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Tonight I got an amazing treat: I got to see Boondock Saints, the ORIGINAL, in the theater!! WOO! You may remember how much I FUCKING LOVE that movie, to the point where I can quote even the stupidest of lines. It was amazing to see it on the big screen, Connor getting all bloodied and worked up about his brother, Murphy's incredibly intense eyes, all huge and MOVIE SIZED. It was beyond wonderful. Then afterwards there was a fun set of interviews and behind the scenes footage, largely from the second movie but it was still hilarious and delightful. Norman Reedus, marry me plz. *___*

What made the night even more awesome was that my bb Francisco came with me! \o/ We loled together and it was fantastic. Then afterwards, because we had both come straight from lab and therefore had no dinner, we stopped at Red Robin and had burgers (well, I had a chicken sandwich) and I had a milk shake, om nom. I'd never heard of Red Robin but dayum it was tasty!

However, the problem with spending time with Francisco is that the more amazing it is, the more painful, because... I'm pretty sure I'm losing him. It sounds very much like he's leaning towards going to Florida. And it breaks my fucking heart. Every day I realize another reason I love him. And I really do - I love him, in a pretty intense way, and I don't think it's romantic at all (though if my life were a TV show, people would be shipping us HARD - whenever I wander into his lab floor, where I used to work, people go "what are you doing here??" and I say "picking up Francisco!" - it happens at least once a week!) it's just that I am so comfortable with him, and so pleased by his sense of humor and his perspective on life. Today we discussed our perspectives on faith. It was just a really beautiful, quiet little moment to share.

When he finally drops the bomb on me, I'm going to cry so hard my lungs come up. :(

So... yeah. Things were finally looking up, but this is tearing slowly at my sanity.
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Dave is so marvelously indulgent of me. Because I've been making obscene noises just at the THOUGHT of Ewan and George together for the past week, Dave came with me to see The Men Who Stare at Goats. It was funny! I enjoyed it. Certainly not the best movie I've ever seen, but Ewan and George, okay. Half of the movie is them flailing about and being idiots together, and it's glorious. And I SHIP IT. Just sayin. I could have done without Clooney's mustache, but at one point he grows his hair out shoulder length cause he's a big hippie, and it's beautiful, okay. Look! Adorable! Eee, favorites. <333333 (Yes, I have tags for these two men. I LOVE THEM. A+ casting!)

And THEN, Dave indulged me FURTHER by watching The Boondock Saints with me. Is he the greatest or what?! I noted that BDS II is finally out here (even if it sucks, I'M REALLY EXCITED OKAY) and he was like 'ooh yeah but I want to see the first again before I see that.' So I was like, that can be arranged! :D! And so we went to his place and cuddled and watched MacManuses be beautiful together. And I recited lines along with the movie because I am that person. 'Each day we will spill their blood til it rains down from the skies!' Ugh I love that movie so damn much. <33333

Every day I get more comfortable with Dave. I've never experienced this before. Yay warmfuzzies. :D

The problem with being so comfortable with him is that I never leave his apartment at a reasonable time, dammit. I need to be IN LAB in 7.5 hours. Sigh. :P Goodnight my loves!
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First of all, have you noticed Youtube's change of format? The videos are widescreen and bigger, it's really pretty!

But that's not the point of this. So you guys remember me squealing about the Boondock Saints sequel, and Julie Benz being in it, right? Well they've been asking fans for questions and I sent in a couple for Julie, and she ANSWERED THEM in a video!!!! She's so unbelievably precious and I'm kind of flapping my hands :D Hee!

My question is the second one (from Anne, obviously! I adore how she says my name, in the Southern twang she's put on for the movie). This is SO AWESOME! And I can't wait for the movieeee :D (Regarding the first question, YOU NEVER ASK ACTORS ABOUT FANFIC. Srsly.) I love how she talks about Joss and playing Darla. ♥!!
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SON OF ETA: My hearteyes right now are REALLY RIDICULOUS. In one clip we have Sean and Norm singing and giggling together, Sean showing off his dog and how much he loves her (Donut!), Julie Benz showing off her darling little puppy, and Sean and Norm with their arms around each other wishing everyone a happy All Saints Day! In an "Irish accent" which is now somewhat ludicrous to me but STILL HOT OKAY. AND THERE IS FACE PATTING!!!! *DIES*

