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Reasons why I should move to Dublin, Seattle, Canada, or the Arctic Circle:
  • I hate heat. I hate even mild heat. When it gets over 80, I am grumpy. Over 90, and I hate everything.
  • I don't like direct sunlight. It often gives me a headache. I strategically structure my walk to work so as to optimize the amount of shade I walk through. Lying in the sun to tan is anathema to me.
  • I burn/freckle rather than tan. Though the burn can turn into a light tan - hence my ridiculous farmer's tan/trucker's tan combo.
  • I hate wearing warm weather clothing. I don't like anything that reveals any more than my calves and arms up to mid-bicep (so capris and t-shirt). I feel uncomfortable and self-conscious with any more skin showing.
  • I HATE BUGS. All the bugs that come out to play during the summer seriously gross me out.
  • I dislike sweating! (From heat - from working out I don't mind.) I hate the tacky feeling of my skin after the sweat dries.
  • I looooove hoodies and long pants and snuggly sweatshirts and scarves and every kind of WARM clothing.
  • I also love hot tea and hot cappuccinos, om nom.

SO BASICALLY I HATE SUMMER, is what I'm trying to say. And this is summer in the midwest or northeast! Can you imagine me trying to live anywhere further south?! I'd DIE and/or move into my air conditioned lab. The only things I like about the summer are thunderstorms (when I'm NOT driving in them) and flip flops. That's it. Otherwise, GIMME FALL OR WINTER OR EARLY SPRING RIGHT NOW KTHX.

I really do genuinely want to move somewhere where it's frequently overcast and drizzly. Call me crazy but it totally suits me.

Only four years to go in Michigan... :P

This post is brought to you by procrastination.
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So I seem to remember that in the semi-recent past, someone on my flist made a post with a bunch of advice about buying plane tickets. I can't remember for the life of me who it was! Does anyone remember this post? If you're the one that made it, please tell me! I'm going to Dublin next summer and I think there was some useful advice on that post regarding when to buy tickets and such.

Thanks! ♥
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This is the most winningest smack down of Twilight I have ever seen.

You go Buffster! \o/
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I promise this will brighten your day:

Even Jason Segel is almost crying laughing. Just watch it :D
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Thanks for all your lovely wishes on my departure post darlings! *squishes you all* I just wanted to drop by and say that I have arrived safely and happily, was immediately fed extensive amounts of food and tea by Niall's parents, and then fell into bed for a four hour nap. It was glorious. I forgot how late the sun sets here! It didn't start to get really dark until half nine (9:30 for you Americans - gotta get back in the lingo!). Niall and I took a walk around his little town because it was GORGEOUS today. Sadly it will probably rain tomorrow, but that will be more like the Dublin I love and remember fondly. ;)

A very strange and wonderful thing happened to me on my trip over! I was sitting across the aisle on my transatlantic flight from an older man. I had noticed some odd things about him, like he was being served different meals even though he was in coach class, and he had been reading a script during the flight. So at the end, I asked him if he was a director or something, and he said "Or something..." and it turns out he's mostly a composer, and a pretty major one from what I gather! His name is William Goldstein, which may mean something to some of you. (His website)

Anyway, we talked for the last 20 minutes of the flight and he totally took a shine to me, saying that he wished he had started talking to me earlier in the flight, aww! We talked about a lot of things, and he kept saying things like "you have such a wonderful mind!" or "You have a very observant eye, it's a rare talent, natural curiosity!" and every time I blushed and said thank you he said "Don't thank me, it's not my doing!" He was such a sweet, intelligent, witty, lovely man, I really had a great time talking to him. When our paths were to diverge (him to baggage collection, me to connections), we pulled over and talked for fifteen more minutes. When he pulled out his wallet to give me a business card, the first card on top was an Academy card, as in, the Oscars! He said "That's my Academy card - I can't give it to you though because I only have one!" Hee! He practically ordered me to email him so we can keep in touch, and I definitely will, because how often does that kind of chance happen to you, you know? The chance to know someone so obviously versed in the ways of the world and who has had an extraordinary life you can only imagine.

So! That was my morning! I didn't stop smiling for quite a while after that (he had boosted my ego ridiculously, haha) and then I got on a plane from Heathrow to Dublin and I landed and I has a Niall and YAY! Tomorrow I'm having lunch with Niall and Lou and Paddy and probably more of the biochem loves, then I'm going to wander my beautiful city and hopefully see more people, then drinks at the pav, then who knows!

Life is good. :)
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I myself would call this one a WIN WIN WIN.

Someone over at BMW got a raise! Hee.

Testing out the DW crossposting thingamajig... success!

Two DW questions: How does one edit a post without having to search for it through "Manage entries"? Also, most of my imported icons were inactivated since I didn't buy a paid account, but I just tried to use an inactive one on this post and it worked the first time, but has now reverted to the default as I'm editing this. I'm confused!
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Note to self: six hours of sleep is NOT, in fact, enough, so you should go to bed RIGHT NOW and get about 7. Do not pass go, do not watch another episode of Friday Night Lights. Even if Lyla's little heart is shattering right before your eyes, even if Tim Riggins is bursting your ovaries by hanging out with a doofy little 10 year old, even if the Taylors put a zillion hearts in your eyes, even if Tyra is finally realizing her sparkling potential.

