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Unpopular opinions time! It's almost exhilarating, I never have those.

Maybe I'm just an enormous wuss, but - THAT HURT. That hurt my heart and my soul and I am angry, okay! I am angry that they're doing this. It's unnatural and it's horrible and I know that's the point but - I didn't sign up for this! I don't enjoy seeing my two favorite characters ever spiral into pieces and break each other.

I feel like we've entered some bizarro world, and I am forever trying to find my feet, to see the Dean and Sam that I love in the characters who are on my screen.

I feel like an old woman, all "back in my day, everything was peachy keen and everyone's shit smelled like roses!" but.... it's just how I feel. I'm watching this show every week, I am, and I am horrified and invested and shouting at my screen, but the reason I am invested is because I am just waiting for that moment, that reconciliation that finally restores some sense of equilibrium. I didn't sign up for angels and Lucifer and the apocalypse! I want the dusty backroads of America back, I want those moments that make my heart constrict because Sam and Dean love each other so much.

I'm obviously here for the long haul, but if they don't return to the foundation of the show - which is that Sam and Dean love each other, full stop - I will, quite honestly, feel betrayed. They can go through this whole drama, okay, whatever, but they need to come out intact because it's what they do. That is the Winchester Way. And every second more of this is terrifying me that that's not the end game. If next season has them at odds, or Dean hunting Sam? Yeah you just try to make me watch that.

I'm still holding out hope. Everyone worth their salt affiliated with the show must know that SamandDean is their bread and butter. Not DeanandCastiel, not SamandRuby. Those are diversions. Except that I'm scared that I'm wrong there, that Kripke likes torturing us SO MUCH that he'll keep draaaawing it out and in the process commit character assassination.

That's enough bitching. I know it's considered raining on the parade, wah wah, but you know I've watched other shows about people who love each other where they keep loving each other! Shocker! Tearing apart your foundations just isn't necessary. And that's how I feel. I'll reserve my final judgment until the finale airs.

Let's take a moment to appreciate some of the moments in this episode. Little Colin Ford was so so awesome. And I was soooo happy to see Samantha Smith - however, is it just me or did she look REALLY different? Like her face has filled out, and she had a lot of mascara on or something? She was creepy, whatever was going on, but it was also a great scene. Oh Sam.

I think the most painful part was Sam hallucinating Dean bitching him out, intercut with Dean's anguished little face.

I do love that Dean was still able to find Sam, despite everything. Maybe there's still something there? Maybe? *hopeful face*

Sigh. I wish my show would stop hurting me. :(
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