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Hi LJ!

A quick wander through my memories in search of McShep fic (hey, I was feeling nostalgic) brought me on one of my old posts where I mused about SGA fanon vs. canon, first discovered Tom McRae, and reported that my study abroad to Dublin would be cheaper for my family than staying in the US. It flashed me back real hard, to a much simpler time, when I was younger, more innocent, more introverted, but also connected to a beautiful web of people through this... place. Livejournal. And LJ, I miss you. I know you're fading, have been for ages, but I will not let you go until they pry you out of my cold dead hands.

I don't just miss the community. I miss the record of my life. I miss that every moment of my feelings was recorded here. I've tried keeping private journals but it just isn't the same. Pretty much impossible to keep up the same way, really, for me anyway.

In any case, have a kamikaze update!
Career change, boyfriend and migraines, oh my! )

Ummm so yeah! Things! Happening! A mixed bag but overall I'm doing pretty well. I still don't feel anything approaching a real adult but I'm trying to make steps to get there so we shall see. To Be Continued, I guess, probably a long time in the future.

Talk to me! Who's still out there? Anybody? Bueller?
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Last night I went to a fundraiser held by the graduate school. It was a night at a club that's usually very skeevy and filled with under-clothed or creepy undergrads, but because it's "spring" break would be just grad students. This place is a bit of a local myth so I figured I had to experience it at least once. Plus the cover went to Habitat for Humanity, so win win! A lot of people from my program showed, including many of my faves, so I had a blast getting a bit too drunk and dancing myself silly. Matt is apparently a fantastic swing dancer - who knew?

Some time pretty late, I was sitting in a corner with my roomie, taking a break from dancing and thinking blearily about going home, when suddenly a guy sits down. He starts talking. I blink, lean towards him, and say, "Where are you from?" He replies, "Ireland!"


So of course we talked for ages and it turns out he went to Trinity *at the same time I did* and WE HAVE FRIENDS IN DUBLIN IN COMMON. Not many, and not close friends, but enough that it kind of blew my mind. What the hell are the odds?

It was so wonderful to reminisce about Dublin and Trinity with someone who knows and loves them too. He's getting his PhD in Economics here in the hopes of becoming a professor at Trinity. It was also wonderful hearing his delightful accent rolling out "grand" and "bollocks". Oh my gosh it was delightful. We even bonded over Father Ted! He was cute enough, a bit awkward looking but just very.... IRISH, so you know, I'm easy for that. I wouldn't say we were sparking exactly (unfortunately!) but it was just a wonderful conversation. I got his number but he hasn't replied to a couple texts I've sent, soooo I dunno.

BUT THEN TONIGHT. I went to my friend's house for his weekly potluck, which I go to all the time. It was mostly familiar faces but there was one guy I didn't recognize. Somehow it came up that his roommate was Irish, and I was like oh, where's he from, blah blah, I show interest in all Irish people. But later on, the guy mentioned something about economics and I was like, hang on. What's your roommate's name?


So basically life is shoving this guy in my face. However it doesn't seem like he's interested? I don't care about that so much, I'd really just love to have coffee with him and hear his voice when there isn't pounding club music and I'm not half hammered. We'll see. But regardless, it was a wacky and wonderful chain of events.
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Yesterday was pretttttty fantastic, and I'm going to tell you why!
  1. I woke up epically, ridiculously sore. Like, difficult to lift myself out of bed sore. That's not the fantastic part! The fantastic part is that I'm sore because of indoor soccer and every time I think of that it makes me smile. :D
  2. SCIENCE!!!!1!!!1!11 Science totally WORKED for me yesterday, and I got this awesome amazing result that will guide my project into truly exciting directions. I am such a nerd but this was SO happy-making. I've been feeling a little blah on the science front lately so this was a highly welcome kick in the pants. It also means I get to start doing new and exciting experiment types, which is great cause I was bored of what I was doing before! YAY SCIENCE! I had a great brainstorming session with Jason (my boss) and we have sooo many ideas. *twirls!*
  3. DIE NATIONALMANNSCHAFT! In the past few days, this amazing book has come to light called Die Spieler which is literally 200 enormous glossy pages of photographs of MY BOYS dressed up as old 40s crime drama film characters. SERIOUSLY. THERE ARE HATS AND SUITS AND OLD MERCEDES AND PIANOS AND CAKES AND PILLOW FIGHTS AND POOLS! STRIPPING IN POOLS! Um. They might have deviated from the crime theme a little bit in favor of NAKED WET FOOTBALLERS, but I am seriously not complaining. Unffffffff. One bit that should be delightful to any girl with a beating heart is the following clip, in which Mario says "Wow wow wowwww!" about Basti and Basti declares that "This is fashion!" Yes in English!

    The only thing that sucks is that I WANT THAT BOOK SO BADLY but it is $55 with shipping from Germany. :((( I may cave yet...
  4. Relatedly, all of my girls at [livejournal.com profile] loewsmiserables! (The fan community for the German national team.) Even though the World Cup is over, the fandom rages on with so much life and laughter and delight! I have made three posts there with over 100 comments of giddy glee and gifs and awesomeness. I love that place and I love our boys. <3333 It's really cool to feel so involved in a fandom - it's been a while!
  5. Also relatedly, my #Ger girls on Twitter! I posted on Loews asking if people wanted a Twitter support group during the World Cup about 3 weeks ago, and what resulted was this super awesome group of girls with whom I have exchanged literally THOUSANDS of Tweets. It's been a blast. I love you guys. ♥
  6. And the best for last... I went on a date last night! :D

So I already told the story about how a barista at my favorite coffee shop offered me his number but I ended up giving mine his later and blah complicated silliness! Well, we have been on two (~three?) dates since then! :D He (Matt) called me last week and asked if I wanted to go to dinner and a movie, and so we did, and it was quite nice. We saw Winter's Bone, the Sundance festival winner - a very stark and gorgeous film, I highly recommend it. Then we got dinner and drinks and capped off the night with a stroll by the river where we hung out on a bench at 2 AM! It was quite a lovely date, but I must admit that I wasn't feeling a zing - there were a couple things about him that rubbed me the wrong way, so I was having my doubts. But then yesterday he texted me and asked if I wanted to go out for dinner, and of course I wanted to give him a second chance so I said sure, and suggested this noodle bar next to his coffee shop that he loooves but that I hadn't been to yet. So I go to the restaurant and he's not there - turns out he locked his keys in his car, WITH THE CAR RUNNING, and is waiting for AAA. *facepalm* Lolz. He was only a couple blocks away so I walked there, laughed at him, and we hung out on the grass for a while waiting for the AAA dude. It was a beautiful summer evening so I didn't really mind! Then we went to dinner, and then to my house for a bit where I gave him my Empires and Gold Motel CDs because he's totally into little indie bands and I want him to LOOOVE them, and also my Dollhouse DVDs, aaaand everything was lovely! I think we were both a lot more relaxed this time and everything was just sweet and fun and he really makes me laugh a lot. I'm definitely, definitely fond and will be seeing more of him!

