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Eeeee, Empires + fangirls was amazing! I had such an awesome time. Those failbots really pulled it out and played a fabulous set that was half new material. It sounds FANTASTIC and I seriously can't wait for the album. I'm going to upload a full video of a new song soon, but if you're curious I know [livejournal.com profile] candidlily has a lot of great ones as usual and will be posting some in the near future. I'm super stoked about my videos from my new camera - the audio is INCREDIBLE (clearer than when I was actually there!) and I was actually UNDER Sean Van Vleet, sometimes filming up at his chin. Hee.

They were total sweethearts, as usual, and Sean AND Max remembered my face, WHAT. I saw them a year ago! In Baltimore! Crazy. But yeah, chatted and got sweaty hugs from all of them and I just can't get over their precious faces. They seem to be a little bit more used to the semi-fame thing now, but they're still the down to earth darlings they always were. &theirfaces;

OH AND! Mark Rose was there! And I chatted with him for a while! He is still most handsome and charming. I wish I'd gotten to see him in Lansing, damn responsibilities. Some day! And Nick Scimeca was there, as well as De'Mar. There was ass slapping and Nick stole Sean away from us and it was basically shenanigans. OH CHICAGO.

I will say much more later, but right now I feel like I've been run over by a bus, instead of riding in one for 5 hours. I slept four hours last night, I didn't eat anything substantial until half an hour ago (it's 3 PM), and yesterday was filled with walking and walking and more walking and then standing and standing and more standing and I'm very very exhausted. Of course, I need to go into the lab to run my presentation by a coworker, then I have to pack and get ready to go to a retreat tomorrow, leaving at SEVEN AM, ugh. Wow. This week is just kind of insane, as I also move into my apartment on Sunday. BUT! It's all awesome things, so it's all good!

Just wanted to post an update, because wow, away from the internet for A WHOLE DAY. Gives me the jitters. ;)
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Chicago! Empires! Wednesday! YAY!!!!

So people who are going - what's the plan? [livejournal.com profile] angel726 and I will be arriving in Chicago on Megabus at 12:40 PM, so we have all the afternoon to frolic. Is anyone going to be around already? Want to hook up, do something fun? I've never been to Chicago, so I'd love to see a bit of it if possible!

I can't WAIT eeee! Although I am enough of a nerd to miss the lab time (I'm in a mildly crazy portion of my project), I'm sure I'll forget all about that, because EMPIRES!!!!! :D And FANGIRLS! I love fangirltiems, it's been waaaay too long! ♥
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I ran a mile almost without stopping today! In ten minutes! Obviously not that great, but it's a huge improvement for me. I even ran a good portion of the mile on the way back too. Noticeable progress, yay!

I've been working my way through my Watchmen Director's Cut DVD. I sat down intending to just watch parts, but I never want to skip anything (except Nixon being a HUGE DOUCHNOZZLE with a ludicrously fake nose, lolz) so I've just been watching the whole thing. I realized that I know the movie so well that I completely notice even when there's just one line added to a scene. I REALLY like the extended first Watchmen meeting scene. Some adorable Daniel/Rorschach stuff there, and more of the Comedian being a hot asshole. Yum JDM, freaking yum. I also think Laurie's a stronger character with the stuff they've added. I just wish they added more Adrian stuff. :(

I've really got the itch to vid this movie. I've been wanting to vid for a while, but there isn't a source I'm particularly driven by. When I vid, I need to know the source intimately, scene by scene, shot by shot, so I can vid it mentally and then go find the pieces. That was totally true of Supernatural S2 and Buffy's Faith storyline, but there's no canon I know so well now. But Watchmen I definitely do, and a movie's totally manageable, AND it's incredibly visual and simply fraught with themes, so it's a great candidate. I'm going through my iTunes library for inspiration - it's a bit tough going. If you've got any ideas, let me know!

So after my brief love affair with the idea of getting a new Camaro, I have come to my senses (reluctantly) and chosen a much more practical and reasonable choice that's still a hell of a lot of fun. I present to you: the 2010 Mazda 3s Sport!

The new design is completely sexy and sleek and fun. And all the reviews say that the 3 is a joy to drive, that being a main goal of Mazda's designers. Great handling, a sporty get up and go engine with decent hp, improved aerodynamics. But it's also a sedan, so there's good seating and cargo room. It's a good balance for me. 95% of the time, my driving is just me, so having a station wagon feels so silly. This seems like an adorable and fun little car for zipping around by myself, but flexible enough to be used in other ways too. And it's completely affordable! The base model is only $15k, but the one I've got my eye on, the sportier model, runs about $19.5k.

