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Look, a post that's NOT about Nicholas! \o/

So yesterday was a kind of insane day. I had class from 9 to 11 (and spent a lot of it Tweeting about how I hated the back of Nicholas's head and hoped he wouldn't talk to me after class - he didn't, but rather snuck away like a coward \o/), and then I went straight to lab... where I proceeded to do an experiment for over 10 hours. YEAH YOU HEARD ME! I didn't leave until ~9:30 PM! And I was working that WHOLE time. It was a little surreal - I forgot to bring lunch, so I had, like, an apple, but I couldn't leave the lab, so I didn't eat anything real until about 6 when my labmate forced a frozen meal on me! I was doing this big involved experiment that has, like, 7 steps, one of which ran over the night before, and the last few of which had to happen in the cold room, aka a refrigerator that I had to sit in and operate a pipet in for 20 minutes at a time. So freaking cold! At the end of all this, I basically got 96 data points for two different proteins with several conditions, and THEY LOOKED GREAT!! I was so relieved and thrilled and proud because no one in my lab had done anything like this before, so I was kind of flying on vague recommendations, a slightly related literature paper, and my own instincts (which are not terribly well honed after only 3 months in biochem!). But everything worked amazingly and this is a great starting point for an important set of experiments that I'm collaborating with a couple of my labmates on. It's all just very nerdily exciting and I am happy that my crazy day paid off!

Unfortunately, I have a test tomorrow, and yesterday was obviously totally lost to studying... so that's what I'm doing now. /o\ I'm getting a decent handle on this stuff though, and it's only 10 PM, so I'm gonna be fiiine! I caught a power nap around 9 PM when I just put my head down on my keyboard and slept for about 15 minutes, to the lilting tunes of Linkin Park blasting in my ear, ha. But now I have plenty of energy and I'm charging ahead! Woo!

I just started a paragraph about how I'm ~SO BEHIND~ on TV, but um, I'm only behind on two shows (Merlin and Castle) and tomorrow night I'll definitely have some time to catch up, SO. STFU, Anne! Ha. On that note though, I've seen a lot of people recommend that you get a hobby during grad school, some activity that takes your mind off your work and during which is decisively NOT science time. I think television/fandom is that hobby for me. And you all know I don't mean that in the potato-y way - I mean it in the watching shows with characters that thrill and amuse and sadden me, and discussing them with other lovely folks kind of way. You are my destresser! And I am so grateful to have you, and all this darling TV, to keep me sane. ♥

That said, this week's Big Bang Theory was not my favorite. Yay, let's manipulate Penny and try to make her into a more mild and tolerable person because WE ARE MEN AND WE GET EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT. >:( Sheldon, I know you fail all the time, but that was a particularly bad note to strike THIS WEEK of all weeks. And Howard and Raj's story was mildly funny (that was the most attractive Howard's ever been to me, I must say) but AGAIN WITH THE EXPLOITATION OF WOMEN! I'm glad they're presented as failing utterly (as always!) because otherwise... raaage. (That girl was totally hot, though. Ha.)

My favorite blog right now (which has entries back to SEVEN YEARS AGO, WHAT, so LOTS of backcatalog to go through) is Pipeline, which is hilariously a pharmaceutical chemist's blog. It's incredibly well-written and intelligent and informative, and I've learned a lot about the drug industry (namely, uh, I want no part of it?) and it's just been a great/terrible procrastination tool because I feel like I'm LEARNING while I'm reading it - just not things I can use on my test tomorrow! :P

Obviously this is a procrastination tool too, so I'm going to GO AWAY NOW!
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I loved this week's Castle SO SO SO MUCH. Ryan and Esposito are the most hilarious, wondrous boyfriends evaaaar. This happened after they sort of (but not really) kicked butt:
Esposito: "You were on FIRE, Ryan."
Ryan: "New nickname: Iceposito!" *manly shoulder thwap*
alksjflkjsd HAHAHA. Booooys. I always loved them in season 1, in all their random 5 seconds of gloriousness, but it seems the show has recognized their asset this season, yay. :D And Castle and Beckett just continue to be made of win and puppies! (And occasional quiet moments of gentle heartbreak!) Such a gleeful show.


I have made a decision. I will promise to myself to get my huge NSF fellowship application finished by November 2nd, and then I will reward myself with BOONDOCK SAINTS 2!!!!! Motherfucking YAY, you guys. Every time I see my poster on my wall I squeal into my fists. MOAR MACMANUSES!!!