Now I can tell you a lot of the reasons he's awesome, since this appears to be continuing. So he's a super experienced barista at my favorite coffee shop, which = free coffee and also he's a coffee nerd, which I find AWESOME. He got his degree in "general studies" at UMich after transferring from a couple places, and that included mostly English but also Womens Studies (!!!!) and a bunch of other random stuff. He's from a tiny town in upstate Michigan. He loves Firefly and Arrested Development and knows way too much about way too many indie bands (though he's not TOO pretentious about it). He's good friends with most of the people in the local music scene. He rooted for Germany in the World Cup (mostly because his boss is German, but still!). He smokes quite a bit of pot but is smart about it, haha. He wants to get his MFA in POETRY. I just. How is he real! I looove that he's a nerd so we speak the same language, but he's a totally different KIND of nerd than I'm used to. It's extremely refreshing to spend time with someone who isn't a scientist!

SOOOOO that's my life right now, in a rather long winded nutshell! Soccer = awesome, science = awesome, fangirls = awesome, German fussballers = awesome, and new boy = awesome.

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I do not feel well right now. I had a headache yesterday but I wrote it off to two nights in a row of 4 hours sleep. Last night, I slept over 7 hours, but I still had the headache when I woke up. The headache has persisted throughout the day and is only getting worse, and is now accompanied by mild nausea. Also, being in the sun makes it a lot worse. I don't feel tired, just shitty. A significant number of Advils hasn't seemed to do anything. :-/ I've never had a migraine before, but this seems to resemble that - can anyone who's had them comment on the likelihood? I'm not incapacitated, but I am considering going home early because I'm just not functioning well. (And to answer the common question: no I'm not noticing light or noise sensitivity. Yet?)

In much, much better news, I took my sister to Lab (my favorite cafe in Ann Arbor - it serves Intelligentsia coffee, is owned by an adorable German dude, and has super cute baristas) for frozen yogurt, and one of the aforementioned baristas hit on me! :D I've met him a couple times before and he was cute and sweet (and makes fantastic iced raspberry mochas, om nom nom), and this time we got into a pretty lengthy conversation and it was really fun! He recognized my Threadless t-shirt, and made a joke that involved a 20-side die, hee. I told him me and my sister were gonna go watch some of the game (Netherlands-Uruguay) so when we were about to leave, he offered to give me his number so I could tell him where we were watching (!!!!). But I (being a total idiot) said oh we won't be watching long, I have to go back to lab, so I didn't get his number. :( But I said I would definitely be watching Germany-Spain! (like a total idiot AGAIN - I don't want to subject him to my squeals of BASTI!!! and LAHM!!!, d'oh) And he said he'll be working at a diff restaurant, but they have a TV so I could come by? :D? So I agreed to that, lolol. What is my life? I think my plan is that I'll go there for the first half, keep the verbal capslocking to a minimum, and then go home to watch the second half with my sister. Because omggg I need to be able to FREAK OUT appropriately, haha.

Still - yay boy! He's adorable and I'm very open to this idea. :D

You might have noticed other news in that paragraph - my sister's here! I picked her up from our cousins in Ohio yesterday and now she's with me for three days, then I'm going to take her to our other cousins in Lansing! She's spending a month up here bouncing between our different relatives, lucky girl. It's good to see her. :) We spent last night rewatching Ger-Arg and watching videos of Germans being adorable. I heart my sister!

Now to try to make it through the rest of my day without keeling over. Ow my head. D:

PS I AM SO NERVOUS ABOUT GERMANY-SPAIN I COULD DIIIIIIE. I thought that was why I was nauseous, lolol. I have been obsessing about my boys non-stop, even to the point where I started a Twitter!party with fellow Germany girls from [livejournal.com profile] loewsmiserables, and we've been having a blast ever since! I love themmmm, gah. Please do me proud tomorrow, boys. ♥
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Firstly: Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] glamorous_nymph! I hope it is a lovely one. ♥

Secondly: LOOK I HAVE A JACOB PITTS ICON. He's so pretty siiiiigh. I maaade it! And I feel I should share the original picture with you, because HOLY PIERCING EYES BATMAN. *___* Click at your own risk! )

Speaking of Jacob Pitts, I rewatched some of Justified episode 2 today (and right after I tweeted about it, Brian Schechter tweeted only the words "Justified episode 2" - it was creepy) and man, I forgot that Tim (JACOB PITTS) has some really great scenes there! I love the conversation he has with Raylan about watching targets when he was a sniper in Afghanistan. I want more character development like that, and more one-on-one hotass dudes time! C'mon show! Overall, though, I'm REALLY loving Justified. A lot. You should watch it!

So I had a whole bunch of things planned to post about, and then I randomly clicked on a tab in which I've been going back and reading all my Dublin LJ entries. I found one where I talked about Niall, near the end of my time there, and god, it's SO OBVIOUS that I was completely ass-over-teakettle for him, and he was for ME, and we did nothing about it until my last week there. Why do we fail so hard? I don't say this lightly, but - I love him. I do. We've been an ocean apart for two years, yet I feel closer to him than most other people in the universe. We've maintained a beautiful friendship through emails and talking all the time, and he's just - so important to me. I love him. I do. I think I might do something about it this time I'm back in Dublin, because even though we can't really be together, I want him to know how I feel. *decisive nod*

Okay, current things! On Thursday, I was starting a new big experiment I've never done before. And it was my second to last day in the lab. It was a day of total fail - the fire alarm went off twice for no reason, a machine I was using cut out, etc. Long story short, I was in lab until past 11 PM, and ate Cheez-Its for dinner. Awesome. So needless to say, I was exhausted, and the next morning my alarm made nary a dent in my rock-like slumber. I woke up at 2 pm, woozy and confused, and went OH SHIT. I emailed my boss and rushed in. She told me she hadn't laughed like that in a while! Haha. Anyway, it was a great motivator to have such limited time (I had a dinner party to be at at 7:30!) and I got a shitload of science done in a very short time. I got one very exciting result! As in, the first result that made me go "oh wow!" all semester. Better late than never right? :P So that was my last day of experiments. On Monday, I'll give my research presentation, then I'll be done! *hands*