Basically, I waaaaants! :D I'm planning on going to a local dealer and test driving it soon to make sure I really like it. Hopefully I'll be able to buy it in about a year or so!

I am SO GIDDY about getting to choose a car for myself, you guys. Soooo giddy. *beams*

OH! Super fun thing! Remember that band I've been rambling about, Drive A? (I still love the album! It's great running music too.) Well, I Tweeted the guitarist to say I love their album and can't wait to see them, and he replied! So I replied, and he replied again! Totally innocuous conversation, but it still made me giddy, hee. This is what he said:

&hisface;! I hope I get to meet them after the concert!

I have been so spammy lately. I'm sorry. :(
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His face, you guys. HIS FACE. All shaved and adorable and brow-scrunchy. Complete with farting earth. What a wonderful thing to wake up to. :D

Good morning flist! It is grey and dreary outside, but never fear! It is to be a good day. ♥
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The current soundtrack of my life: Morningwood's Morningwood, Cobra Starship's Hot Mess, The Used's Artwork, and My Chemical Romance's Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.

One of these things is not like the others! I got the first three albums less than two months ago; I got Three Cheers two years ago. And yet! I never skip a Three Cheers track when it comes up. I still smile like an idiot and dance in my seat (or my lab) when Venom revs up. Or Prison. Or Give Em Hell. Or Deathwish, Helena, Hang Em, Not Okay. ANY OF THEM. This playlist makes every day sparkly, but that album is in my blood. It's really quite astonishing.

I think I might actually pass out when the new album arrives. *GRABBYHANDS*

I've been thinking a lot about buying a car. I've been reading reviews of the Camaro. They're largely raves, but the impression I'm left with is that it's very much a plaything, and the opposite of practical. The backseat is barely functional; the trunk can't even fit golf clubs. It's got a blind spot the size of Texas, and a windshield the size of a mail slot. All the reviews handwave this in favor of the throaty powerful V6 on the base model, the tight handling, the perfectly smooth rear suspension, and of COURSE the gorgeous styling. And while I think all of that would be fun as hell, I also would like to be able to see out of my car when I drive it! I'm considering as an option the 2010 Mustang. I've always considered the Mustang to be a more boring entry in the muscle class, but the newest model does have undeniably retro and somewhat sleek styling, and it's much more practical while still fun to drive. Also still cheap! Well, ish. I'd probably have to spring for the GT (V8) because by all accounts the V6 is pathetic. (Which is one of the best things about the Camaro, the great V6 - damn your hyper sexy and impractical styling!) So, not THAT cheap. And... it really is a lot more boring looking than the Camaro, which I currently have as my desktop in shiny midnight blue. WANT! :(

SIGH I DON'T KNOW. This is frustrating. Why does the perfect sexy and fun yet affordable, practical and safe American car not exist?!? :( I know I want a fun car, and I know I'm sick of my station wagon (though the fuel efficiency is pretty great...), but it's just kind of frustrating. Rar.

Maybe I'll wait and see what the 2011 Charger and Camaro bring... or consider getting a used foreign car, like the Nissan 370Z. Or the Mazda RX-8, Dom's sexy ride in the first FATF.

Sorry, wow. Car ramble! 95% of you have scrolled on. Sorry! I fail at being a girl. Ha.

I got actual RESULTS in the lab today!!!! Like, I found out something no one knew before! Isn't that exciting?! I'll get more results this week and then I'll actually have something to present in my talk at the end of the month! Yaye!

I'm going to put this post out of it's misery! Tomorrow will hopefully be fun, despite the forecast rain rain and more rain. I'm going out to lunch with a few girls I've met here, just as a fun way to break up the day on my bday, and maybe dinner with my family. Hopefully it'll be nice! I hope you all have a good Tuesday. ♥
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I survived Cedar Point! And all I got was this lousy sunburn. :)

It was tons of fun! Incredibly hot and sweaty and tiring, but super fun. We hit almost every coaster, except the dinky ones and one insane one and one that was closed, and we hit the best one (Raptor) twice. That was right by the entrance, so we walked in and got right in line - for an hour. In 90 degree humid sunshine. Yum! It was an awesome ride though, and we revisited it at 9 PM when we were on our way out, waited about 15 minutes and had a blast. What a great way to cap the experience. But I am almost dead with exhaustion. Left the house at 8:45 AM, returned at midnight. I barely had energy to take a shower, but it was so, so necessary. *YAAAAAWN* I really liked the group that I went with though, so that made the day really wonderful.

