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posted by [personal profile] exsequar at 05:23pm on 29/07/2009 under , , , ,
Flisty mcflist! I need your help. I have recently downloaded or borrowed a small stack of movies, and given how limited my free time is, I'm going to have to ration them. I need your help deciding which is the most important! I'm leaning toward Fast & Furious because I haven't seen it (muscle cars! Michelle Rodriguez! ....oh and maybe some hot guys? idk) but I want your ~opinions!

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posted by [identity profile] sorchasilver.livejournal.com at 09:26pm on 29/07/2009
The fruit question was HARD! I need tickies! Strawberry/pineapple/watermelon TIE! But I only have an icon for strawberry, so...

posted by [identity profile] exsequar.livejournal.com at 09:48pm on 29/07/2009
Hee, sorry! I was feeling sadistic ;)

All three of those are NUMMY! I approve of your fruit tastes :D
posted by [identity profile] hopelessfangirl.livejournal.com at 09:36pm on 29/07/2009
Ten Inch Hero is meh, but I recommend it anyway for the amusement.
posted by [identity profile] exsequar.livejournal.com at 09:48pm on 29/07/2009
Haha. I am totally unsurprised. It has Sean Patrick Flanery in it TOO, which basically means I have to at least TRY to watch it.
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posted by [identity profile] stele3.insanejournal.com at 09:37pm on 29/07/2009
Dude, I warn you, Ten Inch Hero is bad. Baaaaaaaad. Really bad. But it has a punk Jensen, so who knows, that might be your thing.
posted by [identity profile] exsequar.livejournal.com at 09:49pm on 29/07/2009
Heeeee. Really! I hadn't seen anyone on my flist say that, but maybe they all just decided it was best to let it lie. :P I feel a sort of moral obligation to try any movie with Jensen AND Sean Patrick Flanery though, so we'll see. :)
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posted by [personal profile] burnishedvictory at 09:40pm on 29/07/2009
*seconds the call for tickies on the fruit question*

If you like hot guys dancing and singing while not wearing shirts, I recommend Were the World Mine. The songs are guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

Have you seen this? The part you want to hear is at 1:25. Thank you Brendon. Without you explaining, we never would have gotten it.
posted by [identity profile] exsequar.livejournal.com at 09:50pm on 29/07/2009
Hehe, sorry! I know all fruits are tasty, but sometimes you have to be decisive. ;)

Hahaha. I really have no objection to any of those things. I think I'm going to like this film! :P

I KNOW. oh BRENDON. Be more twelve. *Facepalm*
posted by [identity profile] thediane.livejournal.com at 09:43pm on 29/07/2009
My vote in movies always tend to lean towards Edward Norton *___*

I really wish their were ticky boxes for the fruit. IL all fruit.

Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock! Ok, maybe you should watch more BBT instead :)
posted by [identity profile] exsequar.livejournal.com at 09:51pm on 29/07/2009
I do not blame you for this inclination in the slightest :D

Ahahaha. I love BBT so much. Leonard puts such hearts in my eyes, I love his little geeky self.
posted by [identity profile] wordsalone.livejournal.com at 09:47pm on 29/07/2009

posted by [identity profile] exsequar.livejournal.com at 09:51pm on 29/07/2009
THANK YOU. ANOTHER FAN. I'm not so sekritly going to choose F&F regardless of this poll, but I am saddened by the lack of love! COME ON GUYS.
posted by [identity profile] asimplechord.livejournal.com at 09:48pm on 29/07/2009
No lemon or lime?
posted by [identity profile] exsequar.livejournal.com at 09:52pm on 29/07/2009
I don't really think of those as fruit, in the sense of something you take a big juicy bite out of! Ymmv! :)
posted by [identity profile] vanitykidman.livejournal.com at 10:15pm on 29/07/2009
Brendon was an answer on the fruit question? Can I change my answer from blueberry?
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posted by [identity profile] iamsupernova.livejournal.com at 10:26pm on 29/07/2009
I think it's time for me to go through The Big Bang Theory again.... >:)
posted by [identity profile] fayemeadows.livejournal.com at 10:27pm on 29/07/2009
Ten Inch Hero - cute movie, worst message ever. But Jensen is hot, as is Danneel so go for it!
posted by [identity profile] exsequar.livejournal.com at 11:38pm on 29/07/2009
Haha, so I hear. Is Jensen at least good in it?
posted by [identity profile] fayemeadows.livejournal.com at 01:38am on 30/07/2009
Yeah, he's awesome. :D Per usual.
posted by [identity profile] musical-emjay.livejournal.com at 10:58pm on 29/07/2009
DURRR FAST & FURIOUS. I MEAN COME ON. WHAT OTHER OPTION IS THERE REALLY? (And TIH was so fucking TERRIBLE that not even punk!Jensen could save it for me)

