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I just caught P.S. I Love You on TV and I am a sobbing mess. It has IRELAND! And IRISH PEOPLE! That's of course not why I'm a wreck but I think it helped the whole movie have a bigger impact on me.

Jeffrey Dean is so sparkly and wonderful! His Irish accent is faintly hilarious, but it actually really wasn't that bad. I think he was perfectly cast as the guy with the guitar that makes all the girls' jaws hit the floor, cause HI MINE DID TOO. I could just curl up in his dimples forever, hee. Jeffrey Deeeeeen <3 And! And! He was playing guitar in WHELAN'S, which was literally down the street from my apartment in Dublin, and where I saw one of the best concerts of my short life (Tom McRae! <3333).

Gerard Butler was so dashing and charming and wonderful and gorgeous and OH how I wish to be swept off my feet like an Irish lad like that. Basically this whole movie made me want to marry an Irish boy and live with him in Ireland. Shocker!

But I think the reason I cared so much was Hilary Swank. She is just such a warm and sympathetic presence. When she broke down, *I* broke down, like full on sobbing right along with her. I just can't help but feel what she's feeling! Such a lovely actress. Kathy Bates was marvelous as her rather damaged mother who tries so hard to care for her little girl but has difficulty because of her own issues. Harry Connick Jr. was endearing and sweet as well. And James Marsters was in it for like, five minutes, but he was James Marsters!! <333 I also loved Lisa Kudlow, she's so lovely.

Basically I loved it a whole whole lot! All the shots of the rolling Irish hills made my heart go clenchy, and if the concept was slightly cheesy, they carried it off with lovely aplomb. I really empathized with Hilary Swank's emotional journey, and that's all I really ask out of a movie like this. I'm glad I randomly caught it!

Hey guys, guess what? I get to be in Ireland in THREE DAYS. Eeeeeee!!

(Next up on HBO: The Perfect Storm! George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg, om nom! I wish I had HBO all the time, haha.)
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I am back after my two day absence! You probably missed me HORRIBLY, didn't you? Crying in your tea, all of you. Well, now I am back, so you can cut that out! *beams*

...what's that? You didn't even notice I was gone? Something to do with some pretty odd music? And some pretty odd boys who made it? Well, I suppose I can forgive you ;)

I was busy seeing this:

Two days of rolling green hills, lots of sheeps and ponies, then suddenly looming crags of harsh limestone which plunged directly into a blue-green sea. All this with the sun beaming down, clouds flitting about and occasionally spitting on us a little (and, on one memorable occasion, delivering a 2 minute blast of driving rain and swirling flakes of snow, only to reveal the sun literally minutes later) and a biting cold wind. It was pretty fucking Irish, and it was wonderful. The sisterthing, Daddy and I found a gorgeous B&B directly on the coast just outside the little village of Ballyvaughn, owned and run by - wait for it - Annette and JOE FLANAGAN. (I can't tell you how much I giggled when my dad told me that. Someone write that AU, stat! :D) We basically drove around the wilds for two days, our only major touristy activity being going to Bunratty Castle, which was gorgeous. I seriously felt like I was in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. Our little rental car is positively coated with mud (tiny, TINY roads! meep) and basically it was one grand adventure. We had a wonderful time. I have over 300 pictures from that trip and our drive down into the Wicklow Mountains to see Glendalough Abbey, and I want to select some and make a picture post, but who knows if I'll actually do that. So here, have my favorite shot from Glendalough:

Precious babbling brook tumbling through the Irish countryside in a vast valley, with the ruins of Glendalough Abbey in the distance and a very strange mountain looming up to the left - it looked like the African savannah! So cool.

I'm rather in love with my beautiful little country. I'm so glad I really got to explore it before I leave. (I DUN WANNA GO! *sniff*)

Meanwhile, Panic at the Disco is daaaarling, Pretty. Odd. is growing on me (thank god), I still haven't gotten a shipping confirmation email from FBR for the Deluxe Edition (fuck you very much), and Torchwood is prettttty much made of win.

How are you my loves?
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I've never been upset about being busy on Monday nights before, but now my entire flist is full of reactions to BOTH Heroes and Black Donnellys and I'm very depressed by this. Especially since I won't be able to watch either of them until Wednesday at the VERY earliest. SIGH.

Only one more Winchester-less Thursday... I can do it. *determined face*

(I don't really understand how my mood icon is jealous. He's saying "You have to watch out for me". Color me confused!)

ETA: I am also down in the dumps about how many cons are getting put together that I CANT GO TO. Some are too far away; others are while I'm in Ireland. I'm trying to hold on to the fact that 1) Wincon last year was the best weekend of my LIFE, and it's likely that any attempt at a repeat experience would fail miserably, not least for the lack of some of my favorite people, and 2) IRELAND. So. Yes. *another determined face*

....I need to read some happy McShep. *goes off to do that*
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