Now of course I skimmed a bit of my flist, because it is an addiction, and I must say that pictures like this make the world go round. SIIIIIIIIIIIGH. &WAYS;

I turn 22 in about exactly 24 hours! :) There's actually a list online of all the free things you can get in Ann Arbor for your bday - you better believe I'm hitting those up!

Now, Advil and SLEEP.
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Hallo flisties! Last night after work I drove up to Detroit to visit my cousins, yay! My aunt and uncle made a deliiiicious dinner, followed by amaaaazing lava cakes. Some of my aunt's relatives came over because her niece is considering going to the college I just graduated from, so I told her about the place and we all talked late into the night. It was such a beautiful evening, and we sat out on the patio and it was gorgeous. My cousins live in Grosse Pointe, which is like an oasis - it's stunningly gorgeous, filled with perfect lawns and unique brick houses, but surrounded by filth and decay. It's quite sad, but easy to forget when you're actually inside Grosse Pointe. So anyway, that was a lovely evening.

Today we went to the Woodward Dream Cruise! It's a big Detroit event where people bring out their cool cars and drive them up and down this 8 mile stretch of road and people watch! The emphasis is on classic American muscle, but there's a whole lot of other things including some truly bizarre specimens. It was like ONE LONG CAR ORGASM for me, ohhhh my god. All the grumbling engines and awesome Chevelles and Novas (I don't think I saw any Impalas! sad) and sexy Corvettes and menacing Challengers. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm, seriously. Anyway, we had a real nice setup because my uncle's law firm (he's a bigshot lawyer, which is why they can afford to live in Grosse Pointe!) holds a party every year with food and ice cream and they're RIGHT on the street where the cars drive so we sat right by the side of the road and it was fabulous!

There were also like a million of the new 2010 Chevy Camaro, which probably hit dealers quite recently because I hadn't even seen one until yesterday. It's SO eye catching, and I saw it in tons of colors today. I really want the Imperial Blue Metallic one. My aunt and uncle have relatives that work at every major American car company, so they told me this weekend that I can get a HUGE employee discount at any of them, which is SO AWESOME. So basically I'm going to save up for a new Camaro! :DDDDD

Tomorrow I'm going to Cedar Point! The weather is supposed to be HOT, which is an improvement over MONSOON, but. We'll see. It could be slightly miserable waiting in lines, but I'm going with some very fun people so it should be a blast anyhow. Note to self: don't forget sunscreen again! I did today and I am briiight red on my chest and back. /o\

Now I REALLY want that Camaro. The reviews are so glowing. *SALIVATES*
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Regarding the Bones S4 finale: Spoilerific )

Guess what you guys! Today I discovered a fellow Bones fan in my lab, and do you want to know how? She declared me KING OF THE LAB! I loled and said "they do that in Bones!" and she said "Hee I know that's where I got it from!" So many heaaaarts! So that was awesome, but so was being made king of the lab, because today I did the test that showed my protein is beautiful and pure, and there's a LOT of it, and everyone's happy and grateful and I am so proud! \o/ Hodgins would gladly pass the crown onto me, I'm sure. :D
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So I had yet another adventurous weekend of fun! On Friday after work, I drove up to my cousins' so that we could go to the Renaissance faire on Saturday. The morning dawned dark and stormy, but we went anyway, hoping it would clear. When we got there, it was still raining, but not as hard, so we went in to the almost empty faire, where vendors were huddled under their tents. About 15 minutes after we got there, the sky opened up with another deluge, complete with teeth-rattling thunder, so we sheltered in an armorer's booth. After that passed, it rained rather lightly for another hour before it finally stopped, and the sky gradually cleared to yield a sunny, extremely muggy day. I almost missed the cool rain! The day was a fun adventure anyway. I bought myself a costume for the next faire we go to, and all the ones we'll be going to in the future - I don't have a picture yet, but it's a long grey-green dress with pretty bunched sleeves that flow away from my elbows, along with a cream bodice with a curly golden pattern all over it, which laces up VERY TIGHT and makes my, ahem, endowment very apparent. *grins* It's totally sexy and I'm really excited to wench it up at the next faire, mwahaha.