(PS. I think Keltie Colleen is a precious sweetheart and anyone who says mean things about her will get hunted down by Conor and Murphy. Just sayin.)
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Because this amuses me far too much not to share:

In Boondock Saints, in the scene where they're stocking up on guns, they show a closeup on Murphy's bag and he's got boxes of Winchester bullets!! And thus, I'd assume, at least one Winchester gun. SWEET.
Music:: Boondock Saints :)
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Finally made my first Supernatural icon post. I'm really not happy with some of these, and my damn muse seems to have deserted me. Alas. Some are decent, though :P

[25] Supernatural (Sam, Dean, Sam/Dean, Jared, Jensen/Jared) (spoilers for 1x14 Nightmare)
[2] Sam/Dean fanart by [livejournal.com profile] ponderosa121
[5] Firefly
[3] Boondock Saints/Sean/Norman
[1] Sibling incest is fun! (Sam/Dean, Simon/River, Connor/Murph)

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    posted by [personal profile] exsequar at 01:44pm on 01/02/2006 under ,
    1) The UK Promo for Supernatural. OH MY GOD. Stunning and beautiful and dark and sexy and guh. The music is absolutely perfect. Jensen in that jacket makes me wobbly-kneed. Sam getting... groped, basically, but in a sensual, creepy kind of way by the woman in white is just fantastic. In the music: "You give yourself to him" and wow so slashy. It's so understated and yet so brilliant. With the blood on the wall, and her fingers - the hand on the window - the woman in white flickering briefly - guh. I am in love. The slogan they use at the end, the text: "Scary just got sexy." Fuck yeah. I think that might explain why I love this show when I hate horror movies :D
    ETA: A YSI link for it! http://s61.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1XQALG1H0OKYE1L54GAOCH24QE Watch it, you know you want to!

    2) And apparently WB commercials aren't a total loss! I downloaded one with a voiceover by Sam. Again, the music is beautifully haunting. And Jared's voice is so... soft, yet gravelly, and emotional. Here's what he says:
    Life will never be ordinary for us. There are powerful forces out here. Things that can't be explained. So we protect those who are lost, and afraid. This journey is our burden. Our secret. Our destiny.

    It's really hard to explain how affecting it is. At one point they show the shot where Sam sees Jessica on the sidewalk (what episode is that in? I've only seen it once and I don't remember) and then she disappears behind the phone pole just as he says "our destiny" and it gives me shivers.

    3) The preview for next week!!!! I watched it like 10 times in a row. cut for people who don't like previews ) I can't wait O.O

    In other news! I finally got a Boondock Saints poster, although it's only a little one because I really have NO room for any more gigantic ones. Hayden and Ewan are getting usurped from their position right by my pillow. Sorry boys! I love you still!
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    I do believe I've found the perfect song for a Boondock Saints video! Major kudos to [livejournal.com profile] burns_my_skin for recommending it to me. It's got crunchy guitars, a very viddable beat, especially in the beginning (which is so important), and most importantly, very slashy lyrics! But at the same time, the lyrics are nonspecific enough that I can really work with it. YAY.

    The song is "The Chemicals Between Us" by Bush :D
    Music:: The chemicals between us - bush (on repeat!)
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    Do you know what I would sell my soul for?

    A picture of Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery together outside of the BDS movie.

    Or the video that the BDS test images come from.

    Yeah, my soul doesn't go for much.
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    posted by [personal profile] exsequar at 07:26pm on 11/01/2006 under ,
    Alrighty, since several people expressed interest in the Boondock Saints music, I've uploaded it :) Now, it's not all the music in the film by any means. I picked and chose, since I had to pay for each track. But I think it's all the most memorable and re-listenable songs from the movie. (Except for that techno chant one - alas, that's apparently nowhere to be found on the internets). If you have a specific song from the movie you'd like to request that isn't in here, go for it. It also includes two mixes, I have no idea who they were done by, but they're music from the film along with various lines of dialogue. They're pretty cool.

    So here's the YSI link: http://s41.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0G2BX2HDYZ74Z11QGZB63TEL5R

    Music:: The Blood of Cuchulainn
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    So I wake up to my cell phone ringing at 11:30, and guess who it is? Sean! This is probably the 5th time he's woken me up by calling me, but this is the first time we weren't at *school*. Haha. He had a question about textbooks, but we just talked for a while, and it was nice! I've missed him.