Apparently, I "matched" with four guys from speed dating - three engineers and a computer scientist. Hilarious. All three engineers have emailed me, which is sweet, but I honestly don't really remember which they were, except for one of them, and he's pretty zany. Which can be a good thing, but I don't know. I'm dithering. Anyway, my roomies poked and prodded at me until I just said yes to the one who set a concrete time and place, so we're going for brunch tomorrow! *hands* We'll see. I highly doubt this will turn into anything (these guys, like, embody my problems with Dave multiplied by a billionty, and rather made me miss him, honestly) but it could be, if nothing else, a nice brunch and conversation. Plus, it's at Zingerman's, which is kind of what Ann Arbor's famous for - it's a whole block away from my house and I've NEVER BEEN. So he wins at setting up a date, haha. He might actually be the one who liked Supernatural - I can't remember! That would be fun.

On Friday, Emily and I went to Noah's for dinner with a bunch of his friends, which was fun, and then we all went out. We went to a bar called the Jolly Pumpkin where they distill their own liquors, and I had I had this AMAZING cocktail called a Cran Strawberry which was their in-house cranberry vodka and muddled strawberries and OMNOMNOMNOM. Amazing. And a huge plus, the waiter was SO CUTE I COULD HAVE DIED. He had short curly hair and this really deep, sexy voice and unfffff. I left my number on the receipt because he was so hot I just couldn't NOT, but obviously nothing came of it. No way a guy that looks like that is single, and no way he finds me attractive anyway. :P

Hmm, boy-crazy, ME? And to think I let a perfectly nice one go. /o\ Gah, I don't know. I still wonder if that was right. But then I think about how much more intensely I feel about Niall than I did about Dave, and I probably did. Just that one happens to live in my town and the other is across the ocean. :-/

Lalala, rambling entry is rambling. I'll just put it out of its misery. I really should go to bed, so I can be up and at em for my brunch date. Do you realize that this is kind of my first actual date with a guy that I don't already know quite well, or that I'm not already seeing? Yeah. Guess it's time!
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Firstly: Joe Mazzello and Martin McCann are the CUTEST. Joe posted an adorable photo of him and Martin in makeup, complete with adorable caption. I commented, and Martin replied, essentially confirming that they have the most adorablest bromance ever! See???

(That's the caption for the photo at the top.) HEE I AM SO CHARMED. They are such total sweethearts. I hope Martin gets more lines to say later on!


I was pining all day to watch Justified ep 6, and I finally got to! Oh the hearts in my eyes! )

And I finally watched The Pacific episode 6. How fucked are you now? )

I also watched half of Glee this morning. Very entertaining! Also: JGROFF. ♥

Today was awesome for a few reasons. I had lunch with Leah, the other first year who got into Jason's lab. We rotated together last summer, and she's such a sweetheart. That was nice. Then I had a meeting with JASON, yay! He officially signed my papers! I'm officially in the lab! I AM SO THRILLED, WHEE. We had a conversation (well, mostly he talked) about Science and plans for my THESIS PROJECT and where he sees it going in the near future and it was all very fascinating, but wow I need to get my head back in the game! I felt kind of like an idiot. BUT. He understands that I haven't been thinking about this for months, so. I'm going to take next week off, do a lot of reading, and then start on MAY THIRD! YAY!

However, bad news: he did not accept Francisco. Or anyone else, for that matter. I'm... yeah. We (Francisco and I) talked after my meeting with Jason and it was... awkward, and hard. He still hasn't totally decided he's going to Florida, but it's really not looking good. Ugh. :( Not thinking about it not thinking about it. I need to sit with him and have a beer and just talk, I really do.

In lighter news, TONIGHT I WENT SPEED DATING. Lolz. It was mostly hilarious. We only got to talk to like half of the dudes who were there, which kind of sucked because we got a whole slew of nerdy engineer guys who were mostly okay to talk to, but generally not all that attractive. And afterwards we could see all these hot guys wandering around who we didn't get to meet! Lame. There were a few intriguing dudes in there so I checked several yes boxes. We'll see if anything comes of it! *hands* Me and the roomies and our new friend Anna went out for drinks afterward and generally had an awesome girly evening, so it was a win overall. :) I love my roomies SO MUCH oh my goodness. We got so lucky to find each other. ♥

So this is a really long post, and uh, I'm gonna stop. Nighty night!
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As you might have guessed from my delightful drunkpost, last night was pretty nutty! And super fun. So there's this guy, Noah, a second year PhD student that I met at the biochem retreat last September. I've hung out with him lots, and my roommate Emily has become friends with him too. We went out with him and his friends on Monday to celebrate him passing his candidacy exam \o/, and that was so much fun that he invited me and Emily to a weekly gathering he has with friends on Friday. We met up with them at a bar at 5:30 PM (SO EARLY) and started drinking immediately. I think we ended up with about 15 people there, it was a little crazy but great. I had two beers and some appetizers and was already feeling pretty tipsy. Then we all walked to Noah's house, picking up booze on the way. We all congregated in his basement, which has fully six awesome couches that he's accumulated for free from Craigslist! The next several hours were full of pizza and beer and wine and progressively more drunken shenanigans.

Several times I found myself on a couch between these two guys. Craig is tall, kind of cute in a football player kind of way, and a friend/ex-crush of my roommate Debbie's, so we sort of knew each other. He was being very flirtatious in that fun drunken way where you touch too much and make stupid jokes and whatever, basically the exact kind of flirting that I love but isn't serious at all. He was doing the same with another girl there, Anna, but I wasn't upset because 1) I totally was not going anywhere with him and 2) she was awesome and girl-on-girl hate/jealousy is stupid. I also had a great time getting to talk to Mark more, who's a good friend of Noah's. I sat across from Mark at the bar too so we had some good conversations. He's super adorable with floppy brown hair, round face, glasses, beard, and general sweetness. The catch: he's definitely got a girlfriend. I have no idea how serious they are - I may need to do some intel gathering - but she's in Boston so she obviously was not there last night. At one point I was between Craig and Mark, leaning back on Craig's chest and with my legs twined over and under Mark's legs. Haha, yeah, I was a DRUNK SHARK. But man, it was just COZY. I love when I find people who will let me be my touchy drunk self. I love physical contact! I am a cuddler! So yes, it was super lovely on that front.