My favorite part though was the HORSELESS JOUST. The horses would have hurt themselves in the deep mud, so instead the "knights" ran around poking each other with lances. It was hilarious. Here are a handful of photos from the day! )

Also during the weekend, Meg started watching the Angel DVDs I lent her - she's never seen it before, despite being a massive Buffy and Firefly fan and a general Whedon accolyte! We blazed through 6 episodes during the weekend and I think she loves it. We even watched I Will Remember You, because I had a moment of masochism, and owwwww my heart. I love that show so much. ♥ It's extremely bizarre to see David be all young and broody and foreheady, though, after watching all this Bones. He kind of seems like a different person! I love both versions though. :)

Then today Meg and I went to IKEA!!!!! Woo!!! It was an extremely successful trip, as you can see:

Those boxes contain 4 major pieces of furniture, and I got several other odds and ends, but the whole thing only came to $650! IKEA, ilusomuch. Meg and I had an absolute blast, even when we had to haul all those boxes into the back of the van in the ~90 degree muggy heat (ughhhh).

Come see what I bought! )

I love all of it SO MUCH and I can't wait to put it all together in my new room! Eee!

I was planning on going out for drinks with some of the girls in my program tonight, but I got home from IKEA around 4:30, sat down to catch my breath, then headed straight into my lab where I worked for almost 2 hours. There were some things I just really needed to get done. Then I got home and ate and showered but at that point I was like.... I want to lie in my bed and make an LJ post and watch Bones. Really. So I decided not to go. :( I'm going to plan a night out for next week though since it's my biiirthday, yay!

I hope you all had fun weekends too! ♥

Finally, I want to say a belated-in-her-time-zone but no less heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] schneestern!!! ILU. ♥
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Hahaha, you guys. MY LIFE.

This morning I had my first encounter with lab safety equipment! I was working with a tube of DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide, a pretty common solvent, not that dangerous) - it slipped out of my hand, hit the bench, and launched its contents STRAIGHT INTO MY EYE. O.o I made a loud startled noise, flailed around going "what do I do?" and Ashley raced to the rescue! She turned on the eyewash and pushed me to the sink, where I had to direct a strong flow of cold water directly at my eye for at least 5 minutes. In the process, a lot of water left the sink and made acquaintance with the floor, and at the same time I got half of my shirt and jeans entirely soaked. FUN! Ashley and Andrea and Jason (my prof) were hovering around, mopping up the water on the floor, asking if I was okay, telling me to hold my eye open. It was unfun but also hilarious because ahaha I am such a spazzy loser. (In my old lab, when I was a spazzy loser, it meant a broken piece of glassware. Now it means taking an eye shower! Sweet!) A casualty of this drama was my watch, for some bizarre reason - during the craziness, somehow the little knob that you change the time with came off, and the watch stopped. FABULOUS. I just bought it two weeks ago. :(

So I had to walk 10 minutes to my car to grab some clothes (luckily, I'm leaving work to go visit my cousins, so I drove to work today and have a bag packed for the weekend with extra clothes! total silver lining). On the way back from that, I crashed REALLY HARD from the adrenaline high. I mean, it suddenly felt like I was walking through molasses. So I got back to my lab, changed (during which I discovered I JUST STARTED MY PERIOD. My life!!! Thank god for Midol), and immediately put back a cup of coffee. Result: I am now energized and vibrating from caffeine high! I feel like a rollercoaster. Oh man.

Science was fine for the rest of the day. (So far... it's only 2 PM!) Then I went and had a conversation with Jason wherein I asked him if I could stay with his lab for the fall. He said yes, definitely yes, he'd love to have me! Yay!!!! And then I somewhat nervously asked him if I could go to the Empires concert in Chicago on Wednesday the 26th. He immediately said of course, that he totally doesn't worry about that stuff so long as people keep their science moving forward. I was so relieved and happy. Talking with him is always so pleasant! I think he's an amazing guy and I feel super lucky to have found this lab. (And he's going to become a dad REALLY SOON! His wife's due date is tomorrow! She works in the lab across the hall and she's a total sweetheart, and TOTALLY PREGNANT. I'm so excited for them!) (Monica, every time I talk about Jason I imagine you must be seething with jealousy. It's a hilarious mental image. Clearly you should just come to Michigan! *nudges*)

A few minutes ago, he walked up to me at my desk and said mock-seriously "I have to ask who you're going to see in Chicago - it's important to my decision whether to let you go or not." Heee. So I explained to him who Empires are - he was intrigued, and I told him where he could get their music! He seems like he's a big music guy which is SO COOL, since pretty much the main reason I'll ever be skipping out for weekends is to see bands play! Nice to know that he'll understand. :D

So basically my day has gone from OMG WHAT THE HELL TRAUMA to hee isn't this place nice and YAY EMPIRES! (Jennifer I'm definitely coming!!! Buying my Megabus tickets now! :D) I really really do love it here in this lab - I'm grateful to get a chance to stay a while longer, and really hopeful that this will be where I end up ultimately. I can definitely see myself spending 5 years here, with these people, with this PI, learning every day and producing something interesting and valuable.

