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A brief update because I feel like I neglect my LJ far too much these days!

Basically to sum up, everything from my last post is still pretty awesome. Indoor soccer was great again, except for how I managed to INJURE myself, god-fucking-dammit. I pulled my quad in high school and I managed to aggravate that old injury pretty badly tonight. :( I really hope the pain will pass quickly, because I don't want to be hampered for next week. I guess this is what I get for not treating my body right for several years. Oops! But the game was much more even this time, we won 2-0, and the guys and gals on my team continue to be really lovely. Iker!goalie is still super hot and super competent, so that is definitely not a bad thing. :D

Science is awesome with a side of terrifying - so many new things to do! Will I be up to it?! Eep. But it's exciting too. :)

And Matt is... Matt is kinda super awesome. I'm really enjoying this thing we've got going so far. Sunday, we went to see Inception (!!!!!!!!! TOM HARDY, PLZ DO ME. OR DO J GORDON-LEVITT. He was JANOVEC in BoB, you guys! <33333) and then back to his place where we just hung out, listened to The Postal Service on vinyl, and exchanged backrubs. I'm super comfortable with him - everything is at this really lovely place of affectionate physical intimacy that's really just cuddly and sweet, so I don't feel pressured or scared like I did with Dave. Basically the speed is lovely and I'm really enjoying it. Today, I went to visit him at the cafe after I left lab, which basically meant hanging out with my laptop, getting a free mug of AMAZING HOLY CRAP coffee (Intelligentsia's Summer Solstice - UNF. I didn't need sugar OR cream!), chatting with the German owner of the coffee shop, and meeting several of Matt's friends. Oh and flirting with Matt outrageously of course. :) It just felt like such a lovely, comfortable, domestic scene and I enjoyed it tremendously.

Fun story - a couple of Matt's friends had just walked in, and Matt called across the room to ask me what kind of coffee I wanted. I flirtatiously said "Why don't YOU decide for me?" A few minutes later, Matt introduced me to his friends, and the girl said "Ohhhhhh! I WONDERED why you were being so flirtatious! That makes more sense now!" And I just laughed and laughed, but I was also delighted because the fact that she recognized my name meant that he's been talking about me, which is rather :DDDDD. Hee!

Also, the other day he described himself as a "radical feminist", which is A++++++ in my book. It's hard enough to find a guy who will understand feminism, let alone one who IS a feminist. And he's not a poser - he's studied this shit and he really believes it. I said something like "I'm sorry I need to shave!" and he just shrugged and said "Why? I don't care. That's your choice." And I was like sdlkfjlskdf awww! I got big hearts in my eyes! ♥

My #ger girls on Twitter continue to brighten my life, as does Die Mannschaft itself. Today a video came to light which was a MONTAGE OF GERMAN FOOTBALLERS HUGGING that had AIRED ON GERMAN TELEVISION. Ahhhh I love Europe. ♥ Oh and I caved and ordered Die Spieler! COME TO ME, 200 GLOSSY PAGES OF MY BOOOYS.

I also spent this Saturday with my cousins and my sister at a Renaissance Faire! Always an amazing time. We saw REAL JOUSTING, as in, huge ass horses and genuine lances. It was a father against son joust, and the son (19 years old and adorable) got brutally unhorsed. Took quite the fall in 150 lbs of armor! He got back on the horse though, which was very impressive. That was a fantastic sight! And my favorite Ren Faire act, the Rogue Blades, was there, YAY! I've seen them probably 6 or 7 times now. :D They're a comedy-sword fighting troupe, and they've had the same skit for years upon years, but I always always love them. This year, they spontaneously added a fun twist where it became a Star Wars adlib on top of the usual plot, so they pretended their swords were light sabers, made sound effects, and called the short one Yoda. It was phenomenal. <3333

How are you, darlings? I'm ashamed to say I'm falling more and more chronically behind on my flist. :( I miss you!
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So I had yet another adventurous weekend of fun! On Friday after work, I drove up to my cousins' so that we could go to the Renaissance faire on Saturday. The morning dawned dark and stormy, but we went anyway, hoping it would clear. When we got there, it was still raining, but not as hard, so we went in to the almost empty faire, where vendors were huddled under their tents. About 15 minutes after we got there, the sky opened up with another deluge, complete with teeth-rattling thunder, so we sheltered in an armorer's booth. After that passed, it rained rather lightly for another hour before it finally stopped, and the sky gradually cleared to yield a sunny, extremely muggy day. I almost missed the cool rain! The day was a fun adventure anyway. I bought myself a costume for the next faire we go to, and all the ones we'll be going to in the future - I don't have a picture yet, but it's a long grey-green dress with pretty bunched sleeves that flow away from my elbows, along with a cream bodice with a curly golden pattern all over it, which laces up VERY TIGHT and makes my, ahem, endowment very apparent. *grins* It's totally sexy and I'm really excited to wench it up at the next faire, mwahaha.

My favorite part though was the HORSELESS JOUST. The horses would have hurt themselves in the deep mud, so instead the "knights" ran around poking each other with lances. It was hilarious. Here are a handful of photos from the day! )

Also during the weekend, Meg started watching the Angel DVDs I lent her - she's never seen it before, despite being a massive Buffy and Firefly fan and a general Whedon accolyte! We blazed through 6 episodes during the weekend and I think she loves it. We even watched I Will Remember You, because I had a moment of masochism, and owwwww my heart. I love that show so much. ♥ It's extremely bizarre to see David be all young and broody and foreheady, though, after watching all this Bones. He kind of seems like a different person! I love both versions though. :)

Then today Meg and I went to IKEA!!!!! Woo!!! It was an extremely successful trip, as you can see:

Those boxes contain 4 major pieces of furniture, and I got several other odds and ends, but the whole thing only came to $650! IKEA, ilusomuch. Meg and I had an absolute blast, even when we had to haul all those boxes into the back of the van in the ~90 degree muggy heat (ughhhh).

Come see what I bought! )

I love all of it SO MUCH and I can't wait to put it all together in my new room! Eee!

I was planning on going out for drinks with some of the girls in my program tonight, but I got home from IKEA around 4:30, sat down to catch my breath, then headed straight into my lab where I worked for almost 2 hours. There were some things I just really needed to get done. Then I got home and ate and showered but at that point I was like.... I want to lie in my bed and make an LJ post and watch Bones. Really. So I decided not to go. :( I'm going to plan a night out for next week though since it's my biiirthday, yay!

I hope you all had fun weekends too! ♥

Finally, I want to say a belated-in-her-time-zone but no less heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] schneestern!!! ILU. ♥
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