One of the best parts of the evening is when the DUCT TAPE came out. First it was normal silver duct tape and I tied up a couple people... I forget exactly who. Mark and Craig, probably. :P BUT THEN, OH THEN, SOMEONE GOT OUT HOT PINK DUCT TAPE. Ahahaha WHAT. I used THAT to very thoroughly tie Craig's hands together. IT WAS GREAT. I have photos! The two of us were really very drunk at that point, but we went searching for scissors to get him free. Luckily the scissors we found were safety scissors or that could have been a VERY bad situation. I'm usually not stupid while drunk! But apparently there are exceptions. :P

Toward the end of the night, I was drunk enough to pick up a bottle of wine with about 3 inches left in it and just start drinking from it! *facepalm* That obviously did not help with the inebriation problem. :P

At only about midnight (because we'd already been out for >6 HOURS) some group decision was made to head home, so we all walked back. I used Mark's arm as an aid to NOT FALLING OVER. He really is super sweet. Even if it turns out he's like, engaged to this girl, I'm glad to have him as a friend. And everyone else who was there too! It's a really fun group and I hope we get to hang out with them more often. We have been invited back for dinner next Friday, so yay! :)

I obviously have to share some photographic evidence with you. Also, I DYED MY HAIR! Yes, again. And I'm really happy with it again, but I hope it doesn't fade away in a week like it did last time!

Hair colouring and hot pink duct tape ahead! )

And that's it - FOR NOW. Tonight is karaoke with Francisco and his lab, which promises to be DELIGHTFUL TIMES. So stoked. :D Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. ♥
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You know, it's really uncomfortable to have to sit through a verbal reaming that is not targeted at you. We have group meetings for our lab on Monday mornings, and today my boss decided she had several things to get off her chest, including rants about how her students never meet deadlines and how none of them have plans for publications and if they don't get publications they won't get their PhDs. It was all rather melodramatic - somewhat necessary, but I felt it could have been handled in a rather more measured fashion. Meanwhile, because I am but a rotation student and will be leaving within a month, I just sat there meekly and tried not to look at people. Awkward!

On the other hand, during this same meeting I met the eyes of the Hot Guy who works in the lab I think... 2 or 3 times across the table. He was looking at me! He's so pretty, you guys. He's got tattoos on every limb and wears Tool sweatshirts but is also a nerd. I am very fond. I may or may not work up the balls to ask him out for coffee when I leave the lab - we'll see.

Health care reform passed! Amazing! All the biggest stuff comes into effect in 2014, which is just about the time I'll be graduating with my PhD and therefore losing my grad care health insurance - A+ timing! But more than that, of course, I think this will actually do really good things for a lot of normal Americans. I'm very happy. I also wish that this would shock some sense into the Republican party - not a single one of them voted for this historic victory. The party is so petty, selfish, hateful, and vicious - and they don't see any of these things as a problem. I'm sad that we still have to deal with this legitimized fanaticism, but at least we squeaked something around their obstreperousness. (Yes, my "political" icon is Obama with a small child. Don't judge.)

Man, Mondays suck even more now that I have to spend the whole day bouncing and waiting until I can LEAVE and watch The Pacific! I watched about 15 minutes while I ate breakfast this morning, and ahahah - so not a good idea. I just love a little gore and death with my morning yogurt, don't you? :P

Lalala that's it! Science time!
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I haven't been posting pretty much at all, and it's really unfortunate. Kind of a bad side effect of Twitter - I already feel like i've talked about myself enough every day, I don't really feel the pressing need to make a blog post. But I know LJ is so much more lasting and coherent than Twitter updates, so I'm going to force myself to make a long one now. Feel free to skip as much as you like - I just need to have this on the record, so to speak. Now with handy headers for skimming!

The Midwest Stress Response and Molecular Chaperone Meeting
I went to that conference in Chicago with Jason's lab, and it was great! It was a topic-specific meeting, for our very small field, so I understood everything quite well (much better than at a typical mixed-topic conference) and learned a lot about the state of the field and how people approach the questions in it. I got to talk to the woman whose work is the inspiration for my own - she's an experienced professor who was quite intimidating, but I'm glad at least that she now knows who I am and is at least marginally aware of what I want to do. Even better, I talked to her postdoc who did some work that's really interesting to me, and I asked him how he accomplished a particular experiment, and he was like "Oh I'll just send you what we used!" which is actually a pretty hefty collection of really useful tools (overexpression plasmids, for the scientists in the crowd) that will really help give my project a kick in the pants. When/if I join the lab! The weekend gave me great hope that I will in fact join - just the fact that Jason brought me along, and a long conversation we had about the possible directions for my project. I also had a great time hanging out with the people in the lab, and all in all it just reinforced my certainty that this is the place for me, and that Jason thinks so too. So yay. :D (Update: I just forwarded an email conversation I had with that postdoc to Jason, and Jason replied almost immediately with "Thanks Anne - this is exactly what we need." :D I'm so proud of myself! I started a collaboration all on my own! \o/)

Second semester classes
Classes have been going fine. Remember that new academic experiment I told you about, where every class is 10 students giving presentations but no actual lectures? Well, it's actually working out much better than I expected. It still sucks having to put together two presentations a week, but it's getting easier with practice, and the two talks I've given have gone really well. And the other people's talks have been much better than I expected! I've learned about a wide range of topics and all in all it's been quite cool. Props to Dr. Sherman for totally pulling it off, in complete contrast to Dr. Fuckhead from last semester. :P My other class is low key and simple, though our big project, to pitch a new "product" to accomplish some biotech goal, is a little intimidating. I tentatively like the people in my group, though I'm holding out judgment on that.

Second lab rotation (anti-cancer)
Lab is fine. I've only just gotten started doing my own experiments. My first one went quite well, reproducing nicely the results of our very experienced tech, so that's encouraging. I did another, very big, experiment for three days, but I still need two MORE days before I actually get the result, and there's no way of knowing right now if it went well. I'm nervous, but I think I did everything right and it should come out at least reasonably well! *crosses fingers* Working with my new boss, Zaneta, is very different than Jason. She's very smart and I think I'll learn a lot from her, but she's also rather more hands-on. Which is fine, it will just take some adjusting. As for cancer research, I'm less excited about it than what I was doing before, because it's so... I don't know, dismal? "Successes" in the cancer field are analogous to dismal failures in other diseases. It's just very difficult for me. I know it needs to be done, and something is better than nothing, but I know it's not for me. Which is fine, since I definitely can't join this lab, so in the meantime I'll just learn and absorb techniques and do the best job I can.

