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I just caught P.S. I Love You on TV and I am a sobbing mess. It has IRELAND! And IRISH PEOPLE! That's of course not why I'm a wreck but I think it helped the whole movie have a bigger impact on me.

Jeffrey Dean is so sparkly and wonderful! His Irish accent is faintly hilarious, but it actually really wasn't that bad. I think he was perfectly cast as the guy with the guitar that makes all the girls' jaws hit the floor, cause HI MINE DID TOO. I could just curl up in his dimples forever, hee. Jeffrey Deeeeeen <3 And! And! He was playing guitar in WHELAN'S, which was literally down the street from my apartment in Dublin, and where I saw one of the best concerts of my short life (Tom McRae! <3333).

Gerard Butler was so dashing and charming and wonderful and gorgeous and OH how I wish to be swept off my feet like an Irish lad like that. Basically this whole movie made me want to marry an Irish boy and live with him in Ireland. Shocker!

But I think the reason I cared so much was Hilary Swank. She is just such a warm and sympathetic presence. When she broke down, *I* broke down, like full on sobbing right along with her. I just can't help but feel what she's feeling! Such a lovely actress. Kathy Bates was marvelous as her rather damaged mother who tries so hard to care for her little girl but has difficulty because of her own issues. Harry Connick Jr. was endearing and sweet as well. And James Marsters was in it for like, five minutes, but he was James Marsters!! <333 I also loved Lisa Kudlow, she's so lovely.

Basically I loved it a whole whole lot! All the shots of the rolling Irish hills made my heart go clenchy, and if the concept was slightly cheesy, they carried it off with lovely aplomb. I really empathized with Hilary Swank's emotional journey, and that's all I really ask out of a movie like this. I'm glad I randomly caught it!

Hey guys, guess what? I get to be in Ireland in THREE DAYS. Eeeeeee!!

(Next up on HBO: The Perfect Storm! George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg, om nom! I wish I had HBO all the time, haha.)
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So ya'll know that Dr. Who/Torchwood nonsense you've been squealing about? Well I'm finally CAVING. *shakes head* It was only a matter of time.

I expressed interest to Michelle about seeing Torchwood, and she was like oooh well first you should meet Jack! So she showed me the first ep that Jack appears in (The Empty Child and the second part, which *shivers* CREEPY!) and then the two part season finale (we skipped the one in between, except for the beginning scene with "Through TIME! and SPACE!" Cutest EVER) and oh my god, SO GOOD! *flappyhands* I love Rose and the Doctor and JACK! Oh JACK. When he's in that white tshirt, holding the gun and speechifying impassionedly? I THINK I FELT MY OVARIES EXPLODE. Nnnnngh.

So now Rach has pointed me to where I can acquire Torchwood, and I'm on my way baby!

Also, LOOK! I already have an ICON! Because seriously, that man's smile? Is shockingly, mind-bogglingly brilliant. Good lord.

Oh also! I was watching ep 3x12 Provision of Angel, and I saw in the guest names JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN! I squeaked really loudly and flailed about. And he was lovely! All young and round faced and smooth and suitified and awwwww JEFF! *snuggles him* Also? His part was so ridiculously gay, I can't even *hands* His "business partner" had died, and he was going to these ridiculous extreme lengths to get back his friend's watch from the vamps that killed him, because he (Jeff) gave him the watch. I mean, COME ON. That couldn't be any more gay if they TRIED. *loves forever and ever*


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