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BAYERN WON YESTERDAAAAAY! On a literally last gasp (91st minute!) goal by Daniel van Buyten, of all people, but my boys fought and fought and deserved to come away with the win. Thank god, because we REALLY needed those damn points. It still wasn't very good for my heart - Lahm is playing atrociously, and I NEVER thought I would say that (and okay, he's playing fine, but for his normal standards? ATROCIOUS). And most horrible of all, Ribéry was supported off the field crying and yelling in agony - he'll be out for at least 4 weeks, possibly longer. :((( We... uh, kind of need him, especially without Robben. So THAT sucks. But we came away with the points and I'm clinging to that.

So in celebration, I bring picspam!

The ever lovely [livejournal.com profile] munkykiss messaged me on Twitter and was all, godammit, FINE, show me Germans! And I was all :D! :D! OKAY I WILL SHOW YOU MANY MANY ADORABLE WONDROUS GERMANS AND YOU WILL LOOOOVE THEM! :D! :D! I think I frightened her a little. But I promised to deliver, and even though this is much later than I planned, I COME BEARING GERMANS! In GIF form, specifically. Please see this huge post for a picspam of WC2010 - so much epic. <333 But for now, I was specifically asked for gifs, so here they are! Warning: THIS HAS A LOT OF GIFS. Do not enter unless you have GOOD internet and your computer won't die. Consider yourselves warned!

Ich liebe die Deutschen! )

And there you have it! A highly biased selection of my darling, beautiful Germans being cute and badass and hugging each other a lot. :D I hope you enjoyed!
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Usually when I'm this obsessed with a fandom I can't stop posting about it! Since I have my Twitter outlet (I GOT PUT IN TWITTER JAIL FOR TWEETING TOO MUCH ABOUT THE GERMANY-BELGIUM GAME YESTERDAY LMAO) I feel like I get enough squee out there, BUT I need to have my love for one Bastian Schweinsteiger on the public record. :D I just threw together a picspam for an [livejournal.com profile] ontd_football post in roughly five minutes, so I'm just gonna slap it up over here so I can come back and chinhands at it from time to time. I'm trying not to stress about making it too comprehensive because I have literally 450 PICTURES OF THIS MAN on my computer, so I'm just letting it stand as is. SIIIIGH BASTIANO I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Image heavy! Fussball heavy! SEXY HEAVY! )

Fucking hell I love him. :')
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In order to distract myself from the semi-sucking black hole that is my real life at the moment, I am going to talk about the only bright spot: the German national football team. *___* I LOVE THESE BOYS SO MUCH. However in the last couple days, they have also been a source of stress, because I am so worried about Germany vs Argentina tomorrow that I could puke. Literally, I feel nauseated. The shit talking and mind games have not helped either - Basti and Lahm, I love you deeply, but please stop running your mouths. :(

So in order to re-focus myself on something super positive and excellent, I am going to picspam my dearest darling bbs and all of the joyful adorable things that they have done at this World Cup! They REALLY REALLY like to hug each other, you guys. IT KIND OF MAKES MY LIFE.

Come coo at the pretty boys with me! AND HOLD MY HAND AND TELL ME MY LIFE WON'T END TOMORROW.

Die Nationalmannschaft welcomes you in with hugs and pounces )
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