Auto Show!
In NOT science-related things (seriously - I guess this is the life of a grad student!) I went to the Detroit International Auto Show yesterday with my uncle and three little girl cousins! It was AWESOME!! You may know that I LOVE CARS. Like, A LOT. So to roll around in them for four hours was beyond heaven. :DDD And while the Maserati and Lexus concept car and the Audis and the Maybach and the Teslas were gorgeous and sexy as fuck, I'm at heart a modest-yet-badass kind of car lover, so the highlight for me was sitting behind the wheels of a Camaro (unf, you guys, UNFFFFFF), a Mustang, a Challenger, and a Charger. The latter two have rather cheap interiors, but I wanted so badly to put the pedal to that metal. :D My other very favorite (and the display I lingered around the most, sighing wistfully) was the Mazdas. I have mentioned that I have a very serious desire to purchase a Mazda 3 or a Mazda 2, and after sitting in the former and gazing upon the latter, I have an even more serious desire! They're so pretty and small and sporty and fun. The hatchback model means I'd still have some cargo space, and by all accounts they have fun, zippy handling that would be a sheer delight. Let's have some pictures! Sassy little lime green cars behind the cut! )

Sorry, sorry, I'll stop drooling now. In conclusion: CARS!!!! :DDD I had a great time with my uncle and cousins, and afterwards I went to their place for a delicious homemade meal of grilled whitefish and swordfish, om nom nom. It was a lovely day, if entirely exhausting!

Afterwards, I drove straight to Francisco's house here in Ann Arbor to hang out with him and Steffen, Kate, and Jenna. We watched CENTERSTAGE and MONSTERS, INC. Why yes, I love my friends, thanks for asking. :DDD Eion Bailey in Centerstage was beyond adorable, omfg. How is he so beautiful??? :D

Lol dolphin trainers

The night before the auto show, my roomies said they were going out for "a drink" so I said why the hell not. We went to a bar, actually sat AT the bar for once, and promptly met two cute grad students who were completely ridic. I was already quite tipsy from beer at dinner, proceeded quickly to drunk with a margarita, and landed squarely on smashed after the guys bought us tequila shots. Oops. :) The guys managed to convince drunk!me that one of them was a dolphin trainer here at Michigan, which, lol - cause there are TOTALLY dolphins in Michigan. I bet they're still proud of pulling that one over on a poor guillible drunk girl. :P I got waaay too cozy with the other dude, but not illicitly, just super-affectionate like I can be. After a couple hours, they walked us home and we said adios - doubt we'll ever see them again, but boy was that FUN. I had forgotten how much fun it can be to just go out, meet random people, and have a good time. In fact, I've been more social in the last three days than I have in three months, which brings me to my final point:


Dave and I are on a break right now. It's complicated. I've got a mixture of relief, guilt, sadness, and uncertainty, and it's really hard to talk about. So I'm not going to sully this post with that. Maybe some other time.

Last but not least, Teevee

I haven't even seen the new Supernatural yet, but this week's Bones was FANTASTIC. HODGINNNNNS. *squooshes him* If they're going where I think they're going, COUNT ME COMPLETELY IN. BWEE. Also, Castle was lovely and touching and Kaaaaate. Poor darling strong wonderful girl. The tone was definitely more serious than usual (NO ALEXIS *pout*) but it worked reasonably well. Continues to be one of the best shows on TV, with the most heart. ♥
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Hello Livejournal.

I have so many things I want to say, feelings and stories and declarations of undying love, but I don't know if I can find the words right now. I should make this post when I am not hungover from some ungodly combination of Guinness, cranberry and whiskey, Desperados beer, tequila (from the bottle), and whatever the hell was in Dara's glass. But I wanted to put down... something. I wish I had been posting constantly for the past week, to chronicle my last days here, but I have been rather too busy experiencing said last days, so. It has been a beautiful, epic week full of friends and laughter and good, good times. I feel so blessed to have had these people, this place, this experience in my life.

The hugest goodbye last night was Louise and Paddy. I'm tearing up again just thinking about it. I put my arms around Louise and just burst into wracking sobs. I think I hugged and kissed each of them about ten times, and it was the most emotionally intense thing I've been through in a long time. They are both such beautiful, pure, kind people who have become incredibly close to my heart. I will be talking to them every day back in the States to keep myself sane.

This morning we put Cary in a taxi. It nearly broke me again.

Tomorrow I fly away. I have to say goodbye to Kate, Niall, and Dara. To say I'm not looking forward to it is the understatement of the year. Before I do that, I have to clean up our bombzone of an apartment and pack ALL of my shit. It's a rather terrifying prospect, especially given that I still have three drunk boys sleeping in various places. James is so bad off that he can't even keep down water. But I will achieve it, somehow. It's only noon.

I am just so overwhelmed by everything. I don't know if I'm strong enough for this.
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I'm pretty sure I'm going to be quite incommunicado the next few days. That's because every single second I am either with people I love or getting ready to go out with people I love. Right now it is the latter. I am scrolling rapidly through my flist so as not to miss anything, but I really can't comment and I won't be replying much to comments. I'm sorry! I love all your comments, I truly do, but I just have a bigger priority right now - making the best of my time remaining in Ireland.

I'm going to be posting quite a lot though, because I want some kind of record of these days.

Today I spent entirely with Dara, Paul, and Richard, and later Ste. It was lovely. No matter how ridiculous and kind of immature those boys can be, I adore their stupid faces and am always happy being with them. The fact that Dara called ME immediately after they finished their exams gave me so much joy I can't quite adequately describe it. When I am that fond of someone, I always kind of assume that they're not going to be as fond of me (until we reach that point where it's just blatant mutual love) so when he actively seeks my company, it makes me squeehopwriggle. He made a comment about today being my day with them, as in, out of my days remaining one of them had to be spent entirely with them. Which I was hoping for but didn't dream would actually happen. We hung out in sci fi because it was raining and watched 28 Days Later and drank (I am QUITE intoxicated right now!) and we went out to a Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet for dinner/lunch and then we played video games and it was so joyous.

Have one picture from today, because I don't think I'll be able to keep up with that photo meme. Paul and Dara being precious in the rain.