    I finally laid my hands on the Boondock Saints songs, SWEET. If anyone wants me to upload them, I will be happy to :)

    Gilmore Girls was kind of blah, although there were some great scenes, now that Rory and Lorelai are talking. Yay.

    Supernatural was super-slashy. Teehee. The phone call? Awwwwwwww.

    SVU was... SVU. For some obscure reason, lately Elliot and Olivia have been taking cases separately, and while I still enjoy it, I miss what I love, and that's Elliot and Olivia working together. I mean, come on! Bah humbug.

    New Lost tonight, yaaaaaay. And Veronica Mars, but it's the same time, booooooo. Torrents, they are my friends.
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    So according to the IMDB message boards (not exactly reliable, I know, and rather lacking in intelligence, but still) Troy Duffy (director of Boondock Saints for those not in the know) has an "addiction" (I dunno to what), he and Norman had a falling out so Norman won't be in a sequel if there is one, and Duffy is looking to recast Murphy.

    Say it with me folks. WTF.

    If a sequel gets made without Willem AND without Norman, I refuse to see it. Ever.


    Off to watch the original to cheer myself up. *cuddles Murphy with his utterly Norman hand gestures of WTFness*
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    So I've discovered/created a new style that I absolutely love. I've been having far too much fun with it (ask Sara and anyone who talks to me on MSN :P). Somehow it seems to have sparked my Firefly iconning muse, so yay! Thanks everso to [livejournal.com profile] fragglebo for pointing me in the direction of the font "Violation," found at dafont.com, which I'm now using exclusively :D

    [14] Firefly/Serenity (various characters, Sean, Nathan)
    [1] Sean Patrick Flanery
    [2] Norman Reedus
    [4] Floating
    [9] Boondock Saints
    [30] Total

    NOTE: Some vagueish spoilers for Serenity.

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    I wrote fic! I wrote fic! Somehow I got this scene in my head where after connor and Murphy have their revelation in the jail cell, they *dont* go back to sleep. Hee.

    Title: Who's Your Big Brother?
    Author: Anne, [livejournal.com profile] starsouls1013
    Pairing: Connor/Murphy
    Rating: PG-13
    Word count: 1,205
    Summary: Connor and Murphy are alone in a jail cell. They've had a near-death experience and a message from God. Guess who's horny?
    A/N: This could easily have become smut, but I'm just not good at that, so instead you get the foreplay. Sorry!
    A/N2: If you haven't seen the movie, the joke at the end won't make much sense. So! Here's a brief explanation. In a deleted scene, the twins ask their mom who came out first, and she answers "The one with the bigger cock!" Murphy later looks at connor (who is naked) and raises his eyebrows with a grin - connor says "Don't you fuckin start, I've had ice on mine!" (He was icing because a woman kicked him, haha). So that's that.

    Whosoever shed man's blood... )
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    I must preface this with: I love my family, I really enjoy being with them for the holidays a lot, and I'm aware that Christmas is not about presents but about being with the people you love. I totally get that.

    But scrolling through my flist, people listing what they've gotten, makes me sort of realize what an economic nosedive my family's taken, heh. I suppose it's that whole paying for college thing.

    There's also apparently this thing that happens when you turn 18, where you suddenly have so few presents that you can no longer be in the "rotation" with the cousins and sibling but instead wait quietly, taking pictures, until they happen to dig up one of yours. It's just such a weird, sudden shift.

    That said, I got a DIGITAL CAMERA - which is excellent, but needs both a set of rechargeable batteries and a big memory card (I used up both in half a day). Finally I'll be able to take pictures at college!

    Also of note are SERENITY and Dark Angel S1. Both from my aunt, who is seriously the best present giver, um, ever. She's just... fantastic! Always knows exactly what everyone wants. Even the camera didn't make me beam like Serenity did. And Dark Angel, while I've heard of it, is nearly a mystery to me, but I've heard it's got Jensen Ackles, and it looks very intriguing - I'm excited!

    Also, sort of a Xmas present to me from me, Boondock Saints *should* be arriving in the mail tomorrow from Netflix. I've been going craaaazy not being able to watch it!