Also, I reject your radio buttons on the fruit question. REJECT. Pineapple and cantaloupe are of the Devil, but everything else is my favorite, not to mention all the others that you left out, you heathen! Cherries! Nectarines! Peaches! Pears! Plums! Kiwis! Blackberries! WHAT ABOUT THEM, HUH? >:(
posted by [identity profile] exsequar.livejournal.com at 11:38pm on 29/07/2009
LOL ILURFACE. I'm going to start F&F RIGHT NAO. :D

Ahahaha, I'M SORRY. I made up that question in roughly a minute and just banged out whatever fruits I could think of. I am clearly an infidel! D:
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posted by [identity profile] bunnymcfoo.livejournal.com at 10:58pm on 29/07/2009
posted by [identity profile] harriet-vane.livejournal.com at 01:38am on 30/07/2009
posted by [identity profile] exsequar.livejournal.com at 01:52am on 30/07/2009
THEY KILLED LETTY. AND blew up the Chevelle SS! This is my face: >:( Sure, Brian and Dom are super gay for each other, but that's not why I love it. THEY KILLED LETTY!! D: D: Now, I'm still loving the shit out of it, but I was SO EXCITED for more Letty in my life. Idk, my love is irrational but true. *hands*
posted by [identity profile] wasoncedelight.livejournal.com at 01:52am on 30/07/2009
I had to come back because I forgot to ask: where are you getting eps of Big Bang Theory? I've heard such things and I want to check it out, but I'm having ridiculous amounts of trouble finding eps. :(
posted by [identity profile] exsequar.livejournal.com at 01:53am on 30/07/2009
There's several posts with links at [livejournal.com profile] ihearttvshows! If you're not a member, I can certainly look into hooking you up...
posted by [identity profile] wasoncedelight.livejournal.com at 01:55am on 30/07/2009
Yeah, the comm's closed til further notice. THWARTED!
posted by [identity profile] exsequar.livejournal.com at 01:57am on 30/07/2009
Okay, hmm. Well, the episodes are pretty small so I can start uploading the first couple for ya? I could steal links from iheart but I feel bad doing that.

I'll email you!
posted by [identity profile] wasoncedelight.livejournal.com at 01:58am on 30/07/2009
Thank you, sweetie! I'll keep looking on my end, too. And I'll ask my flist for help. <3
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posted by [identity profile] jamesinclair.livejournal.com at 02:23am on 30/07/2009
Dear Anne,

You should watch Chuck.

(I only just watched the season 2 finale because Id been saving it).

posted by [identity profile] strikesoftly.livejournal.com at 02:47am on 30/07/2009
The first Fast & the Furious movie tripped my embarrassment squick so hard I had to stop watching it like fifteen minutes in, but the gay is pretty much palpable. :D
posted by [identity profile] exsequar.livejournal.com at 03:05am on 30/07/2009
Haha! It's funny, and maybe partly because I got into FATF before I was in slash fandom, but I totally didn't see the gay until I got into fandom and noticed stray references here and there to Dom and Brian's epic love. I was like "but... Dom loves Letty! They're adorable! Brian's a douche!" My relationship with this series is not the typical one. :P I am around, in large part, for the cars. Hee. Oh and Michelle Rodriguez being covered in motor oil and being all badass and knocking the boys around. \o/
posted by [identity profile] strikesoftly.livejournal.com at 03:12am on 30/07/2009
LOL, I am like that with a lot of media that other people note for The Gay (eg. The Sting, which is a wonderful movie, but I never noticed slashiness -- and I watched it FOR slashiness), so I get where you're coming from.

Mostly I watched FATF because I have a strange and inexplicable love for street racing, though. *g*
posted by [identity profile] exsequar.livejournal.com at 03:14am on 30/07/2009
I love the racing bits too! Not specifically street racing, but I love cars that go vroom vroom. I very much appreciate Dom's taste for classic American muscle too, as a certain show *coughSupernaturalcough* may have given me a complete hardon for that. ;) I really enjoyed his Mazda RX-8 in the first movie though... mmmm. Meanwhile, Brian's cars are like ugly, toy-like things that have just been made to go fast. Lame!
posted by [identity profile] strikesoftly.livejournal.com at 03:18am on 30/07/2009
Bwahahahaha I find that rather appropriate, actually. But I would enjoy having Dom's cars around for eye candy, nom nom.
posted by [identity profile] candidlily.livejournal.com at 10:49pm on 30/07/2009
I was having trouble deciding for the fruit question, but then I realized Brendon was an option, and then it was easy. >>


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