watching Bones. I just watched the episode with the hockey and the ice skating (4x13) and my eyes are like this: ♥_________♥ Sigh! Now I need to go finish reading a really important paper that just got published today which radically changes how we're going to approach my project. It basically answers the big and cumbersome question we were asking first, and allows us to get much more sharp and targeted with our question asking. How fun! \o/ But kind of scary too, because hi, I only have 5 weeks left! And no data yet! *flaps around* There were some complications with my experiment today, so I had to try something kind of weird overnight, and we'll see in the morning how it went! *hands*

So I'm trying to make a decision. I'm probably definitely going to that symphony concert that William Goldstein invited me to (the guy I met on the plane and all that) where his pieces are being played. It's Saturday night, and a 2.5 hour drive away. I don't particularly want to stay in a strange city where I don't know anyone overnight, so I'll probably be driving back that night, which means I won't get back til... probably midnight at the earliest. What I'm trying to decide is if I want to bring someone with me. It's kind of a long trip to go on with someone I don't know that well, you know? But there are a couple girls that I think would be interested and I think I'd have fun with... hmm. I think I will ask them, because it's more fun to road trip with someone! And that way if Bill doesn't have much time to talk to me, I won't feel all lonely and awkward. So that's decided! We'll see if anyone actually wants to go now, haha.

I'm sorry I haven't given you guys questions yet - see above re: very exhausted! I'm going to give that a stab soon though, I promise.

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Ahhhh grad school tomorrow AHHH GOING CRAZY. Having the first butterflies. What if my advisor grills me mercilessly and when I'm not an expert on the papers he gave me he decides I'm useless and boots me out the door?!??

...ahem. I mean. I have no idea what to expect tomorrow and I'm not actually freaking out, I've just got nerves! Objectively I know everything will be fine, but I always come up with insane what-if scenarios to freak me out. I tried to watch a Bones to calm me down but it doesn't seem to have worked (even though it was super adorable and heartbreaking at the same time, OH SEASON FOUR ZACH ;___;) and now I'm just like ahhhhh what is going onnnnn. The good news is that it's 1 AM and I am in fact tired, quite an accomplishment after a month of staying up until 4. Sooooo I am going to successfully go to sleep and wake up and go to the University of Michigan and report for duty. Wahey!

Feel no obligation to reply to this, btw. I know when I get into a slew of posts that are just "this is happening in my life!", the only thing you can say is "good luck!" or "I'm happy for you!" And I know it feels lame to make those kinds of comments. So really don't worry about it, I know you're all out there and I love you. ♥ Have as good a Monday as you can, everyone!

PS When is the new Harry Potter coming out? And Leverage is July 15! And Torchwood is this week! HURRAH!

And this is my new "sciencey" icon. I only wish I were as crazy genius as Bones!


(PPS It's totally that time of the month and it just started and MY BODY HATES ME.)
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I just watched Almost Famous - for the first time! :O I know, I know, but I have remedied the appalling gap in my library now. People have always said I have to see it, but I thought it was just some romantic comedy or something. Nobody told me it's a love letter to 70s rock! It was so wonderful. Billy Crudup is far more attractive with long hair, I must say. And little Patrick Fugit, aww! What an amazing cast, am I right? Just such a lovely movie, and I loved all the Led Zeppelin and Elton John and Allman Brothers and etc scattered through. I will always be thankful to Supernatural for introducing me to that kind of music in a real way. :)

The reason I've been so quiet (no posts in three days! :O) is that I was in Philly with my bestest, Michelle, for Wednesday-Friday. We had a lovely but all-too-brief time. I got to see her new apartment (adorable!) and meet her new kitten (Calypso, aka Caly, and TOO DARLING FOR WORDS OMG) and walk around Philly in the rain. :) But mostly I got to see my Michelle. We watched Friday Night Lights and Bones and talked and talked. It hurts that we're going to be so far apart, but our parents live in the same state, and no way is she done with me. (*waves* Love you girl!)

My new computer is amaaaaaaazing. I haven't decided on a name yet - I keep calling her a her because she's so sleek and sexy, and I also keep calling her a spaceship. I might name her Kara. I could be clever and name her Tami, after both River Tam and Tami Taylor! Hmmmmm. Decisions decisions. Regardless of her name, she's so freaking gorgeous and fast and perrrrfect whee.

I'm leaving for Michigan in 12 days. O.O This week is dedicated to finishing the feat of cleaning and organizing my room, doing my massive mountain of laundry, and figuring out what shit I'm bringing with me. Craziness! I can't believe it's so soon, but like I said many times before - SO EXCITED.

Fannishly, I LOVE BONES SO MUCHHHH. I've just been devouring it, om nom nom nom. I can't decide who's my favorite - everyone's amazing! I loved the episode where Bones got kidnapped and Booth rescued her (That's not a spoiler - I'm sure that happens at least three times, lol). They are so sweet and in love and I have missed this kind of amazing UST! It's interesting because objectively, they have a million similarities to Mulder and Scully, but in my opinion the dynamic has a very different vibe. Booth is a bit more over the top than Mulder, a bit more goofy, but he's also sometimes more intense and scary. And while Bones and Scully are both rational scientists, Scully was very much an elegant, worldly woman, while Bones is far more awkward and detached from the real world. I like that they're entirely distinct, because if it was too much like Mulder and Scully v2.0 I know I'd get annoyed! As it is, I'm in love. ♥ (Look, I even have an icon! Cuuuuties.)

I'm also all about Six Feet Under, even though everyone continues to sabotage themselves all the time. It could be like a horrible train wreck, but no one is ever hateful or unsympathetic, they're just human. It's an incredibly fine line, and the show has walked it nearly perfectly all five seasons. I know the finale is insane and heartbreaking, so I'm kind of bracing myself for that. I'm halfway through season 5 now - almost there! In fact, I'm gonna go watch some right now. ♥!
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Ahhhh Bones! Every time I see an episode I feel like flapping at you all. I think this is a good sign :D

Bones 1x04 The Man in the Bear )

On an entirely different note, UGH, FUCK YOU AHMADINEJAD. I was so hopeful for Mousavi to pull an Obama-like victory, but something really stinks. Ughhh.


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