(My eye is fine by the way! :D)

Oh and in an hour there's a free ice cream social! YAY.

In conclusion: hahaha, my life. ♥
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Fucking hell. Note to self: if you ever need a good cry, just watch the last five minutes of Six Feet Under again. I just watched it on a whim and now I'm covered with snot and tears. MY HEART.

On the other hand, What a Catch bored me more than anything. I think that's a pretty eloquent statement on my investment in FOB. I'm glad you all like it though!

In two days I get to go to a RENFAIRE. I am so bloody excited. The day after? IKEA!!! Yay. I'm so glad I'm near Meg, finally - I've always felt that we'd be really super close friends if we got to live near one another, and lo and behold! She's a Renfaire and IKEA kind of gal. Aka, my kind of gal! :D

I really have nothing to talk about. I'm going to go watch Bones and then pack for the weekend! ♥
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I haven't posted in exactly 24 hours, which is just far too long. I know, you were pining, but I hope you were strong. ;)

Today was a great day in Science! \o/ By which I mean, I got LOTS of pure protein (the aqueous solution is viscous and dark pink!) and finally a pure peptide. YAAAAAAY.

Leonard and Penny put a million trillion hearts in my eyes, you guys. I WANT A LEONARD OF MY VERY OWN. And a Penny too, please! I hope some of you are enjoying those uploads, it seemed like you were excited about it and that's awesome! My favorite episode so far is definitely 2x11 (the Christmas episode). BEST GUEST STAR EVER + BEST LAST FIVE MINUTES EVER = :DDDDDDDD

And for my other show of the moment, if Bones and Booth don't get together by the end of season 4, I'm going to THROW THINGS. I'm semi-spoiled? But not really? And I REALLY WANT to thoroughly spoil myself, but then I know I'd hate myself, and blah blah blah. GET ON WITH IT ALREADY. Every episode is just loaded with anvils now (their chemistry stops traffic? SERIOUSLY?!) so if that's not where they're headed I'll eat my hat. On an entirely different note, I think I actually like Sweets more than Zach. SACRELIGE, I know, but omg Sweets. ♥

On ANOTHER Bones note, the last episode I watched was the first one to truly piss me off from a scientific standpoint. They have a corpse whose BONES ARE DISSOLVING INTO GREEN FOAMY GOO, and they take it out of the sealed chamber and PLAY WITH IT? Without masks on?!???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????????? They should be in FULL hazmat gear, and in fact the CDC should be all up in that shit! And what it turns out to be is HYDROFLUORIC ACID. That shit is so dangerous that part of my safety training in college was being told that it was IN THE BUILDING SOMEWHERE, kept in a clean room that I didn't even have access to. WHAT THE FLIPPING FUCK. Wikipedia has this to say: "The danger in handling hydrofluoric acid is extreme, as skin saturation with the acid in areas of only 25 in2 (160 cm2) may be relatively painless, yet ultimately fatal. High concentrations of hydrofluoric acid and hydrogen fluoride gas will also quickly destroy the corneas of the eyes."


/rant. Sorry! :D And on that note, adieu!
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Before I go to bed, I MUST SHARE THIS. You should definitely go to Youtube and watch it in HQ, because it's GREAT quality.

AHHHHHHH. Desolation Row filmed from RIGHT IN FRONT OF FRANK!!! Frank is just as insane as he always was, omg. His little scrunchy yelling/singing face! And his fingers on a guitar basically give me a musicgasm, jesus fuck. O____O I also love how because the camera is right in front of Frank's speakers, it basically sounds like an instrumental version with the rhythm guitar turned way up. I KIND OF LOVE IT.

Eeeeeeeeeeeee THEM. ♥____♥
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So I'm rolling around in the SHEER JOY that is new MCR videos from The Roxy (it's happening AGAIN RIGHT NOW holy shit) and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. The new songs sound TRULY AMAZING. It's yet another new sound for them, very pure rock but with less aggressive vocals than Three Cheers, I think? IDK, I JUST KNOW THAT I LOVE IT A LOT. Everyone's been linking the Buzznet vids, but this is another good one of Kiss the Ring/Rain (who knows!).