Now I'm getting ready to go out for a GIRLS' NIGHT woooo! *twirlhops* Then TOMORROW I get to have lunch with Kate and Megan and coffee with Bren and hopefully see Sinead and then FIBBERS with Dara and Paul and Richard and moooore!

YAY LIFE. Can this week last forever?!
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My first day of freedom I got woken up at 11 AM by a phone call from Dara.

This is my face: :D :D :D
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Haaaaaay guys!

So tonight i went tos ee Sex and the City with Kate, [livejournal.com profile] clayeer, and a lovely gay boy named Stephen. Kate felt unwell in the middle and got a taxi home :( The movie was, however, fabulous, and I teared up many times. If you have any investment in/attachment to the characters, it's a lovely, funny, moving movie. I enjoyed it every much.

Then we went to a pub where some of Stephen's friends were having a drink. I'm sorry we didn't get to talk much, Claire, I promise we'll have a real conversation soon! You were lovely!

Stephen's friends were Mark, John, and Rob. The former two were adorable and lovely (and in a relationship with each other, my heart) and Rob was nice too, if a bit odd. Mark looks a heck of a lot like my Uncle Mark, which is weird. John is an absolute sweetheart, I adore him. Then the pub was closing up, and it turned out that the guys live just around the corner (aka, just around the corner from ME, cause we were really close to my apartment) and so I went home with them and had another beer. Then they whipped out a video game, I forget what it's called, but basically you jsut sing and get graded on it. (but it's not Rockband. Only singing.) It was hilarious and awesome and I am far and above a better singer than any of them, haha. I particularly enjoyed Britney's Toxic. They were seriously such darlings, and I mourn that I didn't meet them earlier, because they're right THERE and I would have hung out with them all the damn time. As it is I invited them to my going away party because I just have to see their lovely faces again.

So that was my brief evening of being a fag hag. I loved it. Bwee!

And now it is 3:30 AM and I am quite drunk and I have an exam on Tuesday. OOPS! :D
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It's amazing what a give-and-take thing Livejournal is. Usually I wake up to at least 2 or 3, sometimes more, emails from LJ comments, but this morning my only email was from Google saying "You have no events scheduled for today" (it's a very depressing email to receive every day, I should probably look into switching that off) and it made me sadface. But it's just because i spent a day off Livejournal! (Which was painful, let me tell you - I dread looking at my flist) Did the Disco or Fluffy Puppy Cuddle Time My Chem get up to any noteworthy shenanigans?

Last night was a lot of fun! I looked lovely, if I do say so myself, and most of my sci fi friends were there, especially Sarah, who got together with Barry officially last night which makes me so happy because they're two of my favorite people here and they totally deserve each other. James showed up after the dinner and awards ceremony thingy, in a dashing black suit (and his stubble-turned-almost-real-beard because I told him I like it so he didn't shave it off *g*) and we had so much fun together. I didn't get drunk at all (such an expensive bar, omg) but lots of people around me did, which is enough to get me acting all goofy in and of itself. Dave was there, who is a very effusive and affectionate drunk, and we had a blast (I believe a threesome was planned with me and James, who is his future roommate) and then I hung out with Sarah's friend Owen (Eoin? I've seen it both ways in Ireland) who is fabulously gay and thinks my boyfriend is cute (at this point the plans became a foursome, YEAH YOU'RE JEALOUS), and in general it was just a ridiculous good time. Sci Fi got snubbed in the awards so some of the guys were pretty bitter (Conor, Mark, Bren) so that was a little bit of a sour note, but I had a great time anyway. I had the geekiest conversation with Jimmy ever - topics ranged through Joss's new series, Battlestar Galactica, and Star Wars - he agrees that Hayden's a good actor who gets a bad rep for the SW movies! \o/ I love geeks. I also got to chat with Colin for a while, which was really nice because it's been quite a while since I got to do that.

Wow that was a really long paragraph. I enjoy remembering the details of nights like that :) I have a lot of awesome pictures, including some truly adorable ones of me and James, so I will be posting those most likely tonight, keep an eye out!

In the meantime, I'm trying not to have a panic attack from all the work I have to do. My sociology class decided to be a MASSIVE BITCH and drop a five thousand word essay on my head yesterday, due in two weeks. Granted, I'm writing it with two other people, but UGH. That's HUGE. On top of that, I have myriad lab reports to write, which are aaaaaalways a bitch, and these two things combined mean that I'm pretty much going to get no time to study in the next two weeks. GREAT.


I predict myself descending into a vibrating ball of stress over the next two months. Suuuuucks :( At least I have you lovely folks to keep me at least a little sane <3 (Except when you keep posting about how faaaabulous MCR is live, I am so jealous, zomg.) I'm afraid I'm going to have to tell James that I can't spend quite so much time with him, because wow, WORK, and then you know I really really need time to myself :-/

LIFE HARD. How are you?
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He's so my favorite, you guys. *stars in eyes* I would totally do something to honor his deep and abiding awesome, but today is insane. Let me tell you why.

I have a tutorial in 40 minutes, at 9 AM. Then I have an hour of lab at 10, before I have to leave early to go to two sociology lectures with a break for lunch. During said break, I have to put up some posters for Sci Fi's showing of SG-1 The Ark Of Truth and try to acquire my boyfriend a ticket to the ball tonight. Then I have three more hours of lab (ughhhhhhh) ending at 5, then I have to get home, and try to be ready by 6, 7 at the latest, for the big fancy Central Societies Committee ball and awards ceremony. I am currently exhausted as all fuck and terrified of today. I will probably fall off my gigantic heels at the ball. Oh god.

Neeeeeed coffeeeeeee.... *zombies*

I would tell you guys to entertain me in the comments, buuuuut I won't be able to do more than cursorily glance at my email in the evening, so that's a wash. Just think of me fondly, and pray for my immortal soul, or something. I hate labs. Why am I a scientist again?

In much happier things, my boyfriend continues to be ridiculously adorable and use little less-than-three hearts to say goodbye at the end of our online chats. Say it with me: n'awwwwww. :D <3

I hope you all have good days and that I share your karma and have a good day too! *flails*
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How is he so lovely and sweet and wonderful? He always says my name when we say goodbye (why is that so sweet? idek!), and when I was walking away I glanced over my shoulder and he was standing facing me so he could wave to me one more time. What a darling romantic, I adore it, meep. I also adore that we can just spend an evening dicking around on his laptop, exchanging music on our external hard drives, watching Robot Chicken and giggling at Lolcats. He asked if I wanted to come stay at his place tonight, but I'm still a bit overwhelmed by what happened Saturday night so I said no this time. I think I'll probably be staying there Wednesday though.