    Oh, and seriously one of the best presents, Sara ([livejournal.com profile] zeispunim) wrote me a absolutely gorgeous Firefly ficlet. It's River centric, but with a brilliant touch of Simon/River right at the end which makes me endlessly squeeful! Any Firefly fan should go read it, seriously! I LOVE YOU SARA!! *huggles madly*

    And HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone on my flist!
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    posted by [personal profile] exsequar at 04:42pm on 22/12/2005 under ,
    I watched Bladerunner with my dad last night (an oldish sci-fi movie with Harrison Ford). I thought it would be kind of hokey, but actually it was dark, slightly disturbing, and quite well done. I lost the plot a few times, but overall it was really good.

    I just now watched A Knight's Tale (I saw the picture of Alan kissing Heath in [livejournal.com profile] green_queen's boykissing picspam (Go check it out, like NOW. I'm too lazy to find hte link but it should be a couple posts down on her journal) and was like OMG fandoms colliding! and thus wanted to watch it again) and gosh I love this movie. It's so funny and entertaining and Heath and Paul Bettany are SO hot. Uhm, I have to admit that I was totally slashing them. When William (Heath) is Spoilers yaddayadda ) Yeah, I really love that movie. :D

    In other news, Boondock Saints arrived from Netflix today!! A million kinds of YAY!!! *bounces about happily* I'm going to pop that in now, (ETA: When I opened the disc, it was fucking cracked. From the center out to one edge, cracked all the way through. fuckin HELL) while I fold my laundry, then go make myself some dinner, then go see BBM!!!! It's a good day for movies, yes 'tis. Whee!
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    I am a big damn dork. And I love it so! I went to a party thrown by one of my old high school teachers for gingerbread cookie making today, and guess what I made.... okay, you didn't guess, that's fine, but I made a celtic cross in the shape of Murphy and connor's rosaries! I am so silly and blasphemous. But I bring pictures!! Also behind the cut are a couple before and after pics of my room, because my room at home looks so barren now that I've ransacked the walls in order to decorate my dorm.

    Not my gumdrop buttons! )
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    I finally watched the pilot for Supernatural! EEK.

    Wow. Wowwwwww. Wow! I'm in tears here, even though I knew what was going to happen! This was perfect, with the snarky awesome brotherly relationship, the drama, the entire thing. I already knew I liked the show, I've seen several episodes, but this has just cemented it. I've had it on my computer for a while, but was prompted to finally watch it when I saw the episode about Bloody Mary on TV tonight.

    For one thing, of course, I love the brothers. I'm particularly partial to that dynamic right now, being madly in love as I am with the Boondock boys. They have the same thing - the playful competition, the occasional smacking around, the tenderness that shines through when it really matters, that connection that just places them on an entirely separate level. I'm not sure I could slash them as readily as I slash the MacManus brothers, simply because Sam was so in love with Jess, and I respect that. But I do adore their relationship.

    I generally am not a fan of horror movies, which is why I was slightly leery of this show at first - but I have to say I love what they do with the scary factor. In the first ep, the woman in white - I am so entranced by how she moved, the jerkiness almost like she was shorting out. Especially when she's walking to the bottom of the staircase, how it's in fits and starts. And then the way she Spoilers... ) I get genuinely scared, but it's not in a bad way. It's in a fun way. And then there are the pretty boys to make me feel all better again.

    Umm, in conclusion, LOVE! ([livejournal.com profile] ringwench, you are so proud of me right now. I'm even listening to Matthew Good Band, and really enjoying it! This night is dedicated to you, darlin ;))

    ETA: I realized that I used a Boondocks icon on this post, when I clearly had a Supernatural icon uploaded. Um. Yes, I have a single track mind, thx.
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    posted by [personal profile] exsequar at 12:34am on 18/12/2005 under , , ,
    Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Sexy Vigilante Irish Boys )

    In conclusion: I am a Boondocks addict, and proud of it!
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    [8] Harry Potter (HHr, Emma)
    [3] Serenity (River, Mal)
    [5] Brokeback Mountain
    [16] Boondock Saints (Murphy and/or connor - includes 5 animated)
    [1] Boondock Saints header (Murphy and connor - with 3 matching icons)

    [1] River/Simon header (With 2 matching icons)

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