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Fucking hell. Note to self: if you ever need a good cry, just watch the last five minutes of Six Feet Under again. I just watched it on a whim and now I'm covered with snot and tears. MY HEART.

On the other hand, What a Catch bored me more than anything. I think that's a pretty eloquent statement on my investment in FOB. I'm glad you all like it though!

In two days I get to go to a RENFAIRE. I am so bloody excited. The day after? IKEA!!! Yay. I'm so glad I'm near Meg, finally - I've always felt that we'd be really super close friends if we got to live near one another, and lo and behold! She's a Renfaire and IKEA kind of gal. Aka, my kind of gal! :D

I really have nothing to talk about. I'm going to go watch Bones and then pack for the weekend! ♥
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So I finally finished Six Feet Under.

Wow. I just... that last sequence? Yeah. Wow. I already know that song really well, which was actually nice, because I wasn't distracted by it, and instead let it just wash over me as that genius, heartbreaking ending sank into my pores. And then I watched again. I mean... wow. Talk about a fitting ending. Absolutely gorgeous and satisfying and everything it should have been.

Jeremy said that it was kind of all about Claire, in the end. And I see that. I love her so much, so fiercely, and I hope that I have that kind of spark and fire in me.

Goodbye, Fishers, both originals and the new. It was a hell of a ride. ♥
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So for the first time in a long time, I'm doing some flist trimming. I think it's a bad sign when I view reading my flist as an obligation, I'm reading it on filters, and when I leave it for a day, the two big filters get to skip=200... each. It's just this huge burden, so I'm lightening it a little. Some decisions were easy, some were harder, and I'm likely to be doing a bit more trimming in the near future. I do apologize if I've hurt anyone's feelings, but the sad truth is that I have a horrible memory, and in this context it's even worse. There are people who changed their names a year ago and I still have not fully made the mental connection with the old name. There are way too many people whose basic lives just elude me - where do you live? How old are you? Are you married? Have kids? Are you in school? These are things you should know about your friends, but in way too many instances I don't. And it's not your fault, it's mine. Obviously. So I think it's rather unfair to keep some of you on my flist when I'm not absorbing anything from your posts. I wish you all the very best. And as usual, feel more than free to defriend me back. There seem to be a million people who have me friended, but I can't imagine any of them are actually reading this journal... so that means they won't see this post. Whatever! Defriend at will, I promise I won't get touchy.

I watched episode 5x10 of Six Feet Under tonight. Not the famously traumatic finale, but fucking traumatic all on its own, thank you. I spent the whole hour crying. So now I'm all quiet and headachey and pensive. I love it when good TV, good storytelling, does that to me. But I think I'm going to go watch a Bones episode to heal.
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I just watched Almost Famous - for the first time! :O I know, I know, but I have remedied the appalling gap in my library now. People have always said I have to see it, but I thought it was just some romantic comedy or something. Nobody told me it's a love letter to 70s rock! It was so wonderful. Billy Crudup is far more attractive with long hair, I must say. And little Patrick Fugit, aww! What an amazing cast, am I right? Just such a lovely movie, and I loved all the Led Zeppelin and Elton John and Allman Brothers and etc scattered through. I will always be thankful to Supernatural for introducing me to that kind of music in a real way. :)

The reason I've been so quiet (no posts in three days! :O) is that I was in Philly with my bestest, Michelle, for Wednesday-Friday. We had a lovely but all-too-brief time. I got to see her new apartment (adorable!) and meet her new kitten (Calypso, aka Caly, and TOO DARLING FOR WORDS OMG) and walk around Philly in the rain. :) But mostly I got to see my Michelle. We watched Friday Night Lights and Bones and talked and talked. It hurts that we're going to be so far apart, but our parents live in the same state, and no way is she done with me. (*waves* Love you girl!)

My new computer is amaaaaaaazing. I haven't decided on a name yet - I keep calling her a her because she's so sleek and sexy, and I also keep calling her a spaceship. I might name her Kara. I could be clever and name her Tami, after both River Tam and Tami Taylor! Hmmmmm. Decisions decisions. Regardless of her name, she's so freaking gorgeous and fast and perrrrfect whee.

I'm leaving for Michigan in 12 days. O.O This week is dedicated to finishing the feat of cleaning and organizing my room, doing my massive mountain of laundry, and figuring out what shit I'm bringing with me. Craziness! I can't believe it's so soon, but like I said many times before - SO EXCITED.