Panic at the Disco: still the most adorablest.

Spencer feeding Brendon cake!
Brendon swearing repeatedly and why is that hot!
Ryan and Brendon discussing Pretty. Odd. track by track! Brendon getting all excited about the writing process for Mad as Rabbits is the cutest ever ♥

If you somehow missed any of these, just friend [livejournal.com profile] shiola_shiola, seriously. She is the bringer of all things shiny and Disco! ♥

My Chemical Romance: still my most FAVORITEST.

The best concert report EVER! In which Gerard says he LIKES what they do to guys like him in prison, and demonstrates! Frankie pokes Gee in the armpit mischievously! Mikey dicks around with cigarettes in his nose while Gee sings Cancer! Bob bribes fangirls with a drumstick for a Gee puppet they made! Gee is HILARIOUS in response to a guy who requests Cubicles! Gee molests his baby brother! Bob wears the cut off top of a tube sock on his wrist! WHY ARE THEY SO AMAZING AND WHY AM I NOT FOLLOWING THEM AROUND THE STATES? Sigh. ♥_♥

(Pee Ess, it gives me so much joy that "Gee" is canon. Because he will never NOT be Gee in my head, and it's totally not just a fangirl thing! Yay! If I ever write MCR fic, Frankie and Mikey will call him Gee all the damn time.) (I just realized that at first I typed Gee without the quotation marks, and it looked like I was having joy for the fact of GERARD'S EXISTENCE being canon. And, well, that's true too. How is he reeeeal?)

I am clinging so hard to the knowledge that these boys are extreeeeeme workaholics, and that when I am back in the US of A I live a mere 2 hours from them, so CHANCES are that before they write a new album and get back on huge headlining tours, they'll at least do some festivals or one off shows. Right? RIGHT?? *prays to the gods of music*

That's all for now, chickies. Gonna go sleep. <3333
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James stopped texting me randomly! Something must have come up, because I asked a question and he just never replied. I'm trying not to angst. I just want to see him again right nowwwww! Instead i have to live through a whole day of lab before I get to D:

(I swear I will not become one of those girls that only posts about her boyfriend. He's not even officially my boyfriend yet! Sheesh, Anne.)

Because I'm randomly curious, what's the song that you have the most versions of in your iTunes? By versions I mean different recordings, whether they be live, demos, or what have you. I was looking at my collection of MCR stuff (when I search for "My Chemical Romance" on my iTunes, 137 items come up O.O) and noticing that there are very few songs of theirs that I only have one copy of (not including covers and whatnot) - 12, in fact, and most of them are from Black Parade because I just generally don't like that album live too terribly much.

The surprising victor for most versions in my iTunes library is Our Lady of Sorrows, with seven. Or perhaps not surprising, because I fucking LOVE that song live, and the demo is amazing. ♥ In second place with six versions is a three-way tie: Helena, Vampires Will Never Hurt You and I'm Not Okay.


Which is why I almost cried when [livejournal.com profile] ladysorka quoted Gerard as saying "see you in a couple years." I mean, I know it's shitty entitlement and I really do want them to go take a NAP and have lots of happy married sex and maybe make babies? But I also want to see them live every week for the rest of my life. The increddddible setlist right now is too perfect to believe (VAMPIRES!!!!!!! HEAVEN HELP US!!!! HEADFIRST!! Sometimes Desert Song! The other B-Sides! Holy shit!) and I can't imagine it will ever be that awesome again, heh. Then again, their next album could be my most favorite album EVER, so we'll see. I do know that I will miss them terribly, but I'll be happy for them to get some rest. Also, them being the insane workaholics they are, and given my (USUAL!) proximity to them when I'm in Pennsylvania, there's a good chance I'll be able to catch them at some random shows in Jersey or something. Here's hoping!

Gah, sorry, when I talk about MCR I start to get rambly. In lieu of my goings on, have a radio interview with Mikey and Gee (well, pretty much Gee, obviously) that I found randomly on Youtube. Part 1 Part 2 I really like the interviewer, and you get to hear Gee talk about songs that don't often get much attention. For example, he considers Cubicles his most embarrassing song both musically and lyrically! I dunno, I rather like that one XD And when asked what song, out of either Bullets or Three Cheers, should be played at the end of the show, Mikey chooses Early Sunsets :D That just made me happy, for some reason. (Speaking of Early Sunsets, have you heard the demo? It's EMPTY without Frankie!)

I am exhausted, so with that I bid thee adieu. I will share details of my first real date with James afterwards :)
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I got home from my choral performance about an hour ago. So glad it's done with! I didn't feel like it went too terribly well - there were actually a couple movements of Brahms that I had maybe sung once before the rehearsal today, and I was literally sight reading what felt like new stuff during the concert - but Niall said that it was a "powerful performance" and he really enjoyed it, so I suppose that's what matters! It's so much easier to tell when something goes wrong when you have the music in front of you, anyway. And oh yeah, NIALL CAME! :D None of my other friends did, but he came, by himself, and gave me a hug of congratulations after. And he genuinely seemed to have enjoyed himself! (He's a huge music geek, so it's unsurprising, but still ♥) He's such a good friend, I am so glad to know him. And it was really good to talk to him after not seeing him for 2 weeks! Made me realize how much I miss everyone.

I was so ridiculously uncomfortable during the performance, and now I am ridiculously sore, from standing up for an hour. Wtf? My shoulders and neck are killing me from holding the awkward score folder, and my feet were actually numb about 10 minutes into it, and my knee that I messed up in karate was complaining loudly. I feel like I just ran a marathon, not sang in a concert >.< Ow ow ow. I totally bailed on the reception because I needed pajamas and my bed. And chocolate. Gah.

In happier news, I got an email from my study abroad coordinator back home responding to my questions about what requirements I have met while studying here, and he said that I am totally on track for completing my chemistry major, with the biochemistry option and math minor as I wanted! YAY!!!! I was so happy to hear that, because I was really getting quite worried. \o/

Re: texting James - how often is too often? He didn't respond to my text earlier today, and I don't want to be pushy about possibly hanging out tomorrow, but then again I really really want to see him and it sounded like he wanted to see me. I think I'll wait until tomorrow when I'm actually on campus and text him to see what's up. I'm dying to know if he thinks something could happen between us too!