So the new Paramore album came out! :D I didn't have any particular expectations either way, but I liked the preview so I bought it on iTunes, and um. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. ?! It's much, much better than Riot! in my opinion, much more consistent in quality, and you can really tell they're growing up. There are a couple quiet, gorgeous pieces, particularly Misguided Ghosts which has quickly become my favorite. Hayley's obviously been consciously working on her vocals, because in that song she's got an almost delicate quality, which I've never heard her manage before - her voice is usually very throaty and hits words hard, but in this song she's sometimes very nimble and gentle and it's beautiful. I also love the lyrics: "We are just misguided ghosts, traveling endlessly, the ones we trusted the most, pushed us far away, and there's no one road, we should not be the same, but I'm just a ghost." The guitar work is very pretty too. Idk I just love that song!! And then there's several completely solid and catchy slabs of pop-punk - Ignorance is phenomenal, and Playing God is super catchy ("Next time you point a finger I might have to bend it back or break it, break it off. Next time you point a finger, I'll point you to the mirror!"). There really isn't a song on the album I don't like, which is NOT true of either of their other albums. Well done, kids!

Science was VERY strange today, so we'll have to see what the hell is up with that when I redo it. Could have just been a fluke, or I may have to reevaluate my entire perspective on this particular platform, blah.

I ran into Nicholas at the grocery store. Um, AWKWARD. I think he's annoyed with me for breaking up with him, but not directly dealing with it, and idk I'm just uncomfortable. I do know breaking up with him was entirely the right thing though. Sigh. Debbie had boy troubles tonight too. BOYS YOU FAIL. >:(

Girls do not fail though! The four roomies and I sat down and watched a couple Big Bang Theory episodes. It's so relaxing and stress-free and I love that we can all share it. ♥

Now I'm actually going to go to bed at a decent hour, weird! Night loves. ♥
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Oh, TEEVEE. So much of you! I am watching fully seven shows this season, with the addition of Glee to my regular rotation (not without reservations! but it's there), which is far, far more than I've ever watched as they air. Most of my shows are light fluffy stuff, but I'm glad to have things like Dollhouse and Supernatural to balance them out. I can't wait until Friday Night Lights comes back. I want to cry every week!

Anywhoodle. Some thoughts on this week in television before I crash into bed.

But before I get started, I has a new layout!! :D --> [livejournal.com profile] exsequar I needed something Dollhouse-y, because after this season premiere I know I'm just gone. And it needed to be Topher. I happened to find a high-def screencap of this moment, which actually snatched my breath away when it first happened. Completely unexpected, and utterly moving. Topher is my most complete favorite, and to have his depth acknowledged in such a quiet, poignant way... yeah. ♥ And I took advantage of some of the gorgeous stylistic touches of the show itself, using the images of the five sleeping pods and the memories whisking away. I'm rather pleased with it! I've also changed up my journal title and what have you, but no one ever notices that stuff anyhow. :)

So here we go! There's space between each review so you don't have to be too worried about spoilers.

Dollhouse 2x01: A )

Big Bang Theory 3x01: A- )

Bones 5x02: B )

Merlin 2x01 and 2x02: B- and B+ )

Glee 1x02-1x04: moving towards a B or B+ )

Supernatural 5x03: C+/A- (Dean-Sam storylines) )

Okay, that is ENOUGH TV rambling! I also watched Castle, and it was mostly status quo, which is to say deeply adorable and wonderful. Now it is 40 minutes past when I promised myself I'd go to bed, so I am GOING! Goodnight! (And please talk to me about TV!!!)
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] sorchasilver, a TV meme!

Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions. Don't cheat!

1. Supernatural
2. Friday Night Lights
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4. Bones
5. Firefly

(This is kind of a "now" skewed list - I love far too many TV shows!)

The questions! )

I do so love TV! I'm in the process of deciding what to watch next. I feel SO BEREFT without any more Bones or Big Bang Theory to watch! I finished both in the same night, after months of devouring them together. It's strange - they're completely different shows, but my emotional focal point for both is the same. An oddly matched pair (a geek meets a sexy yet semi-awkward cool person) that is obviously magnetically attracted yet cannot seem to acknowledge it themselves. Both do a sort of yo-yo of requited and not. And it's VERY FRUSTRATING. But I love them both so much. (OMG PENNY GROW A SPINE!!!!!!!!)

I am going to continue with Freaks & Geeks, because it is all kinds of charming, but I need something else as well. Generation Kill? True Blood? Legend of the Seeker? How I Met Your Mother? Help, o wise and all-knowing flist! Tell me about characters I will love (without spoilers!), because that is my key to loving any show.

In other, sad TV news, Stargate: 90210 is made of a million kinds of fail. At this point, I'm wondering how the fuck these people ever gave us Atlantis. SGA was not close to perfect, but it was deeply charming and showed real heart sometimes. I'm wondering if that was truly a result of the cast and its glorious chemistry, because I'm seeing none of that in the SGU bits we've gotten. UGHHHHHH.