Fannishly, I LOVE BONES SO MUCHHHH. I've just been devouring it, om nom nom nom. I can't decide who's my favorite - everyone's amazing! I loved the episode where Bones got kidnapped and Booth rescued her (That's not a spoiler - I'm sure that happens at least three times, lol). They are so sweet and in love and I have missed this kind of amazing UST! It's interesting because objectively, they have a million similarities to Mulder and Scully, but in my opinion the dynamic has a very different vibe. Booth is a bit more over the top than Mulder, a bit more goofy, but he's also sometimes more intense and scary. And while Bones and Scully are both rational scientists, Scully was very much an elegant, worldly woman, while Bones is far more awkward and detached from the real world. I like that they're entirely distinct, because if it was too much like Mulder and Scully v2.0 I know I'd get annoyed! As it is, I'm in love. ♥ (Look, I even have an icon! Cuuuuties.)

I'm also all about Six Feet Under, even though everyone continues to sabotage themselves all the time. It could be like a horrible train wreck, but no one is ever hateful or unsympathetic, they're just human. It's an incredibly fine line, and the show has walked it nearly perfectly all five seasons. I know the finale is insane and heartbreaking, so I'm kind of bracing myself for that. I'm halfway through season 5 now - almost there! In fact, I'm gonna go watch some right now. ♥!
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I was watching Six Feet Under (episode 5x02) when suddenly there was SURPRISE CHRIS PINE! :D I gasped so loudly my dad and sister asked what was wrong, and they were in a different room! Heehee.

Look at that GQMF, goddamn! He's playing the high school version of a dead guy that the Fisher funeral home gets in, and he was friends with Nate Fisher in high school so Nate has conversations with him in his head. (I know - I love this show.) So he's all, like, 80s and a little douchey and a lot adorable omg. Captain Fine, hi how are ya! <3333

That totally made my evening.
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The interview with Zach Quinto in Playboy is just wonderful. They're actually quite good questions, and ZQ is SO well-spoken! Sometimes when I'm reading fic I think authors overdo it with the grammar and vocab, but no, he actually talks like a particularly well-written academic book! OH ZACHARY. We love you so. ♥ Unsurprisingly, my favorite part of the interview is when he talks about being half-Irish, and how it helps him 1) when he "sidles up to a bottle of Jameson" (UGH A MILLION HEARTS), or 2) when he spent a summer living in Galway. He says "the people in Ireland are amazing". I could not agree any more, ZQ!!! If I ever met him, we would totally bond over the amazingness of Ireland. Sigh, that PLACE. This BOY. <33333 (Plz note icon. I love this GQ motherfucker.)

Relatedly, have a darling Chris Fine/ZQ rec: read, eat, sleep by [livejournal.com profile] stereomer. You know she's awesome, so what are you waiting for? :)

So tonight I finished watching the first season of Leverage. I haven't talked about it much (at all?), but I started watching it a couple months ago with my best friend. A few thoughts )

Is there any good fic for this show? I definitely would not object to some well-done Elliot/Hardison, or definitely Hardison/Parker, they are SO SWEET. Or a party for everyone perhaps? :D Just curious if there's anything out there!

I think the show I'm going to tackle next is BONES. I've caught several episodes on TV, and every time I find myself making awwwwww noises at Booth and Brennan, and I really like the supporting characters, so yes. Looking forward to it! \o/ I'm also approaching the end of season 4 of Six Feet Under - ugh, I LOVE this show. I love it SO MUCH. It's dark in content all the time, and everyone's fucked up, but somehow it's not depressing, just eye-opening. The characters are just so... alive, which is a wonderful irony. Claire is 10000% my favorite, she is amazing. Sigh, FISHERS. ♥
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ENORMOUS PET PEEVE ALERT: It appears that EVERY PICSPAM in Merlin fandom is in this format - i.e., screencaps squished down to roughly 300x150 px and put into a single collage image. It's ugly and horrid and completely USELESS. Why has this fandom fallen prey to such a horrible habit?! I fully plan to remedy this with a FULL SIZE massive picspam showing off Merlin and Arthur and Gwen and Morgana and Uther in all of their glory.