I have my Kate back!! I just sat and chatted with her in her room for like 45 minutes, it's so good to see her again. She's totally my rock of sanity among the American students. She was in the States visiting her family and boyfriend for the whole break, so I hadn't seen her in 3 weeks! Yay for life going back to normal :)

Still ridiculously in love with Northern Downpour. (I want to see them play it live!!) Also addicted to The Hush Sound's "Wine Red," randomly, even though it's from the older album. I just looove that song, and the video's pretty presh.
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So tonight I got all gussied up (who SAYS that? Apparently I do!) and went to see the DIT Symphonic Orchestra perform at the National Concert Hall, because Niall (yes, THE Niall) plays oboe in it! The performance was called A Night Of American Music, and they played a bunch of John Williams (Empire Strikes Back! Superman! it was AWESOME!), then whole sets from Porgy and Bess and West Side Story, complete with singers, and it was really cool because it was beautiful orchestral music but I also knew some of it, so I was kept entertained. I also may have watched Niall a bit more than was strictly necessary. He's so adorable you guys, what the hell. He even had at least two solo-ish moments, at least where his oboe was the most prominent instrument, and he was so good, I was so proud of him :D He seemed really pleased that Sinead and Louise and I came to see his show. And I met his parents afterwards! It was a really lovely night.

Random bits from the night: a senator of Ireland, David Norris, was sitting in the same row as us! He said excuse me to us as he went in to his seats, Sinead was very excited, haha. Apparently he is gay, vocally in favor of gay marriage, and just a lovely fun man. So that was nifty! \o/

Also, there was a piano soloist who was fucking talented but who was, hi, BRENDON. I mean. He looked about 18, and was a bit twitchy and spazzy. He had a red vest and bowtie on under his tux, and I think they had to hunt him down when it was time for his song because there was an awkwardly long pause beforehand, and he had long shaggy hair that got in his eyes, and he OWNED that piano. So yes. Because all things come back to bandom \o/

I'm really really really fond of Niall. If that wasn't clear.

Moving on!

[livejournal.com profile] crystal_lily!! I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!! Bweeeeee BOOSH! And RUSSELL! And a beautiful letter in your beautiful handwriting! YAYE! *twirls you* Thank you so much, sweetiepie! It totally made my day <33333

I paused in writing this post to call my dad, and, like, I know I say this all the time, but I love my dad so much. I had refrained from calling him for a while because he was super sick with the flu (he was in bed for TWELVE DAYS *boggles*) but he's finally feeling almost better so I wasn't as worried about tiring him out. And I swear I need my weekly doses of my daddy like I need oxygen, or sunshine. He just lifts my spirits, even if they don't need lifting. We talked about how even though I might be dreading leaving this place, it's pretty dumb to worry about losing something awesome WHILE I am experiencing said awesomeness. We also talked about what it will be like for me to go home, and how it will probably be different than I'm expecting, because *I* am so different. And I really, really am. When I went home in December, we spent Christmas dinner with my godparents, and my dad told me that they remarked to him, astonished, about how superconfident I had become. And I really hadn't thought about it in that way, but it's true - I am so much more sure of myself, more pleased and comfortable with who I am, and much more easy with interacting with people. It feels wonderful. We also talked about his upcoming visit (SQUEE! Two weeks!!!) and how ridiculously excited we both are, and all the amazing things we're going to do, and YOU GUYS I GET MY DADDY AND MY LITTLE SIS :D:D:D I get to show them my beautiful city, and my beautiful country, and basically have this experience none of us will forget. Yaaaaaay.

There are a bunch of other random things I could talk about, but I am exhausted and I think I have rambled on plenty. Goodnight, my lovelies! <3
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Oh, Dublin. Grafton Street was practically THRIVING when I walked home - you could even call it busy, to the point where I almost felt lame for going home early (read: 3 AM). Apparently there's some Six Nations rugby tournament going on, and we must be playing Scotland because there are men in kilts EVERYWHERE. There must be thousands of them, for me to have encountered as many as I did today! So nifty.

Another Friday night spent in Trinity! I kind of miss actually going OUT, though my wallet doesn't :P However, tonight, instead of bumming around scifi and playing Guitar Hero, we went to the Pav (on campus bar) because it's the week of Student Union elections and one of our good friends is running, so basically it was just a big party with lots of candidates there and everyone getting drunk and being ridiculous. Barry did a beer bong, and Cathal and Nick did a power hour with BAVARIA, and there was twister on the cold concrete, and there were streakers, and all in all it was a ridiculous, fun time. The aforementioned Cathal is not the Cathal I know, but rather Cathal Reilly, who is running for SU president. I had never met him before, only seen people wearing his tshirts and his posters up all over the place, in which he looks ADORABLE. I was already going to vote for him, because he's a science student and we need one of those in charge, but it was loads of fun meeting him. He was quite drunk already and a massive flirt, hee. (And VERY CUTE in person, might I add) He started to say something that was going to be some kind of ridiculous come on line, but stumbled over his words and just gave up and said "You're pretty!" Heee! It was not sleazy at all, just really funny and adorable and it made me smile a lot. He was fun :D

So Paul and I spent the night shamelessly flirting. Like, this is over the top. TWO people (Conor and Stephen) asked us why we haven't hooked up yet! Seriously! To our faces! We were mostly awkward and avoidy about it, and I just don't even know what's going on there. Well, yes I do - he's young and unsure of what the hell he's supposed to do, and it's really quite adorable. I'm not sure when I became the experienced older woman, hahaha. But clearly I'm going to have to take the reins if anything's going to happen. And if it does, I kind of just want friends with benefits? Which is what we actually are at the moment, just without the actual kissing part. Seriously, SO MUCH FLIRTING. But the moment just hasn't seemed to have presented itself! *hands* Idek.

I believe the term you would use to describe me is boy crazy? :-/ I guess I'm just going wild with the notion that hey, guys might actually find me attractive! This is a foreign concept to me, so I'm kind of taking it and running with it. It's good fun, to be quite honest, though I am terribly sorry for boring you all with the details.

As you can probably tell, I'm definitely not drunk. I only had two beers, and that was about... oh, 6 hours ago. Totally sobered up. They were Desperados though, which are Spanish and a combination of beer and tequila, and oh. They are yummy :D Niall introduced me to them.

Which, um, speaking of, I had lunch with Niall and spent our whole hour break between classes with him! He's such a sweetheart.

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