GO TO BED. *stern face*

(You guys you guys the next episode is MUDBOWL!!!!!! Do I have the strength?!?)

ETA: Okay fine, so I'm weak. But that is one of the most powerful hours of television ever made, I think. (Tyra!!!!!!)
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I was somehow unaware of this discussion currently going on, but [livejournal.com profile] esorlehcar linked the following post and I think you all need to read it:

Observe & Report: On Real Rape

Apparently (and these things still manage to shock me) this movie (Observe & Report, Jody Hill's new movie starring Seth Rogan and Anna Faris) contains a scene in which Rogan's character has sex with Faris's while she is drugged out of her mind and unconscious. It is supposed to be funny. She wakes up for a bleary moment and tells him not to stop - so he doesn't. This is the punchline.

Actual tears of rage.

That post is so much more eloquent than I could ever be, but suffice to say that it's really hard not to completely despair in the face of attitudes like these. To know that many guys (and maybe even girls!) I know or at least am acquainted with will go see this movie and laugh at this scene makes my stomach twist painfully. And the fact that Jody Hill lifts this scene up as something "edgy" and "hilarious" is just as painful. It's not even the product of some studio pushing for it, or something ignorant - it is a willful act of subjugating the right of a woman to her own body for the purposes of humor and entertainment.

I am so, so angry. And sad.
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There's this girl in the chemistry department that I don't like very much. It's one of those things you can't explain, she just rubs me the wrong way.

Today she's wearing a TEAM EDWARD t-shirt. Complete with sparkles.

Clearly my people radar is in tip-top shape. :P

PS. My Africa exam went pretty well! And with that - I am done with normal tests in college! :O So bizarre. And today it is sunny, warm, and beautiful, and I want nothing more than to be sitting outside reading. Instead I am in my lab writing our manuscript. My life is awesome.

PPS. [livejournal.com profile] butidigress has an upload of the VENGANZA! video included with the USB key, which is their performances of Three Cheers stuff in Mexico. YAY. Go download!

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So apparently a tornado has been sighted 30 minutes from here. Heading for the College Center basement.

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It makes me sad that there's no fandom that I feel a burning desire to read fic in. Mostly I just want more of [livejournal.com profile] anshin_fanfic's Eddie/Adrian series, but she seems to have slowed down a lot. :( I might go back and revisit some SGA, or Due South.... hm. (SGA is definitely a fandom where the fic will NEVER get old. It's just... so well DONE, and not necessarily linked to the show itself. The AUs are bloody brilliant. In contrast, I almost can't read SPN fic anymore - I simply don't watch through the same lens anymore! Jsquared is still fun, but I've just kind of... moved on.)

So in conclusion, I'm bored on the internet. I'm mostly looking at apartments in Ann Arbor (this one is GORGEOUS, holy crap) but it feels fruitless because I don't even know when I'm going to be there yet so I can't contact anyone or anything.

Tonight, Michelle and I watched awesome things. "She" from episode one of Angel, when Wesley and Angel dance like dorks, and BAI LING guest stars (fans of Go Fug Yourself will know why we loled). Episode 4 of Pushing Daisies, which is the most glee-inducing show ever. And I made Michelle watch Imagine Me and You with me and she concurs that Matthew Goode is stupidly adorable and hot. (Of COURSE. \o/) And that ASH is made of pure win. Yay.

Yeah... still bored on the internets. Hurm.
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I found a blog post made by Amanda Palmer completely buried on Huffington. It's really interesting so I Digged (Dugg?) it and I think you should all go read it and Digg it too.

Amanda Palmer on Abortion, Rape, and Humor
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This will never not be completely hilarious:

I think everyone should do the VALENTINES DAY MEME! Basically, you send sweet comments about your friends to [livejournal.com profile] svmadelyn, and she compiles them into a big post where you can look and see what people said (anonymously) about you. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy! You make other people feel warm and fuzzy! A win win, if you ask me. Her description:

♥ All you have to do is pick 1-14 people on LJ in some fandom, any any fandom at all, and come up with a word or a phrase or short sentence to describe them (or hey, make icons like one person did one year, do whatever you want, I'll go with it), or just say something about why you like them/enjoy reading them/why you're happy they're around.

♥ Make sure you sign your LJ name, if you have one; it's easier for me to keep track. Then send them off to me at svmadelyn@yahoo.com, and I will compile a great, huge comprehensive list of what everyone's sent to me and post it on Valentine's Day. It's rather like a Secret Admirer/Valentine's Party theme. I will not be posting or telling anyone who sent me what at all. For example, if I were to get four separate e-mails describing Random LJ User, I'd just put all of the words/phrases in a list and post them for each LJ user that someone sent me phrases on.