But what I'm maybe most excited about is THEY PLAYED DESOLATION ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For some reason, it never crossed my mind to anticipate them playing that live, and HOLY SHIT. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET TO SEE THAT MYSELF. Here's a partial video by the same person. I just. MY HEART!!!!! It includes Ray's fucking badass solo, eeeeee.


I don't think I can overstate how much I love these boys. I LOVE THESE FUCKING CUPCAKES. When they start touring, I'm hitting that shit so hard, like three times. Fuck grad school. AHHHHHHHH. I really hope they do a small club tour because I've done the arena thing, now I want small sweaty room where I can see beads of sweat fly off Mikey Way's hair when he shakes it. THAT'S MY DREAM OKAY. Also, I predict that as soon as they start touring Frank's going to slim down right fast. I think that's why he stayed skinny that whole time in the first place! He's a cute little chubster, but I kind of want sleek Frank back. DON'T HATE.

Today was not as awesome as it could have been, but it was a nice day. I may or may not talk about it later, idk. Right now I'm rolling around in Youtube and later going to sleep, so. TALK TO ME ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU LOVE OUR CUPCAKES. <33333

ETA: Eee, Kiss the Ring/Rain was just my 7000th My Chemical Romance song played, according to Last.FM! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. That's a lot of fucking time spent listening to their fucking faces. ♥_________♥
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I was hoping for more videos when I woke up, but ahahaha it's 7:30 AM in California and everyone's recovering from an EPIC FACE SHREDDAGE. So I suppose I will have to be patient. *vibrates*

What we DO have:
-Video of the beginning of GIVE EM HELL KID - And dude, THANKS GERARD, I just moved to the Midwest and I TOTALLY have a future. :P
-The knowledge that they opened with PRISON, played Venom and Give Em Hell Kid shortly (if not right) after, played Welcome to the Black Parade at some point and ENDED WITH HELENA. I think they're completely in a Three Cheers mood and THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY BECAUSE IT'S MY FAVORITE ALBUM OF ALL TIME. *gimmehands at new badass record*
-They also played DEATH BEFORE DISCO (apparently as the encore?). I can't waaaait for videos of that shit. (Also, hilariously, there were people on Twitter going "THEY PLAYED BORN TO RUN?!?????????" "YEAH IT'S THE NEW SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!" "NO IT ISNT YOU DIPSHIT" "THEY DIDNT PLAY IT YOUR ALL DIPSHITS") Ahahahahah oh internets.
-Photos posted by The Roxy itself - A few tasty ones in there. ♥BOYS♥

And that's it for now, but I'M WAITING FOR THE BRILLIANCE TO START ROLLING IN. By all accounts it was a mindblowing show and the boys loved it too. YAAAAAAAY THEY'RE BACK.

Also, ahahaha my life - I'm sitting here in bed in my pajamas flailing about MCR and Bill Goldstein calls me to talk about today! Seriously - my life. I'll be heading over to South Haven in a couple hours and I'm excited!! I'd like to ask a favor - if anyone sees anything PARTICULARLY AWESOME posted from the show last night, could you link it here? I'm going to be gone all day and missing the stuff rolling in, so I'd really appreciate it! :)
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Regarding (500) Days of Summer - I LOVED it. I'm entirely unsurprised, but oh my goodness. It made me go :DDDDDDDDDDD and ;________; and ♥__________♥. SO MUCH LOVE. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you NEVER let me down. Eeeeee. Seriously, if you get a chance to see it, SEE IT. It's hilarious, heartwarming, and so real. Plus, SURPRISE MINKA KELLY! Well, not totally surprise, but she's in the opening credits and I was like OMG MINKA! So I waited the whoooole movie and she takes FOREVER to show up, haha. But ohhhhh Minka, lady of my heart. <33333

ANYWAY. Focus! This movie was incredible. There was quite a large responsive crowd at the theater, and everyone was cracking up. I loved the jumbled timeline, and everything about JGL, and Zooey's sparkling blue eyes. And the theater itself! I went to the Michigan Theater in downtown Ann Arbor, and it's this real old fashioned place that was built in the 1920s when movies were a big fancy deal, so it's covered with gilt molding and it's just really classic and fabulous. And ENORMOUS. So many seats! There was even an ORGANIST at the beginning, before the movie. AMAZING. I can't wait to go see more films there! They play really awesome things. A Hard Day's Night is playing on my birthday, I am sooo there! \o/

Now I am exhausted, so I'm gonna watch a BBT (I'm glad you guys are enjoying the upload! ♥) and get me some sleep, because tomorrow's gonna be big! I'm driving 2.5 hours to the west coast of Michigan. Bill Goldstein just left me a voicemail saying he'll definitely have time before the show, so that's exciting. We'll probably get dinner or something. So awesome! And I'm really excited to see Lake Michigan, and watch a symphony perform ON A BOAT, and I just think it's going to be an amazing experience.