In other happier news, I'm LOVING Naomi Novik's His Majesty's Dragon. LOVE!!!!!! Will Laurence, come here and be my empathetic, elegant boyfriend right now!! I fell in love with him within two pages and he has only endeared himself to me further. It's fascinating living inside his head because he is such a product of his time, but lacks any sort of malice in his prejudices. For instance, when he's shocked and appalled by a female dragonrider wearing men's clothing, and muses that riding dragons must be very trying on her slight frame, he's not repugnant, simply a fascinating example of the mindset of that time. He has no hostility towards her, merely surprise and curiosity. I love himmmmmm somuch! And Temeraire, oh Temeraire! *draws a lot of hearts*

Now I'm going to watch last week's Leverage, which I somehow forgot about!
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I haven't posted in exactly 24 hours, which is just far too long. I know, you were pining, but I hope you were strong. ;)

Today was a great day in Science! \o/ By which I mean, I got LOTS of pure protein (the aqueous solution is viscous and dark pink!) and finally a pure peptide. YAAAAAAY.

Leonard and Penny put a million trillion hearts in my eyes, you guys. I WANT A LEONARD OF MY VERY OWN. And a Penny too, please! I hope some of you are enjoying those uploads, it seemed like you were excited about it and that's awesome! My favorite episode so far is definitely 2x11 (the Christmas episode). BEST GUEST STAR EVER + BEST LAST FIVE MINUTES EVER = :DDDDDDDD

And for my other show of the moment, if Bones and Booth don't get together by the end of season 4, I'm going to THROW THINGS. I'm semi-spoiled? But not really? And I REALLY WANT to thoroughly spoil myself, but then I know I'd hate myself, and blah blah blah. GET ON WITH IT ALREADY. Every episode is just loaded with anvils now (their chemistry stops traffic? SERIOUSLY?!) so if that's not where they're headed I'll eat my hat. On an entirely different note, I think I actually like Sweets more than Zach. SACRELIGE, I know, but omg Sweets. ♥

On ANOTHER Bones note, the last episode I watched was the first one to truly piss me off from a scientific standpoint. They have a corpse whose BONES ARE DISSOLVING INTO GREEN FOAMY GOO, and they take it out of the sealed chamber and PLAY WITH IT? Without masks on?!???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????????? They should be in FULL hazmat gear, and in fact the CDC should be all up in that shit! And what it turns out to be is HYDROFLUORIC ACID. That shit is so dangerous that part of my safety training in college was being told that it was IN THE BUILDING SOMEWHERE, kept in a clean room that I didn't even have access to. WHAT THE FLIPPING FUCK. Wikipedia has this to say: "The danger in handling hydrofluoric acid is extreme, as skin saturation with the acid in areas of only 25 in2 (160 cm2) may be relatively painless, yet ultimately fatal. High concentrations of hydrofluoric acid and hydrogen fluoride gas will also quickly destroy the corneas of the eyes."


/rant. Sorry! :D And on that note, adieu!
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This weekend just whizzed by! It didn't help that I spent Saturday afternoon in the lab, but still. Whoosh! Bye! In five minutes it's Monday! *hands*

I'm still devouring The Big Bang Theory. Every time the theme song starts up I clap and sing along because it's SO CATCHY. "We built a wall - we built the pyramids!" *dances around* Toward the beginning of the song, does it say "The autotrophs began to drool"??? Ahahaha. OH SHOW. Penny's baffled and fond tolerance is so adorable. I feel you, girl! ♥ I just watched the one where Sheldon gets sick and the guys avoid him at ALL COSTS. Hilarity.

Today I went to see HBP again. In the process of discussing it with my uncle and cousin, I discovered that my uncle and I are just going to have to agree to disagree on some things. He thinks that Twilight is a great movie, while the Harry Potter movies have been largely "yucky" (though he did like this one). UM!?! Uhhhh yeah. *facepalm*

I enjoyed it again, though I still acutely feel the lack of a more climactic ending. (I read the end of book 6 when I got home and I would have LOVED to see that on screen.) Basically I spend a lot of the movie gazing at Hermione with great fondness. She's SO PRETTY. My crush is epic. I know I can't be 100% straight because I crush SO HARD on female characters, and often can't wrench my eyes away from them - Hermione, Faith, Scully, STARBUCK. We watched Razor today (the BSG movie) and Starbuck is relatively minor but she always captivates me! Basically, I tend to fangirl male-male (and sometimes male-female) relationships, but my crushes are very very often on the gorgeous, competent women. Love love. ♥

When I was in the lab on Saturday, Ashley (coworker) showed up and I found out that one of our labmates had been in a terrible motorcycle accident. He was hit by a car and his leg got terribly crushed, as well as a lung punctured. He was in surgery then, but I haven't heard anything since because I don't know him pretty much at all and I don't want to pester anyone, so I suppose I'll find out tomorrow. I hope he's okay. :(

I'm mostly posting just to post. I always feel weird when I go longer than a day without posting! Sorry I really don't have much to say. I am caught up on my flist though, for now!

Oh, one thing I can share! This adorable [livejournal.com profile] apocalyptothon story: The Chainsaw Job by [livejournal.com profile] annerbhp. It's a short, adorable Leverage story about how they'd deal with the zombiepocalypse. Love!


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