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Moar pictures of fussballers! :D? My awesome friends are running a small Champions League fantasy league, and we all decided to do picspams of our teams. So I'm crossposting here!

You'll notice that I'm low on the Spain contingent - that's because several of the people in my league are Spain fangirls, and each player can only be owned by one person. So I just stayed away from that fray for the most part. :P But I managed to nab some ~Germans~ (really just Müncheners), including THE BEST GERMAN! My team is pretty crazily international though, coming from all kinds of national teams and clubs. Fun times! I think it's got a good chance of getting me reasonable points. I'm really excited for the whole thing to get started! :D

On to the picspam! I present, for your entertainment, my very own...

FC Callisto

Fussballers ahoy! )
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As posted by [livejournal.com profile] crediniaeth, a meme!

- Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal.
- Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
- Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on.

You get three guesses as to what my wallpaper is of. First two don't count. )

I really have been able to think of nothing but football (soccer...) recently. I honestly thought that after the World Cup I would sigh sadly and go back to my normal, football-less life, BUT NO. Bastian Schweinsteiger put his beautiful, strong hands around my heart and refused to let go. Honestly, I'm not complaining! *____*

Yesterday, Bayern München had its first game of the season with anything resembling its A-team! And it was the SUPERCUP! I watched it using a variety of crappy, pixellated feeds with German, Spanish, fuzzy English or no commentaries, AND IT WAS SO FUN! I figured I should document my first experience with a Bayern match, so come on behind the cut if you care at ALL! Bayern lifts its first hardware of the season! )

So in conclusion, YAY BAYERN!!!!!! It was certainly an excellent way to begin my time as a Bayern fan! \o/ I'm already very fond of the entire team, and I can tell this is going to be so much fun. I'm really really excited about the Bayern-Real Madrid (!!!) game next Friday - hoping for my boys to get some revenge against the Spain dudes. (Yes - I'm still bitter. Especially since it was BOTH the Euro and the WC, grr.) It would do my heart so much good to see Bastian triumph over Sergio Ramos and co. (Sorry, Spain girls. We know where my loyalties lie!)

So an awesome side benefit of this whole new footie obsession is that I've reconnected with an old, dear friend of mine, [livejournal.com profile] novafairy! She was one of my FIRST LJ friends, way back in 2005 in the Queer as Folk fandom! It's not that we've ever fully gotten out of touch, but we've both been very busy girls and didn't really have a fandom in common. But she's German and a huge Bayern fan, so this is a really great thing that we now share! I love you Steffi! <333 We're already discussing plans for me to go over and visit, tentatively for September 2011 during which there will be Bundesliga, international, and all other kinds of fun games! She lives near Munich so we could even go watch Bayern train, and I could possibly tell Bastian how much his American fan loves him. *g* Of course it would also just be marvelous to finally meet her, but we could have SO much fun with the football. Whee!

Oh man I can't believe I just wasted an hour making this post. I spent all of today in my lab, doing one experiment but also trying to put together my presentation of my research for tomorrow morning. I was woefully unsuccessful in the latter goal, and still have quite a bit to do, including going back into lab to do the last step of my experiment. Yes, it's 11 PM. *facepalm* Sometimes my procrastination astounds me.

OH ONE MORE THING! Last night, I went out drinking with friends for the first time in a MONTH - much needed, let me tell you. This included a neat whiskey from a local distillery, nnngh it was so good, but also made me very drunk very fast. :P Anyway, while we were out and having a blast, I saw a guy in a - wait for it - BASTIAN SCHWEINSTEIGER NATIONAL TEAM AWAY 2010 JERSEY. Oh my GOD. If you asked me what my favorite jersey in the entire world is, THAT WOULD BE EXACTLY IT. What are the odds?? Especially since they're not selling the away jerseys in America yet! He had to order it from Europe or a replica from Asia (like I did!). Now THAT'S dedication. I totally would have stalked him down and told him how awesome he was, but when I found him he was on a date with a girl and I didn't want to interrupt. It was still super awesome though. As was the rest of the night, including when we went to a German bar and drank a boot and sat at a table decorated with a panel on the wall that said München! Hee!

OKAY I'm going to go be productive now! I am such a failboat. I really did want to document this though. While I love Twitter and the immediacy of it, I hate that it is not recorded in any permanent way, so while I have to force myself to make LJ posts, I really want to do it to have an ongoing record of my life still. I am sorry that I've been so MIA - I'm unbelievably behind on my flist. :( Tell me if something astounding happened in your lives? ♥
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I love this team sfm.

HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! (Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] n720!)

That love is definitely trumping my melancholy and disappointment. This is a team of awesome boys who love each other, and that's not changed by this loss. Sure, they wanted the World Cup (who doesn't??), but in four years, all but 2 of them (Klose and ARNE :(((() will be still able to play for the Cup again.

I am not leaving them in the meantime! Last WC I was like "aw, too bad, moving on", but now they have set up shop in my heart and aren't going anywhere. What this means is that I will be following the Bundesliga next season! \o/ My favorites (Basti and Lahm) are on the same club team (Bayern Munich), so that's pretty much decided for me. *g* Hellooo to all my new Germany football fan friends here on LJ! It's gonna be an ongoing #ger party, woo!

I guess this is a bit of a heads up to my flist that I'll still be talking about their stupid faces. Instead of figure skating, I picked football. *hands* It really has been something of a personal renaissance - I have always loved this sport, but this WC reminded me just how much, to the extent that I'm joining an indoor "soccer" league starting next week! Yay! I haven't played soccer in over 5 years, but this WC has made me simply itch to have a soccer ball at my feet again. I can't wait to make that happen - even if I suck horribly, it's a rec league, so it should still be good fun. :)

Next up: learn German so I can understand my boys... :P

(I realize I still owe a NYC/American Idiot recap post! I WILL make it, because I want to remember that awesome awesome weekend, and I have great photos to share with you. I've just been so busy!)
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