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So I just finished watching Fast & Furious (sorry guys, I think it was a foregone conclusion) (I'll watch Ten Inch Hero soon, though I find it hilarious that it won the poll while all the comments were like LOL IT'S TERRIBLE. The power of Jensen compels you?) and sdfkjlskjf I don't know how I feeeeeel! My face was like this: :D :DDDDDD :O >:( ???:/ :OOOO ;________; :||||| :/ :O :D :DDDD :O :) :OOO :DDD :O DDDD: ...:D!

...I think that was pretty eloquent if I do say so myself. That was a pretty over the top movie, I must say, and much more gruesome than the original! But I'm fully in love with Dominic Turetto so he made everything okay. Brian was even a bit better in this one (I am of the opinion that Paul Walker actually can't act, and I don't find him pretty, so). They were much more gay too. I am VERY VERY MAD about the character death, but I do like that it motivated the movie. IDK. I probably won't buy it, but. Dom driving a steel grey Chevelle SS and then a black Charger? OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. I got actualfax tingles you guys. Meanwhile, Brian drives SUCH DOUCHEY cars, ahahahahah. Glad to see that hasn't changed. As random loser driver said, "muscle beats import any day!" Damn straight!

Today was such a strange day at work. My yeast experiments are.... not going well. The compound we desperately need is backordered until October. D: Oh well. That's why we run multiple projects! I finished synthesizing a peptide, and my morning was spent, literally, pouring stuff into a tube and watch it get pulled through by vacuum. It was a SIXTEEN STEP regeneration process for nickel resin. Ahaha. It wasn't that bad because my labmate lent me her iPod with a Lois McMaster Bujold audiobook, so that was fun! It turns out she's a total sci fi book nerd, which is AWESOME. ♥

But the craziest part of my day is this task I set myself. A paper just came out with literally buttloads of data, and we can use it to direct our research, but first we need to categorize the data. So I took four columns out of one of their spreadsheets and set myself the job of colorcoding the entries by which columns they appear in (i.e., which of the four proteins they interact with). So if this entry appears in columns A, C, and D, it's light blue. If it appears in A and B, it's bright green. I have 12 different colors, and there's 500 entries.... in the first column. I am up to 440, but then there's the second column to do. LOLWHAT. I set up a system by which I can check a entry, choose a color, and color all its appearances in roughly ten seconds, but man that was tiring on my hands! Strangely addicting though. IDEK. And now I'm going to do more of it!

Toodles! ♥
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Flisty mcflist! I need your help. I have recently downloaded or borrowed a small stack of movies, and given how limited my free time is, I'm going to have to ration them. I need your help deciding which is the most important! I'm leaning toward Fast & Furious because I haven't seen it (muscle cars! Michelle Rodriguez! ....oh and maybe some hot guys? idk) but I want your ~opinions!

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Theory: the lyric "you come around because I love your face" is a not-so-subtle response to all the fangirls (myself included) whose most frequent response to Brendon Urie is "omg Bden, your FACE"? It's just a fangirly exclamation that seems to be most often applied to Mr. Urie himself, and the lyric itself is super bizarre otherwise (not that the song makes much sense in general :P).

It's a super fucking catchy line though. I am very excited to hear this album! My favorite thing is the abundance of cheerful, melodic electric guitar. An easy way to my heart! (Do we know who's playing bass on this recording? Was it before they went their separate ways? I mean... we all know that Brendon could be a band ALL ON HIS OWN, even without Spencer, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was doing it all except the drums, but I am curious.)

I think I need a new Panic! icon, i.e. one of Brendon and Spencer.