I AM HOME! *flops* I was on the road with my little sister for 13 hours yesterday, and got home at midnight. It was pretty exhausting, but not all that awful. My sis is a great road trip partner, especially since we love all the same music. We listened to FOB, MCR, We The Kings, Paramore, The Hush Sound, Panic, Across the Universe, The Used, David Bowie, TAI - basically everything awesome :D And then i slept for 10 hours and now I'm refreshed and relaxed and just CHILLING. It's amazing.

I had SUCH a wonderful time seeing my family. All my little cousins are growing ridiculously fast. Sam, who is 14, is SIX FEET TALL. All my cousins are such darling kids, it was lovely to spend time with them. And Meg (my cousin but also a mom twice over who runs her own small business dyeing yarn) is everything I wish I will be when I grow up. We're so much alike. It's really great to just hang out with her and chat about all kinds of things. And her husband, Jeff, is such a great guy. I was really happy for him because he's lost 100 pounds in the last six months and he looks fantastic.

Now I am just hangin out at home trying to catch up on LJ. A whole week of LJ! *hands* But I can't not TRY, yaknow?

I've gotten through most of the first season of Six Feet Under. It's so GREAT. I love Claire and Nate and David so much <3

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a great new year! And now here we are, opening the book on the Year of the Obama, and I am very excited and hopeful. It's a huge year of change for me personally as well, what with graduating from college in 5 months, and possibly starting grad school in the fall, or who knows what else. Here's to you, 2009. Please treat us better than your predecessor.

I love you all, and it's good to be back <3
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Man, why am I so tired? It's vacation, I'm supposed to be getting infinite amounts of sleep and feel rested and happy. Tragically, I sort of undermine that possibility by staying up WAY TOO LATE reading Merlin fic and playing the game they have on the BBC Merlin website, which is surprisingly hard. I can't beat the last level! :P My mind also apparently doesn't want to get out of stress mode. My first night home, I had vivid and extensive dreams about things like forgetting to write a paper, or breaking another car key. THANKS BRAIN. But I think I'm slowly unwinding. It's an amazing feeling.

With all my free time, I've made a new header for myself! It's Merlin and Arthur being intense and pretty and I loff them. Go see! ---> [livejournal.com profile] exsequar I also added an interest icon for those boys in my sidebar :D

Today we had a present session with my Mom because my brother isn't coming to Ohio with us and therefore she can't give him his presents then. So she gave him his presents, and a few more were exchanged, and SHE GOT ME A NEW CAMERA!!!!!! :D :D It's beautiful and BLUE and TINY and the features are just fantastic - 8 megapixels!! My old camera was 3.2! I just ran around the house taking pictures of random things. The zoom is just stunning (3.0x optical zoom, plus digital zoom up to 12x). I will have to share some photos with you soon - right now I'm too tired to set it up :P This is my baby (in the blue) and I loff her. WHEE!

I've also been watching a lot of Six Feet Under. It's soooo gooood. &Nate;! &Claire;! &Dave;!

Despite not being very rested, I am having a LOVELY time hanging out with my daddy. For the past two days it's been essentially just me and him, and it's wonderful. We went shopping together for presents, which was very successful, and we've just been hangin out, watching the Discovery channel and eating his nom nom home cooking, which is one of the things I miss most about not being at home. Yay for Daddy time!

I hope you all are having wonderful holidays with your families. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! to all who celebrate, and HAPPY HANNUKAH!!!! for those who celebrate that, and HAPPY THURSDAY!!!! to everyone else! ♥
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My dear flist, some of you must watch Six Feet Under, right? I only recently remembered that Bravo was airing it, so I went to TiVo to set it up to record and found that I missed the whole first season and the second season is just starting. So, is it a good idea to start watching at the second season, or should I wait for some opportunity to watch the first season? If I won't be TOTALLY lost, re: characterizations and stuff, that'd be nice. If someone could just give me a nice succinct summary of the premise and the first season, I'd appreciate it :)

Also, does anyone have any Zeppelin they could upload? I've got Zeppelin III and I really like it :) In the immortal words of one Dean Winchester, ZEPPELIN RULES! *laughs*

I'm going to post my Christmas wish list, soon, I swear. Honestly.

Also, if you haven't read my Jsquared college AU ficlet, what are you waiting for? :D Thank you so much to everyone who's read and feedbacked! *hugs* More will be forthcoming at... some point!
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