So go spread some love!
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....Oh right. *goes to bed*
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Besides getting into a PhD program (!!!! :D), today was pretty ridiculously awesome!

I first headed into my high school again to see one teacher I hadn't gotten to before. We had a lovely chat over some tea and it was really great. It was just as we were saying goodbye that I got the call from Michigan, so I got a huge happy hug from her and it was lovely.

After that, I went upstairs and met up with my CORYN!!!! She was my best friend in high school, and an absolute darling of a girl. We sat down and chatted for over an hour about anything and everything. Including the new X-Files movie :D We were ridiculous about XFiles and Mulder and Scully together in high school, we were so silly! And she was like "Do Mulder and Scully hook up??" cause she hasnt seen it yet, haha. I really missed her! It was so wonderful to catch up. She's studying for the LSATs right now and planning to apply to law school! Crazy!

I also got to have a great chat with one of my teachers from EIGHTH GRADE. He's a really sweet guy, and was so earnestly interested in everything I'm doing. I mostly dropped by to ask him about the summer school at my old school that he's run for the past few years, and to see if there might be a possibility of my getting a job there this summer. He said there is! He isn't running it anymore but he told me to email the guy who is and tell him I talked to him. So that's a nice possibility!

THEN, when I left the school, I decided to drive home by the back roads instead of the highway for nostalgia's sake. I've gone on those roads thousands of times in my childhood, so driving them was almost instinctive for me. Until, that is, I got to Norwalk, where our path changed several times when we moved so I couldn't remember where to go! I just kind of kept driving, and ended up in my OLD old neighborhood, by the house I grew up in, ages 4-12. I loved that house. So I dropped by my street (a short, steep dead end - so many memories tied up in that little stretch of pavement) and noticed that my old neighbor's lights were on. There was this boy who lived next door, Sean, with his single mom. He was 2 years younger than me and we were attached at the hip for years. So I stopped and kind of chewed my lip for a while, then decided what the hell and pulled into their driveway. I knocked on the door and a small woman answered. "Are you Susan ______?" I asked. "Yes?" she said, confused. "I'm Anne _____, I used to live next door?" Her face lit with recognition and she said "Yes, wow, come in!"

It was more than I could have hoped for. We chatted, surprised and smiling, for a minute, and then she called upstairs, "Sean, guess who's here!" And as he came thumping down the stairs, "Anne _____!" "No way," said a deep, masculine voice, and then Sean rounded the corner. Sean. The scrawny kid I remember is now built like a truck, but in a very pleasant way. He's not terribly tall, but he's very solid and muscular and lean, and holy crap handsome. I was treated to a lovely hug, and then we all just stood around talking for about half an hour! I told them what I've done with my life, and they told me about theirs, and it was just really lovely. They're great people. I'm so glad I worked up the nerve to knock on the door. It brought back lots of memories being in their little house, and now Sean isn't just a vague figure from my childhood anymore. We're even friends on Facebook now!

So THAT was my day! I got into two graduate schools (well, one's a provisional acceptance) and saw lots of old friends. All in all I'd call it a win :)

Thank you all for your very sweet enthusiasm, by the way. It really warms the cockles of my heart! ♥
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Oh ELJAY! I think you all need a collective, massive SMISHING. *squeezes you all tiiiight* Everyone seems to be having a seriously awful month. NOVEMBER, YOU ARE ON NOTICE D: You gave us Obama, sure, but that doesn't give you the right to grind us all into the dust!

I think everyone who's feeling a little blue should watch this video: Capucine tells a story. It's a little French girl telling the most rambly and silly story you've ever heard, and she's got these massive anime eyes. She's really something else, and I promise you'll at least smile! There's loads more videos of her here, because apparently her parents have decided that a photo album is not enough! A Vimeo album is the new way to track your child's growth! It's kind of hilarious.

Anyway, yes, go and smile <3

I myself am taking a break from studying for biochem exam, ughh. I hope I do at least somewhat better than last time. :(
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So. Anyone out there familiar with the kinetics of redox reactions and their analysis using the Bronsted-Berrum equation and the effect of ionic strength on the speed of said redox reaction?



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My thermodynamics professor re: gas particles at 1000K: "Not terribly chemically romantic."

Music:: NONE. I miss my iPod, woe.
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Tonight I bring you your random dose of HILARITY. The link was brought to my attention by [livejournal.com profile] killerweasel.

IT'S A BATHING SUIT MADE FOR SEXIN THE BUTT (Quote TM [livejournal.com profile] unamaga)

I don't know if any work is being accomplished here, guys



In other news, X-Files sequel looking like it might actually happen! I know this has been said about 80 trillion times in the past four years, but THEY REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME, GUYS.

Combining the above, I give you Mulder in a speedo and Krycek trying SO HARD not to check him out )

Seriously, X-Files was the first thing I was fannish about, and the prospect of another movie makes me SO GIDDY :D
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