My two cents on the Other Half: I think the Young Veins is a strange and vaguely disturbing name (veins are kind of squicky okay, despite my spending a whole summer taking them straight out of rats and studying them). I like the song fine, but it still sounds really retro in a pretty derivative way, and that was what displeased me about Pretty Odd. I do think that Ryan's getting better at singing, but I just... he'll never be a Brendon. So... it's a good song, but not my favorite. We'll see. (I do think, however, that these two songs highlight in neon orange with a few spotlights and wailing sirens the totally real musical rift between the two halves of Panic. I just can't imagine the people who made those two songs sitting in the studio and trying to make music together. So... it makes sense. I just hope they're on good terms.)

I AM excited about the new Cobra album. Two weeks eeeee!

The new The Used video for Blood on my Hands is disturbing in all the best ways. The cinematography is unsettling and fantastic, and Bert is just as insane as usual! I just wish the camera made a little more love to his bandmates, but what can you do. I also like the twist that he's a serial killer who kills serial killers! HELLO DEXTER. Hahaha. Made of awesome. I'm still faintly disappointed about the album as a whole, but I do like it, and a couple songs have really grown on me (particularly Empty With You).

Bandom is AWESOME right now, you guys. MCR SHOWS IN LA THIS WEEK WHICH MEANS PHOTOS AND VIDEOS AND REPORTS AND DEFINITELY NEW MUSIC AND EEEEEEEEEE. They're still my most MOST favorites. :> (Oh, and there's THIS. Gerard Way, you HYPNOTIZE ME.)

Today in the Life of Anne: my professor/PI called me SMART. *beams*

Completely unrelated piece of news that might be of interest to some: Jaida Jones and Dani Bennett's new book is out! It's called Shadow Magic and you can get it from Amazon. However, I looked up some reviews and... the book is about different characters! :( It's a sequel to Havemercy but entirely different people are the focus. I'm rather disappointed, I must admit - Hal! Royston! Thom! Rook! I loved them so much and needed more. But I trust them a whole lot as authors, so I'm obviously still going to pick it up. I'm just kind of surprised.
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Sean Maher just got cast in a film! As the main (male) character's boyfriend! AGAIN! This is a hilarious typecasting trend, my darling Sean, but I am really not complaining. Heeeee. I would prefer to see him as a lead in a show, but at least this is SOMETHING. My life is a little empty with no Maher in it. :( (Hilariously, the boyfriend is played by that guy who was the sheriff in Eureka. Ahahaha. I can't wait!) (LOL, I actually have a tag for Sean Maher. MY LOVE IS TRUE AND DEEP.)

When I was walking home today, I walked by a guy who reminded me, instantly and simultaneously, of Spencer Smith and Luke Skywalker. Ahahahaha, what. Brains are weeeeird. And the impression didn't go away when I looked at him again! His hair was very Luke, and his face was a weird mix of both, while he was built more like Spencer. Idk!

Today was a VERY tiring day. This is partly because I went to bed way too late, and then I forgot my coffee mug so I also didn't have a container to put water in all day, and I do think that not hydrating all the time really does a number on my energy. So I got home, watched the Merlin episode To Kill a King with my uncle (SOOO GOOOOD. I would bang Morgana like a screen door, just sayin), and now I am flopped in bed watching Bones. I just watched the episode with the hockey and the ice skating (4x13) and my eyes are like this: ♥_________♥ Sigh! Now I need to go finish reading a really important paper that just got published today which radically changes how we're going to approach my project. It basically answers the big and cumbersome question we were asking first, and allows us to get much more sharp and targeted with our question asking. How fun! \o/ But kind of scary too, because hi, I only have 5 weeks left! And no data yet! *flaps around* There were some complications with my experiment today, so I had to try something kind of weird overnight, and we'll see in the morning how it went! *hands*

So I'm trying to make a decision. I'm probably definitely going to that symphony concert that William Goldstein invited me to (the guy I met on the plane and all that) where his pieces are being played. It's Saturday night, and a 2.5 hour drive away. I don't particularly want to stay in a strange city where I don't know anyone overnight, so I'll probably be driving back that night, which means I won't get back til... probably midnight at the earliest. What I'm trying to decide is if I want to bring someone with me. It's kind of a long trip to go on with someone I don't know that well, you know? But there are a couple girls that I think would be interested and I think I'd have fun with... hmm. I think I will ask them, because it's more fun to road trip with someone! And that way if Bill doesn't have much time to talk to me, I won't feel all lonely and awkward. So that's decided! We'll see if anyone actually wants to go now, haha.

I'm sorry I haven't given you guys questions yet - see above re: very exhausted! I'm going to give that a stab soon though, I promise.

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